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Heartwarming, Heartthrobbing, Heartbreaking
ayanpal13 July 2014
"Ek Villain" is a film that made me squirm, smile, as well as cry. Most Bollywood films, to borrow a line from the film, have a hero, a heroine, and a villain. This film however is an exception since the love story is of the villain himself.

When a girl with a bucket list is on the threshold of fulfilling her last wish - of saving the life of a man, ergo, a villain, and turning him into a hero, a vicious villain's psychotic attempts at becoming a hero to the one he loves, forever changes their shared destinies.

This is not a film for the faint of heart. The violence is often stomach churning, while the cold blooded actions of a merciless mercenary will send shivers down your spine. However, at the same time, the bubbly effervescence and undiluted romance of the lead pair will surely bring a smile to your face, as will the innocence of a child caught between hope and expectation.

Finally, the extremely nuanced performances by Ritesh Deshmukh (a revelation, and brilliant), Shradhaa Kapoor (fantastic, and effortlessly heartwarming), Siddharth Malhotra (excellent, and very different from his earlier outings), and Aamna Sharif (just what the psychiatrist ordered!) will make you go through a gamut of emotions in steady succession, finally culminating in an unprovoked opening of the floodgates.

The real hero of this film filled with villains (almost everyone has gray shades - including the nefarious Kamaal R Khan - playing as irritating a character as he appears to be in real life) is actually its Music courtesy Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari (especially the two versions of the song - Teri Galiyaan), who do not disappoint after the hugely successful Ashiqui 2. The biggest villain in this film is fate and its cruel twists and turns which, like tentacles of an omnipotent hunter, slowly binds it's prey to a future you cannot escape from, come what may, and irrespective of how many times you pray (again, a recurring theme in this film).

I loved the director Mohit Suri's 'I saw the Devil' but don't care approach as far as storytelling was concerned, and director of photography's brilliant execution of wishful thinking, especially during the songs and panoramic shots of the city. I would have enjoyed even more if the writers had chosen more thrills over violence, but then the mush more than makes up for these shortfalls.

Overall, "Ek Villain" is a movie which if missed will definitely make you repent, and feel like a villain. Just go with the flow and catch the nearest show. And need I add? Ritesh - take a bow!
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Powerful performances keep you hooked on.
sonaissweet200829 June 2014
When I watched this movie I didn't knew its similarity with the Korean movie I Saw The Devil. But despite that I liked it. Its definitely modified for Indian audiences as there is not much violence as in ISTD. Some people found it a little disturbing but it wasn't the same for me. If you are a fan of Hollywood/foreign thriller/horror movies you wont find this disturbing at all. What lightens the mood of the movie is Guru and Aisha's sweet love story. Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor's chemistry in the movie is adorable. And the songs enhances there love story even more.

Another reason to like this movie are the performances of the 3 main leads. Sidharth Malhotra's role in this movie is different from his last movies and he does justify to the role quite a lot (and even looks better in this one). Shraddha Kapoor's acting in this movie is definitely better than it was in Aashiqui 2. She's charming and brings a little humor in the movie. But the man who stole the show was Ritesh Deshmukh. We've loved him in comic roles, no doubt he has great comic timing. But this movie completely changes your view about him. He does complete justice to the negative role given to him.

Watch Ek Villain if you like something a little different than the typical Bollywood movies. Just don't go in with a lot of expectations, maybe it won't be full-filled and you'll end up hating an overall good movie.
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Worth the watch! Good film!
sahithi_rs2028 June 2014
I for one thought it was an excellent movie. Okay, seriously though, so many people are complaining that it's a Korean movie ripoff, but how many really saw that movie in the first place? Regardless of where the plot is derived from it was an enjoyable watch. It was great! The only qualm I had was Remo Fernandez's performance. It was rather contrived, but honestly that is about it. The non- linear plot format was intriguing, especially when compared to modern and rather stale mainstream Bollywood films. The various characterizations as well as embedded parallelism and circular plot progression can also provide good post-movie conversations. Despite reading negative reviews about Malhotra, a all I can say about him is wow. Not only is he magnetic on screen but he did exactly what he had to. He doesn't have many lines in the film, but he manages to convey his character's issues so well! Riteish was very good--I wanted to hurt him myself, and Shraddha was also very good. I honestly think that those who are reading the negative reviews and deciding to take a hike are truly missing out! Watch it!
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Mohit Suri does yet again after Aashiqui 2!
rahuljonathan-nair27 June 2014
I had tremendous expectations from "Ek Villain" for numerous reasons- 1. Mohit Suri as the Director of the film (I loved his previous outing "Aashiqui 2" (2013)), 2. The brilliant music by Mithoon & Ankit Tiwari (again from "Aashiqui 2"), 3. And the cast- Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor & Ritesh Deshmukh! But just to make one thing clarify: Don't compare "EK VILLAIN" with "AASHIQUI 2" because both the films have different stories, different themes and different outlines! So here we go:

Story: I wouldn't dare to tell the story as it would tamper your expectations for the film. But I can assure you that you would not get disappointed! But overall, it's all about a Villain who falls in love even though he has no affection but cannot escape from the feeling of love! But what fate has in store for him covers the rest of the movie!

Cast: Sidharth Malhotra: If you loved him in "Student Of The Year" (2012) and "Hasee Toh Phasee" (2014), you are in a treat to watch him in "Ek Villain". The maturity and intensity he gives in his character would change his image for those people who think he is "the boy next door" or has a "chocolate boy" image. He has the potential to become a superstar one day and he has shown that he can give any performance with remarkable ease!

Shraddha Kapoor: She is in top form yet again! If you loved her in "Aashiqui 2", you will surely love her in "Ek Villain". She is a fun-loving, bubbly and a vivacious girl!

Ritesh Deshmukh: If you think his comic-timing is brilliant in all his movies, then you wouldn't want to miss his performance in "Ek Villain". He is a revelation! As the antagonist, he truly charms in your eyes. What a supremely talented actor!

Direction: Mohit Suri has given a wonderful direction! It would be wrong to compare "Aashiqui 2" and "Ek Villain" as both are fantastic in their own ways! The screenplay is truly absorbing! It keeps you intrigued and you can never take your eyes off!

Music: Mithoon & Ankit Tiwari are back yet again with a fantabulous music! "Galliyan" is soulful and is in the top songs of chartbusters list. "Banjaare Ko Ghar" is melodious. "Zaroorat" is captivating. "Humdard" is wonderful. On the whole, the music of "Ek Villain" is in top form and in sync with the film!

Overall Verdict: "Ek Villain" is one of those rare romantic films that has came in a long time! The direction, performances and the music is truly absorbing with great action and a delightful romance! Rating:****
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This is the 'Biggest Disappointment' of the year
talreja-prashant827 June 2014
I was waiting for the movie for along time and wanted to watch it on the first day. But, my all enthusiasm and zeal was killed right at the start. Seriously, you were talking about a person whom you defined as the killing machine, monster, devil, etc. and then sent someone to hire just for the 'Chillars'. I didn't expect it from the Mohit Suri. The start was a little interesting when Ritesh killed the female lead, but after-wards, it was an awful journey and with half an hour I was willing to leave.

However, the only thing was the climax of movie, the fight scene of Ritesh and Siddarth, and clearly Ritesh won the show with his awe-struck performance.

Here are some more reasons, which I found to support my facts.

Story - Director wanted to show many things and in the end mixed everything to just produce nothing.

Shraddha Kapoor - Mam, you seriously need to do something else, you just can't be the same 'Aarohi' in every movie.

Siddarth Malhotra - It was a bet on you, but your performance was no where near of what you did in 'SOTY' and 'Hasee to Phasi'. You must work a little more to sound like a villain rather than looking like the one.

Ritesh Deshmukh - You was better than both the main leads, specially the last fight was crafted in a very nice way just because of your skills.

Music - The songs were good as they were before the launch.

The two stars are just for the hard work of actors and entire production team, but still its a movie to watch only at home on laptop when you've no options left.
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Ek Villain: Thriller having No thrill...
AnotherMovieFreak27 June 2014
Will try Not to be too harsh....But The much hyped movie of this year landed with a even bigger thud......I couldn't understand whether it was Ashiqui Part 3 or entirely a new movie.....or we can say an incompetent version of so many movies clumped together...while i was looking for something extra edgy...the movie was quite as anyone would have expected....There was basically no sto...ry ....and it was so disappointing...Mohit Suri's direction was terrible.....the narration was confusing and running haphazardly....Mr.ceaser with his accent was nothing more than a stand up comedian who failed to give u laughter doses even....The Police officer was the mos unnecessary edition.....what was inside Mohit's mind when he scripted for that role, i wonder....

Now what saved the movie......ACTING.....AND BEST MUSIC SCORES OF THE YEAR....Shraddha Kapoor surely knows how to act...she was simple, strong, edgy, chirpy, and was having perfect timing....she was so natural both in looks and acting, loved her. Siddharth,on the other hand , was able to break free of her chocolaty image and was stunning as angry young man with those long legs, rugged looks, cold voice , he was perfect for the role. What came out as a big surprise was RIteish, who delivered a great piece and can cherish it throughout his acting career...Thee were few scenes in the beginning, where the romance was blooming, which made me shed a few drops out of joy and love. Those scenes were so beautiful and perfect...every boy and girl would love to see themselves in their positions....beautifully carrying her out of the hospital, those moments on hill top,catching butterfly, collecting pearls and many more....those scenes made me happy...and yes Prachi Desai was quite a stunnerr in that performances

Actually what destroyed the movie, was Director's confusion about its theme...But Who is the Villain? Its for U to find out....M confused..

One Timer........Disappointed
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One time watch, but not as per expectations
oneto-128 June 2014
Ek Villain has outstanding songs but somewhere it lacks in story and direction! Movie concept is good but director tried to give more emphasis on love and romantic angle rather than suspense, ultimate result is neither Love Story nor Suspense! We like Psycho movies and the actor who plays "Psycho Killer" role, be it Shahrukh Khan or Anthony Perkins! Rietesh is not that great. This movie is a direct lift from Korean movie and you may feel cheated if you watch Korean movie first then this, villain in Korean movie has done rally good job, but Reitesh is not even close to him!

As I said earlier, without Suspense quotient director kills the movie, I feel unsatisfied because of that reason, the way they were showing movie promos I thought this movie is going to rock because of it's cruel suspense scenes, but it fails badly on on my expectations, it's a cheating!

Sharadha Kapoor is looking pretty and nicely carry forward Indian tradition of Playing Dumb and Kind-hearted at the same time! Siddharth is a rising star and will surely become a dependable torch bearer for Indian cinema, he is Handsome and can kill girls by his one look, top of that he can act! Having said that, I don't feel any chemistry between Sharadha and Sidharth, they don't look like lovers.

There is also Amana Sharief, we don't see her in promos, she is a beautiful doll and a reasonably good actress but sad to know her acting career is not shaping well, her beauty surely justify Ritesh Deshmukh's mad love towards her!

The way movie songs come and go is disappointing and irritating, song lyrics has nothing to do with the story-line, they have been inserted forcefully in the movie.

Well movie is still a hit irrespective of what I said above because everyone watch movies on all weekends no matter how good or bad movie is! Watch this movie if you have nothing to do else missing this movie is surely a time and money saver.

Songs are really good, I am still enjoying that!
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What a waste of 3 hours
sophiakhan-666156 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was recommended to me by a friend who was trying to 'convert' me and get me to like Bollywood movies. Now I am not saying I dislike all Bollywood movies but I do need certain things when watching a movie: Good acting, a strong ORIGINAL plot and a decent storyline. Ek Villain has none of these.

The lead actress is so irritating from the second she shows up on the screen that you actually enjoy the scene when she is murdered and wouldn't mind watching it again & again. SHE CANNOT ACT! The lead actor seems promising....for the first 3 minutes. However you quickly realise how terrible he is when he cannot change his expression at all. In terms of acting, the only award should go to the serial killer's wife - she played the nagging wife role really well and the viewer was able to see how she has emasculated her husband.

The storyline is so appalling, not just because it is a blatant rip- off of Korean thriller "I Saw the Devil" but because it is such a poor imitation. As viewers we are already expected to believe that the hero can beat up 100 men in one go and is somewhat immortal, but for me I really lost interest when we see the actress cured of cancer without a single session of chemo. Who is this amazing and miraculous doctor and why is she not out there curing cancer for everyone everywhere and sharing her miracle??? And I also didn't know that Indians have the ability to go deep-sea diving without oxygen tanks! Apparently there are some gill-like tendencies that are inherited by Indians that I really wish I had. Perhaps we are all living in the wrong place and need to move to India where they have cancer curing doctors and magical underwater, unlimited oxygen supplies?

To sum up; terrible movie, atrocious acting, hilarious goofs but really nice songs. Go buy the CD and save yourself 3 hours!
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amcclend126 July 2014
Loved it! The acting was amazing. Very well directed and acted out movie. I think Ritesh should continue doing such strong roles and what can I say about Shraddha and Siddarth, they just keep on getting better. Siddarth looks like he has a great future ahead if he keeps up with the strong classy movies he is acting in.

I was already taken by the preview of the movie, however I am glad that the preview gave a totally different depiction of the movie and the movie continued to surprise me with how well the story lined itself out.

Truly well done movie and time well spent seeing it. Would see it again in the theater in a heartbeat.
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Heavily copied from "i saw the devil"
vinzesiddharth27 June 2014
coincidentally, i watched "i saw the devil" yesterday (downloaded) i watched "ek villain" and to my surprise it was like a deja vu!!

the first half is boring, stretched.......the songs are forcefully inserted! there is no chemistry between Siddharth n Shraddha. Ritesh's character as a trouble married man fails miserably. 2nd half is a copy-paste of "i saw the devil" minus the explicit n sexual content!

the movie is not even half as good as the hype around it. all the three lead pairs don't know how to act. watch it only for the graceful Shraddha Kapoor.
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A ruthless villain can be easily tamed by a girl, typical mediocre approach
dineshprakash27 June 2014
Story is clumsy. Screenplay is simple, not a single scene which can deserve mentioning. Dialogues by Milap Zaveri, are very good. After watching the trailer, I was curious to witness something new but disappointed. I was expecting some thrill and suspense, which are not in film at all. Songs were indicating that there should be deep romance which is also not there, some light moments are there only. There is not a single question which answer you wanted to know. Everything is clear, who is doing and why? Director thinks that there is no law and order in town like Mumbai. Only a confused Police Inspector is enough to wait and watch and even let go, to a psycho serial killer!!!? Incidents happen in high profile hospital, on road but Police or media does not exist at all. Whatever director though that happens without any logic. You wont feel sympathy to any of the characters. A person can easily board in a train but he prefers to walk then run while holding the window bar and convincing his girl friend, just for making the shot more appealing but it comes as ridiculous. Performance wise Ritesh Deshmukh is very good. Sidhdharth Malhotra looks confused, emoting in not so simple as making tattoo. Shardha Kapoor looks pretty and acted fine as per the need of character. Music by Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari is very good but it could have been more impactful if songs came in a tight situation but they are stuffed only because tracks are good.
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Best songs!
sa_a1 August 2015
Ek Villain- 2014 Director: Mohit Suri

Mohit Suri's romance thriller is doing amazing on box-office. The first reason behind it is the attention grabbing trailers and the astonishing music generated hype for this movie, second reason is the mesmerizing acting and third reason is the time reverse narration that was too perfectly and beautifully.

Ankit Tiwari has blessed this movie with stupendous songs like "Galliyaan", "Banjaara", "Zaroorat", " Awari "," Hamdard" each of the tracks is affecting and will leave an imprint in your mind. This movie is a whole package of heartwarming characters, stunning music, promising screenplay and unique narration style which will capture you and compel you towards itself so I would recommend it to all. And Riteish seems to be the real hero of the film!
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Best Movie Of Sidharth Malhotra
smartboy-shubh26 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First of all i would like to appreciate Sidharth Malhotra for his best acting and making this movie a good one to watch. The story of the film is OK and the plot of the movie is good. The song of the movie is really amazing especially Galliya song. Secondly i would like to appreciate Shraddha Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh to play a good role in the movie. Mohit Suri has done it again after giving musical romance hit like Aashiqui 2. This movie will do a great job at box office. RISK AT YOUR OWN RISK. I would really say go and rush to the multiplex for this movie. The song of the movie makes you all cherish and happy. GURU and AISHA love story makes us happy and certainly make the crowd go to the multiplex.
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NOT The One Which Blows you .... A Nice Film......But Worth A Watch for Ritesh Deshmukh Mind Blowing Acting.......
markhackes27 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
first of all......when i saw the promos and trailers ..... i was completely blown away.... so having that in mind....i went to watch the movie on the first day for the first show....

REVIEW: as we say............ old wine in a new bottle......Same thing applies here..... no new concept can be expected...... this film has a heroine(Shraddha Kapoor), a villain with good heart (Siddarth malhotra),a villain who is a bit psycho type (Ritesh deshmukh) ........... its just a duel between villain vs another villain.......Story is just OK........editing is good, just 2hrs 7 min..........screenplay is bit down in some parts of the film(First half was fine , otherwise its OK......talking about the TWISTS in the film , there are not much in the film and most of them are predictable.......Songs are beautiful (especially Galliyan).....Locations are wonderful to watch....... Action Sequences are superb.....humor content is very much down (only raw jokes)

Talking about the acting in the film......Ritesh is the one who excels in the whole film........never expected this from Ritesh ... from a comedian role to a villain role is absolutely amazing......this type of roles suit him much........

When it Comes to Siddarth Malhotra....he is great in acting as an angry man(a gangster look) but has to improve much in fighting sequences ........

Shraddha kapoor presence in screen is charming and very much engaging.... she is cute and her acting has been improved a bit from the last film... Aamna shariff is OK.........other actors are awful...

At Last .........Bit down by what i was expecting from the film ......Just an decent movie made by Mohit Suri...... IF you are a fan of Siddarth or Sharddha or Ritesh ......then go and watch it ....... but this not the one for those who want to see a mind blowing film.....Watch it for Ritesh And Siddarth's Acting...
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Commendable performances by Ritesh and Siddharth makes it a satisfying watch
ketgup8327 June 2014
Mohit Suri, a popular name from Bhatt's camp, finally challenges himself and steps into an uncomfortable zone away from his usual romantic formula giving some-what satisfying revenge saga.

Guru( played by Siddharth Malhotra) is a harsh, merciless hit-man whose life changes for good after he meets chirpy-bubbly Aisha. They enjoy every moment of their married life until one fine day a psychopath killer,frustrated from his nagging, venting out his anger at other women enters their life.

I generally like Mohit Suri's films like Gangster, Woh Lamhe, Raaz 2 etc but did not quite enjoyed Ashiqui 2 so i was not expecting much from Ek Villain,thinking of it as another romantic movie with good songs where boy-does- not-meet girl in the end. A remake of a Korean classic " I Saw The Devil", EK Villain kept me glued to the screen till the end. The movie begins with the main protagonist getting killed and sluggish romantic track is introduced. However, the film turns interesting with introduction of Ritesh who steals the show and the face-off between him and Siddarth is the highlight of the film. Climax could have been better, the cat-mouse game could have been more thrilling and screenplay with little crispiness would have made the movie a thorough entertainer. Songs are good. Art direction and cinematography is outstanding. Ritesh Deshmukh surprises you with ruthless, next-door-looking-guy psychopath. He is expressive and does a marvelous job. Sidharth Malhotra's performance improves in the film. He expresses well through his eyes and intensity. Shraddha Kapoor equally impresses in her small role.

Overall, Ek Villain could have been better. Commendable performances by Ritesh and Siddharth makes it a satisfying watch. Decent 2.75
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Just trash
narulagaurav15 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
To start, there are some basics that need to be stated: 1. Shradhha Kapoor is a terrible actress as yet 2. Just because an actor does a negative role wearing different coloured contacts doesn't make that character's rendering 'OOH LA LA' or the actor great 3. Keeping deadpan expressions throughout a movie DOES NOT show intensity 4. A rickshaw-wallah from the streets of UP/ Bihar would've done better acting than Kamaal Khan - and probably for free - Suri could've saved money right there for Ekta Kapoor 5. Making a statement like "I wasn't born with dialogues in my head and I have been inspired by the films I have watched and the books I have read" DOES NOT mean that Mohit Suri did not copy the movie. It still means he's a thief.

That's that. Other than the points above, the movie was horrendously bad. Remo's parts were pathetic. Deshmukh never fit into the role. Malhotra barely lived through it. S Kapoor tried to whiz through her parts, and is good only from a eye candy perspective. Shaad Randhawa was spectacularly unconvincing. Aamna Sharif was kinda stupid.

But Suri included waterboarding :) Atta boy, that's keeping with the times. Didja watch a film on that or read The Annals of Gitmo?

One last observation: might be a good idea to let people give actual reviews, rather than make your Indian friend create Polish sounding IMDb profiles to write rave reviews...
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boring lift
johntapiture27 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Aisha is an ill girl, Guru is a ruthless gunda with horrible childhood, Rakesh is a obsessed husband who is made fun by everyone, KRK is Rakesh's colleague and male chauvinist. Aisha has a set of wish to fulfill before she die, which includes making Guru a good person and she successfully manage to do that, they get married and Guru finds a new job.

Rakesh kills every other girl who makes fun of him one of which happens to be a pregnant Aisha, after killing the victim he gifts their belonging to his ever scolding wife. Guru tracks down Rakesh by seeing a random kid with a paper fan in church(Only Aisha could make those fan in whole of Mumbai). Guru plans to have his revenge slowly however not killing Rakesh. Finally Rakesh is killed by a random guy in a mahindra scorpio. Guru is a changed man now and adopts now dead Rakesh's orphan child.
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Utter waste of time!!
tbelwal10 August 2014
This movie captures all that is wrong with Hindi movies!! Horrible acting all around!! Pathetic plot... goes all over the place, but dose not reach anywhere!! Cheesy dialog... hopeless casting!! Even the item number is sad!!

Remo Fernandes as the scary Cesar, makes you laugh whenever he opens his mouth!! Guru... makes you laugh again as the angel of death!! As does Rakesh Mahadkar!! The CBI inspector and Brijesh (KRK) make you weep!!

Worst part is that the movie grosses a hundred crores!! God save Bollywood!!!
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MY REVIEW: Love Stories of Villains!!
saytosandeep28 June 2014
Ek Villain. Mohit Suri takes a break from Mahesh Bhatt productions and directs a movie for another intelligent producer Ekta Kapoor. As usual, he gets inspired largely from a foreign movie, this time it is Korean thriller "I Saw the Devil". He puts an Indian love story and supports the narrative with highly hummable songs. The love story and emotional connect works big time but thrilling parts are a bit lazy and hazy.

Guru played by very good looking and versatile Sidharth Malhotra is a ruthless assassin. He meets the all good girl Aisha played by gorgeous the girl next door Shraddha Kapoor. Predictable but enjoyably and sensibly both fall in love. In fact emotional scenes are very well handled and provide enough to root for the characters. In a parallel world, Rakesh played by super Ritesh Deshmukh is living two lives, living a below average life with his nagging wife and cute son and killing innocent ladies who dare to belittle him. Two lives coincide and you have a cat mouse chase between Guru and Rakesh. Story lacks logic sometimes but impressive performances, soulful music and fast pacing let you forgive the flaws. Remo as Guru's Godfather and KRK (yes, Kamal R Khan) as Rakesh's friend are heavily miscast. Intervention by useless police inspector in Guru's revenge story is annoying and does not serve any purpose. Connect between Sidharth and Rakesh's kid works as a fresh twist to old revenge drama concept.

I am going with good 7 out of 10 for Ek Villain. Far from perfect, movie fails somewhat in exploiting its huge potential but actors trio and music makes it a very descent one time watch.
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Ek Villain is cheerful watch but with numerous loopholes.
Shivam_Murari28 June 2014
Ek Villain one of the anticipated movies of the year, sold out well on Day 1 due to its music and killer trailer. Yes, the trailer looked promising with some serious suspense hidden within, true, but the movie hardly has any suspense. Most of it is predictable at a mile. However, Mohit Suri never said the movie was a suspense thriller. He maintained right from the beginning that the movie is a 'romantic thriller', so coming down to that, Ek Villain is a movie of its KIND!

This movie could have been an out and out entertainment had the script not had some serious loopholes. The writer took quite a few things for granted and also attempted to confuse the audience at places where he couldn't convince them, and it doesn't really work. The movie loses its gripping effect at more than countable places, but the super hit songs come up to bring the mood back.

The narration technique is fantastic. The way romance has been infused in the dark thriller is fabulous. The messages sent out by the movie are fantastic and well dealt with.It has been brought to my attention that it is a rip off of a Korean movie, but given that I haven't seen it, to me all of it came good as new.

Mohit Suri's direction is not as good as it has been in the past, but still sufficing. Shraddha Kapoor is the cheerful part of the film. Even though her '200 pages of dialogue' could be irritating at times,her expressions and her mere presence is enticing. Sidharth Malhotra has come a light years ahead of his last two performances. Yes, his acting wasn't perfect, but it was a daring act and he certainly did carry it well enough, given that it was his third movie. Riteish Deshmukh is the real hero in terms of acting. Playing a role inspired by Joker of Batman the Dark Knight, he shows poise and perfection!

Overall, this movie is definitely worth catching despite being a galore of flaws, given the fact that Mohit Suri ensures his weak plot is supplemented in one way or the other. There is hardly any boring moment in the movie. I'm going with a generous seven-out-of-ten for this flick. Extra marks for Riteish and music.
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A love story that will make feel loved :)
amehboob_2828 June 2014
What a movie seriously, This is my first ever review and this is such kind of movie which forced me to write a review about it. I loved this movie a lot. Story: from beginning till ending this story keeps you stick to your seats and keep watching. not like Ra One or some other shitty movies in which you feel like leaving cinema before even movie is finished. Now a slow movie at all. Music: Literally every song of this movie is sooo good that you will keep whole album on repeat and keep listening to it again and again. In movie every song is on exact situation where it is needed. Acting: Sidharth Malhotra acted really well and Shraddha Kapoor kapoor also acted quite decent and overall performance of all the cast was amazing and yeah Riteish Deshmukh was fabulous. The only actor who did his worst like every time was Kamaal Rashid Khan, he is not even a actor I don't know how director took this dumb guy in his movie. he cant act at all if you just delete all his scenes movie will become much better. He is in the movie just to spoil it but thanks to other actor's performances and music he is failed to ruined that much. I hope to not see him in any movie ever again :)

Overall: This is the best film I have seen in long time. I was waiting to see such kind of movie but every time I wasn't able to see any film which makes me that happy about it.. Please go and watch this movie, I am sure you all will love this a lot :)
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One time Watch, Go for it
boyxlr826 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
movie is copy of a south Indian film(I don't remember the name). Story is same as other suspense based movies in Bollywood. You will love the songs as they go with the story. Acting is awesome by Ritesh but he appears very less on screen. Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor are in the lead roles, I expected very much from these actors but they did same as they did in their other movies. Overall I will give 8.5 out of 10 because of its story and music. You may love this movie if you don't know what is going to happen next, better you go as early as possible so that no one can spoil suspense on social networking site. At last I would like to say if you like Shraddha Kapoor then you will love this movie. KRK (Kamaal R khan) also appears and in this movie his acting is better than his own acting in Deshdrohi.
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Brings Out The Villain In Its Audience. ♦ 28%
nairtejas27 June 2014
There are movies which do not have a story. Then there are movies which have a story, but are make-believe often depicting fabricated elements. Then there is this new, third type of movie in Bollywood that boasts off of a brilliant story but is actually just a gimmick. Ek Villain is one such movie.

Starting off with the irritating character of Shraddha Kapoor, the film talks about her childish escapades. She meets rowdy Guru (Malhotra), who kills for a living and they fall in love. Now, you have to wait for the gimmickry to enter the scene. Welcome Rakesh (Deshmukh), the only credible character in the film, who also kills out of exasperation. It is only destiny that these twain shall meet. But, unfortunately there's this Almighty element that the film deciphers: God is watching us and it is His work, that the plot of the film is so ridiculous. It also speaks of philosophy and a weeny bit of religious takes on life. I really don't care for such idiotic cinema and it makes me sad (after last week's Humshakals) that Bollywood is lagging behind.

The climax will finally succeed in bringing out the villain in you. It has all the backing of a thrilling revelation being introduced, but the audience already figure out what it is; the elements of surprise backfires. You will want to go to the projection room, find a screw-driver in the projector man's tool box and go on a rampage to find and at least threaten the makers to stop mixing romance & crime & thriller, resulting in an awful recipe.

Deshmukh is brilliant, Malhotra is fine, Kapoor still has to learn. Moreover, I hated her performance. Kamaal R Khan should have never been casted; he is another reason you will want to skip this. Supporting cast is nothing appreciable. Direction is bad (what can one expect from Suri?) and the screenplay adopts non-linearity but fails to form a crux out of it. As a result, the screenplay falters. The goofy sequences constitute more of dull ones than good ones to the ratio 70:30. So, there's only 30% of the whole film that you are bound to enjoy and that includes the unending stream of romantic songs and hymns.

BOTTOM LINE: Ek Villain is a gory musical and that is the worst combination a film can carry, to entertain. Avoidable!

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

Violence: Strong | Gore: Strong
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Excellent plot, flawless direction, Heart wrenching story
waqasahmad20019 July 2014
I would like to congratulate the cast and crew of this movie for having an excellent and aesthetic creation in these days. Honestly speaking, i am really inspired by the perfect PLOT and the performance of all characters even RITESH's wife also did great work. The direction has no flaws , the story is novel plus the expressions of Shraddha and Ritesh have made this film more than ordinary. I am sorry the cardinal and most important role in the film was played by Sidharth but he was unable to show real expressions where they were needed the most. Otherwise, his revenge-taking scenes were superb. The role of Shraddha proved to be a FRESH BREEZE in the film and all the scenes related to her were life-giving.Especially her dialogues and the way she delivered them and her philosophy about life and death was worth noting. Ritesh once again by his unique expressions looted the show. Overall, the film was much more than expectations. So hats off to the director, writer and the entire team.
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Excellent Movie
m-zulfiqar6 July 2014
I have seen many Hindi movies and hated most of them cause they lack charisma. This one however comes above all such questions and allegations. Its a pity users have rated it so lowly. To me this movie is a great piece of direction and editing keeping the suspense till the end and giving an important Lesson "Only light can Overcome Darkness" with absolute simplicity. Its a treat to watch this movie. Rithesh deshmuk has acted brilliantly against all odds and has performed a role he has never attempted before with ease and beauty. Sidhart was also impressive with his acting, but has to go a long way still. Best of luck to the team and Congratulations on creating this masterpiece.
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