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While not all the pieces of the puzzle perfectly fit into place, it’s still a good yarn filled with arresting visuals and solid performances.
While Harvey does a fine job evoking the violent, character-driven crime pictures of the 1970s, he can’t quite make Into the Ashes feel original enough to be vital.
Aaron Henry is prone to pulling back from any moment that might give greater depth to his revenge tale.
Into the Ashes could have been a better film if only Harvey was less interested in making a by-the-numbers revenge exercise.
The problem is not that it tells a story that's been done many times before, but that it never finds a new or interesting way of approaching the familiar material.
There is never any doubt where this is going, and the film takes far too long to get there.
A capable cast abets the director, but the film's slow pace and half-hearted perspective shifts don't generate the gravitas that's clearly intended.

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