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Full of suspense - this season isn't letting up!
simondclinch-115 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
My last review was of season 2 but I've been too busy watching the whole thing through season by season - I guess it must have been the quality of the series - no distraction so no time to think about reviewing.

This episode, apart from being exciting, has a higher level of humour than average. Certainly in stark contrast with S05E01.

What prompted me to write this review is (in my opinion) a missed opportunity, in a dialogue between Alicia and her mother. Alicia is supposed to meet her mother's new boyfriend, but he doesn't turn up. I am going to change one of the lines first before I explain what I changed. Otherwise my attempt to improve the humour might have less impact. So here is my revised version:

A: "Where's your date?" V: "He isn't coming! Margarita?" (offering the drink) A: "Is everything alright?" V: "He's going back to his wife!" A: "I thought you said he was a widower!" V: "He was!" (pause) "Well, he could be necrophiliac."

(the original last line of this excerpt ends: "I guess she didn't die." but I was expecting something funnier than that, hence the suggested modification)
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Bit Bucket-Kick this Bucket ***
edwagreen7 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The firm plans to sue the NSA unaware that they have been taping them.

It's always politics as Gov.-elect Florrick wants Diane as a state supreme court justice, but others want her to condemn Will first.

Alicia's mother writes out a check for $140,000 to pay for the setting up of the firm.

Going into that separate court room on the basis of national interests was somewhat off base. Alicia and the team needed clearance. How come they were able to bring a case up to begin with?

Matt Czuchry needs to get that constant grin off his face. He is a good actor.

What's with Zack's girlfriend trying to sell that object for $890.00?
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