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  • An LAPD homicide detective works to solve the murder of a 13-year-old boy while standing trial in federal court for the murder of a serial killer. Based on Michael Connelly's best-selling book series, 'Bosch'.


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  • Hieronymus (Harry) Bosch (Titus Welliver) is a Detective 3rd Grade in the LAPD assigned to Hollywood Division. He's on a stakeout with his partner Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) at night. They follow an SUV, a man gets out. Harry follows on foot. Bosch ditches his jacket and dons a ball cap and keeps tailing. They ride on the subway, Harry follows to Mariachi Plaza. He goes into a dark alley, with gundrawn. Bosch calls out in Spanish, the man comes out, but reaches for a gun and Harry shoots and kills him. Deputy Chief Irvine Irving (Lance Reddick) arrives and asks what the F*** happened.

    Two years later Bosch smokes while waiting to go into court. He greets Irving and Capt Pounds (Mark Derwin) in the lobby. Irving is there to show his support.

    Trial Attorney Honey Chandler (Mimi Roges) questions Jerry Edgar, the focus is Bosch's breaking rules and not following procedures. Then Chandler calls Bosch to the stand. She asks him how many people he killed, he doesn't know as he served in both Gulf Wars as Special Forces. He states after the Roberto Flores shooting he gave his statement to the FID detectives, then the cops went to a K-Party at a Mexican bar. Irving leaves, Pounds teases Bosch. They hint he should settle the lawsuit. Bosch insults the IA Detective Chastain.

    At Hollywood Station Harry checks In and goes to his cubicle. Jerry apologizes for his words on the stand. Harry gives two other detectives, nicknamed Crate & Barrel, (Moore & Johnson) good tickets for the Lakers, so he can work on the weekend. Edgar is upset but Harry says he can handle it alone. Lt Billets (Amy Aquino) says he is off duty until the verdict and to go home, she doesn't know he traded shifts.

    Bosch listens to jazz in his house with a great view of LA. He thinks about the Flores shooting. The next day he responds to a call near a water reservoir. A young woman is dead in a parked car. Harry doesn't wait for the Medical Examiner and looks in the car, moves the body a bit, he determines it was a suicide. Another call comes in from Sgt. Mankiewicz, a dog has found a human bone.

    Bosch drives to the address to see a retired Dr. Guyot (Scott Wilson). There are two other uniform cops present, the doctor shows them the child's humerus. The female officer chimes in during Harry's questioning and Bosch asks the two to clear out. Outside, Harry puts on his boots, the woman comes to apologize and introduces herself as Julia Brasher (Annie Wersching) new to the Division. Harry borrows her flashlight as she goes to another call.

    Harry follows the dog back into the hills, a steep climb. After some time he finds the area the dog was digging up. He finds small finger bones. He tapes off the area. It gets dark, Harry falls and hurts his ribs. Dr. Guyot wraps him up. Back at home he has a drink, Lt. Grace Billets shows up, a little upset Harry was working unauthorized. She is worried for him if he loses the Flores case. Harry convinces her to let him take the bones case as a hobby to keep himself busy. He shows her the humerus bone.

    The next day Jerry Edgar organizes a group of police volunteer searchers. Brasher comes up to help. They quickly find the main body. Dr. Golliher (Alan Roseberg) the Medical Examiner finds a coin from 1989. It is a shallow grave and only the packsack remains, everything else is rotted. Nearby, under a tree they find the skull. There are old healed wounds and a final blunt force wound on the skull.

    On the street at the bottom of the hill Harry accosts a man in a food vending van. He recognized Nate Tyler (Adam O'Byrne) from Court, the LA Times reporter is doing a story on Bosch and will now run the Bones story. Jerry takes off and Harry asks Julia out for a martini at Musso & Frank.

    Julia describes her past, she has College, travel, law school and a couple of years as a lawyer with her father. She seems impressed with his Homicide role and understands his bitterness on being sued. In the dark Harry goes back to the crime scene and ponders the gravesite.

    Monday morning he reads a paper on a city bench, he gives a bum his cigarettes. The paper has an above-the-fold story on 'reckless' Harry Bosch and his photo. Chandler takes Bosch through the Flores investigation. A guns was found but no Flores DNA was found on it. Flores was under suspicion of killing illegal immigrant prostitutes. Chandler then surprises everyone by having Bosch admit his own mother was a murdered prostitute. As a 12 year old orphan Bosch went into the "system". The lawyer accuses him of killing Flores to avenge his mother. Bosch swears at her and the judge admonishes both of them.

    After court, Harry tells Jerry that someone gave Chandler his pers file, he was ambushed.

    Dr. Golliher explains his findings. A small boy, Caucasian, 10-12 years old, dead 18-24 years. The bones show previous skeletal trauma, 44 instances found. The right arm had been broken three times. Harry has flashbacks to when he was a kid and goes to the washroom, almost ready to puke. He splashes his face with cold water then steels himself.

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