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Quite Terrible
larrys318 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I wish I could find another way to say it, but this movie is simply terrible. Was the prime motivating factor for even making this film someone needing a tax write off? Mercifully, it's only 1 hr. and 18 mins. in length.

The dialogue and acting is very stilted and the plot elements, for the most part, are ridiculous, nonsensical, and often go unexplained.

Sophie Lowe stars as Lola, a teen who apparently has faked her own kidnapping from her rich and famous parents, in California, and has hitched a ride aboard a tractor trailer into the desert. There at a diner, she foists herself onto a young man, Marlo, who's sitting in a booth there.

Beau Knapp co-stars as Marlo, who's a fingersmith (pickpocket) and also on the run, but he's running away from his sick psycho mother (Dale Dickey). Together, Lola and Marlo will traipse across the desert and encounter all kinds of misadventures.

What the noted actors Robert Taylor (Longmire) and Charles S. Dutton are doing in this movie is beyond me, although the scene with Dutton is rather clever, and I dare say the only one in the film, in my opinion.

All in all, I just found this movie to be one convoluted mess, and I would say don't waste your time or money on it.
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A mystery dark & haunting. A love story. Hit the road with Lola.
Feegusonreynolds14 June 2015
Exceptional lyrical writing. Stunning scenery. All mixed together in a tale of the many sides of love from twisted to true. I recommend you go along for this sweet ride with Lola!

Be warned- Dale Dickey's character will give you nightmares, Robert Taylor is brilliantly unnerving and Charles S Dutton is unpredictable & witty. And these are just a few of the marvelous supporting actors. Sophie Lowe & Beau Knapp (Lola & Marlo) are ablaze as they steer you through this heart searing tangled puzzle - Lola must fight unrelenting obstacles to reclaim what is hers.

Best indie film I've seen in a long time. Happy I was smart enough to have, in a very small way, supported this adventure through Indiegogo crowd funding. Unexpected generous rewards & updates from the filmmakers had my heart from the beginning I must admit. Everyone involved is committed and their passion for this film shines through every minute of the movie!

My first review ever. Hope it entices you to see this film. Hit the road. Follow your heart. Watch your back. What Lola Wants
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A Wonderful Surprise of a Movie
gbeale22 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Sure. Maybe "What Lola Wants" benefited from my low expectations. But about a third of the way through, I started enjoying the quirky interplay between the two main characters. Though Sophie Lowe plays a vulnerable teen much younger than her actual age, she nails the character perfectly. Though Lola and Marlowe have an appealing chemistry, neither throws in all of their emotions as if they would have had nothing to lose. Each had much to lose. Their anecdotal encounters with tired prospector Jed (Robert Taylor) and the wise but tough cop (played wonderfully by Charles Dutton) were highlights. And what can be said about the performance turned in by Dale Dickey? Nuanced, it was Not. Adding to the quirkiness was the almost poetic speech pattern of Jed. It sounded a bit like speaking styles from the 19th century. But it worked well with the excellent writing. Best of all, there were no fatally ugly turns in the plot. (Well, maybe one). This is a story of real people, all of whom it is possible to connect. Give this movie a chance.
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