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Un 1 y porque no se puede poner un 0.
lDeepy10 May 2019
Vaya copia más lamentable pero a niveles astronómicos.

PD: Viva BrBa
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as a Colombian, I feel embarrassed for this bad production attempt
porrasbrand-549-27958912 January 2015
When i first saw one of the early "Metastasis trailers" I thought the trailer itself was just a quick parody or joke made for some Colombian "Saturday Night Live" like show.

I thought this can't be serious, and by then i did not take seriously the trailer.

After some time, i realized they were going to launch Metastasis as a real "tv-series". I could and still cannot believe it. Why they would "recreate" a series like Breaking Bad, especially after all its recognitions and awards.

This is just tasteless, trying to suck like a parasite on the success Breaking Bad had. Sure, other series have done this, even American productions "recycling" Japanese or french successful productions.

But for what a Colombian production budget can afford, this is degrading. Just visit Youtube and Facebook pages and you will see how much dislike-clicks "Metastasis" has.

Colombia can come up with some real decent productions, and it has in the past. "Ugly Betty" for example. We should export series, not copy- paste Millions of Dollars productions with pocket money.

Just watch Breaking Bad, if you want the real deal.
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Parodia Colombiana
Natobando17 December 2015
Hey, Vince Gilligan... You got chloroformed to approve this mediocrity?

It's not fair to damage such TV series like this icon with this charade. This is not a version is a parody. Starting with the casting: Awful! Anybody who has seen Diego Trujillo "acting" will realize he does the same character every time. He's the more overrated Colombian actor. The so called Jessie Pinkman is just a pretty boy who can't act. Expressionless and flat. Julián Arango is a bad, bad Hank and Connie Camelo don't even mention her. Sandra Reyes es repetitive as every soap opera she made... But the major joke is Luis Eduardo Arango as Saul Goodman. Give me a break!!!! It is evident the casting in Teleset is made by pointing friends or sexual benefactors. Damian Alcazar as Tuco Salamanca... What a waste! The guy who played Gus, no way. The twin brothers, no f*****g way. The Albuquerque desert enchant moved to Bogota, only looks good in producers retina. Directing is a poor trace of shots and the screenplays, well... Are an adaptation disaster with local slang and humor. Don't see this. If you're Colombian, request change of nationality. What a TV shame!!!
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skyfall-334021 December 2018
Why can't people just watch the original? People need to learn that supporting a remake doesn't help the original.
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kawashburn29 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
AMC sold the rights to this on the condition that Univision remain faithful to the original. And boy, did they!

Production values: Great. if you've seen ever seen a typical Spanish serialized drama, you know the cinematography can be pretty uninspired. But here they've spent a lot of money and time planning out the shots; I don't know if they are using a RED camera but it must be that or something similar. Great job on the camera-work.

Acting: Leads are very strong. Diego Trujillo is pulling off the part really well so far, and props to Roberto Urbina and Julian Arango for their performances as Jose (Jesse) and Henry (Hank). Some of the minor characters have been noticeably weak though, especially the 2 drug addicts who stole the ATM.

Adaption: Excellent. They are now in Colombia where there is no clown culture of lawyers, so "Better Call Saul" is toned down. They use a school bus since RVs are not common, and a bunch of other changes they have made are very appropriate. Finally, the decision to do this series at all deserves a big hand, since typical Telenovelas are exaggerated good guys/bad guys stereotypes much like U.S. TV used to be in the 60s and 70s. To do such a complex character arc like Walter Blanco (White) is very unique.

Criticism from the peanut gallery: Some people are upset that Univision didn't just dub the AMC version or subtitle and stay 'true' to the original. Well, gee, why didn't the U.S. just run "The Office" - without subtitles, mind you - since it was an English show? Honestly, the list of shows that have been adapted from other countries is enormous (Ugly Betty, American Idol, Three's Company, etc etc etc). It's been done for decades with little controversy. I don't know why this one deserves any scorn. They wanted to do a good adaption, and they have! Love it!
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Excellent Remake of Breaking Bad
darcontek3 July 2014
I'm pretty sure the reason for the low scores on IMDb for this show is the negative perception of the Spanish language in the United States and was rated by people who had never even watched the show before it premiered.

Metastasis is almost a word for word, scene by scene remake of Breaking Bad. The only thing that has changed is the language which is now in Spanish and takes place in Colombia as well as some other minor differences.

Admittedly I do like the American version better but that is because the bar was already set too high. However, the remake is still excellent and every actor gives a great performance. Any Breaking Bad fan craving new material will be pleased with this remake. Unfortunately they do not provide subtitles in English for the non Spanish speakers.

However the great thing is that they are always releasing new episodes every weekday instead of making people wait every week for one new episode and you can catch it either on Unimas or Hulu Plus. I've been hooked since the first episode even though I'm already aware of the plot.
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not in the same league as the English version
serafinamalinche20 January 2016
I watched every episode of Breaking Bad starting way before most people discovered how great it was courtesy of it appearing on Netflix. Then I watched 8 episodes of Metástasis in Spanish on Netflix.

This Spanish language version is not bad, but not great. They use the same script but obviously have to change it some since the action takes place in Bogota, Colombia and not New Mexico. Other than that it is exactly the same as the original version.

The worst casting they have done is for the character of Tuco. They cast Damián Alcázar as Tuco. If you know Mexican cinema he is one of their best actors, but he is a comic actor. He is not scary. The guy who played Tuco in the original Breaking Bad was truly frightening, which is what the character of Tuco is all about.

For those who don't know Spanish, you can watch Metástasis on Netflix with Spanish audio and English subtitles. If you want to get more Breaking Bad then watch "Better Call Saul" on Netflix. He was Walter White's attorney.
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Only Poor Reasons to Dislike
depressedannieunleashed21 September 2016
This is the same thing happened to Ghostbusters 2016. It's not fair to hate something just because it is a remake. The only criticism on here had not even seen the show! Well I did, and it's not bad. Diego Trujillo and Roberto Urbina are not as memorable as Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, but they are decent actors. I would say if there is one problem, it's that the director occasionally misunderstands the purpose of the scene. This mostly manifests in the distracting soundtrack. With something like Breaking Bad, you miss the action if your eyes are focused on the bottom of the screen reading the subtitles (Trust me, I know), so there was a reason to remake the show in Spanish. Is it as good as the original? No; If you speak English; just watch Breaking Bad. But it has the right to exist, for crying out loud.
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I Think it Could Not Have Been Re-Made Any Better
jnavafb23 June 2014
They are following the same exact plot down to the dialog. If you don't like it then you don't like the original series- Breaking Bad; it's literally the same exact story line.

Of course they had to change obvious things but so far they have done this in the most minimalist way I can think of.

Of course the actors may seem unfitting at first if you have watched Breaking Bad but it will wear out with in time.

All in all I think this will be a great translation series. I am very excited to finish it and I think you should all definitely give it a chance.
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One big no!
toncek-4221322 August 2019
I will be quick.Watch the orginal, this one is soo eyes hurts really bad after i watched first episode off this series.Waste of time.
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A fun and believable adaption of Breaking Bad
witchopaan13 May 2015
Despite the bad grades that the title received, I decided to watch this adaptation and must tell... I understood the proposal.

The comparison with the original does not fit fully here, is such a "Demake" the original that was made with low resources, lesser-known actors (perhaps in Brazil and the US, but they are relatively known in Colombia).

The "latinization" and small script adaptations that was made for the the South American audience was good and believable.

The series walks very close to the original title, with some flaws here and there, a little less inspiring interpretations of some actors, simpler effects, but give a chance at minimum is cool to revisit the world of Breaking Bad for a Latin optics.
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Me gustó mucho esta vaina, llave.
markd-mcconnell10 August 2015
The extremely low ratings received by this adaptation can only be based on comparisons to Breaking Bad - as though it were an insult to the original somehow. I suppose I can grant that this series doesn't measure up to the quality and consistency of the acting in the original series. There are lots of other little ways that this is not nearly as good if compared against Breaking Bad. But this production is not a rival to the original; it doesn't detract, it's the same story seen with a different situational lens (and smaller budget) - and I think that's an interesting idea.

The story survives completely intact after the transplant from Albuquerque into Bogota, and the changes that this demanded were handled convincingly and with humor.

I particularly enjoyed this as an exercise in language learning. I watched it on Netflix with Spanish subtitles, to help me past the slang, and had a great deal of fun noticing the differences in acting style and overall atmosphere. English was also available, if I got stuck.
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Why does everyone demand more or less dubbed version?
scocope-654-77116523 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Of course this isn't Breaking Bad. Of course some of the actors aren't as good as some of the originals (while others are better). Why does everyone persist that remakes keep every nuance intact and not create their own? The "Skylar" role isn't as oblivious as the US version and the knowing looks that the Columbian actress gives are priceless and have great impact. Jose's role has been softened somewhat to portray his ultimate decent as much more tragic. Saul's role has been changed to portray the reality's of Columbia (no sleazy lawyer ads). Personally I find the adherence to the script's (for the most part) a really nice way for the viewer to understand what the writer was attempting to convey in the original that was lost upon me until I viewed it once again with a different actor's interpretation.
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I like it
butcher-2591819 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this more than the original. It is a 95%+ adaption of Breaking Bad. Cielo (Skylar) takes a bit to get used to. You can see her hatred of Walter in this one in the second half.

I found Walters portrayal very believable. The character development in this version was actually better than in the original. They took the characters one step further. You may not like the directions they take.

Walter comes across as much more evil especially once Gustavo (Pollos Hermano) is killed.

I found Henry not quite as believable. A little too jovial. Jose was great as Jesse.

All in all, watch it. It is on US netflix. no idea on other countries
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So glad we found this on Netflix!
astrobiologist36 June 2015
My girlfriend and I were huge fans of Breaking Bad. It was an expertly written and produced television show. Metástasis is an exact recreation of Breaking Bad for a Spanish-speaking audience and it's fantastic!

We're trying to learn conversational Spanish right now, so we can't follow all of the dialogue, but the subtitles help with that. I think the fact that this show is following the exact plot of Breaking Bad makes it easier for us to pickup on more of the language.

Even though the show is a remake of Breaking Bad, the setting in Columbia and some of the small intricacies that make it different are awesome.
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Superb adaptation.
jonnybass-189-65691214 November 2016
This show exceeded my expectations. It is every bit as good as the original. I haven't watched Breaking Bad since it last aired on TV, so it was nice watching this with little memory of what happens. I seriously cannot believe the negative reviews of this show on this site. I will never again look to IMDb for reviews. The negative reviews are completely unjustified. It was basically a scene-for-scene remake. The cast was just fantastic. They acted their roles very, very well. The show was incredibly believable. It will seem weird seeing the different actors take on the roles of some of the best characters in television history, but trust me, they will grow on you. I strongly recommend giving this fantastic show a watch.
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Excellent remake
ramjua22 June 2015
This an excellent adaptation of BB. Diego Trujillo and Diana Reyes did a great work as Walter and Cielo. Damian Alcazar is a vastly superior Tuco Salamanca.

The same is the case of the Colombian Saul Goodman. The actor portraying Jose is not bad but can not compare with the original actor. Those Latin-Americans that gave poor reviews to this series, in my opinion, exhibit self-hate and internal colonization.

Production values are not as good in the Colombian version. It is not bad but one can see that they invested more in the original.

While the Colombian version is not as good as the original (probably the best series of its decade!) is very meritorious.
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Metastasis did an amazing job with their adaptation of Breaking Bad.
danielromerogg4 April 2016
Metastasis is a shot for shot remake of Breaking Bad intended for Spanish speaking viewers. People who would otherwise be disinterested in the English version by AMC can have the same story presented in a way that they can relate to. Everyone i have recommended this show to has told me they loved it and that "it is sooo good". The actors captured the details, mannerisms, and movements as they were portrayed in the original. They really kept true to the masterpiece that is Braking Bad. I thought some of the casting was off, such as who they chose for mike.

The people who rated this a one out of ten are tasteless imbeciles who don't understand cinematography. Just look at their ratings for other films. 10 for Insidious, really? Grow a brain.
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Really liked it
marianne8812 June 2016
I'm a huge fan of Breaking Bad and was in it three times as an extra, so I was pleasantly surprised at what a high quality production Metástasis turned out to be. The cinematography, editing and acting were all top notch. I watched it without subtitles, but Netflix has them in English and Spanish. I think Roberto Urbino has a huge career ahead of him, but the other actors were also believable and not like the usual telenovela drama, as I expected. Vince Gilligan was a consultant, so he surely was an influence. I found Saúl to be a bit annoying, but at times I found myself laughing at his antics. Mono and Tripa also added some humor and Walt Jr. did a good job, too.
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