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A show out of this world - literally...
paul_haakonsen24 April 2017
When I found "The Expanse" it was already at the end of the first season, and I had not heard about it prior to finding it. Nor did I know that the series was based on books, which apparently are driven more by the characters, as to what is seen in the series.

Regardless, I sat down to watch "The Expanse", although my sci-fi needs are usually met by "Star Wars" and "Star Wars" alone. So I was more than genuinely and positively surprised with how exciting, thrilling and entertaining this series turned out to be.

The story in "The Expanse" was interesting and compelling. It was a story that quickly found root in the audience and stayed fresh and interesting throughout the entire first season. And I have been told that it kicks up a notch in season two. Which is impressive, because I was really impressed with the first season.

And they had cast some really great names for the various roles, and I was more than impressed with Thomas Jane in the lead role, because he really carried the character quite well. Just took a while to get accustomed to his hair.

"The Expanse" is heavily laden with special effects, and the special effects team really pull off the effects quite nicely, which really adds a great flavor to the series. And as a sci-fi series, then having believable and convincing CGI effects is a make-or-break deal.

The entire series is taking place in our own solar system, which is interesting, because it is easier to relate to it, since it is so close to home - relatively speaking, of course. And the entire atmosphere is good and makes for a vibrant universe.

And it is a great way that the different story lines are interwoven and connect to each other in different ways. There are times when you think "what is going on here?" only to find enlightenment at a later point in the episode or a later episode. And that way of connecting everything together is great.

I am definitely looking forward to starting on season 2 and believe that this is a series that I will follow to the very end. It is a great sci-fi show, and if you are not already familiar with this series, and you like sci-fi, then get into gear and start watching.
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Enthralling series: intelligent, intriguing and action-packed
grantss23 June 2019
(Updated after Season 5).

Hundreds of years into the future, Earth has colonised Mars but Mars is now independent, and the two planets are in a constant state of distrust and unease. Caught between these two are the people of the asteroid belt and outer planets. James Holden, the executive officer of a freighter witnesses his ship, being destroyed by what appears to be a Martian warship. This heightens the tensions between Earth and Mars and sets Holden and his remaining crew on a quest across the galaxy to find the truth behind the incident. Meanwhile, on Ceres in the Asteroid Belt, a police detective is searching for the daughter of the wealthiest man in the galaxy. These are all parts of a conspiracy that that will threaten life in the Solar System.

Brilliant. I am not a huge fan of sci fi series (Firefly was the notable exception): they tend to rely too much on gimmicky inventions and faux science, at the expense of plot. The Expanse is different: the science and future history are incredibly believable. I'm no physicist but I found it difficult to fault the physics and technology involved. More than that, the futuristic nature of the series provides the background, not the story, so the series does not rely on it.

What the series does rely is plot, and it is a great one. Starts out pretty slowly, so doesn't immediately pull you in, but after three episodes or so it is off to the races. The seemingly-parallel stories start to intersect, things start to make more sense (though, thankfully, not so much that the mystery disappears), the characters become more interesting and the action ramps up.

The story is then intelligently developed over the following seasons. Despite the many twists and turns, the plot remains solid, with no twists for twists sake and everything fits together very well. Even when one mystery is solved, another emerges to take its place, without feeling gratuitous.

Quite grittily told too: no characters are unexpendable, making the plot quite unpredictable.

Superb special effects and action scenes. The CGI is absolutely seamless and realistic, without being too ostentatious. Like the science, the CGI is the medium, not the message.

Performances are where the series does feel a bit lacking. The main characters - the crew of the Rocinante - are reasonably well played, though there are no stand-out performances. Some of the lesser characters are quite badly played though, with the worst culprits being Shohreh Aghdashloo as Chrisjen Avasarala and Shawn Doyle as Sadavir Enright. Any scene they were in made me cringe, with Aghdashloo being particularly irritating. She wasn't helped by her character being pretty badly drawn, with the worst dialogue and most grating mannerisms of any character in the series. The two factors - the character and her performance - just compounded each other.

The lack of character depth is a general weakness in the show too. The series is about the intrigue and action, much more than the people and their relationships, making character engagement less than complete (unlike Firefly, which was highly engaging because of the characters and their interactions).

This is a minor flaw though, as the plot and its roller-coaster momentum propel the show.

Amazingly, after five seasons, the series is even managing to get better. Most shows would be running out of ideas by now but yet The Expanse is showing no sign of faltering. Season 5 is actually the best season of the lot, so far, which says a lot. The show moves from our heroes vs weird science to a good old fashioned good guys vs bad guys war.


Season ratings: S1-4 9/10, S5 10/10
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A_Different_Drummer20 April 2020
Sherlock Holmes never started a sentence with the phrase "It's probably just coincidence" and neither will I. As it happens, the amazing rescue of what was once the best sci-fi show in streaming media coincides precisely (S04) with a massive loss in quality -- visible not only in the lack of action but (honestly) some of the most depressing episodes ever aired in the history of TV. Could the producers really be that clueless?
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Space Junk
westsideschl28 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This Expanse series continues, like most other made for TV syfy productions, to fail basic middle school science. And it's hard to fail classes these days. Just to make money if you're going to dumb us down, don't dumb us down to the level of snails. Sorry snails. 1. Right off the bat we are given, as the space craft pass by, swooshing sounds in the vacuum of space. 2. Then you're given these hugely massive outlandish structures which any middle schooler would say - "Where & how were they built, and the cost for one space structure would bankrupt a whole planet?" Do the writers/directors, etc. Have any idea of the distances they so freely presented, or the conditions of vacuum, temp, radiation, billions of space particles traveling at times close to light speed? Ahhh, details. 3. Two hundred years from now and they're still wearing late 1900s clothing accompanied by the same period dialogue/slang; still fighting the same way? Well, they do intersperse some ridiculous Hollywood costume designed synthetic wear made to look futuristic, but look comic bookish. 4. Storyline is a mix of 1900s westerns and war movies only it's Earth against Mars against whomever resulting in lots of boring redux fight scenes along with lots of talking heads scenes. There is an alien thrown in for good measure. 5. Usual CGI of the currently favorite, now seen in most syfy/horror films, of bluish light/electrical effects. Very copycat redundant. 6. Actors, as is normal for these productions is cost effective, keep it cheap to make producers more money, with resumes of D class movies you've never heard of and/or lots of TV daytime serials.
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Science for Dummies
westsideschl19 August 2018
Failed middle school science then this show is for you. Like lots of cheap panning camera talking heads to fill film time, yep. Need baddies vs. goodies, of course. Need blue light luminescent human alien infestations; sorry been done countless times before. Impressed by lots of floating screen computer graphic simulations; doesn't take much to make you happy. Think the space ship designs are a no-brainer possibility; back to middle school for you. Think humans thriving on those other planets/bodies is as easy as is shown then you never outgrew thinking your toy models were real.
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Same-o, Same-o - Season 4
westsideschl2 April 2021
DVD version lacked subtitles for the elderly, disabled, hearing impaired, and ESL viewers. Disrespectful & cheap on the part of the producers especially when audio & enunciation is poor.

Series theme: It's all about seeing Earth as a beautiful place for humans (OK, sorry other life forms). Otherwise same-o, same-o.

Producer/writer in bonus section says they attempted to make this series good science as compared to most sy-fy. Wrong, and failed middle school science as follows: Sound effects in vacuum of space such as laser (in itself has no sound anyways) shooting & moving through space propulsion. Excessive & heavy decorative physical structures in spaceship construction shows lack of understanding of the enormous, almost unfathomable, energy cost of building & then moving any mass to or within space.

Production costs kept low; 95% of screen time is cheap close ups of heads talking. Boring!

On a positive note they bothered to consult & found out that a body ejected into space doesn't freeze or change shape immediately due to the vacuum or -450 F.
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An Interplanetary Drama
atlasmb21 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Syfy Channel has become more ambitious, lately, in the creation of sci-fi dramas. As viewers, we are the beneficiaries of their efforts, though some offerings could have been stronger.

The first four episodes of "The Expanse" have proved its strength, with impressive sets, an engaging story, and solid special effects.

In a 23rd century solar system, Earth is governed by the U.N., and on the decline. Mars is an independent military power, populated by dreamers and achievers intent on building a future. The asteroid belt supplies Earth and Mars with its rich mining resources, excavated and transported by those who perform dirty, dangerous jobs and feel they are exploited.

Tensions are high. The threat of war is a constant. Each faction is on alert and watchful of its interests. On Ceres, the main settlement in the Belt, Detective Joe Miller (Thomas Jane) tries to keep instigators in line. He is a return to the noir enforcer. As he says, there are "No laws on Ceres, just cops." Tasked with an "off book" case, he is also gathering clues regarding the disappearance of a wealthy family's daughter.

Meanwhile, the ice trawler Canterbury is diverted from its standard trip delivering cargo to Ceres. Its second officer, Jim Holden (Steven Strait), finds himself an integral part of the dangerous drama that follows.

The show tracks both the lives of individuals and the big-picture happenings of the entire inter-world system.

The early episodes do a good job of giving "the lay of the land" and profiling the major players. There are parallels to situations in the 21st century and scenarios that show the results of actions from this era, making the story more relevant and believable.

The creators of the show promise that the series is "about a transformative moment in human history", so viewers can expect big things.

Update 2/10/16: The first season has ended and I am happy with my grade of "8" for this show. I will say that my interest in the show grew in the last three episodes, when the disparate stories started to converge. One part is a space noir, one part is a cold space drama, and the third part is a political intrigue. By season's end, the viewer begins to see the larger arc that binds the three sections together. Season two feels very promising.
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I rank it with Firefly
digitalbeachbum10 February 2019
Not a bad show. There are highs and lows. Decent writing. Decent directing. Some scenes are outstanding. Suspense and originality make a for a good combination. Character progression is smooth and stable, but there are sometimes when I get bored and want to skip forward. Cool cinematography, special effects and an effort to make things realistic add to the quality of the production. It's not perfect. It has flaws which are obvious. However all the good things I like about the show carry it forward. I like the mix of the politics and multiple story arcs. It also has great season finales because they are cliff hangers, leaving you wanting more.
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Amazing World Created Here By James Corey
wandernn1-81-68327412 July 2020
So the first watchthru of this show I didn't review it at all. 2nd Watchthru we'll see how it goes. I know I did love the first 2 seasons!!!

Season 1

The first 2 episodes, fantastic, then a good 3rd, ep4 the bridge escape through a hail of fire was very lame, they all should have died right there. Some of the later episodes, not perfect, but all in all a good season. Amazing world created here. Nothing at all wrapped up at the end of the season. So there's a lot left for a second season! 8/10

Season 2

This season picks up strong where season 1 left off as the crew follows the Protomolecule and tries to stop the war between Earth and Mars from happening. It really peaks at Episode 5. And after that the series sputters a bit. More and more illogical decisions and just blind luck that doesn't result in certain death and really certain death for everyone involved on both planets. And really the last 3 or 4 episodes were just really average or not good. Hopefully Season 3 can get stronger and breathe some new life into the story. Season 2 ends with a 7/10

Season 3

The story does really pick up again especially toward the end of the season where the Protomolecule which is now 'The Ring' becomes a new major force in the Universe. Great performances by David Straithairn and other actors we know and love such as Elizabeth Mitchell, Chris Owens, and a return appearance by Thomas Jane add to the mix. Another solid season. 8/10

Season 4

Straithairn and T. Jane return in limited roles as Holden and team deal with the fallout from the 'Ring' opening up 1300 new possible life supporting worlds. The Belters and the Inners continue their conflicts and disagreements. Thank you David Straithairn for being a part of this amazing show. 8/10
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Can't believe this was Syfy Channel
XweAponX24 July 2019
And, in true Syfy form, of course they cancelled the series right in the middle of an important season apparently - If I understand the trivia section correctly. Thankfully Amazon took over and did a fourth season, maybe they will do more- that would be great.

The most impressive actress in this show has been Shohreh Aghdashloo, who I first saw in X-Men 3. She always had little cameos in these films, but in this show, gee character drives a lot of the motivation and direction of the series. She does not really participate in the final season 3 episodes, not being trapped in the ring with everyone else, but her fingerprints are all over the politics that brought Earthers, Martians and Belters to a common table.

This show reminds me of Larry Niven's "Belter" stories, and his known space series of books which goes all the way back to stories of Gil "The Arm", who was a Belter who moved to earth and became a police officer for the "amalgamation of regional militia" aka ARM, Beowulf Schaeffer who had a relationship with puppeteers and flew a couple of their different general products ships, one of them into the center of the galaxy discovering that it had exploded. another to an antimatter planet (and apparently GP Hulls cannot tolerate Anti-Matter)- and his possible son Louis Wu via his GF Tanya Wu (See the book "Flatlander" by Niven) aka "Luweewu" who flew to the Ringworld and was last seen hanging out with the former "Hindmost" of the Puppeteers after saving the Ringworld from destruction, Protectors (3rd stage humans who become too smart and only are interested in preserving their own bloodline, so they always fight each other, killing everybody else in the process) and an ARM navy that was stupidly fighting each other with antimatter weapons around the orbit of the Ringworld.

But that is a huge universe created by a different author. This series of books and this show based upon those books, is restricted to our own solar system and the governments of Earth Mars and the Belt which does not really have a government.

And so we see a lot of things that also exist in the Larry Niven Known Space universe: including the mining of asteroids in the belt, or minerals and water, and the idea of Terra-forming Mars. Even the "Belter Haircuts" and tattoos of Niven's work are here. Ships landing on earth use compressed air like they do in Niven's book "World of Ptavvs", rather than using rockets. In the belt, the "Epstein Drive" is used rather than Niven's Fusion Drives. But there is still a lot of material borrowed from Niven's known space. But that's not a bad thing.

But one thing that is different about this universe is that so far, The descendants of mankind who have populated the solar system have not really encountered any possible alien life-until now.

And the concept of life that is thought up in this show is very different- in fact in 2 1/2 seasons, I still can't figure out the nature of that life form.

Thomas Jane is a Ceres cop, who is given the job of locating the daughter of a rich industrialist, Julie Mao (Father named Jules)- she is the centerpiece of the series for the first season and a half or so- even though she doesn't really appear or interact with any of the other characters other than in flashback sequences. In fact the entire first season is a search for her among other things. Thomas Jane is Joe Miller, the Ceres Cop, and has made finding her his obsession because maybe it's the one good thing that he's ever done and he becomes so absorbed in finding her it causes problems with some of the other people in this series.

Also there are quite a bit of politics in the show, sometimes directly relating to our own politics of this day, and a lot of this is extremely relevant.

We also have four people, Jim Holden, Alex Kamal, Naomi Nagata and Amos Burton, who through no fault of their own become the crew of a ship that they have named The Rocinante, they were all crew members a board a ship called The Canterbury, sent out on a rescue operation which also just so happened to involve Julie Mao...

And they become an important part of the story as well eventually Joe Miller gravitates toward them - and so does every other problem in the solar system it would seem.

Later, other crew members include a gunnery sergeant from Mars and a botanist from Ganymede- and maybe even his daughter, which she lost track of during a catastrophe on Ganymede.

I'm not sure if this show is going to continue into a fifth season, but if they can make a fifth season as interesting as the first three that I have seen, then I will definitely watch it.

There are a lot of actors that I don't recognize except for Tom Jane who was The Punisher, he is a little older now but he still looks great even with the beard, and Florence Faivre who was a very nasty piece of work Kree soldier in Agents of SHIELD, she's the one that had those two floating balls that killed people, eventually killed off by Quake in a most satisfying way...

Sometimes there are stupid decisions and arguments in some of these episodes which make me want to strangle the characters when I see it, but so far I like how things have worked out tween them, the crew of the "Roci" are friends, and this show depicts a very realistic friendship between these people. The small conflicts between each of them at the beginning of the show shows how people from all kinds of backgrounds could become good friends under the right circumstances.

There are all kinds of other things going on, on earth, on Mars, On Ships various places in the solar system, and especially at a base called Tycho where the Mormons are building an incredibly huge ship called The Navoo... that is just another problem.
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Good But Too Many Episodes For A Limited Premise
StuOz29 December 2020
Very intelligent, and very serious, outer space series.

Good show but after about 30 episodes (half way into season three) I finally stopped watching. The characters are so good, even if all of them say the "f-word" too much, but the premise was just not strong enough to go beyond about 30 episodes. By this time all this endless talk about Mars and The Belt was literally putting me to sleep. I was sick to death of hearing these people talk, talk and talk about the same things all the time.

But as I say, I love the characters, I love space shows (mainly the ones from the last century), so if they changed the premise a bit after two seasons I would have stuck with it. But it did not change.

This century has produced some great science fiction shows (Lost, Under The Dome, Stargate Atlantis, Doctor Who, Torchwood, etc) but I am sorry to say The Expanse comes so close to being great, but is just not thrilling enough in premise to be called great.
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Sense of realism brings this series to life.....
s327616916 December 2015
So many science fiction series fail because they can not breach the gap between reality as it is and reality as it could be.

The Expanse succeeds in large part because its very believable. There's a real world on offer, with a developed and plausible political and social structure. Intrigue, power games, corruption, inequality and the fight for resources. All the things we see everyday populate this world. People don't really change.

Alongside the human drama sit some rather well thought out technological developments which in turn influence the evolution/devolution of humanity. Some humans, for example, live off world in artificial environments. The off worlders are sustained by technology but, at the same time, also constrained by it. They have evolved to suit low gravity environments and can no longer live on the planet their ancestors left to work in space.

Its the attention to detail and consideration of where existing and fledgling technologies can lead and the key social and political implications of these technological changes that makes this series work.

Is there a downside? I'd say the presentation of future earth is overly optimistic. Given the current degree of pollution and environmental damage presenting a relatively pristine Earth with only a hint of a raised sea level, is, to say the least, laughable. I'd be surprised too to see the United Nations still in business, by this time. Its already showing what a divisive failure it is, I can not imagine it would last this long.

If you can look beyond this series minor shortcomings, in most respects, this is still an above average science fiction drama that's worth your time. Eight out of ten from me.
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Man has expanded throughout the Solar System, but theirs trouble brewing
robertemerald2 April 2017
Some of the other reviews compare this series to Game of Thrones in the sense of a political dimension. That's a sense I got too while trying to draw together in my mind all the different plot lines. This is a terrific series. I grew up reading science fiction through the 1960s and 1970s and this tale is very much the type of imagining of those early paperbacks. The scenery and special effects, star-ships and space stations is mind glowingly good. This television show has no trouble rivaling movies and as such represents something of a breakthrough. It doesn't suffer from the same spaceships and recreation rooms being used repeatedly as did Battlestar Galactica. Its scale is a little reminisce of Total Recall (the new movie as opposed to the old) . It has some of the detective quality of the first series of Extant, and indeed, features an actual detective not unlike the hero of Blade Runner, in fact, in some parts, a close comparison could be drawn to that movie as well. The detective is by far the world's most interesting character, and the show should be congratulated for creating a character, and a case, so interesting. There is also an Earth politician (Mars has politicians in this tale as well) that is also deeply imagined.

It really is fantastic space drama. Breathtaking scope and a truly original yet utterly believable story-line. This could well be the world of tomorrow, I can't wait for the sequel.
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Mediocre, Unfortunately
Easygoer108 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
For me, this is a mediocre series. They have a relatively large budget, but it doesn't even compare with older series like "Firefly", or "Stargate Atlantis". Thete are far too many groups of people: Martians, Belters, Earthers, ad infinitum. What I find enormously irritating are the accents people have made up. They combine Australian & Jamaican; it becomes a "dialect". Very annoying. The worst is 68 year old Iranian actress Shoreh Agdashloo. She sounds as if she has a 5 pack a day cigarette smoking habit. It is well cast, but the writers have a very thin plot. They should have kept it more single purposes. By making the crews so diverse, it is fascinating but irritating simultaneously. I'm sure they will cancel this soon.
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CGI Pablum
Easygoer1016 January 2020
I can't stand this trash. Every episode has the same boring, predictable trash on it. All shot with the same look (blue/black/white) with CGI is very tiresome. Its a waste if time. O can't watch this show without falling asleep. Boring incarnate. I can't believe an actor as good as David Strathairn took this job. He was excellent in "The Bourne Ultimatum" (2007). He should have stuck with the big screen. Instead he has been in a plethora of dopey series like this one. It reminds me of old fashioned "soap opera" afternoon tv shows. Skip this garbage, unless you need a sedative.
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Best thing on SyFy since Battlestar Galactica
mhorg201814 February 2017
Damn. If the Syfy (I hate that abbreviation) Channel would show more stuff like this and less from The Asylum, I'd watch it more. This is simply great SF. The physics of space travel are as realistic as can be. The characters, from Miller the beat up Belter Cop, to Amos the Earther, to Holden the righteous captain by default and the places, Ceres, Tycho, Earth and Mars are all well defined and believable. The sfx is brilliant and the ship designs look like they've evolved from what we use today. The situations, different governments vying for power, resources and land, are all excellently done. A really great adaptation of a really great book series. This should be watched by anyone who even claims to be a sf fan.
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The new frontier of sci-fi and Syfy series
quincytheodore5 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Since Gravity landed on cinema screen a few years back, there's an increased interest on futuristic theme. However, television series of such kind hasn't had much improvement even though there are some niche shows like Killjoy or Dark Matter. The Expanse is without a doubt the most ambitious project from Syfy in a long time. Its graphical prowess and meticulous design is light year beyond others, and with great cast of multifaceted characters, this is primed to be a modern marvel.

It's evident from the first five minutes that the visual is the caliber of high tier cinema or video game. Many scenes offer incredibly detailed vistas while the view of interstellar bodies is presented with high clarity. The interior also oozes sophisticated design, although some areas like the slums are shown as rugged settlement than the green lust housings of more elite inhabitants. This is presentation level not seen in Syfy series for a very long time.

Story follows a futuristic world where three races live in less than perfect harmony. Earth and Mars have made progress on prosperity and military, respectively. Meanwhile there are Belters, who are born and work in asteroids, making their bodies different in more deformed kind of way. They are tall and with much less endurance than ordinary humans.

This sets up a great political as well as social undertone. The leads are people with grey morale, Holden (Steven Strait) is the first mate of a cargo ship who has more compassion than he's willing to show, meanwhile Miller (Patrick Jane) is a corrupt detective with a sense of justice, albeit misguided. Other supporting characters have enough memorable traits without being dressed too outlandishly,.

Their selfishness might be a product of judgmental nature, although they are more engaging in this way since the world is not kind. There are many subplots or terrorism and social prejudice that can be delve further in as a refined allegory of future issues. It's a good hook since the series can slowly introduce other parties while establishing what seems to be a very ambitious universe, even providing an angle of mystery along the way.

With impeccable visual and engaging characters under its belt, The Expanse marks a revived quality on sci-fi from its stasis nature.
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SyFy listen to your audience, we like The Expanse (and Bobbie)
MiketheWhistle17 May 2018
I hope this is renewed for a 4th season as it has action, great one-liners, great actor chemistry, a fresh plot line that can't be guessed like so many shows, and as a former Corpsman that served with Marines, I love Bobbie because she kicks it and is attractive.
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Truly exceptional program - and I love Bobby the "Martian Tank"
MiketheWhistle18 May 2018
I'm a big sci-fi fan and so my bar is fairly low, but this show raises the bar especially in seasons 2 and 3.There is action,great actor chemistry,great one-liners with unexpected actions,a good plot that doesn't seem like a repetitive drive,and relatable characters. I also have to say that I love Bobby the "Martian Tank".She has great wit,is attractive,and absolutely does Marines proud having served as a corpsman with Marines myself. Whether it gets renewed for a fourth season or not, time will tell, but I hope that SyFy keeps it going and with the characters and writers. (written before the Season 2 finale).
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by mid season 1 you will get hooked
surfisfun20 January 2021
Takes a little while to accept some of the acting and sets. But then, you are like into and intergalactic good novel! didnt like some actors style first but the it was decent. good story structure! Disapointed a bit in this season 5, i guess the choice af actors/sets and story focus feel less awesome , hope it pick up at today ep 8.....
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Agenda driven industry and dumbed down audience are destroying entertainment.
rsvp32112 May 2018
Gobsmacked at the news that this show has been cancelled after only three seasons!

Currently, if a series doesn't have social messages central to every plot, they won't be supported, and abandoned.

With imbecilic agenda shows like Arrow/Flash/Legends/Supergirl continuing to survive in an era where the wrong people are making these propaganda decisions, it's obvious that there won't be much chance for another high caliber show as this one to make an appearance any time soon.

***For fans of The Expanse, fortunately, there's an option. There are a stack of books available to continue the saga! (Unfortunately, it will upset you even more when you see how awesome future seasons of this series was going to be, once you read where the incredible story was taking us!) They are all also in audible book form. No CGI can duplicate your imagination.
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Great production values ... but drags in places
Vic_max8 January 2016
I hear the books are great, but the show has some challenges. As a scifi fan, I was willing to sit through 4 episodes while the story lines developed, but it would be hard to recommend it to my non-scifi friends - it's too slow for non-genre viewers. They won't be won over by the incredible cinematography or big story themes.

I think part of the problem is the amount of time spent with Thomas Jane's (the detective) storyline - it's just too drawn out. Maybe it flows better in written / book form, but here just drags on and on. Jane is a good actor, but his low-key style does better when playing against high-energy actors.

On the other hand, the developments of the space crew are tense, well-paced and immersive --- this is the strength of the show. Wish this got more screen time.

I do hope things pick up -- these episodes are probably very expensive and the series will need to expand its viewership if it is to thrive.
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Perhaps the best series I see in my life
abisio1 March 2020
The first two seasons of THE EXPANSE had very interesting and deep conflicts; incredibly absorbing characters. Pace and tension was so perfect is unbelievable the writers were able to keep 26 chapters without slowing down. Even the productions values were very high. Third season starting some slowdown particularly in the last few episodes but nothing too bad. Season 4 however is perhaps the slower and dissociated one. Some political and crime stories matter very little compared with the Rocinante and their crew adventures; but still after chapter 4 things become more interesting and tense. The Expanse has been able to get interesting secondary characters integrated into the main action. Sadly some emotive moments are not necessary but I assume is to make characters more human.

In any case; not even Game of Thrones keep my interest that high and could not wait to reach the end so desperately
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Tried 7 times to get into this
lopezpatricia-0613917 November 2019
Made it episode 6 and over weeks I have returned determined to get into this as it is visually stunning, but it just won't hold my attention. I just can't imagine this story playing out over 39 episodes it makes it long and drawn out. Perhaps if it were condensed into one season it would be intense and therefore enjoyable
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Love this show - sorry I took so long to find!
RussHog16 January 2021
I am about halfway through season 2 and I'm so glad that I have so much more of this show to watch. The first season started a little slow but it was always interesting and this second season is on fire. It's very suspenseful and well acted and the universe is very believable. It's not really a great acting ensemble but there are some good performances all throughout. The plot is kind of confusing but it's not so confusing you cannot enjoy the show or get too lost. This is much better than most other shows on TV.
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