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  • A group of amateur ghost hunters go missing as they journey into the bowels of an abandon Insane Asylum in a search for evidence of the 'Lady in White' said to haunt the grounds. The only evidence of their quest of no return are video cards discovered by workman as they demolish what's left of the vacant structures. Some of the footage was salvageable and reveals the missing ghost hunters fate as they traverse into the unknowns of the Asylum.


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  • Asylum reveals the final moments of several lost ghost hunters as they search for The Lady in White long rumored to haunt the tunnels of the abandoned mental institution. The only evidence of their ill-fated quest is a video card discovered by workman demolishing the dilapidated buildings on the grounds. Salvaged footage reveals the ghost hunters last horrific moments lost in the underbelly of the madhouse in this chiller from the director of Central State: Asylum for the Insane. Dan T. Hall The story is told through interviews and the salvaged footage revealing ghostly phenomenon and the final moments of the missing investigators. Starring, Moli Hall ( EZ Money), Ran Burns (Central State), Karl Niemiec (Phantasmagoria), Callie Burk ( Gila), Alexis Garrett (Burdens), Ransom Pugh, Alex Raymond, Ken Hoyle, Tony Bartele and Tristan Ross (My Bloody Wedding)

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