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Hilarious Show
Eagles40927 July 2014
This show tows a fine line with its comedy and definitely succeeds. One of the hardest types of comedy is to have someone that is completely obnoxious, but that you still love. This show has 2 main characters that are in reality awful people, but you want to spend time with them. The writing for the show is brilliant and the 2 main characters are perfect for their roles. This show sort of takes the romantic comedy and just flips it so that everything they say is the opposite of what you would normally expect. I hope people will check this show out and give it a chance, it is definitely different and in a very good way. I can't wait for the next episode.
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The most British comedy made in America?
temporaldisturbance18 July 2014
The writing and acting in this pilot episode is an order of magnitude better than any American comedy pilot I've ever seen.

If someone tried to reboot "Mad About You" in the 21st century with manic-depressive but snarky and brilliant undertones of the British show "Black Books", this show would be the result.

It is perfectly cast, and its characters feel like real people. They're not Hollywood dolls ("Friends"), nor are they court jesters dancing around in silly costumes for our amusement("Two And A Half Men"). They are authentic, they could be people we know, or ourselves, at that certain point in our lives.

After the 25-minute pilot I found myself caring about them a great deal, and I can't wait until the next episode.
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Makes me laugh, even out loud.
robin_should3 August 2014
So, I have watched all 3 episodes and each one has surprised me by making me smile from start to finish and make laugh out loud on several occasions. I love all the main characters, this has not happened since way back. The unwanted chemistry between Jimmy and Gretchen is great to watch. How two people not interested in a relationship try to not connect, but find themselves being pulled into something they can't escape and can't explain. Whether it will continue at this high quality is up to the writers because the actors are doing a great job. The British/American mix worked on "Episodes" and I think here it goes one step further. I think I would have found an American male a bit too pretentious and not quite as believable as Chris Geere.

There is still hope for comedy!
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FX has a hit on it's hands
nickbrockdorff1 August 2014
I stumbled onto this show by accident, online.

The pilot got me interested, the next episode got me exited, and as I just watched the 3rd episode, it had me bawling with laughter.

The final scene, they ask the black guy at the door "are you gay?", having caught him in his underwear with the white openly gay guy.... and his reply is "no, but this n***er sucks really good dick".

Hilarious and refreshingly irreverent!

This show is of a really high quality, well casted and well written, like early seasons of Entourage or Californication... but it's a comedy.

I urge people to see it, so it survives.
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One of the most well written shows on television
noveltyfriend13 September 2014
Most sitcoms take a little time to find their voice, but You're the Worst has been strong since the pilot. It was instantly one of my favorite shows on TV and has only gotten better. It has plenty of funny one liners and silly situations, but it's real strength is creating interesting characters that have depth. This is the kind of show most networks would probably ruin by demanding the characters come off as more likable or moral. But FX has been bold enough to let shows like Louie, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Wilfred create strong characters who may not always be likable, but are always interesting.

You're the Worst is one of the most well written comedy's on TV. They respect their audiences intelligence and don't try to cram a well packaged moral out of every episode. They play television to it's strengths and savor the subtle changes in a persons life and a romantic relationship that a feature film wouldn't have time to show. The cast is has been terrific and their characters you'll grow to love despite the despicable things they often do. This show is brilliant and I hope it does well so there's more of a demand for shows like this.
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oltersdorf-david28 September 2014
You're the Worst really is the best (black) comedy (with heart) on television right now. Chris Geere and Aya Cash have incredible screen chemistry together and the supporting roles including Desmin Borges and Kether Donohue round up a solid cast. Brandon Michael Taylor is delightful as well, playing an up-and-coming rapper with a hilarious entourage.

Most rom-coms run out of fuel once the clichéd "Will they? Won't they?" part is resolved, whereas You're the Worst starts off precisely here – when things begin to get interesting (in real life). As television critic Andy Greenwald points out, "life doesn't get boring once coupledom starts. […] It's a failure of imagination and, quite often, writing to suggest otherwise." The series will hopefully be renewed for a second season on FX, but regardless what the future holds in store, there's only one way this ends… whether it's in a week or twenty years, there's horrible pain and sadness ahead…
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You're the Worst if You're Not Watching One of the Best New Comedies
mplusc8 August 2014
"You're the Worst" is one of the funniest dark comedies I've seen in a long time…I really hope more people catch on to this hilarious gem, FX picks really fantastic programs and personally I believe "You're the Worst" is above and beyond in a different league entirely than Anger Management, Louis, The League, and I'm a very loyal "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" viewer, but I'll be honest, I really really look forward to Thursday Nights because of this new FX series. I hope more advertising & word of mouth spread quickly b/c this American written dark comedy is pretty special...(no joke, it's not a re-make of a British series!) It's definitely NSFW humor which makes it even better. Shameless fans, It's Always Sunny In Philly Fans, anyone who appreciates crazy, hilarious, I can't believe they just said that on TV humor get on board :) Thursday Nights, FX...lets keep this one ALIVE! Creators, writers, crew, actors, you are a breath of fresh air. Cheers :)
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Give me more!!!
seldinhio25 July 2014
Never heard of this series before, kind of stumbled upon it when browsing the web. And man an I happy to have found it because it hits all the right notes for me.

This TV Series is a blend of Entourage mixed with some British humor and the the peculiar traits of Los Santos of GTA5. The cast fits together like a hand in a glove. On top of that you get some character development, unlike most big comedy's today. Being a European I don't know how the "real LA" is, but I kind of could imagine how strange life could be there.

Shame there's only 9 episodes for the first season.
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t-alonzo12 September 2014
Laugh-out-loud funny, sadistically truthful, witty and well-crafted banter, incredibly interesting characters. Everything I could ask for in 22 minutes of needed escape time. I'd watch Jimmy and Gretchen reading an Applebee's menu. Kether Donohue's Lindsay could/should have been the headliner for her own show. I had a hard time understanding Edgar in the beginning - Ross from Friends anyone? Missed the mark on him completely. He's fantastic. Anxious to see where they go with these two 'sidekicks'. Another great F/X series. (Side note - Dennis Leary can't get back soon enough...) Slowly pulled us into the first episode. By the second, we were hooked. It's one of the first shows pulled up on the DVR. Thank you Mr. Landgraf. Keep 'em coming!
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Great show, incredibly hilarious and witty
arpine_jaghlasian4 October 2015
One of the best shows I've watched in a while, been keenly in tune for every single episode. The characters are all very unique and have great charisma, each bringing something special to the table. Geere stands out as an actor in the show with his charm and cynical remarks, and is truly hilarious to watch. Unlike other shows, You're the Worst incorporates a feeling of reality and even underlying human emotions that many other shows lose in the pursuit of comedy.

Every scene and episode blends well together, and even the soundtrack is spot-on. Flawless script which doesn't use any unnecessary comical fillers to pad the plot line. Stephen Falk was not afraid to think outside of the box and come up with intriguing scenes that pushed the boundaries just enough to add a sense of ridiculousness to the show. I found myself engaged with every character on the show and curious to see what they would do next. Truly an underrated show, I hope to see it gain popularity as everyone should watch this outstanding comedy.
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It's Definitely Novel
LouieInLove29 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, the lady who plays the lead female role unquestionably draws the eye. As for the lead male role, well he's English.

I think the writers have pulled off what they intended with this show. It has a freshness to it which is endearing and frankly near unique in a world which often regurgitates worn out entertainment in the guise of original programming. So well done on that front.

I didn't laugh aloud at any point whilst watching, but then again I rarely laugh aloud at anything. Nevertheless, I was amused!

The Character traits of the lead male roll are surprisingly accurate, as there is a great sway of the English middle class (& up) who are utterly unpleasant in my experience & don't actually know the scope of their own evil.

All in all the show is watchable and entertains. What more can I say and what more do you want?
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You're the worst, is the BEST!
topseller-4203315 July 2015
A more realistic approach to a as others have stated a "romantic comedy" however since so many other heaping piles of sh!t have been defined by that category its rather unjust to place this in same category. Its a great show, very funny, the writers, actors/actresses, and all involved obviously just get it. I highly enjoy the cynical witty yet dark sarcasm, i found this show just going thru channels and now I've watched/saved 1st season on DVR and wonder when more comes?

Point is 10/10, keep making this show! Great stuff, being a 27yo male i love it! Now if ur a 65 year old Christian women maybe not so much, rather crude at times but thats just one of its pros! Lol.
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Deep psychological and social commentary.
tiryn-296-40805918 January 2015
The first season starts off very strong and ebbs a little towards the middle, but as a season is well crafted. The will-they won't they aspect is deeper than sex or love, it investigates the inner workings of narcissism and the complexities of wanting to be anti-socially honest. It is not about will they have sex or fall in-love or not, it is about them overcoming their unhealthy need for praise in conflict with their healthy need for connection. This theme paired with marvelous writing, spot-on punch lines, and superb performances makes the characters multi-dimensional and real, as well as funny. This show is the best anti-depressant I know.
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Absolutely (semi-sadistically) Brilliant
kyled10019 September 2014
Absolutely perfect. This has to be one of the most well written, well produced, and well casted shows currently on television. Every twist and turn of their lives is refreshingly unexpected. Not only do they show a complex and intimate narrative of the main characters(Gretchen and Jimmy), but even side characters (Edgar and Lindsay) are surprisingly fleshed out and shed the traditional role of sidekicks. The darkness and sarcasm only enhances the humor of the show, which brilliantly shines through the transparent nature of most comedies today. This is not a show for those concerned with PCness. It is abrasive, brash, and may be off-putting for some. However, for those that are looking for simply a clever, quick witted story there is no better place to look than You're The Worst. I sincerely hope for another season and have no doubt it will be just as gripping as the first.

Favorite show - 10 *s
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Best New Comedy of 2014!!!
jonathancr294 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is by far the best comedy i've watched in long time, the characters are so real, everyone have a different personality and features that makes them unique. Also the situations are more real and believable than more of the other comedies out there. I consider this really important because in this way even the audience and the actors doesn't feel insulted by making dumb jokes. The writers are doing an excellent job!. It's really great to find a comedy that reflects the reality of relationships on these days. I was so tired to watch the classic sit-com when a guy meets a girl and fall in love right away and believe that destiny brought them together. Thats why i watch You're the worst because it shows how relations are in the real life. Also i love Aya Cash, i find her really beautiful and she is an amazing actress too.
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great show
dgm211223 September 2014
It was a short season but this new show shows a lot of spunk. It is well crafted and funny. I can only hope it sticks around as we are lacking smart, funny comedies like this one. It has just the right amount of raunchiness without being crude. It also follows another great new show called Married which I also hope makes the cut. The two show's actually compliment each other as one deals with the struggles of marriage in a real way, and you're the worst centers around a couple or not a couple that are relationship phobic's as well as others in the circle that struggle with marriage choices. Again please check these two shows out so we can keep some solid shows on the air for adults.
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Very funny show that burrows into its premise
cherold31 December 2015
Two seasons in, I wrote this review: ----- The basic premise of You're the Worst is that two awful, disruptive, cynical people meet and form a prickly, unsure relationship. It's a solid premise, and with a good cast and sharp, very funny writing, the result was terrific from the first episode.

What is surprising about this sitcom is its depth. For the writers, it's not enough to simply show awful people being awful; almost immediately the show starts considering why they act so bad, what's behind it, how it impacts their relationships, and whether they're really as bad as they appear.

These ideas were brought to the forefront in season 2, as the show delves deeper into the psychology of its characters. Towards the end the series was threading a fine line between wacky comedy and dramatic themes, and it did quite well.

The supporting characters have developed their own story arcs, and once again, initially shallow characterizations have given way to increasing nuance.

This could have ruined the series. I can understand how the episodes about depression could put people off who just wanted a transgressive comedy (like some guy who posted a somewhat negative review here in which he claims he went to one of the 10 "top psych schools"), but I love the way the show holds onto its transgressions while becoming more. I'm looking forward to the next season.

---- Alas, season three was where it all fell apart. The series beautifully walked the knife's edge of dark humor in season two, but everything that could have gone wrong then but didn't finally did in season three.

The series was unrelentingly grim, and not funny at all. It was as though the writers had become so enamored of their characters increasingly soap-operish lives that they simply forgot it was supposed to be a comedy.

I gave up a couple of episodes before the end of season 3. I only made it that far because of how good the show had once been, but when I realized that season 11 was a fair attempt to do what the show used to do, and that it still was just mediocre, I realized that I was done.

So I say, definitely watch the first two seasons. And when you feel the series is losing it, eject. It's not coming back.
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theatrebear3 February 2015
With the slow, agonising death of network television comedy, it is up to us to look further afield. Well thanks to FX, the perfect comedy for the 2010s is here. "You're The Worst" is flat out the funniest thing I have seen on television for many, many years. It presents the anti- romantic comedy while pushing the limits of what is allowable on screen. It's funny, honest and sexy as hell. What should be unlikeable characters end up totally endearing and lovable as we get to delve into their lives all the while continuing to say and do terrible (but hilarious) things. The two leads are a revelation with Chris Geere a hysterical cross between a young Hugh Grant and Paul Bettany and the wonderful Aya Cash destined for even greater things (in the perfect world). The show deserves to be huge. Give it a go. I guarantee by the end of the third ep, you'll be head over heels for it. But if you're a fan of the "Everybody Loves Raymond" type of TV comedy, best stay away. It is definitely NSFW.
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If it doesn't hurt at least a little it isn't funny. This show is funny.
leftbanker-115 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you don't like this new series it's probably because you're too stupid to understand the jokes. Don't beat yourself up about it because the good news is that intelligence and a sense of humor count for very little in modern culture so you're probably doing just fine...unless you are ugly, too. Stupid, no sense of humor, and ugly would be a tough go in any culture.

If you're in the least way put off by what I have written thus far then You're the Worst definitely isn't for you because it's a lot more offensive. It's also very, very funny. It's also a lot more realistic than about 99% of romantic comedies either on TV or in feature films. Let's face it, most romantic comedies aren't romantic or funny in the least.

One of the protagonists is British which suits the show because a lot of the humor is very British meaning there is a sharp edge to it, to say the least. If you can't handle a bit of profanity or frank sexual talk then steer clear (and grow up already). I love how they come at the whole idea of the American dream from different perspectives. The two protagonists want nothing to do with it, Edgar is damaged goods thanks to it, and Vernon is the eternal frat boy who is all in.

Check it out. It's a blast!
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Makes you come back for more
mynexthome18 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
OK, I almost gave up on this show after the first couple of episodes, but I gave it a couple more chances see (House of Lies). The more and more I started finding the roles for the characters and the stories they had made me start loving this show more and more. Sure the angry attitudes that each character carried in the beginning turned me off, but when I saw that they were flawed/lost...I began to see a very touching story between two people and their friends that brings it all together. If you watch episode 3 on you will start seeing the picture and with EP9 you will see this all put together and how lost they are all together. I am of coarse watching this after EP10 which was the best so far. This episode made me want more and left me the feeling I want to know this people and where do they all go from there.

I beg that this show gets some attention from the masses and I only hope they keep this slightly crisp attitude going. The overall script and tempo is extremely well put together and the photography of LA is great. Watch this show if you like dark comedy and a slightly different love story.
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A near perfect comedy show for everyone who isn't just interested in comedy
golem0930 September 2016
The mix of comedy and drama is unprecedented and should really be commended. The actors and writers are doing a tremendous job at portraying just what is needed. After watching almost two seasons based on the comedy alone, this show is hitting me hard, and I suspect that it's the same for many viewers. A lot of stuff has been creeping up on me since the first seasons, but the writers really understand how to make the most of it. The incredibly subjective example of PTSD hit me hard in this episode, and in the context of the show that I've known and loved for two seasons was just beyond any measure. If this is not awarded heavily in the next season, the emmys and globes are no more than silly statues. Let everyone know that his is THE show to watch.
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Awful show about awful people
DavidYZ7 May 2017
This is a sitcom-drama series set in Los Angeles. It's about a writer (Jimmy) and a publicist (Gretchen) who become sex buddies soon after they meet at a wedding. Later on during the first season, they make a transition to a being a couple.

None of the characters are likable. Most of the attempts at humour don't work. The two main characters are too miserable, selfish and uncaring for the show to be fun - or for us to care about them. It's not romantic, because they don't have chemistry as a couple. They're unsuited to each other, so we can't believe in their relationship.
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Stop Watching When Gretchen Gets Depressed
messages-lc7 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Season 2 is pretty funny and functions as its own singular series... until the writers decide they want to "make a difference in the world" and champion stupid social causes. Just stop after the Halloween episode.

The LCD Soundsystem episode is BAD. It is dark, in a bad way, in a show that's supposed to be funny. Gretchen acts 100% out- of-character, and the show demeans its lovable main characters to cast a family of liberal elitist garbage as a positive alternative to the fun people I'd grown to empathize with.

Depressed people don't stalk other people, especially the kind of people this show has mocked for the ENTIRE SEASON. Believe me, I've suffered through depression, and I have a psych degree from a top 10 psych school. This is straight-up schizo behavior from Gretchen.

Moreover, the change in tenor towards promoting hipster pseudo-professionals in worthless fields such as "landscape architecture" is laughable (pretty much a glorified landscaper you pick up from Home Depot for day labor). All of a sudden the characters that spent all season mocking the sad, wanna-be modern American family acting superior because they've "grown up" (when in reality, they just aren't good enough to get by acting young anymore) are made to look pathetic in comparison to a family of unproductive, unhappy, elitist losers. Jimmy looks like an idiot, while Gretchen suddenly wants to be what she has been struggling for so long not to be? Why weren't these people roundly mocked for being everything a person should struggle NOT to be in a relationship. A sad, stay-at-home dad who plays sh***y hipster rock, and a glorified day-laborer so- called "professional" woman. Real winners.

This just felt like propaganda, using a complete lack of logic and reason, combined with strong emotional and visual triggers, to convince the kind of people that watch this show and mock the pathetic family sweater people to become sedentary, judgmental, hipster breeders.

I've NEVER seen a show do a complete 90 degree transformation from lighthearted comedy to taking itself WAY too seriously before. People are literally calling for the show to win Emmys because of a poorly written episode that paints Major Depression as some sort of schizophrenic episode. Maybe the writers should have done more research, because this just came across as crass and unsophisticated to me. Just, what the ****? I won't be watching this anymore.
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I hate what they are doing to this show!
amccormick-4205512 November 2015
I really enjoyed this show last season. I hate this new story line with Gretchen's depression. I used to love her character! She was so funny, and so blunt. This whole depression thing is killing her character. I know depression is real, and is terrible for the person and their family and friends, but that belongs in a drama, not a comedy. I hope they bring back the old Gretchen. Her spunk was one of the things that made the show so funny. I miss the hysterical banter between Gretchen and Jimmy. Now she is almost a non- character. Bring back the crazy,awful Gretchen! Her bizarre, completely wrong behavior is essential to maintain the hilarity.
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What Happened to this show??
bookwuzbetter20 November 2015
This show started out strong and had some really good comedy. What the heck happened? Gee let's pick a subject ripe for a COMEDY like depression. That should be good for some laughs! Next the brilliant writers will cover rape and molestation....yeah that should really get the people laughing....

I really hope with the recent introduction of the bar owner they will kill off the redhead and get back to some comedy because this show went from being really great to a total waste of time.

I don't know of any other good current comedy shows on, so finding this was like a breath of fresh air. Then the writers got off on this depression thing and KILLED this show. Sorry, but there are subjects that have no place on a COMEDY. You want to write a drama, go for it but do not ruin the only decent sit-com on the air.
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