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Not bad.
macdautle28 May 2020
I rather enjoyed this one. The acting, plot line, etc., are pretty much middle of the pack but I didn't rush to turn it off and even wanted to see what happened in the end. that's all i ask from a movie like this, so i'm giving it a thumbs up.
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What the hell i've seen...
maharetdeagle3 April 2021
...can't be described in too much words just plain, dull , stupid , horrible etc.
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Not really a memorable horror movie...
paul_haakonsen4 April 2021
Well, being listed as a horror movie might be stretching it a bit for this 2014 movie titled "13 Score". But that was the reason why I sat down to watch "13 Score", though I never had heard about it prior to watching it, as I believed I would be in for a horror movie experience.

But "13 Score" wasn't really a horror movie in the terms of being a scary or disturbing movie. So for a seasoned horror veteran such as myself, then "13 Score" was a mere stroll in the park. But I wouldn't really classify this movie as being a horror movie.

And it should be said that "13 Score" is a B-movie, albeit not an overly bad one. Actually, I found "13 Score" to be at the higher end of the B-movie scale. It wasn't quite Hollywood material, but it wasn't actually too shabby for a movie project such as this.

The storyline in "13 Score" just fell short of managing to deliver a wholehearted and complete movie experience. So writers Christian Bareford, James 'Doc' Herrmann and Jennifer Walters just didn't really impress here with their writing talents.

While "13 Score" is watchable, it just wasn't an outstanding or memorable movie experience. In fact, "13 Score" failed to bring the meat to the slaughter - so to speak. The movie just didn't really provide me with all that much entertainment, and it turned out to be a very forgettable movie. And it is definitely not a movie that warrants a second viewing.

The acting in "13 Score" was for the most parts adequate. However, you should brace yourself for being in for a B-movie production here, and the acting performances does reflect that.

All in all, my rating of "13 Score" lands on a four out of ten stars. Not really a movie that I would recommend, especially not to avid horror fans.
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