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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violence, sexual content and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Harley, Killer Frost and Poison Ivy all wear revealing costumes. Harley and Killer Frost's are both skin tight and reveal a little. Ivy has a very low cut top that is barely secured with one button, and only has (essentially) a revealing bikini bottom on her lower half
  • Partial nudity in the first half hour. There are at least four instances where Harley and Killer Frost are topless, though nothing aside from bare shoulders and backs are seen due to convenient censoring (arms, camera angles, etc.).
  • A man walks into his room and lays on his bed to find a woman naked on his bed. Nothing explicit is shown but they soon later wrap their legs around each other and it is implied that they had sex. We can briefly see the woman's buttocks and the side of her breasts. The scene is short though.
  • When Killer Frost is being scanned by an X-ray machine, an outline of her breast is visible on a computer screen. When a man sees her naked body, thinking that she's dead, he smiles, implying that he's into necrophilia.
  • A few sexual references are made.

Violence & Gore

  • Various people are shot and killed with brief but bloody results.
  • Numerous rough fist fights break out between characters with some blood. The final fight involves stabbing, and a character being stuck in a helicopter, which falls out of a building and explodes.
  • The riot scene is quite violent, with many villains from Batman's 'Rogues Gallery' killing guards, police officers, and fellow inmates. Many people are shot, stabbed, crushed, thrown around, and blown up in this scene, though it isn't all that brutal.
  • Three characters' heads explode at different points in the film, two with bloody results. Joker then holds the head of one of them and cracks a joke.
  • A man pulls another man into a bush, and we hear the victim's neck snapping.
  • Killer Frost can freeze her victims before smashing them to pieces.
  • The Joker shoots and kills several people.
  • Batman breaks several bones during the opening fight scene.
  • Quite a bit of violence for a PG-13 movie, though not the worst of the DC Animated Features.


  • Typical PG-13 language. several uses of bitch, ass, hell, damn, holy crap, shit etc. 1 incomplete use of mother fucker.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is a scene that takes place in a bar where men are seen drinking beer

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The violence can shock some younger viewers.
  • The Joker can be frightening at times.
  • This film is pretty dark.

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