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Long and slow, not really attractive arguments for a good movie.
deloudelouvain18 December 2019
I'm happy I'm not the only one that had some issues with Juggernaut. Like others I thought the movie was way too long (they could have filmed it fourty minutes shorter), way too slow (and that's an understatement), and in the end not that great. The mystery level is the only thing that keeps you watching it, but at one point it just gets boring, due to a lack of action but mostly because the story is so slow. You want the movie to get in second gear so badly but it will never happen. The acting isn't bad, the story could have been much better. A missed opportunity if you ask me.
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The Return of the Prodigal Son
lavatch3 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
There are numerous biblical parallels that come to mind in "Juggernaut," including the story of Cain and Abel and the lessons to be learned from the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. But the one that seems most apt is The Return of the Prodigal Son.

The two Gamble brothers, Dean and Saxon, never got along as children. One of the boys (Dean) found his way to success while the other (Saxon) landed in prison. When he is released, Saxon returns home to bewilderment and consternation when he learns that his mother died and left him money from a life insurance policy. Something does not set right with Saxon, as he believes there might have been foul play in his mother's death. The film turns into his quest for the truth.

The action is set in 1986 in New Mexico. There is stunning footage of the landscape with breath-taking vistas and beautiful rolling fields. But the interior scenes of bars, shabby homes, and the principal industry of the town, the prison established by Dean, boldly contrasts with the picturesque outdoors scenes, resulting in mystery and menace.

The film includes some untidiness in revealing the true story of what happened to Saxon's mother. In many ways, the thriller aspect of "Juggernaut" is secondary to the mood established when Saxon returns and hits a raw nerve in everyone with his presence.

Saxon is an intriguing character, who knows Shakespeare and identifies with the word misanthrope. The wise old owl of the town reminds Saxon that "we all have to figure out what we can live with." But that advice appears to fall on deaf ears with a man with a vengeance of biblical proportions.
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Too long, too slow and too bored
MovieIQTest10 March 2018
This film if without checking the shooting locality and the accent people spoke, you might mistakenly thought it's an Irish film, but no, it's not. The whole movie gave you no sunshine, no nothing except always a cloudy sky, grim and dark all the time. The movie told you that the older brother made the town richer since he ushered a prison(private own?) to be built in this dreary deadbeat town, but it didn't show you any proof that this town's thriving image, still got a small police force, maybe two cops(s)?. There's not much to see about anything, even we didn't see several key persons existed in this town. The film also told you through the old brother, telling his younger brother, an ex-con after he had served up his prison sentence, that they both got compensation payments from their suicided mother's life insurance. It didn't tell you the exact insured period of time whether her mother's life insurance was after she committed suicide after two years suicide clause, and how much the life insurance policy was insured. Also, guess the timing background was 1986, so the guy could still smoke in any place he wanted.

The whole movie was at a very slow pace and purposely used the lousy weather condition, always dark and grim to give you an impression it was a suffocating film, only the son who came back believe his mother's death was not a suicide but a murder. But as a viewer like me, I just couldn't care less for this story, so I needed a lot of patience to sit through it. To the end, I felt none of any deep feeling to all of the characters and the film itself. It's a no big deal film that pretentiously provided you with some melancholy touch. Not a bit memorable at all.
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Slow and methodical
omendata4 September 2020
The movie has a very basic story we have all seen before a million times but the acting, scenery and photography combined with the music give it a rather unusual and ominous sense of dread which I found quite intriguing and it told more of a story than most movies of its kind but means it will not be for everyone.

I think most viewers will find it too long and slow but I liked the idea of not giving too much away; even the ending was not fully explained in every detail and I liked the way the director just gave us snippets of the truth and mixed it all into the tale of family dysfunctionality.

One warning though: If you are in any way depressed I would not watch this as it may have you reaching for the razor blades!
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Too Slow
gab-675994 July 2021
I want to be clear on this, the movie was way too slow to enjoy. I have a high rating only for Mr. McRobbie's performance, he was the only reason I kept watching. All the other actors came off forced or just not interesting enough for me to care. Good story, a bit predictable and you can guess who killed the mom in the first few min's. I will be looking out for more of McRobbie's movies but none of the other actors in this movie.
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Hard to Watch, but we see great scenes
itsbobr24 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Saxon Gambel (Jack Kesy) gets out of prison and learns that his mother committed suicide and he doesn't buy it. So he starts an investigation of his own in a town no one likes him because of his past behavior; and especially his brother Dean (David Cubitt) from a different father Hank Sr (Stephen McHattie). Saxon's father is Leonard Gamble (Peter McRobbie) a pastor. Saxon and Dean hate each other totally.

If the Saxon character wasn't so arrogant and verbally abusive to most people this may have stood a good chance at being a more decent film. He eventually softens up some when he meets Amelia (Amanda Crew) for the 2nd time. Otherwise he is totally annoying mostly because he feels his mother didn't commit suicide and no one is willing to help him except long time friend Hank Jr (Ty Olsen).

What struck me most was the interplay of light and shadows the Director gave us. Very good in keeping with this dark story and all of this helped the cinematography immensely. Kudos. We are almost mesmerized by the scenes which are almost a work of art in themselves. And this leads me to keep an eye on the Director, Daniel DiMarco, to see what he does next. (Ha, you'll forget)

The acting is good all around, but Saxon's investigation takes a long time to bear fruit and even then we are not sure who killed Saxon's mother. Saxon is sure she didn't commit suicide because he sees a letter written to her telling her she has received her business license. See? He is angry but we cannot get in line with this. We see the anger, but do not become a part of it.

Notables: Darren Dolynski as Clayton Bowman, who becomes a prime suspect in Saxon's mind, but no one knows where he is; Philip Granger as the Sheriff, who seems to know things he won't tell Saxon; David Cubitt, Saxon's brother is actually Saxon's prime suspect in the murder of his (their) mother.

If you can put up with the arrogance and abusive nature of Saxon, this may be okay for you. And, yes, we keep hoping he will soften and not only with Amelia. (7/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Humor: No. Language: yes. Rating: B
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Good character study of dysfunctional relationships
aratron-0039118 February 2020
I really enjoyed this film. Give it a chance it won't disappoint. Good story & great acting.
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Compelling, but Unfinished Business
jamericanbeauty7 November 2020
"Some families shouldn't last for generations. Some need to end" - Saxon (Jack Kesy) This quote reminds me of when William (Ed Harris) told his despicable Father-in-law James Delos in Westworld, that "no one is meant to live forever", after decades of failed attempts to sync Mr. Delos' copied developed mind and a replica of his body. Some people are irredeemable and I love when movies (or shows) are honest enough to say it out loud, no matter how ugly it sounds. Saxon (Jack Kesy) is on a relentless hunt for the truth behind his Mother's death. Her suicide on paper doesn't match the woman she was in life and her actions preceeding her death raise questions. Add in a timely insurance policy, shady insurance agents, shadier beneficiaries, bad blood between brothers and you have a slow-burning, but tense, volatile story. The banter between characters is witty and intelligent. Family conflicts serve up poetic dialogue and dark comedy to me, as I found the family dynamics and dysfunction relatable to my own family. Jack Kesy's presence demands your attention throughout the film. The plot builds and builds and builds to some answers but not key answers. After an exciting hunt and wild ride, it ends on a silent, unfulfilling note, making an 8-worthy film a 6.
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vanhells17 April 2018
105 min of stunning picture and directing. Amazing and would recommend to anyone who loves dark story.
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fedesanfe1 July 2019
Low budget film...or at least it appears to be that. Lots of unnecessary plots. The hour fifty the movie was could have been done in 30 minutes .
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Dark, slower, great
tcart-5066823 March 2018
Great movie with a darker side and slower pace. Solid pictures and directing. Highly recommend it!
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That's how you do it
isaacruben-7264323 May 2018
What a surprise. Coincidentally I found this movie and have to say, it's brilliant. Nice acting, good directing and a compelling plot. Totally in love!
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