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A Very Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Indeed
ryannhl18 September 2019
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is a beautiful feel-good film about Mr. Rogers and the effect he had and will always have on people. It tells the tale of his relationship with Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Rhys), an emotionally jaded reporter tasked to write a profile on him as one of America's heroes (based on the real life story of Tom Junod's relationship with Mr. Rogers).

Tom Hanks absolutely shines as he transforms into the beloved children's show star in a role his career has been perhaps always leading to. Hanks embodies all that is Fred Rogers, from his delicate mannerism to beautifully authentic warmth with others. Hanks pulls at your heartstrings with every word uttered during the film's run.

Tom Hanks, however, is not the only actor to be lauded for his performance, as co-stars Matthew Rhys (Lloyd Vogel) and Chris Cooper (Jerry Vogel) deliver outstanding ones in their own right. The father-son struggle presented in the film allows for each actor to flush out raw emotion that transcends with the audience. Rhys and Hanks too have this tremendous chemistry that has each actor radiating in the scenes they share.

The film brings back many aspects of nostalgia for viewers of the original show as Hanks and company perfectly recreate iconic scenes and moments. The film also does an excellent job intercutting from the show's original 4:3 aspect ratio and 2 camera set up to modern film production. This allows for these scenes to have a unique presentation as we jump from Mr. Rogers' neighborhood to the film. Director Marielle Heller (Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018)) and writing duo Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster work meticulously to bring Mr. Rogers' world to life, allowing for the film to feel authentic in each and every way.

This film is about Mr. Rogers' impact on one person's life on its surface. However, looking slightly beyond unveils much more in that it is a look at the human condition and Mr. Rogers' exceptional understanding of it. It explains the importance people have in each other's lives and how much we depend on one another, something Mr. Rogers very much understood and exemplified in his life's work. Sometimes you need Mr. Rogers to explain it to you as he always finds a way to make it easy to understand and feel better about. The world could do with more Mr. Rogers and this film shows us just exactly why.
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The movie that makes you want to be a better person
khaliljamal038 September 2019
This movie was honestly near perfection. The acting from everyone involved was amazing. Tom Hanks was born to play Mr Rogers. The emotional moments were perfect. This movie came out at the exact right time in our society. This is the exact movie we all need to watch right now about forgiveness and compassion. I absolutely loved it. It was just so so good. Both Mathew and Tom both deserve Oscar recognition for their phenomenal performance. I truly recommend this movie for everyone. It makes you think about yourself.
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The Paddington 2 of biopics - nicecore for the win!
jsph_calabrese13 September 2019
This has been the big surprise of TIFF for me thus far. I was not expecting a richly textured character study that explores emotional trauma and forgiveness. The movie is really about the Matthew Rhys character, and Fred Rogers serves as an 'antagonist' of sorts. Heller avoids the usual traps of biopics by limiting scope, focusing on humanity, and elevating material with creative strokes (animation, music, surreal dream + memory sequences).

There is also some underlying meta commentary on Tom Hanks career and what he means to present society, including a scene talking about Fred's puppets that couldve been Andy in Toy Story talking about Woody. I hope somebody writes that think piece.
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Good one
naimdgxbd9 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Story os very good. Otherwis, Tom hank is a greatest actor inHollywoo. The movie become one of the best movie in this year........
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