London Irish Poster

(2013– )

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Season 1

24 Sep. 2013
Episode #1.1
Foul-mouthed Bronagh and her meek brother Connor return from an unsatisfactory home visit in Northern Ireland to the London house they share with friends Niamh and Packy. Packy meets old friend Ryan, who has an artificial hand as a result of injuries inflicted by a gang of armed robbers at the shop where Ryan was covering for Packy's shift. Feeling guilty Packy organizes a pub quiz whose proceeds will go to Ryan but has to bribe Bronagh with the promise of letting her win the prize, a bottle of vodka. The quiz is interrupted by Niamh's jail-bird boyfriend Tyson, whom ...
1 Oct. 2013
Episode #1.2
Following a drunken wedding party Bronagh wakes up in the bride's dress, which she stole, next to toddler Frankie, for whom Niamh is acting as nanny whilst Packy finds he has been chained to his bed and raped by mad ex-girlfriend Steph, who still believes they are a couple. Hearing that Dermot, a man they all hated, has just died, they head off for the wake anyway. Here Bronagh dares Niamh to kiss the corpse, Packy tries to get off with Dermot's bereaved girlfriend and Conor and Bronagh's boyfriend James are caught with their pants down in a compromising position. ...
8 Oct. 2013
Episode #1.3
Niamh is really looking forward to the evening's Hallowe'en party, for which she has designed Wizard of Oz costumes for everybody (except Conor, who is going as an astronaut ) and where she will have sex with Sweet Pete. Bronagh, on antibiotics and forbidden to drink, is less than enthusiastic and everybody is put off the party mood when suicidal cousin Sean, whose wife has just has a Japanese baby, comes to stay. Conor and Packy set off to buy party booze but get robbed and stripped by muggers and eventually taken to the party in a rickshaw. Sean and the girls also ...
15 Oct. 2013
Episode #1.4
Having been missing a week after going out to buy chips Conor returns, after a trip to Scotland, with Maria, a Mexican woman who married him after he told her he was Johnny Depp. Bronagh informs their parents but they are more concerned with a ghost in their house. Niamh, having problems with her religious boyfriend Martin, who shuns sex before marriage, gets an invitation to an art exhibition by old school-mate Caoimhe Kavanagh, whom Bronagh once worshipped and the group goes along but Bronagh's attempt to expose Caoimhe's allegedly traumatic childhood backfires when...
22 Oct. 2013
Episode #1.5
Following a hearty St Patrick's day celebration of which they have no memory the quartet wake up in a strange flat, belonging to an old lady whom they take to hospital after she collapses. At the hospital Niamh and Bronagh vie for the attention of attractive Dr Lewin whilst Conor gets involved in a card school with leukaemia sufferers, who beat him hollow. Packy is perturbed by persistent phone calls from his scary admirer Aoife, though it turns out that she is the old lady's niece, ringing to berate him for her aunt's treatment. And she beats the other girls to Dr ...
29 Oct. 2013
Episode #1.6
Bronagh and Conor's parents are visiting and are horrified by London prices. Packy also gets a visit from his dim 'twin' brothers, who are concerned that youngest brother Aidan has gone off the rails, taken to drink, lost his job and - worst, wears an England football shirt. Packy goes round to talk sense into the lad but everybody else goes with him and throws a party. Aidan explains he drinks because his brothers are a pain to live with but he will not relinquish his shirt or the hat Conor swears is his. A fight breaks out between the two families, after Conor ...

 Season 1 

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