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Hardly highbrow
Leofwine_draca24 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
KL ZOMBI is an embarrassingly stupid Malaysian comedy horror made on about the same level as similar films from the Philippines and Thailand. The humour is of the lowest common denominator and typically involves dumb, exaggerated characters doing dumb and exaggerated things. It's another local spin on SHAUN OF THE DEAD, but made without that film's freshness and drive. Instead what we have is a cheap digital production in which a bunch of comedy actors endlessly mug around and zombies bite people regularly. It's hardly highbrow entertainment.
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KL Zombi: My first Malaysian film
Platypuschow23 February 2019
I've been watching a lot of movies lately from Thailand, Indonesia and India with very mixed results so going into my very first Malaysian film I was skeptical.

A comedy zombie movie that mimics Shaun of the Dead this is a goofy but mildly entertaining little feature that gets quite a bit right. Much like the aforementioned film it see's a lovable loser and how he tackles the zombie apocalypse, except instead of comparable friend here our protagonist has children fighting by his side.

With wacky dialogue, some good physical humor and a passable cast I have to say KL Zombie is some really watchable stuff. Where it gets it right is the humor, where it gets it wrong is some of the later writing which spoiled the film somewhat.

So my disdain for children didn't help matters and our leading man walks a tightrope between funny and annoying, beyond them the other characters play very very small roles by comparison so it hinges on him and his schoolyard friends.

I actually wanted to like the film more than I did, it looks great, some of the humor is certainly on point and I do love zombie comedies. Sadly some of the poor writing and weird decisions in the closing moments really didn't make a vast amount of sense.

A solid enough watch for fans of zombie comedies, but don't expect something on the same level of some of the greats. Regardless for my first foray into Malaysian cinema I'm happy enough.

The Good:

Some funny moments

Looks the part

The Bad:

Stock screams

That random insistence these countries have to suddenly go English for a line here and there

Certain elements are really dumb
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Rather enjoyable if somewhat flawed Malaysian zombie/comedy
kannibalcorpsegrinder2 March 2019
After a series of strange encounters, a group of friends finds themselves stuck in a rapidly-spreading zombie invasion throughout the city as more and more citizens succumb to the deadly virus, forcing a lazy slacker to pick up the pieces and help his friends get away from the creatures safely.

This was a decent if problematic horror/comedy. One of the better elements here is the openly fun nature of the way the group gets the setup here to turn us onto them. Some of these scenes and counters turn out to be genuinely funny as the manner of sowing them to be a fun-loving, easy-going group that can hang out and joke with each other which creates the kind of easy-going connection to the group. Given that the majority of these scenes provide some fine comedic elements including the goofy characters, rapid-fire lines of dialog and just absurd situations that usually result from these kinds of efforts. That also makes for quite a light-hearted and silly which enables all the fun to come about. Even with the lighter approach, the zombie action here is quite fun. The numerous amount of encounters throughout here, from the zombies overrunning the school to the ambush at the cemetery as well as the various rescue attempts to grab the others out of hiding and take them to safely allow for a wholly enjoyable time here. The continuous amount of action is rather thrilling as there are plenty of encounters between the group and the creatures as they attempt to combat the overriding amount of creatures in the building which leads into the wholly original and somewhat creative manner of dealing with the creatures as this is perfectly in tune with the silliness of the rest of the film. Given that the zombies look quite impressive in their detail and manage to look quite impressive as well, there's a lot to really like with this one. Still, there are some problems with the film. The main issue is surprisingly the comedy, which is the true definition of hit-or-miss. The main aspect of driving the comedy in the film is people seemingly unaware they're interacting with the zombies, this requires most of the people here to be moronically stupid for failing to see the obvious and then causing them to get attacked as a result. This is compounded with a preponderance of the rapid-fire dialog, mugging for the camera or goofy accents even in their natural dialect creates the vast majority of the comedy elements here and it's light-hearted in tone to generate laughs in the proper mindset yet completely individualistic in execution. Beyond that, the light-hearted tone manages to really downplay a lot of the severity of the situation since the mandates involved in the filming mean a lot of what goes on in here isn't serious so there's no real damage to anything or anything as a result of this. However, it's not that bad overall and has a lot to like.

Rated Unrated/PG-13: Violence and Language.
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layzzboi11 September 2017
Not your typical zombie movie, and not a good one either. It's a mix of Shaun of the Dead / Sherlock Holmes type of zombie action comedy but it's pretty bad. Is this suppose to be a spoof? I guess so or just chalk it up to a low budget movie that shouldn't have been made.

Warning, spoiler but you're not going to watch this anyways. It's pretty obvious from the start how things will go down from start to finish, foreshadowing if you will. Byproduct of some miracle cream causes an outbreak and the miracle cream reverses the outbreak, sounds like Biohazard (resident evil). There's no consequences for anything that happens in this movie except the main character gets a girl at the end. Human to zombie back to human. no one dies even after being bitten and losing a large amount of blood and flesh. No one is affected after eating human flesh. All is good.

The acting here is quite mediocre/bad. It's hard to identify with any of these character since they are all simpletons that don't take anything serious especially the main protagonist. So the main guy is an idiot and doesn't notice people turning, much like Shaun from Shaun of the dead. It's about 1/3 of the movie until he realize the situation and he goes around trying to save his peeps, much like Shaun. He uses his hockey stick which disappears and reappears between scenes. Before he fights zombies, he stands around and does some visualization of how he will defeat his enemy, much like Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock. Got boring quick.

First act was okay. Some scenes were funny but nothing laugh out loud. Just a HAH... The build up was a little slow to the outbreak. The second act what just um..disappointing as the comedy slowly diminished to slapstick comedy and dumb choices made. The movie drags in the 3rd act which tries to be serious to wrap up.

What else... Kids easily kills zombie with giant boulder supposed they could lift and throw or take them down with their bare hands. What?!?! No...Kids in movie is already a no no. Kids with strength of a tiger? The girl was a little stiff and the boy was a goof.

The one redeeming qualities of the movie are the hot actresses and a couple of good dissing. Do not watch.
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Kid friendly horror
nickboldrini23 April 2018
Theres nothing in here I wouldn't let a young teenager watch, which is a fail when it comes to any sort of horror in my book. The humour is crass and obvious, and fails because of that. It tries to fit in sub plots which add nothing and just over extend it. Bits were of interest - starting in a school for example - but not enough to make this really worth watching.
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Pretty fun but predictable!
cb_whitewood16 March 2021
I knew even before watching this was going to be a silly zombie flick, and I was not disappointed! KL Zombi is ridiculous and does what it wants to, but is entertaining at the same time. I loved watching the child actors in the background, where they could be seen being silly and having fun. I enjoyed the jabs at MLM marketing. I thought the characters were silly and definitely fit the role they were casted for. I think the only twist that I wish were a bit better hidden was the role the MLM products would have in the apocalypse! Definitely a fun watch for a rainy day, but a little silly for some audiences, maybe.
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It ain't no Train To Busan, but not bad.
brianhenneman-8814723 February 2021
Decent little zombie movie, with some good humor and a few twists.
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The best kl zombi
zakiyasrul16 June 2021
I want to see kl zombi Was im like that wan all lo buat kavdshsk.
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