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I agree, Rubbish
sparkenator12 January 2014
The building is new, the items on the wall are staged. boring and staged. Unlike Pawn stars which are a real pawn shop these guys are obviously fake and are very uninteresting. a very reminiscing of pawn queens. rick should know better to endorse this crap. If this show survives, I'd be very surprised. They should choose an existing U.K. pawn store and try again. I'm sure there are many many stores willing to take their place in a very real and honest fashion. Whomever thought this was a good idea should find other employment. Maybe a focus on France, again with a real, existing Pawn shop. The real pawn stars shouldn't endorse this sort of crap just for some more coin.
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Just plain awful
bluenovember201121 November 2013
Well I tuned in because I truly enjoy Pawn Stars and I was hoping it could be a good spin off of the show. I was also hoping I could learn a bit about the U.K. as pawn stars educates me in interesting areas about the U.S. 5 minutes into it was like watching a train wreck. The Main dude what ever his name is, is a total douche nozzle and is almost immediately annoying. After grueling through several episodes hoping it would get better I found that none of the characters are remotely interesting and most importantly none of the items were either. Ever. What a total load of crap. Watching paint dry is more enjoyable than this show could ever produce. Not to mention there is some definite staged stuff going on. To my knowledge of Britain you need a very special and hard to acquire license to purchase and own a gun. How on earth is this guy buying and selling them out of his Pawn Shop!?!?!
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Hardly Awful
sieurfill1 April 2014
This show has gotten some bad reviews for no real reason, with low rankings likely based entirely on knee jerk comparisons to other Pawn Star titles, rather than a fair look...

The humour demonstrated on the show likely won't appeal to a wide American audience, but rather is more BBC and British (as one would expect.) The jokes, when included, are more based on allowing the entire group of people shown to laugh or enjoy a situation rather than putting down a single person. This may not be the sort of thing people expecting to see fat, fart and hair jokes will enjoy... And I'll concede that point to that audience.

Regardless, the history, while limited to European, shows your typical Pawn Stars faire, with the twist that it's usually something very (almost stereotypically) British. I found this fresh and rewarding to watch and very different from the original show. I also enjoyed the hour long format, and the running commentary promoted by this length.

It's a Pawn Stars spin off that isn't a clone, and should be judged on its own merits rather than compared to what's come before. It won't be for everyone, but for those who do enjoy it, it will be exceptional viewing.
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absolutely crap
iboyle8613 November 2014
pawn stars uk must be the worse show ever to be put on TV it is total crap first of all they never ever seem to buy anything and when they do offer cash for an item its well below the going rate I have watched 5 programmes and everyone of them they did not buy a single item they have a stupid young girl on the show that hasn't got a clue what she is doing and now they have brought in a 15year old boy giving appraisals what the hell is going on he doesn't even have bum fluff on his face yet and there he is offering stupid amounts of money for items he has no clue about whats the so called owner playing at my god guys get a grip everyone on that set are either stupid or they just don't know what they are doing ,I have put a score of 1 out of 10 the show doesn't even deserve that, honestly I would give it -5 its that bad I would rather sit and watch another repeat of storage hunters at the end of the day the show is crap no its worse than crap guys go to the council and get jobs cleaning the streets because that's all your good for !!!!! sorry but its a fact -------your CRAP
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An insult
michel165554 February 2021
This show is an insult to everybody who is watching it. Totally scripted. Nothing is real. Makes you wonder, how is the production company thinking about us? Us viewers. They must be thinking the viewer is a total idiot and can easily be tricked by making fake rubbish like this and countless other shows. It is worthless.
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Just Terrible
paulobonini19 January 2015
I agree with the majority of other reviewers sum this up so well. Pawn Stars UK must be the worse show ever to be put on TV it is total crap. The shop is obviously a set & the staff are idiotic. Marko plays along as the dumbest man on planet earth then is allowed to do deals with cash, that makes no sense at all, the rest are no better than cardboard cut outs. There attempt at humor falls flat on its face every single time. Why History have deemed to put this nonsense on I will never understand. It is worthy of -10 as I cannot even bare to watch the trailers. I do like Pawn Stars USA. I also buy antiques and am in fact English. For the life of me why they did not pick an old antique shop with a old gentleman who knows his stuff who could inform & entertain instead of these buffoons I will ever understand.
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