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Sex & Nudity

  • Nearly every episode contains sex scenes.
  • Almost all episodes also contain language discussing sex acts. For example, one man tells another his penis is ready for an orgasm. Some dialogue in episodes is devoted to discussion of one character's never having had an orgasm.
  • Some episode has strong sexual situations.
  • Some sex scenes are not too graphic and have very little nudity.
  • Relationships are heterosexual and homosexual.

Violence & Gore

  • Some episodes contain quite a bit of violent murder, but only one such is all that gory. We see a dead character on the floor with a lot of blood pooling from his head. These scenes repeat in flashes, each one showing more of the scene. We also see a character with a bloody wound on their midsection on the floor after hearing a gunshot. They are shown gasping for air in close-ups, with some traces of blood on the wall. This scene is also shown in the form of repetitive flashes, each giving more details about the scene.
  • Tortuous murder is depicted. The scenes are played more than once. We see a man strangle a woman while she fights for her life. We also see a character murder another character by placing and tightening a plastic bag over the victim's head while the victim sits tied to a chair. This scene is played out several times, each time showing more. The viewer sees the victim begging and pleading, clearly sees her sucking for air inside the plastic bag as she slowly suffocates. We also see repetitive scenes of one character with a bloody midsection wound showing closeups of her face as she gasps for air; and repetitive scenes of one character lying dead on the floor with a bloody bashed-in head.


  • Their favorite word seems to be bitch. There does not seem to be an overflow of curse words. So far the F-word has not been used.
  • B*tch, a**, wh*re, damn, and hell are intermittently said.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One character is an alcoholic.
  • Drug addicted characters present.
  • People are drunk in some episodes and alcohol is shown in every episode

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Ep.9 is the most intense/violent episode in the series (also the flashbacks are intense during every other episode)
  • Some clients can be scary and/or weird.
  • Some more sensitive viewers could be disturbed by the murder (see Violence/Gore).
  • The somewhat frequent mention of rape and occasionally incest could be upsetting to some viewers.

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