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Bad writing, acting and directing make this a do not watch for me
myamazon-erik30 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is extremely low budget - the writing and acting do not deserve the high rating this has. It is so bad it distracts you from the serious and Real topic of human trafficking. In one scene the police FINALLY decide to act and go after this girl. They roll out in a DHS armored personnel vehicle. I think they used more agents to find this one girl than it took to take out Bin Laden. From what I understand this was derived from real events, however the terrible acting made it difficult to care for any of the characters. It felt like most of the scenes were done with the actors reading their lines from cue cards. I don't usually write reviews for movies, but had this been done better it actually might have been a very useful information tool to show young people.
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Strongly victimizing piece promoting the director's limited and false perceptions of gender and race through religion. Worrisome at best.
lucasmaaser10 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have had the doubtful opportunity to watch Mr. Booyens piece revolving around the issue of Human Trafficking in minors in the US-American context as part of a conference in late 2015. He joined the screening himself, promoting his troubling view on religion, gender and race. The movie itself features an overly emotionalized, one-dimensional and victimizing perspective on survivors of Human Trafficking, characterizing trafficked sex workers as mentally unstable drug addicts under the reign of non-white caretakers that fulfill every racial stereotype one could imagine. On the other side of his victim-perpetrator-dichotomy, there are troubled parents and community members finding their strength in overly promoted prayer and their faith in god, which paints a pretentious picture of religious trouble-solving at best. His vision of society, which I would like to describe euphemistically as "conservative", could be observed best when one of the main characters trying to push the investigation is identified as the wife of a local politician by a police man using a partriarchally biased comment. This scene alone shows his limited imagination when it comes to gender-biased occupations, as it is obviously not possible in the director's society construct for women to occupy political leadership positions. If this is the understanding of gender-related topics of someone who is dealing with a highly gender-biased issue it will not only not contribute to the cause of deconstructing Human Trafficking, but rather damage those efforts by promoting stereotypes that are believed to have died decades ago.
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Hijacking the Brain...Kidnapping the Innocence...Take Action Now
ladyann12136 January 2016
In this film we are taken to one of the darkest abyss humans can actually visit. Within this abyss, there is a hijacking of the brain and the willpower along with the murder of innocence, the extreme fright, the possibility of disease and the compelling control of the sick. To remain human after such an experience will be the only word that can fit...SURVIVOR. The only way to get to the survivor is with the help and fight of family, contentious human kindness and support, and the will of the Lord. The selling or trafficking of humans is beyond understanding in this day and age yet it is happening in our country right under our noses in our own neighborhoods. The kidnapping of the unsuspecting violating any trust is part of the recovery that takes the longest. But action is needed and needed now. I applaud this young woman for reaching out and beign the VOICE for the victims. I am an addiction psychologist specialist and I see this many times in clients that have been trying to survive with my professional help! More power to those who become aware and DO SOMETHING! Save our youth! LadyAnn68
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Base in true life situation that can happen to any one!
maryann-6705231 July 2018
This movie will open up the mind of the people about sex trafficking.
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