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Underrated - No Justice made to the Rating
vijaynk862 April 2020
Just happened to visit this title in IMDB, and certainly was not happy with the rating, it is so underrated and hence decided to write a review though it is an old movie.

From this rating, could understand that Tamil audiences do not have proper Critic sense, this movie has certain flaws but on a overall perspective, this stands tall than any Crap movies ever made.

1st Half is full of laughter riots, be it friendship, be it emotion, be it romance, be it music, it stood high, a very satisfactory movie. Please don't believe in Crap ratings..
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A Feel Good Romantic Comedy
glitzz9726 December 2013
Endrendrum Punnagai starts off with it's intro to comedy which was hilarious, mostly due to the presence and comeback of Santhanam. The drama and emotions in this film take a turn in a few scenes, and is continued neatly and beautifully throughout the film, supported by the wonderful visuals. In terms of acting, every actor has done their role perfectly. Needless to say about the rest, but actor Vinay's comeback with a good role in the film raised many eyebrows as his previous films hadn't been doing very well. Andrea's role was short yet good, probably a cameo appearance. The technical values were very good overall. The songs are beautiful as well, kudos to Harris Jayaraj. Harris has also improved a lot in his BGM composition. Endrendrum Punnagai is a colorful and delightful film that should be watched by everyone. Highly recommended. Overall: 7.8/10 (74%)
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paleyellow_88-915-178674 February 2014
Director I Ahmed's Endrendrum Punnagai starring Jiiva, Trisha, Vinay, Santhanam and Andrea Jeremiah is a beautiful film that deals with friendship, romance and the special bond between a father and his son.

There is loads of fun in the first half as we get to know the three friends, who complement each other perfectly with their different personalities.

Jiiva as a bitter and obstinate young man is quite competent and seems equally comfortable expressing anger, scorn and love.

Trisha looks absolutely gorgeous in simple kurtis and jeans and gives an excellent performance as a middle-class working woman.

Santhanam is in his element and keeps the audience in splits with his witty one-liners.

Andrea, as an egocentric international model and Vinay as a playboy, too, have done their bit.

Good background music by Harris Jayaraj and some spectacular visuals of Switzerland beautifully captured by cinematographer R Madhi make this film even more enjoyable.

There does, however, seem to be too much drinking-- having fun is synonymous with drinking these days --and lots of risqué jokes on marriage and women.

There are no sparks flying and it is definitely not love at first sight for Goutham and Priya, but the end still seems quite obvious.

Whatever the reason, the film certainly succeeds in entertaining the audience.

Endrendrum Punnagai is worth a watch.
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Feel light Entertainer with a predictable plot and screen play
SivakumarBalachandran2 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Ahmed's Endrendrum Punnagai comes as a feel light youthful entertainer. It stars Jiva, Vinay, Santhanam, Trisha and Andrea in the lead roles. The story centres' on Goutham (Jiva) and his child hood friends Baby (Santhanam) and Sree (Vinay rai). So we are obliviously taken through a journey of youthful friendship drama in the starting and then love and sentiments add up in the second half. Though it's not a new plot but still you can enjoy the movie with friends. Everyone had played their roles picture perfect. Except I felt Vinay was looking too matured for the gang. Trisha was a pleasure to watch in the movie with decent Salwars as an advertisement concept designer.She has crossed her 30's still she rocks on her looks. So ultimately to add the hot mirch masala ingredient we have Andrea babe as an attitude showing diva.

The negatives are the predictable plot, screen play and placement of songs. I have to mention on Harris jayaraj's music what I felt was the songs where so usual and same tunes we already had from his workshop. Songs where boring to hear as same tunes from engeym kadhal, vetaiyadu, unnale unnalae.

Verdict: Get inside with friends and watch it just as a feel light care free movie without seeing any logics you will return happily.
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Endrendrum Punnagai (Tamil) (U/A) ------------- my Rating : ★★★½ LOVE STORY WITH A DIFFERENT STYLE
yunusitboss26 December 2013
Endrendrum Punnagai (Tamil) (U/A) New movie Reviews and lots more Hot news .... LIKE THIS PAGE : English Hindi TAMIL TELUGU Facebook : Movie Review by Yunus Irshad https://www.facebook.com/YunusIrshadsMovieReview

Endrendrum Punnagai (Tamil) (U/A) ------------- my Rating : ★★★½ LOVE STORY WITH A DIFFERENT STYLE

STRENGTHS :- * Santhanam : was superb with his one liners ...... * Trisha : damn good ..... * Casting and Performances : were decent ......

WEAKNESSES :- * Second half : lacks a lot.....

FINAL VERDICT :- * Overall... the movie is a decent watch ..... go for this weekend have a blast ....santhanam will rock u in First half ......

Literally meaning everlasting happiness the film is rom-com. It is touted to be a love story with difference. The film stars Jiva, Trisha, Vinay Rai, Santhanam, Andrea Jeremiah, Nassar, Abhinay, Varsha Ashwathi,Swaminathan in the lead roles.
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Lovely movie of 2013
sraavan-narayanan19 March 2015
An amazing romcom film by Ahmed. The first twenty minutes of the film just shows us their friendship and just drinking and teasing women and stuffs. But the movie later gives us a lovely tale of friendship and love. A guy who is completely filled with ego has to understand his mistakes and choose a proper path in his life. His friends Santhanam and Vinay were really good. Santhanam does make us laugh but Am sure many are tired of his comedy of talking about others faces,hair, and others. But still he makes the movie lively. Vinay even though a very much flop hero, he tired his best in this movie. Barris was at his best. Lovely bgm and songs. Brilliant visuals. The screenplay was packes with a proper romantic- comedy category. Many people who dint like the film are true fools. A brilliant movie. Loved it
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Awesome movie
deepanraj-es25 December 2013
Jiiva once again proved his acting.Trisha is very beautiful in this movie too. Vinay and santhanam done their job well. Santhanam timing jokes also very nice.First Half went very fast. Other characters like nassar, Andrea,T.M.Karthik and Swaminathan done their job perfectly.Harris jayaraj music is better. Normally in his film all songs will be very nice to hear for the first time but in this movie only one is nice to hear at first.Only thing is we expected a big and valid flash back from nassar but it is very small and unreasonable.Overall the film is worth to watch with your close friends.
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Thamizh Cinema welcomes Bromance!
rubanroopan25 December 2013
Endrendrum Punnagai is a light hearted movie which works and achieves its purpose for the intended audience. The first half is superb and revolves around Gowtham(Jiiva), Baby(Santhanam) and Sri(Vinay) three best friends who are inseparable, with Santhanam rocking and coming back to form so to say after some lackluster performances in his recent movies. Second half is romantic and breezy filled with beautiful locations and revolves around Gowtham and Priya(Trisha). Though Thamizh cinema has always given importance to Friendship I think this is the first time Bromance is given importance and romance takes a back seat! On the whole a good way to end the year and a good movie to take your family to this holiday season!
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worth watching
shreetharan23 December 2013
Nice film to watch. Santhanam comedy superb.

song's are okay.

Jeeva,Vinay and Santhanam are friends. Yesterday only saw the movie. First half full of comedy.Andria is hot. Its a complete entertainer. better bar and drinks scenes to be avoided. it will spoil the future youth. screen play can be better. The first half is largely fun and jokes (some of them are literally well circulated popular jokes) and the film gently breezes along, thanks to the bonding and chemistry between the guys. Vinay makes a decent comeback and Santhanam once again uses his brand of ridicule as humour and manufactures laughs at regular intervals.
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Movie Plot revolves around 3 friends
ssridha121 December 2013
Gowtham(Jeeva), Sri(Vinay) and Baby(Santhanam) were close friends. As they had a get-to-gather with their old friends on a bachelor party, Gowtham, Sri and baby promises that there won't be any place for a girl in their life. then story moves from that scene onwards. Nasser who plays the role of Gowtham's father had a good role towards the end. Priya(Trisha), a colleague of Gowtham works together in a ad designing in company along with Sri and Vinay. Gowtham, Sri and Baby had some disagreements, from that point onwards the film moves on. Soniya(Andrea) comes in as a ad designer had a very short role to play and failed to excel in that.
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First Half Humor,Second Half Bummer
raj04049222 December 2013
After Jiiva's lengthy Dialogue Trisha: You said everything but the word "sorry". That's why life with you is tough and impossible. Audience: Say Sorry Dammit. We will leave soon. Jiiva (To Trisha): I Love You Audience: You could have said this before interval. We could have, at least, left early.

If you are not a big fan of reading, the above lines will sum up the movie, in short. Ahmed's "Endrendum Punnagai" is the story of a man, with ego on a garangutan scale, refusing to budge for others even if it is for his best buddies of 20 years or his father or his new-found love. It is this ego stretched in 150 minutes that is both cause and loss for the movie.

Jiiva excels well in his role despite one of the characters remarking, "You can't act, why try unnecessarily?". Vinay and Santhanam gel with Jiiva and create a laughter riot out of the first half. But the bromance ends in first half. The second half leaves you in South Pole. You will feel cold deserted and, for a lack of better word, boring.

The second half is, the 60 years of Tamil Cinema revisited again. Heroine walks in the middle of snowfall in a white gown when the hero sees an angel out of her, a romantic number with the Alps behind, hero realising his mistakes and then comes the first few lines of this review.

Trisha bonds with her character and one expects her to see on screen more often. Andrea is a one-song girl with three extra scenes where she is nothing but a catalyst between the lead pairs. Vinay is good and Santhanam is excellent with his ridicule-humour. Harris is very badly missed when the audience exit the hall for a fresh air during the songs.

Buddies will revisit their life in the first half only to accept the harsh reality in the second.

A very generous 2.5/5
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Do not watch this massive car wreck of a film. Warning: Spoilers
It's often the case in Indian cinema, that more than the story or the makers, the audience look forward to films based solely on the actors. So naturally, a film with Jiiva,Trisha and Santhanam, with the lovable Vinay from 'Unnale Unnale' back, I was extremely excited. The promos looked great, and it was going to be a charming comedy, though the concept was a little old.

The film however was the perfect example of why you never go in to watch anything with high expectations. Also an example to show you that even the big directors in India are still making films like amateurs, with absolutely no thought put into them, just truck loads of money. There comes a point when the people making these films have to understand that they cannot just wing these things.

'Enrendum Punnagai' offers you the most hallow characters, if they're even worth that title. They're all poorly written, showing no consistency throughout the film. The comedy is all copied here and there from other works. It's too long and exhausting, the emotion just does not work and there's just no moral depth to it, and no amount of dramatic background music can change that. Amidst all the extremely annoying characters, Trisha was a refreshing sight. She not only played a sweet likable character, but looked extremely gorgeous.

The music was not too bad, but as for the rest of the film, I found myself constantly checking for the time, wondering how much longer I would have to endure that hell. Glad I made it out alive to write this review, I don't think anyone should watch this film. It's a huge waste of time, and it surprises me to no end, that it did well in the box office. If you're a Jiiva fan, don't watch it. I had to a watch a few of his old stuff just so I didn't go to bed that night completely swearing him off.
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