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Delightfully disturbing
kimmee-517 November 2020
I loved this movie! The theme is one I haven't seen done often. The main character is creepily talented; it doesn't feel like he is acting. The film is unnerving in its intimacy; making you, the audience, feel like the target/part of the film. If you're into found footage, or just unique horror in general I definitely recommend this film.
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An amazing depiction of the unravelling of the mind
beautifullybroken-4749510 November 2020
This movie made me uncomfortable..and that's exactly what I wanted. There aren't many movies that get me to that point but the way Tofei portrays an unhealthy obsession with a celebritythat doesn't know he exists is so unnerving. He speaks to the camera as if he thinks she is listening. He loses a little bit of sanity as the scenes go on. Such an amazing, realistic portrayal of mental illness.
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Found footage at its best
gallai3659 April 2015
I had the opportunity to check Be My Cat, and it is pretty difficult to describe the film. Not often am I up to watch a thriller like this as I wouldn't say we are talking about a horror. Indeed, it has its elements, but rather one has to deal with a clever psycho- thriller.

Adrian Tofei is an OK writer as I think he unfortunately wrote extremely naive girls into his script. He is a good director as the "film-in-a-film" concept works pretty well. But he is a superb actor. Period. I was amazed by some of his monologues and the chemistry between Alexandra Stroe and him. By the way, the two should be discovered soon as actors. The last 15 minutes they did together was more than fascinating.

Unfortunately, negative points arose as well as some effects - yes, blood - could have been better and after I finished the movie, I had a funny feeling, Mr Tofei might have forgotten to finish his movie in a proper way.

Even if you are fed up with found footage genre, you should give a chance to Be My Cat. Nicely acted, well-executed and memorable scenes what it can offer. An innovative, brave and groundbreaking film.
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Found footage movie magic
elgergo26 July 2015
As far as I can remember Be My Cat is the very first Romanian movie I have ever seen in my life. At first I did not even know what to expect from the film. After 87 minutes I was completely amazed!

One of the most courageous and stunning elements of this production is Adrian Tofei. The way he portrays the protagonist of the film is amazing. You never really know what to think about his character…at first you think he is just an innocent filmmaker from a small town who tries to pursuit his dreams. Even the camera-work and the found footage style itself strengthen this idea in you.

Sometimes you just laugh on his actions but somehow they remind you all the things you did in the past as an amateur filmmaker. Sometimes you are shocked because of him. It is really difficult to play such a complex role as this but Mr. Tofei did that without any mistake.

Let me talk about the female characters. Both Sonia Teodoriu and Florentina Hariton did a great job and did their best to portray their characters however unfortunately they were written a little bit too naive. On the other hand Alexandra Stroe and the last 15-20 minutes between her and Mr. Tofei was fascinating. That was the part of the film when I really saw a strong bond between the two characters and it made Ms. Stroe the most powerful female character in the motion picture.

As the previous review mentioned before, the visual effects – fake blood – were unfortunately not so well made and the ending of the film could have been done in other ways.

All in all, Be My Cat is a very brave, original, well-executed film with memorable scenes and a fantastic protagonist but what is the greatest achievement it has gained is its existence. Adrian Tofei and his crew proved that you can do movie magic without millions of dollars but with creativity and commitment to your work and that can raise hope for every independent filmmaker all over the world.
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Disturbing insight into fandom
singhlall31 May 2020
An original and disturbing film which is done pretty well about a fan of Anne Hathaway in Romania and his obsession. If you want to watch something different then this will be perfect.
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At last, a piece of art that adds to the flooded found footage genre.
itrevorallen16 December 2020
Is this film perfect? Absolutely not. Is this film good? Absolutely! Great? That's for you to decide, however I loved the flick and I'm sure select others will as well.

It's quite rare a found footage movie introduces a new theme into the flooded "low budget", "starting director", "easy out" punching bag of a genre FF has become. With that being said, this movie certainly shakes things up, adding a brand new perspective. The realism of the movie is shocking and encompasses a sophistication not shared my many other films. Psychologically thrilling with an appropriate amount of gore / sadism, lacking any "over the top" undesirable rubbish (yes, I'm talking about you Extreme genre of filmography).

The average viewer may not be attracted to this, and yes, a bit of depravity can be found within this 87min of entertainment.

Plot : 8/10 Script : 9/10 Acting : 7/10 Gore : 6/10 (but I'm a bit of a gore hound)

Overall I will rate this at 7/10, as I do feel there's some room for improvement.

Cannot wait to see what director/actor Adrian Tofei has in store for us.
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jeffery1125 July 2020
A nasty film for fans of Gaspar Noe and the film Man Bites Dog in particular. Avoid if you don't like realistic or extreme horror.
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For found footage fans
jorey-5644126 August 2020
As one reviewer says it's for found footage fans. At first I found the main character to be annoying and no charm but pushed through to see what will happen. I kinda got used him and found him funny at times. There is no "seen" gore which is sometimes the payoff in these films so it's okay. It's a 5.5 than 6 for me.
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Mm not memorable
iam_theeridan3 September 2018
Honestly this movie isn't for everyone. I guess if you are a fan of found footage type movies this might work for you but personally i dont like it at all. There is a plot but not really; a man wants a famous actress to be in his movie and uses local actresses to showcase his script....choas ensues.

It's fairly original I'll give it that, but it is quite boring and not really memorable. I was thinking about it right now a few months after watching it and wondered "What the heck even happened?" It's just a bit all over the place and not really in a good way. The acting was decent and for a found footage film the camera work was actually pretty decent as well. One of the few films of its type not to give me a migraine from how badly it shakes around.
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No plot, no structure, no acting
matthewhemmings7 June 2018
I like indie's, found footage, horror and anything not from the Hollywood/American meat grinder. I'm a big horror fan and understand that low budgets, odd choices by the characters and sometimes questionable acting are just part of the package.

This is not a good film. This is not a good bad film.

There is essentially no plot. No structure or acts that I could discern.

You expect shaky camerawork on a found footage, but for a large portion of the movie's finale the camera isn't actually pointing at anything.

I wanted to give it 3/10 because I'm nice, as a piece of 'cinema' it deserves 1/10. 2/10 sits right in the middle.

Kudos to what's-his-name for managing to push this through to completion. The lack of a plot, structure or narrative clearly didn't hold him back.

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Most deserving 1 I ever gave
mariusica31 May 2020
I did end up watching it all so I can have a complete picture. It's awful beyond words, bad acting, bad dialogue, worse script. Can't imagine what twisted minds (except the creator) agreed to support this effort. The only thing I liked was the end song. I hope Anne never sees or even hears about this film (and that is from Romania).
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