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Sex & Nudity

  • There is a scene involving two women making love as they undress on a bed, with one indulging in oral sex. Breasts and nipples are shown, but no genitals.
  • In another scene a girl undresses as a man kisses and caresses her neck from behind. Breasts and nipples are shown.
  • Note: There is a "made-for-tv" version of this movie with no nudity.
  • Sharon Hinnendael is shown wearing a shirt and lace see-through panties. Her pubic region can be made out. The outlines of her genital lips are clearly visible.
  • Sharon is wearing a white nightgown, her white panties partially showing, when she walks in on a couple engaged in foreplay. The guy removes the second girl's shirt, exposing her breasts. Realizing that their privacy has been interrupted by the first girl, this second girl covers herself with a blanket, but removes it shortly thereafter, and her bare breasts are seen again for quite a few seconds.
  • Women are shown in a locker room. We see a couple of them in their bras, and bare breasts of another one who is only wearing a towel around her waist.
  • Several girls are drinking late at night, some wearing see-through nightgowns with panties visible, some wearing shirts and panties. As the girls drink, they remove articles of clothing. We see bare breasts of a couple of the girls.
  • Another locker room scene shows girls in towels. We see one girl's bare buttocks in the background as she removes her towel.

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The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • After drinking, Sharon Hinnendael and Chelsey Reist engage in foreplay, and make out on a bed. Chelsey removes Sharon's nightgown, bra, and panties, exposing her pert but small breasts but not her genital area. Chelsey removes her own bra, showing her breasts. Chelsey goes down on Sharon for a lengthy period of time. We see both girls' bare breasts and shaved pubic regions; Chelsey clearly puts her mouth on Sharon's genitals, but she's wearing a patch. Sharon, receiving oral sex, soon begins experiencing pain; when she looks down in alarm, Chelsey appears to be a vampire with her mouth covered in Sharon's blood.
  • A couple is seen in the woods engaging in foreplay. The girl removes her top, revealing her bare breasts, and then a vampire bites her neck from behind. Another couple, also in the woods, lies down on the ground; Sharon Hinnendael lowers her top, revealing her bare breasts, and the guy removes her panties. But right before they have sex, the guy is whisked up in the air by an unknown force and is killed. Sharon's small, bare breasts are still visible throughout this scene.

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