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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some violence and thematic elements

Sex & Nudity

  • A baby's buttocks are seen in the beginning. No other nudity shown throughout the film.
  • No sexual dialogue or sex whatsoever in the film. There is a subtle romantic implication between two characters, but it's all very innocent and non-explicit.

Violence & Gore

  • The violence and gore can be disturbing at times, but it's very minimal and not particularly graphic.
  • A waiter is comically hit in the eye with a champange cork that had been popped.
  • A character is struck in the face while he is tied up. No blood or bruising is shown, but may still be considered distressing, given the setting of the scene, to some viewers.
  • There is no gore. The only blood seen is one little drop. But there are a couple of scenes where people are assumed to die or be burned.
  • A characters tazes three people, causing one to briefly twitch and another two to pass out.
  • A dog leaps on a man's face in two separate scenes, biting him.
  • A man steps on Cruella's hand as she cleans the floor. She winces and gasps in pain, and an audible crunching sound is heard.
  • Some frequent scenes of pushing and shoving of employees, mostly from the antagonist, not causing any serious injury.
  • A bullied girl physically attacks her harasser, punts a volleyball harshly at a boy, and is later grabbed and beaten, then tossed in the garbage, by a duo of bullies. No serious injury, but it may frighten younger viewers.
  • A woman driving recklessly causes another car to drive off the road and crash into a phone booth. We don't see the driver hurt or anything else after the crash.


  • The language is relatively mild. Minor swear words are used, such as "hell" and "damn".
  • Some milder name-calling ("imbecile", "stupid", "fat", incompetent"); even this is sparsely used.
  • Mild scatological humor (referring to a dog pooping out a necklace; non-explicit language, but the phrase "what goes in must go out" is used).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Smoking is shown due to it being a period film (Disney Studios normally have a no smoking policy for their films). Edit: The original animation of Cruella smoked also.
  • Nothing severe.
  • Cruella drinks from a stolen decanter of alcohol in one scene and becomes inebriated.
  • Cruella intentionally removes a glass of champagne from the middle of a large tower of glasses, causing it to collapse. She then sips from the glass.
  • Two different scenes where Cruella shares alcohol with the Baroness; a wine cork hits a young waiter in the eye (see "Violence & Gore").

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Compared to other Disney live-action films, this film is significantly darker.
  • In one scene, a swarm of moths swoop around a germaphobic's face causing him to panic.
  • The eerie retro soundtrack, coupled with the dark aesthetic scenery, may frighten younger viewers.
  • Some instances of verbal and physical bullying, directed mostly towards Estella and Anita as young children.
  • Anita is insulted for looking plain, and then gets a subtle threat from the antagonist. The scene is quite intense, and Anita is visibly shaken by it.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Young Estella's mum falls over a cliff at the start of the film.
  • Estella gets pushed off a cliff toward the end, but it was anticipated and she was fine.
  • Cruella pulls out a long pin and it seems she is going to stab the baroness, but she just pricks her.
  • A character is accused of being a "puppy killer" because her coat appears to be made from dog fur. This turns out to be a falsehood; the supposed ill-fated dogs are later seen safe and alive.
  • A butler is instructed to kill a baby. He can't do it, and instead gives the baby to a fellow staff member in secret, lying that the baby is dead. It's said that the baby's father wasted away to death.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Baroness tries to kill Cruella by tying her to a chair and lighting the room on fire. Could be intense for young kids.
  • Angry Dalmatians are seen chasing a young girl. Could be considered distressing. The girl is not harmed but her mother is since it's revealed the dalmatians were actually running to kill her mother.
  • Cruella's behaviour towards Horace and Jasper is increasingly unhinged and mean-spirited; she calls them names and verbally abuses them (she later realizes it was wrong and apologizes).
  • There's a rock band scene with red lighting, harsh music and people in dark costumes.
  • Cruella is mistreated badly at work. At one point she's forced to unclog a stinky toilet that a staff member broke, and another time she has her hand stepped on by that same staff member (see "Violence & Gore"). He eventually shouts at her and upsets her.
  • As Cruella drives (stealing a vehicle), she dents and hits multiple cars, frightening her two fellow passengers.

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