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Fun Scottish/Irish horror co-production
Red-Barracuda20 June 2014
A mysterious man hands himself into a police station in small town one night. It soon appears that he seems to know about the inner demons of everyone there, the cops and prisoners alike. All of these individuals have dark secrets it seems and the mystery man is the catalyst that brings them to the fore and drives them to further depravity and violence.

Let Us Prey is one of a small group of horror films set in Scotland. As it happens, two of its stars featured prominently in a couple of the other most notable Scottish set horrors of the last few years, namely Liam Cunningham who appeared in Dog Soldiers and Hanna Stanbridge so impressive as one of the main characters in The Outcast. In this one Cunningham has the central role of the mysterious demonic stranger, while Stanbridge gets to sink her teeth into a role of a female cop with a penchant for violence. She is not the only strong female character here though; Pollyanna McIntosh plays the other policewoman and is in fact the lead character to all intents and purposes. It is refreshing to have a genre picture give women more central roles; I have no idea why it doesn't happen more often. As it is McIntosh's cop is on her first night at this remote police station, the very night when things go horribly wrong. In this respect, the influence of John Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 is pretty obvious. In addition, the electronic soundtrack used here sounds very Carpenteresque too, which was also nice.

It's a pretty modest production but it makes the most of what it has. The cast all acquit themselves very well and make the most of their characters. The direction is pacey and nicely stylised in places. I particularly liked the opening credit sequence with images of giant waves and sinister ravens. It maybe could be argued that the film doesn't perhaps ultimately go into as interesting places as it promises it might and it does get a little generic towards the end. But it is still different enough to ensure it is interesting. It also has the distinction of having a central demonic villain who is not one dimensionally evil; he's just a guy with a job to do.
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Nice Surprise Hit of the Festival
gregsrants27 October 2014
When director Brian O'Malley introduced his new film, Let Us Prey, via a prerecording in front of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival he informed us that his intention was to make a timeless horror classic. To accomplish this, he set on out to deliver a film that could not be dated (watching Let Us Prey ten years from now and there is nothing in the fashion, look or feel of the film that would immediately reference 2014) and that had a synthesizer styled score reminiscent of the great John Carpenter films of the 1970's and 80's. Check and check.

Let Us Prey stars Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones) as Six, a mysterious drifter who is hit by a vehicle driven by Caesar (Brian Vernel) on a quiet town road. Casear is immediately taken into custody by first-day-on-the-job Constable Rachel Heggie (Pollyanna McIntosh), but Cunningham's Six character cryptically disappears. It is while at the police station we are introduced to the remainder of the cast which includes a Sargent, two Constables that are lustfully engaged, a wife beating prisoner and a doctor who is called to assist when Six suddenly appears at the front door of the station.

The veteran Constables and Sargent do not immediately warm up to the by-the-book newbie in Rachel, but their personal feelings towards her routine are quickly swept to the side once Six begins to instigate mayhem in the prison taking over the minds and souls of all those with a dark past to hide. And this is when the fun really starts.

Each character shows a history of violence in their backstories from the simple (hit and run) to the extreme (mass murderer) and when a prior transgression is revealed, Six is there to ensure their life pays for their wrongdoing.

With a backdrop of a fantastic musical score (as promised) there are fights, shootings, beatings, murders and attempted murders as things at the station escalate quickly and deadly for all those involved.

Cunningham is a standout and plays the mysterious Six with devilish glee. The film hinges on Cunningham's character and the well-trained thespian delivers the goods with a Clint Eastwood cool. Pollyanna McIntosh is equal to the task as the freshman fish-out-of-water new Constable. She is equally beautiful and tough and McIntosh walks this line with the ease of a veteran.

The story goes a bit off the rails towards the end as some of the character's revealed background stories and subsequent actions are a bit 'out there'. But it is a means to an end to heighten the violence and give the audience the good time expected from the action/horror intention.

Let Us Prey was a surprise delight and the perfect way to begin winding down the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. It was violent and fun and the ending opened the door to a multitude of possibilities and, hopefully, sequels.

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Wicked Fun
jackthehack26 March 2015
Let Us Prey features a police station in a ghost town. Literally. You cannot find any people in this town making you wonder what these idiots are policing. Regardless, a stranger played by Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos from Game of Thrones) appears in the police station and sets off a chain of events which results in everyone in the station confronting/unleashing (mostly the latter) their inner demons.

And boy are those demons nasty or what! The film is not that scary but it is quite fun and has a good sense of humor. It also has good performances from Cunningham and Pollyanna McIntosh as a likable rookie named Rachel. Also in the mix are a gallery of interesting, if not likable characters such as a really creepy sergeant, his two vengeful subordinates alongside Rachel, a (not so) slightly unstable doctor, a grammar Nazi wife-beater and a drunk-driving teen.

Overall, the movie is quite fun with a delightfully nutty climax. The 5.9 rating is a bit too low. Do give it a look!
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You will meet a tall, bearded raincoat-stranger...
Coventry18 April 2014
The plot of "Let Us Prey" might very well be derivative and predictable (I can already list at least 5 similar titles without even thinking too hard), but debuting writer/director Brian O'Malley nevertheless managed to deliver a compelling, brutal and sinisterly atmospheric horror/thriller. Straight from the eerie opening sequences – with a particular fascination for black birds, by the way – you'll immediately notice that O'Malley must be a tremendous genre lover and definitely knows the classics. The script borrows all kind of ideas and elements from different horror sub genres, from raw 70's grindhouse features to grotesquely silly 80's slashers, but somehow everything neatly and coherently interweaves into a tense and gruesome little film. Liam Cunningham, the extremely charismatic and marvelous actor who previously starred in "Dog Soldiers" and Dario Argento's "The Card Player", is well-cast as the mysterious stranger (complete with beard and clichéd long raincoat) who comes wandering into the police precinct of a quiet and remote Irish community. He seems to know an awful lot about the darkest secrets of everyone that is there – cops as well as petty criminals – and clearly intents to penalize them and mess up their minds beyond repair. It's up to Constable Rachel Heggie, on her very first night at a new location, to deal with the overload of maniacal tendencies that suddenly come to the surface. The Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Films promoted "Let Us Prey" as a – and I quote – demonic version of John Carpenter's "Assault on Precinct 13". That is actually a rather apt description, and I can also add the film is properly produced and brings forward impressive special effects, make-up art and a handful of cool stunts. The primarily stern plot makes a couple of absurd loops near the end, including the most derailed serial killer in recent cinema history, and admirers of harsh violence and explicit slaughter certainly won't be disappointed. Cunningham receives good and solid support from the rest of the cast, including powerful females Pollyanna McIntosh (watch "The Woman" if you dare) and Hanna Stanbridge, whom I already admired in the obscure "Outcast" and whose accent makes Irish sound like the sexiest language on earth.
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The number of the beast?
Spikeopath4 December 2015
An apparent victim of a hit and run, a mysterious stranger is held at a remote police station and starts to take over the emotional state of staff and inmates alike.

It's not a new premise, something which is being held against Brian O'Malley's film like it's a crime, but the execution, the technical guile, and atmospheric touches brought to the piece, mark this out as a horror film of some merit. Boosted by having the great Liam Cunningham in the lead role, it's a film that shocks and awes with each passing chapter. It revels in the bloody aspects that unfold, positioning the vile nature that some human's are prone to right at the forefront, and with bloody impact.

Piers McGrail's cinematography is superb, the bold and beautiful shine of the blues and golden browns mingle disconcertingly with the down and dirty feel of the police cells, the latter of which appropriately marry up with the characters on show. Steve Lynch's score is a treat, a real nerve bothering piece of work, gnawing away at the senses in the same way that Cunningham's character tugs away at the emotional conditions of his prey. It's a film of many pleasures for the so inclined, it does get away from itself a little at the end, asking a little too much of the viewer, but it doesn't kill the pic and this is very much a horror necklace worth wearing on a night out. 7/10
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now having thought about it a bit ...
chexmix14 June 2015
... I've decided this was quite good. I'm hovering between a 7 and 8.

At first my main thought was "Meh. So Judaeo-Christian-specific that this atheist cannot find a thing scary about it." However, even if it is within that tradition, it does some surprisingly daring and fresh things inside of it. This is a movie with ambitions, and it is stylish enough and solidly-acted enough to pull most of them off.

I particularly liked the performances by the two leads. Both roles could have easily led to lots and lots of scenery-chewing, but neither Cunningham nor McIntosh go this easy and tired route: they are both subtle, varied and positively aces, as is Douglas Russell as the feral Sgt. MacReady (his role does call for some scenery chewing, and he does it well).

I absolutely adored the ending. Kudos.
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Excellent horror in the tradition of the western morality tale
curt_doolittle29 March 2015
Well developed characters, good casting, articulate script, well acted, well directed - particularly the flashbacks which are too often a weak point, and produced adequately if cost effectively, provide us with an unexpected gem, and one of the best in the genre in the past five years.

Little things matter. Loved the barbed wire work throughout. The director does not overindulge the characters or the actors. And conversely, he still retains sufficient bloodiness to invoke our primitive emotions and symbolism without trying to shock us with something new - the story is the story after all, and it's a character's journey. And he respects us along the way.

One of the things that struck me repeatedly, was the difference between the British and American acting schools, and just how much better suited the British technique is for presenting the internal moral conflict necessary for good horror. Thought still exists in such characters, where Americans favor the senselessness of the raw nerve. As if honest acting somehow prohibits rational moral conflict, and self reflection.

The director proves it's still possible to still produce a moral movie, a moral horror movie, in the western tradition of our pagan fairy tales and Christian horror tales. It's just not in possible to do in Hollywood, where our pagan and Christian morality is actively suppressed both by intent, and non-verbal consensus in the culture of the place.

Prey is how it is done. Without novelty of effects and gimmicks that can be put into trailers, it may be harder to sell to distributors and studios. But it's a nearly flawless addition to our visual libraries.

I hope we see a series of movies with the same character development, with the same basic effects, under the same narrative, hopefully by the same producers. They're profitable. We want them. We can't get enough of them.

So yes. More please.

And thank you.
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I have seen things that would make the angels weep. And, they do weep... A stylish and entertaining film... Rewatchability: Very High Blu-ray: Excellent A:10 V:10
lathe-of-heaven10 September 2015
Wow, I REALLY liked this film! I could tell Immediately that I liked the feel of it. The first several shots alone are to die for. Seriously, they were stunning and beautiful. I instantly liked the soundtrack, the cinematography, and the tone that the director set for the film. I could tell right away that this was my kind of movie. Even the lighting of the main street was exquisite and reminded me a LOT of the way Bava would light his sets with otherworldly blues and reds, setting the perfect tone for this Good vs. Evil 'Morality' tale. Nicely done...

I have always liked religiously themed Horror films. I really dig the Prophetic or Biblically based stuff (movies like 'THE PROPHECY' or 'THE SEVENTH SIGN', for example) Although this film isn't as overtly religious as those, it is based upon similar themes. What I felt made this movie particularly intriguing was that it didn't treat the Good vs. Evil theme in the usual way that a lot of these types of films do, but it added more dimension and complexity in portraying 'Evil' more from the angle of Retribution or Punishment, which is a little different.

This movie had PRECISELY just the right tone that I really like with Horror films. It was stylized, but with just the right balance to give it an entertaining 'Punch' and yet, not so much (or so stupidly self-conscious) as to overdo it and ruin it, as happens often in many of today's Horror films. I am not familiar with this director, but I REALLY loved his approach to the material. He kept a good, tense edge on the proceedings, but allowed himself nice touches of style here and there. There were a few really effective jump scares too.

Just one thing... And this is just MY personal preference. But, what the HELL is the point of showing extended scenes of people brutally beating on others. Why...? It's mindless with absolutely NO entertainment value. It's not creative or clever in any way. Are we supposed to 'Get Off' on it...? In my lowly and wretched opinion, it's just pure, stupid brutality. BUT... other than FFing through just a few of these pointless and repetitive scenes, I truly found the film overall to be done very well and the acting was quite good. Just for my taste, I felt the violence was a little too much. To me, the story and atmosphere were strong enough not to needlessly rub our faces in the extreme violence so much. I think that so much of it begins to detract from the true strength of the film, which is NOT 'Torture Porn', but a strong, atmospheric Morality tale.

If you like your Horror films with a slight fanciful touch or based on religious themes, or more basically in this case a kind of Good vs. Evil morality tale, and you like a director who adds a REALLY nice artistic tonal style to the story, then I think you might find this clever and well written Horror film quite entertaining...
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Just make sure you watch this one. It will stay with you!
shfoxy4 October 2014
This film would be worth seeing just for the opening - no words for a while just brilliant photography and electronic mood music but that's only the beginning. The high quality acting and attention keeping building of the story makes this film as acceptable in the mainstream cinema as it is in the horror genre.Unbelievable on this budget.How did they do it.The cast all give totally convincing performances and Liam Cunningham is just so in control.This film got an extended round of applause at the viewing which I attended and it richly deserved it though I cannot remember the last time I saw that at a cinema rather than at a theatre Odds on a sequel to this one.
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a great thriller/horror from the uk!!!
wycherleyp-960-47065814 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Finally a good well written British thriller/horror after many have tried and failed, brian o malley has created a superb British one. Based all in a police station the story of good vs evil takes place in a Scottish town where all is not what it seems with a well thought out cast this film is brilliant and a deserving of a Toronto after dark film festival award, liam cunningham is a perfect choice for the role of (six) where pollyanna mcintosh is one to watch for the future as she captures you from the get go and you will be rooting for her all the way through. A great story well told with a perfect surrounding plenty of scares and shocks this is one British thriller/horror you will want to watch
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Well worth the watch if you enjoy the genre- may contain a spoiler
melissamariehenderson26 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Not that I see a lot of Irish horror movies- but this was the best i've seen so far. I'd say it was the best I've seen in this genre in a few months for sure. Less horror, more on the gore factor. I agree that Liam Cunningham is a great straight faced actor- Sir Davos was awesome, lol. Pollyana McIntosh was okay- was WAY better in 'The Woman' (which I really liked). Some of the other actors were just 'okay'. The Sergeant was good- there's one scene where he returns to the station everyone will enjoy! The script was pretty original. I would have liked a little more to the ending- maybe a bit of a flash forward with the main female character. All in all, a solid movie for the genre- 8.5/10 for me. A must watch for horror fans. I was definitely pleasantly surprised.Finally have time to write a little bit better review of the movie. Not that I see a lot of Irish horror movies- but this was the best i've seen so far. I'd say it was the best i've seen in this genre in a few months for sure. Less horror, more on the gore factor. Liam Cunningham is a great straight faced actor- Sir Davos was awesome, lol. Pollyana McIntosh was okay- was WAY better in 'The Woman' (which I really liked). Some of the other actors were just 'okay'. The Sergeant was good- there's one scene where he returns to the station everyone will enjoy! The script was pretty original but predictable. I would have liked a little more to the ending- maybe a bit of a flash forward with the main female character. All in all, a solid movie for the genre- 8.5/10 for me. A must watch for horror fans. I was definitely pleasantly surprised.
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Cringe worthy lines from start to finish
jamespurcell-1781510 November 2017
Incredibly bad. I haven't looked at the other reviews yet, although I'm sure there are paid reviews from friends of the cast and crew sprinkled among them, as seems to be a common thing on IMDb. I watched this movie based on a recommendation included in another review for "Last Shift" (one of the best horrors I've seen lately). Let Us Prey is so bad that I immediately went back to this review and clicked on the author's name because I figured they had to be a fake account. It turns out there's no substitute for good taste.

Why is this movie bad? From beginning to end, everything is just lacking in effort. Everything is overacted, everything is ridiculous, none of the character's actions make any sense, the one bit of cgi looks like something from "sliders" (the 90's TV show). It's just consistently awful, always, in every seen. Constant cringe worthy lines. I was tricked by a review.

From now on when I receive advice on what constitutes a good movie, I'm going to click on the author's name and see what other movies they consider "good." There is no substitute for good taste. This movie was terrible and cringe worthy, from start to finish.
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Surprisingly good Indie Horror
Calenture25 August 2015
I was surprised. This Indie film is great! I'm a very critical viewer and the IMDb rating of 5.6 didn't offer much encouragement. The odd thing is, a number of those reviewers admitted to liking it (so much for the rating system).

The plot of this comes straight out of those Amicus movies (From Beyond the Grave, etc.) as a mysterious stranger arrives at a small-town nick where pretty soon all Hell breaks lose. The acting is fine, the effects effective, script and direction good, and there's a nice nod to John Carpenter with the soundtrack. If you like the better Carpenter movies, you'll probably like this one. Oh, and something a few IMDb reviewers agreed on: they loved the end. So did I.
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Good visuals, decent acting, predictable and frankly boring plot
Seth_Rogue_One8 April 2015
This movie felt like a extended episode of the TV series FEAR ITSELF, mainly reminded me of the episodes: EATER and FAMILY MAN, both of them episodes were pretty good, especially the latter but in comparison to those this one falls flat.

Now unlike that series which all squeezed their stories into a 42 minute long episode, this one is stretch into 90 minutes long but what we got could easily been slimmed down to that length a time no problem, and maybe then it wouldn't have turned out to be as dull as this one often is.

It's completely humor free it's just bad things happening to mostly bad people and frankly it's hard to find reasons to why you as a viewer should care what is going on.

Not all negative though, the movie looks good visually, the gore and make up and effects are on point. The acting is not terrible, but yeah I found it really hard to get engaged by the plot, maybe if they had 1 or 2 likable people in it. But they didn't really, I guess one of the characters wasn't half bad but she didn't manage to make me care for her still.

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Bit of a head scratcher
begob30 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Sleepy police station turns into Hell's waiting room.

Opening sequence is excellent - amazing shots of the sea and the crows. And Polyanna does look good in uniform.

Problem with the dialogue straight away - weak wisecracks, procedural slips or just lack of common sense, so the feeling of implausibility is there from the beginning - it's not as if you have to research the police to know what an audience expects. Have the characters do it by the book, then figure out a way to mess it up for them and defeat expectations.

In the end it does go full mental, with a bizarre Rambo moment, so you can forget about the finer points of story telling and just enjoy the moderate shoot-'em-up gore.

I really like this lead actress, and the cast does pretty well. And it is a good concept. I guess British actors must get frustrated with lines and action that leave the audience scratching their heads.
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Not worth your time in any way
PsychoAndroid3 April 2015
I watched this movie with low expectations, and it still managed to completely disappoint me. Usually I like "bad" movies or low-budget productions just for some laughs and gory scenes. But this one is just too random for any sober person to enjoy. At no point in this movie you can relate to any of uninteresting characters with their unexplainable erratic behavior. It seems like the film makers just stitched together a couple of mediocre murder scenes and filled it up with a lot of pseudo-religious end-time bogus to make it into a 90min "movie". I doubt many people will make it through the full movie before being bored to death. There are many horror flicks with a 5-ish IMDb rating that are still very enjoyable, this one doesn't deserve such a high rating.
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Very good horror
epiceffectss25 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Well this is a first , a horror film set in Scotland that is actually brilliant , I doubt Scotland will ever manage another so this is prob a first and last for them , ha. OK it's got that guy out of game of thrones as the bad guy , he's great , the other actors are all good as well, not seen them before. Film all centres around a police station , er someone may of taken some inspiration from precinct 13 here ! The title music was very carpenter as well. I'm impressed by this film and would recommend it , it was different and someone put the time into the script and story thank god .... It came of as a nice piece of horror , never can tell if something like this will do well , doubt it will big in the cinema , but if your a home viewer who likes horror this is a seriously good piece of work. Kept my solid attention all the way and I watch a lot of horror inc the crap American stuff , not often we get a good one in the UK , I gave it 8 , was gonna be 9 but I'm gonna stick with 8 cause that's just how I roll !!! Whoooop
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cbak2232 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Let us prey, searching for a new film to rent I came across this film. From start to finish this film takes you on a psychological roller coaster ride. Directed beautifully by Brian O'Malley this takes the story of a stranger in town, but I think this to be certainly Pollyanna Mcintosh's film. Her character was strong but as an actress she has really good screen presence, I will definitely have to check out more of her work's from the U.K. Liam Cunningham also acted great, the stranger but so much more. Liam's character from what I can gather is a fallen angel, an outcast but with powers we cannot conceive. On her first night in a new precinct you see the other players in this coming together one by one. Liam's character is there to collect the souls of the wicked knowing of the atrocities they have all committed, except for Rachel, She is a survivor of unspeakable horror, and now she will join with Cunningham's character to fight sinners. This film has a mix of religion, which is good. Douglas Russel's character is lights out, being the Sgt. Of the precinct but having committed brutal act himself it sets off the end for the film, great job Douglas. The story which was written, great. The acting was superb. Directing was also on point. This is definitely recommended,enjoy.
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It had me till the end
BoogaBaby28 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It was a pretty good flick but the ending left much to be desired. I didn't get the ending. I don't understand exactly what he was asking , why she agreed and am confused with the last words she says. I thought the stranger was Jean Reno , lol! It's not its stannis's man from GOT. The movie was alright, it was different. I dunno about all this assault on precinct 13 as it was a supernatural kinda flick , but I don't remember assault on precinct 13 so , so there is that. I which more of an explanation was given. I was fine that they were playing around with the strangers identity , but what was meant at the ending who was the rookie cop suppose to be . Is this 10 sentences yet?
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sol-5 March 2017
As a young police officer witnesses a drunken youth hit an old man with his car, only for the old man to mysteriously vanish from the scene of the crime, 'Let Us Prey' gets off to a promising start. Things get even more interesting as the youth denies the accident and the policewoman's superior even starts to doubt her testimony despite there being blood on the young man's car, and when the injured old man is minutes later tracked down and brought in for questioning the film reaches its utmost fascinating. All of this solid build-up is, however, unfortunately used up on a familiar story that blends possession and retribution elements and is perhaps best thought of as a cross between 'Ghosts of Mars' and 'Devil'. More problematic than the familiarity of the tale though is the plethora of unanswered questions that come with it (especially why the old man wants to draw the process out) and the frantic, frenetic pacing of the material. The film is loaded with flashbacks as the old man manages to stimulate memories in those he encounters, but the extremely quick flashes that we get never allow us to bask in the gravity and seriousness of the situations being remembered. It does not help that none of the characters are particularly likable either. The film is topped off with an excellent final scene though and there is a lot to like in the basic concept of flawed individuals being brought together for punishment (think Agatha Christie's 'Ten Little Indians'), but this has been better done elsewhere, so one's mileage with the film may vary.
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Predictable yet still somewhat effective
kosmasp16 December 2014
The mood the movie is creating is strong, the characters on the other hand not that much. Still and even though this is as predictable a horror movie as they come and characters decide to or rather choose to do the worst thing possible, it still is able to build a certain kind of tension. The actors are doing their best to keep it going, even in the most ridiculous situations.

For some it might be strange seeing Pollyanna in a "weak" role like this, especially if they have seen her breakout performance. But that would be unfair to the movie and her as an actress. She conveys her role better than her male counter part. But both characters are tough to relate to, not to mention remove themselves from likable during the course of the movie (decision making again) ... if you don't mind those things and can just get into the situation without judging, you'll far more entertained obviously
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This is a crazy white knuckle ride of a movie!
dracforever2 October 2018
Kept me guessing until the end. I'm not sure why some folks didn't like it other than you cannot pleaae everyone. The story is a teensy bit slow at first but it just gets more bizarre as it progresses. Much fun was had by me while watching this one. I thoroughly recommend watching for yourself.
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Worth A Watch Religious Horror From Scotland
SomaQuest29 September 2018
A fun spin on the religious-horror genre. Great artistic cinematography in the early part of the movie and good use of gore special effects throughout. Overall, a nice little Scottish entry which combines aspects from many films into a idea that nearly passes off as unique.
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What a terrible waste of a good story
edwardcking20013 November 2015
If this movie were even slightly better, it would be merely awful instead of utterly dreadful. It is honestly nigh impossible to say anything positive about it...

The best thing that can be said about the dialogue is that it doesn't begin until 20 minutes after the movie begins....it very much goes downhill from there.

The dialogue is pretty much gobbledegook given that the "actors" have made no attempt to speak English. subtitles would at least have meant that those of us who do not speak in Scottish slang could at least understand what they are trying to say. The little dialogue I did pick up was pretty much cringeworthy and laughable. Cheesy would be a very very kind way of putting it, but in all honesty, it doesn't deserve that level of kindness.

The story is actually a good idea (though even that has some serious flaws including some balls-out "REALLY?!?" moments), it is simply the execution that is dreadful. The acting nearly made me weep for the actors desperation and the potential deaths of their careers at this joke of a movie.

It is patently obvious that the writers attempted to use shock tactics to compensate for the appalling acting. It didn't work. It smacked too much of desperation and even the attempts at creative camera work have the look and feel of a novice run amock.

All in all, the movie has the feel of mad rantings of a very angry writer / director team venting spleen at something undefined.

The long and short of it is that should you find yourself on one of those nights where the weather is foul and there is simply nothing good on TV you should STILL avoid this movie and take up extreme sneezing instead. At least if you accidentally blow your own brains out through your nose, you'll have suffered a better fate than you would have done by sitting through this bilge.

Believe me, I speak from personal experience!!
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Plenty of Blood, but not a slice and dice.
jimel9820 December 2015
I've never been a fan of slice and dice movies where you see the maniac and he kills everyone. OK, the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is a classic, I give you that and "Motel Hell" is a hoot, but the whole idea of some scary thing walking around terrorizing teenagers and killing them, well, blah.

This film is more what I go for. Scary but most of the horror is in the heads of the characters. Sure, there's plenty of blood, but it's there due to people losing control, not because they're simply lunatic killer. Some of these folks are BAD people, but that's what's great, on the surface, they seem like everybody and anybody else, it's the darkness inside of them that is drawn out by the mysterious stranger.

"Below" and "Session 9" are this type of movie. They make you think. Sometimes it's fun to just shut down your brain and be entertained, but when the movie makes you actually THINK, I believe you tend to enjoy it more. "Let Us Prey", I felt, made me think.
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