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Sex & Nudity

  • Some kisses and hugging, no nudity.
  • The first season has a bedroom scene.
  • Some implied and sometimes briefly shown sex throughout.

Violence & Gore

  • Throughout the series people have been shot or stabbed with small blood sprays.
  • A man's heart explodes after being stabbed by the Reverse-Flash. We see blood pooling from the wound.
  • In season 2 the flash is beaten until he bleeds and then has is back broken by an evil speedster
  • Barry is a forensics scientist for the Central City Police Department, so he works in CSI, and the crime scenes are mostly murders. However, the murders are usually committed by metahumans, so nothing gory is seen.
  • Season 6 is way darker than the previous seasons - Bloodwork creates a black zombie like army of people.
  • During the fight between Team Flash and Cicada, we see Nora getting hit by his dagger causing a brief and small blood spray. Her back is also broken
  • A man is killed with cards. Not bloody but disturbing
  • Flash first fight with Savitar is quite violent. It's not as violent as the first fight with Zoom though
  • "The Man In The Yellow Suit" is probably the most violent episode in the whole show. We see Harrison Wells getting violently beaten by Reverse-Flash. Some blood on his face
  • The episodes in prison in Season 4 are quite violent and leads to blood and gore
  • Season 1 has to be the most violent and bloody. There is way more bloody violence in this season than in the others
  • Season 3 is the darkest season but is not as violent as the first two. There is still brutal violence but most of it is bloodless
  • Season 4 is violent when it comes to the prison arc. Outside of that, it is the same level as season 3.
  • Season 5 is not that bloody but Cicada kills a lot of people in ways that could be considered gory. On the same level as Season 3 and 4 in terms of violence
  • Season 6 is darker on its first half. Bloodwork uses blood to create zombies. The second half is tame though
  • Season 7 is the tamest and barely contains violence. No blood at all.
  • A man who turned into a zombie explodes and a black liquid is seen instead of blood. Could be considered gory
  • Violence throughout is common, though not gory and actual blood is very rare. Some people are wounded (occasionally killed) due to powers of meta-humans. The Flash's first encounter with Zoom is violent, though most of the injuries inflicted are implied rather than seen. The only blood shown is on Barry's face.


  • This show has very mild language like:Damn, lazy, sloppy, hell
  • Infrequent uses of "bitch" and "shit"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Occasional drinking throughout.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A lot of scene's containing Zoom can be quite uptight and intense.
  • The last episodes of season 3 are very dark and depressing
  • Many scenes containing DeVoe switching bodies can be disturbing to watch.
  • In some episodes, the overall theme is very dark and can be quite emotional.
  • Season 6 has some dark episodes exploring the theme of death towards the start of the season. Can be unsettling for some.
  • The show may be to intense for some viewers
  • There is lots of frightening and intense scenes
  • Seasons 2, 3, and the start of 6 are pretty dark and intense
  • The villains can be frightening for younger viewers.
  • Netflix Rating: TV-14


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • At the end of season one, a man is shot. Blood spreads across his stomach and his white shirt. Not that bad.
  • At the end of season 6 people are killed and blood is shown. Barry gets stabbed by many shards of glass and a man is killed by a shard through his chest; blood is seen.
  • Cicada, the bad guy in season five kills a lot of meta humans in somewhat gory ways
  • DeVoe's dead body is seen lying on the floor. Some blood
  • Joe is getting kidnapped. Some blood on his face
  • Season 2 is not as violent as season 1 but there is still some instances of bloody and brutal violence especially the first encounter between Barry and Zoom

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A drug called Velocity is featured in season 2. It temporarily can give someone speed but we later find out that it is very dangerous.
  • 4/5 fictional speed drugs starting with velocity. Velocity-6, Velocity-7, Velocity-8, Velocity-9. Velocity-10 was theorized but quickly dismissed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The final episode of season 3 is very intense
  • The focus of season 3 is about the Flash trying to save Iris West from dying after being sent into the future. At the end of the season, we see Iris die by being stabbed in the back by Savitar (no blood is shown). We come to find out in the next episode that it was actually H.R. who was killed. It is a very emotional scene that may upset younger viewers.
  • Eddie sacrifices himself in order to stop Reverse-Flash. This scene can be very emotional to some viewers.
  • Barry goes back in time in an attempt to save his mother. This scene is very emotional and seeing Barry's mom death is one of the saddest parts of the show.
  • End of the episode Zoom kills Henry Allen. This scene is not easy to watch and may be very upsetting to many viewers.
  • Nash's death can be intense

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