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You're killing Me, Hollywood
arod_8515 May 2021
I cannot remember the last time I've seen a truly "good"movie put out on the big screen. They appear to be getting more and more mediocre as the years go by. Those Who Wish Me Dead was no exception. Actors I used to love, all staring in movies with weak, cliche plots. Big names like Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington hardly mean anything anymore. Nothing new or clever here. This movie is fine as background noise while you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest lazily on a late Saturday night but if you are looking for something to get into, this is not it.
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Waste of time
cdcordaro15 May 2021
Completely predictable. Poorly written. Two dimensional characters. What were they possibly thinking? This is a "paint by numbers" film with two colors. And the title is awful. I'm just amazed at the mediocrity. Good grief what a total waste of time, money and talent.
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Shoot em up unrealistic poor storyline
This movie was the same beat down predictable garbage that seems to be the norm anymore. Wasn't a fan. A violent, shoot em up, unrealistic storyline that felt like a complete waste of time.
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A film paying homage to forest fires.
whitemanfromtowne14 May 2021
Absolutely no story whatsoever to follow. I mean why did the two hitman go after the father? What did the boy's father write in that letter? What was the need for Tyler Perry's cameo scene? And Jolie was ridiculous with that bad wig on. So my only speculation is that it had to be a film paying homage to forest fires because nothing else made sense.
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I hate the internet, everyone's a hater that has to show how clever they are.
dfredkin16 May 2021
Watch the movie and form your own opinion. It was entertaining enough, a decent "popcorn" movie. Suspend belief, enjoy the movie for the piece of escapism it is.
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A bit of refreshment, a bit of disappointment
educatexan16 May 2021
I basically enjoyed this movie. I don't require a movie to have a multi-level plot and deep character flaws to be entertained. Most everything was fine here. The actors did well with the script they were given. I didn't see anything wrong with the CGI as others have commented. The action was fine, and pretty much everything made sense.

There were only two things I would change. One character's story was not entirely completed at the end. A 10 second scene would have fixed that part of the ending.

The other item was the language. I get tired of the constant use of the f word. It's meaningless verbal garbage and adds nothing to the movie.
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What a waste of good actors
cristianocoppola27 May 2021
If not for Aidan Gillen and Nicholas Hoult and a few more this movie would be utterly unwatchable. The only interesting side to this "movie" is their camaraderie, the sheer professionalism of what they do and how they portray this on the screen, it to mention the other side character who are really interesting and brilliant. I would watch a movie on them rather than the main characters. Angelina looks like she is stoned most of the time and/ or utter bored to be in this movie. Story is simple and slightly illogical and concepts are not fully explained nor explore. I would not watch it again.
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Those Who Wish Me Dumb
FilmnTV26 May 2021
Those would be almost everyone involved in this idiotic film. I won't rehash comments about the plot holes, horrendously cliched dialogue, and a title that belongs on some forgotten Western. Angelina Jolie - what in the name of all logic is she doing in this? She looks NOTHING like a smokejumper unless that smokejumper is brittle thin, sports long flowing hair, and a full face of makeup to go work in the mountains. This isn't a Marvel film where we throw all disbelief out the window. I know she may "want" to be an action star but as Clint once said, " a man has got to know his limitations." Glamorous looks are a curse if she truly wants to play someone approaching real, and she doesn't help it with her beyond lean physique (sorry she could do something about it for a role) and her hair and makeup. I was so distracted by the preposterousness of her in this, that it did help distract from all the other problems. What a terrible script. The kid was good and has all my sympathy as there was no chemistry between him and AJ. Here's to better roles for him.
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bisssj14 May 2021
The synopsis of the plot told the viewers the entire movie. That took three lines. The first 10mins the acting was so bad it was hard to watch. Fortunately it got better, but the storyline didn't.
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Far from the original book.
graves-scott13 May 2021
Take a look at the book. The original has two extra good guys. They run the survival skills camp the boy is put into for witness protection.

For this movie the couple are removed and the smoke jumper becomes the bad ass. Nothing but a pointless vehicle for a washed up actress. Which is a shame. The book was real good.
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Pass. Just don't do it.
meredithjob15 May 2021
Watched the whole thing. There is nothing to connect you to any of the characters- you could've literally changed them halfway through and I wouldn't have cared. The plot has so many holes it's wild unlike the fire, which had very little screen time. Still have no idea why they were chasing the people.
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Those who wished for better
jaimemedina-3628814 May 2021
I had high hopes. I found none. It starts off quite dreadfully, almost awkwardly. Which was a real shame because I'm a fan of both Joli and Burnthal. But it builds a bit of intrigue as Little Finger and Beast work their way in. Then Finn Little steps in and absolutely steals the movie. My hopes began to rise - slow start notwithstanding.

But sadly the film quickly devolves into a linear chase flick with a conspicuously missing third act. So many wasted opportunities.

Really too bad.
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Better Than Others Are Saying
boldeboy17 May 2021
It's a good movie. Storyline is straight forward. Some unnecessary character appearances but they're there to to the pace. Anyone saying this movie is predictable or the script is poor, is expecting an Academy Award Winning movie. It's not always about the movie experience being perfect. It's a great "dim the lights and chill" movie. Good seeing some actors back on the screen. I'm harsh with movies when they over promote, this isn't that. It's good for a date or family flick with older kids.
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Average although decent thrill
Movi3DO14 May 2021
A brand new movie just added to HBO Max. A traumatized and retired firefighter who had to protect a boy from those who wish him dead.

When I saw the trailer, I expected a pretty simple thriller. And I was right. The trailer showed most of the story. The plot was seen a bunch of times before, so there wasn't any surprises here.

The acting was pretty decent across the board. There wasn't much complex emotion or scenes that required these actors to show their best.

Even though the plot was simple, I still wanted a decent thriller, and the movie gave me that. There were some pretty okay and intense action scenes, and they were handled well.

My biggest problem was the characters. At the beginning, the movie showed the event that traumatized the main character, played by Jolie. However, I did not see the significance of this event to the story at all. It didn't impact her character when she was in the action scenes.

Besides the main character, there were minimal development to the other characters. Jon Bernthal was badass as usual, but I didn't care for his character much, or any other characters.

Overall, a decent thriller, but everything else was average and not memorable. There's no need to watch this movie. 6/10.
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{ AMAZING } Performances & Visuals , But An Anticlimactic , Even -{ ABRUPT }- FinalΓ© ; I'm Afraid This Was Just { ANOTHER } Tragic Victim Of The PANDEMIC πŸ˜” .
A "Good, Old Fashioned" -{ B i g }- Screen Review .


Hannah : " I should have gone to them, and instead I was a ( expletive ) Coward " .

Ryan : " Then you'd be dead too " .

Hannah : " ..... That's Our -{ JOB }- " .


Let me start with the -{ Unbelievably }- natural 12 year old ( when the movie was filmed ) child-actor, native Australian Finn Little ( 'Connor Casserly' ). I have to say that I was just -{ Blown Away }- with the Depth, & the Range of his performance ; charged with a role that was ( literally ) about 25 Times more demanding in terms of its Dramatic & -{ Emotional }- 'heavy-lifting' needs ; than what we are used to seeing the average 12 year old Hollywood thespian tasked with ( in terms of their on-screen assignments ), these days. Bravo πŸ‘β—. The Ever-stunning Angelina Jolie ( 'Hannah Faber' ) , for her part, has -{ most definitely }- " Still Got It " , ( i.e that uniquely quintessential " Supreme Cinematic Fire-power " of hers ) , make - no - mistake . And last but { by -No- means } least, let me just give a quick, yet Massive shout out to the 'second big surprise' of the night, namely ( -relative- ) newcomer Medina Senghore, who does a -{ Stupendous }- job as 'Allison Sawyer', the embattled Deputy Sheriff's very doting, and -{ Equally }- embattled 'six months pregnant' wife .

The overall cinematography , the truly -Sprawling- vistas , and the visual & special effects -{ Both }- in terms of all the thoroughly gripping action-sequences, -{ As Well }- as in terms of the "phenomenally" -real' seeming, & quite frankly, "Terrifying" looking forest-fire scenes . . . . . Were just, well . . . . . 'Hands-Down-Fantastic'. The major problem for ( -Me- ) was : " What I've now come to 'affectionately' label as " The War Of The Worlds ( Tom Cruise, 2005 ) Syndrome πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ " . Or in other words, & very simply put : " When you -{ Really, Really }- start to get into the picture, and in a -Big- way, no less ; it pretty darn -Suddenly- grinds to a screeching halt, leaving you -Not Only- with the palpable sense of a sort of 'Anticlimax-malaise', but -Also- a few rather Pertinent... 'Outright' ...Unanswered-questions, relating to the film's -{ Genuinely Thrilling }- & 'Mildly-plausible', premise. And finally, & unmissably of course, there's the 'Profound' level of, er... profanity πŸ’₯πŸ’£ . Yes , I -get- that the film's rated 15 on this very homepage ; in fact that's ( just about ) the -Only- reason I'm -Not- griping about it in my review-Title. But the fact of the matter remains : The somewhat excessive seeming level of -'Hard'- swearing in the movie , coupled with the few brief but nonetheless significant instances of profane ( -Subject Matter- )... in a picture with a, let's not forget, -{ 12 year old }- as its " lead-star " ...was simply -{ Not }- indespensable to the story , -{ Period }- .

Summary : Had me on that ever proverbial 'Edge' { of-my-seat } for the -majority- of its 100 minute run-time. So this movie, with its "sensorily-Explosive" forest-fire backdrop... { No spoilers here, that's ( -very- ) much in the trailer } ...gets a -{ Fairly }- " warm πŸ˜‰ " , and indeed , -Unflinching- "pandemic-considerate" 6.50 out of 10.00 from me .
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okey way to pass the time
kaefab9 May 2021
Its not the best movie ever but not the worst good action, you hate the bad guy they do a great job at it, the fire takes a back burner.

All in all a good way to spend 2 hours but you probably won't watch again.
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Are people sick of ambiguous endings yet?
tim-8544511 July 2021
I loved the journey, hated the ending. Why is everything so ambiguous these days? Is it a trend? Do people just not know how to end a story? It's exhausting to waste money and time on movies these days.
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Really entertaining
moses-matsepane22 May 2021
This movie was really entertaining, I was not bored for one second. The movie gave me 'Wrong Turn 1' vibes, being hunted in the woods and ending up at a watch tower. The actors were fantastic, and the writing was also good. The ending was not 100% satisfying, but I cared enough about the characters not to mind that. All the characters including the bad guys were likeable. It's a worthwhile watch.
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gunn-wrights16 May 2021
Boring at best. When your entire storyline has less than 10 characters, it's difficult to make it too perplexing. However; 1 would think with so few characters, the movie would have made you identify with them - but, it didn't!! At 1 point, I was wishing they would all die and just get this over with.

I would classify this movie more as a Heartwarming, Love story than an Action or Thriller. So, if that's your thing - you'll probably like it. Ending is completely stupid!!

RECOMMENDATION: DO NOT pay movie theater ticket price!!! It's free now on HBO (most likely because it sucks) so at least the price is right, unless you consider 2 hours of your life an investment. Watch for love, not for action!
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What's with all the hate? Excellent action film with heart!! Fantastic kid!!
joiningjt15 May 2021
To those of you that said the 14 year old boy was annoying and a terrible actor, your not only DEAD wrong but couldn't carry his lunch box!! Its funny how the people that cut down others have NO talent or lack intelligence. All the actors we're excellent Angelina Jolie was very good as always but it wasnt her movie to shine it was the kids and he did!! Also people saying she was anorexic, because she's not FAT hey morons thin is HEALTHY!! And what does that have to do with acting. My hats off to the whole cast and crew EXCELLENT action thriller!!!!
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Huge disappointment
ragingbull_200515 May 2021
Sheridan has written brilliant films, such as Hell or High Water and Sicario. Hence, it is a surprise to find myself dawdling in this pool of mediocrity.

The script and its resulting execution doesn't strain a single brain cell. It has no great action sequences or thrills, which is suprising for an action thriller. The characters are very 90ish.

Avoidable. Hugely disappointed.
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Sloppy, unbelievable, far-fetched and lazy writing with lots of plot and technical issues.
Top_Dawg_Critic15 May 2021
Too many unnecessary scenes and infantile dialogue riddled with foul language you'd never expect to hear from those spewing it. There was way to much time spent on filler and not enough on substance. What was the point of that entire outdoor drinking on picnic tables act? The pick-up truck parachute and arrest scenes? The constant repetitive flashbacks only inching each time just a little more facts on her past incident also became annoying. Just spit it out, and move on with the current drama and all too little excitement. Never mind it was totally boring and pointless for the movies plot-line. Even the idea of the cat and mouse wasn't concluded, nor why it even started or who ordered it. The screenplay felt like it had random scenes cut out and/or was poorly edited. The 100 min runtime felt much longer with all the boring filler. I'm not sure if the book is as bad at the screenplay and direction, but this one had a great conceptual idea that ultimately burns out quickly. Jolie was the worst casting choice, and for the most part was unconvincing in her role and her acting abilities. Her swearing trying to act all tough with her long stringy hair was just getting annoying and unbearable. The little boy was more believable than her. Too bad, the premise was great, was it was poorly executed.
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Mindless Thriller
sweidman-2801631 May 2021
"Okay, listen to me. Take a deep breath, hold it and lay back. Watch what I do."

From Oscar nominated writer Taylor Sheridan comes Those Who Wish Me Dead. A teenage murder witness finds himself pursued by twin assassins in the Montana wilderness with a survival expert tasked with protecting him -- and a forest fire threatening to consume them all. Taylor Sheridan has been on a roll. With both Sicario movies, Hell or High Water, and Wind River, and I should mention the tv show Yellowstone which is supposedly great, my hopes were somewhat high. The trailer didn't interest me too much and there were other movies of more importance to me coming out. The HBOMax-Warner Bros deal saves again. What we got was just as expected. Sheridan's writing and directing might not be as ambitious as previous works, but the movie is entertaining enough to hold your attention. The story should be as good as the concept. There are so many exciting parts to follow. My main issue comes with the flow. As more characters are introduced, we go from character to character in their different locations and how they relate to the current events of the story. Each one has something interesting going on, but for the most part it almost felt like they were in different stories. There's three different parts and at one point it could be something so intense and the other will be more mellow for the time being. It just didn't flow well. Also, it takes a while till the conflict begins. I kept waiting for something bigger but for 30 minutes there wasn't much.

The casting is pretty good. I haven't seen Angelina Jolie in a while. Not that this is a groundbreaking performance, but she fit the role well. Finn Little has a good youth performance. Nicolas Hoult is fun to see in a villainous role. Tyler Perry makes a cameo. It felt weird but alright. This sort of goes with the writing but there was a lack of character development. Jolie is the lead and we get flashbacks to provide some insight on who she is. It's a little and works, I guess, since it's all that's vital to the story. Still, I wanted to care more these characters and just know who they are rather than protagonist and antagonist. The writing is sometimes too simple when it could be more. Simplicity is nice, but not always the best, especially when we have so much going on. Sometimes the writing is actually good. When it comes to Jolie and Little's interactions, the timid nature from both can help engage us more into the characters. All in all, it's not going for something great but just what it is. Those Who Wish Me Dead had the potential to be so much more but falls short. It's a fine watch if you are looking for a mindless thriller.
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Well structured, classic style action movie.
Ken_ZomgWtfBbq16 May 2021
Overall enjoyable. Reminds me of the late 90s action movies, before shakey cam, and over the top fast and furious popcorn flicks or the attempted hyper realistic John wick style films.

Visually appealing set peices, relatively weak story but carried by great acting from all key characters (Jolie, the kid were standouts but Bernthal and his wife, Littlefinger and Nick H were great too)

Enough character development that there feels like there is some stakes involved.

Many of the top reviews complain about needing more clarity in the story.

But why?

Just enjoy two well dressed merciless assassins blasting everyone in their way so they can kill Jolie and some kid she's looking after while set in burning forest.

This isnt the DaVinci Code. Get over yourself.
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I did not see that coming
kalinp14 May 2021
One can come across on a movie that bad once or twice in a decade. It's not even fun bad. Not a single good thing i can say about this movie.
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