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Season 1

1 Mar. 2015
Alive in Tucson/The Elephant in the Room
After a deadly virus wipes out humanity, Phil Miller searches the country for more survivors.
8 Mar. 2015
Raisin Balls and Wedding Bells
Phil finally agrees to marry Carol even though he thinks it's rather silly, given that they are the last two people on Earth. Adjusting to married life goes well, until he suddenly runs into the beautiful, and unattached, Melissa.
15 Mar. 2015
Sweet Melissa
Phil must work fast in order to save human existence.
22 Mar. 2015
Dunk the Skunk
Phil's efforts to bed Melissa are stopped short by the second last man on earth.
22 Mar. 2015
Some Friggin' Fat Dude
Carol tries to nudge Todd and Melissa together, while Phil attempts to drive them apart.
29 Mar. 2015
She Drives Me Crazy
After the confession at the bar with Melissa, Phil grows more annoyed with the presence of Todd. Carol pressures Phil to clean the toilet pool.
29 Mar. 2015
Mooovin' In
Phil gets a cow to prove to the group that he is worth something after Todd becomes the go-to man. Carol pressures Phil for her to move in with him.
12 Apr. 2015
The Do-Over
Phil asks god for a do-over, and then two women turn up at that moment. He lies to them and plans to meet them for dinner, and goes back and lies to Carol wanting to have time alone and go camping.
12 Apr. 2015
Pranks for Nothin'
Phil is outcast after everyone finds out about him telling the new women that his wife is dead.
19 Apr. 2015
Moved to Tampa
Phil attempts to alter his "Alive in Tucson" signs so no more men will show up, but he ends up marooned on one of his billboards with no one to help.
26 Apr. 2015
The Tandyman Can
The cul-de-sac has a re-election for President of the United States.
3 May 2015
Screw the Moon
Tandy realizes that he is super-jealous of New Phil's relationship with Carol, so he decides he must win her back.

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