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See No Evil 2 has nothing new or surprising to be added to the genre and not enough cheesy fun comparing to the first film // instagram: moviesmaniax
moviesmaniax19 February 2015
From the twisted mind of director The Soska Sisters comes a disappointing sequel that lost all the cheesy bloody fun of the first film. See No Evil 2 is such a typically mediocre horror film where victims get killed off one by one with not much of a surprise and coming from such potentially imaginative director (seeing from their previous works in American Mary and T segment from ABCs Of Death 2), it's quite a huge disappointment here. The GORES here are also really let down comparing to how much more gleefully bloody and nastier the first film was, but it's still moderately bloody nonetheless. The SCARE here is mostly jumpy one as our Jacob Goodnight here lacks the personality that can deliver the suspense and just looks pathetic instead. However, thanks to a cheesily tempting performance from Katharine Isabelle (American Mary) that's at least FUN to watch throughout the film. Other than that, See No Evil 2 has nothing new or surprising to be added to the genre and not enough gores or violence to even surpass the cheesy fun of the first film. >>C<<
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Awful movie
enisa-lokic26 October 2014
The movie is boring. There is tension in the entire film, but this is more of a sci-fi genre than horror. I was disappointed by the first part of the film in 2006, but after all these years I thought that we are waiting for something better. I was wrong.Throughout the film the main character succeeds in something that is impossible to time. The whole time he seemed to read the thoughts of others, because he knows exactly which doors should be closed, in which the room to wait. Better knowledge of the entire building and all the rooms in it than the workers who work there. I am disappointed.If you want to see the horrible details I assume that you will be satisfied, but it is all that is interesting in this movie.
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Who Is the Most Stupid Character?
claudio_carvalho21 November 2014
After the tragedy at the Blackwell Hotel, the bodies of Jacob Goodnight (Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs) and nine of his victims are transported late night to the city morgue. The EMTs try unsuccessfully to revive Jacob. The crippled Holden (Michael Eklund), Seth (Kaj-Erik Eriksen) and Amy (Danielle Harris) are working in the graveyard shift and Seth and Amy bring Jacob's corpse to the scale room. But Amy's brother Will (Greyston Holt) and her friends Kayla (Chelan Simmons), Tamara (Katharine Isabelle) and her boyfriend Carter (Lee Majdoub) come to the morgue to celebrate her birthday. The weird Tamara goes with Carter to the scale room where Jacob is to have sex with her boyfriend. Out of the blue, the serial-killer awakes in the beginning of a night of terror.

"See no Evil 2" is an awful slash movie with a story full of clichés, silly situations and moronic characters. Jacob provokes a blackout in the morgue, but it seems that there is axe but no fire alarm in a city morgue with flammable liquids. The greatest question in this flick is who the most stupid character is. In the beginning, it seems to be the awful Tamara but actually Amy is. Her dreadful attitude exposing the hideout of Will and she, or her decision of facing the notorious serial- killer with an ax are laughable. In the end, this slasher is a forgettable garbage. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Noite de Terror 2" ("Night of Terror 2")
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adamz399827 October 2014
See No Evil 2 (2014) - as campy as See No Evil 1, if not more, the sequel is yet further proof that being a successful wrestler doesn't mean that you will be a successful actor (as if Hulk Hogan's abysmal movie career wasn't testament enough).

To that end, Kane (Glenn Jacobs) is no Kane Hodder, nor he is any other kind of actor. Whoever the director is, and I don't actually care enough to google it, made a critical mistake in letting the talentless Jacobs have any speaking lines in the film. Wrestlers are perfect candidates for slashers -- they're big, they look intimidating, and brief flashes of their bulbous physique is enough to inspire fear. But to expect any kind of acting from these steroid-abusing freaks is like expecting real verse from rappers. Predictably, Jacobs is terrible as the film's boogeyman, and the backstory of his abuse-as-a-child-that-made-him-the-killerr-he-is-today is beyond trite.

There's a good way to do horror films in 2014, and there's a bad way. Then there's the WWE Studios way, which is to use the mentally challenged as directors and screen writers while trying to rip off better movies. See No Evil 2 is a fine example of why WWE Studios will never be anything more than a mediocre producer of bottom-rung dreck, on par with Asylum pictures. It's a shame, too, because wrestlers like Jacobs have a lot of potential as possible slashers -- provided they keep their mouths shut. Is it any surprise that this movie sucks as bad as it does?
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An Unworthy Sequel
nebk21 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
See No Evil 2 is a below average slasher film starting right where the first one ended. The killer Jacob Goodnight (Glen "Kane" Jacobs) is supposedly dead and transferred to the city morgue. At the same time there is a group of friends and co-workers throwing a birthday party for one of the morgue medical examiners called Amy (Danielle Harris). She, her friends and colleagues are soon being hunted in the building by the resurrected killer. Mayhem and bloodshed ensue.

While this film shows promise in the beginning it soon slows down and gets boring after awhile. There is some attempt at character development in the beginning but it is clichéd and doesn't go beyond the main characters. There is the co-worker Seth (Kaj Erik Eriksen) who Is secretly in love with Amy. There is her brother Will (Greyston Holt) who is critical of her job and over protective. There are her friends who you know are there only to increase the body count. Whilst this is usual fare In slashers, here you can almost predict who is going to be killed off next, so it takes away a lot of the suspense out of the film.

In the first film the killer was chasing his victims in a abandoned hotel which was his turf and the same thing happens here only in a different setting. So it is repetitive only less plausible as you wouldn't expect the killer who knows nothing about his surroundings to find and barricade all the exits. The characters are then obviously unable to escape and are picked off one by one. Again, most slashers have this sort of pattern but there is no excitement or suspense in this movie.

Overall this sequel is nothing special. The acting is decent enough but the story is unoriginal and lacking. There is an unexpected twist near the end of the film but it doesn't rescue it from being just average. Basically it's not worth bothering with. The first See No Evil was much better.
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Fun Sequel
Slasher_Lover2317 October 2014
Following the events of the first film, the sequel takes place shortly afterwards. We meet Amy (Danielle Harris), a young woman just finishing up her shift as the local morgue. When news arrives that the corpse of killer Jacob Goodnight (Glenn "Kane" Jacobs) is about to arrive, Amy cancels her birthday plans to help her co-workers Seth (Kaj-Erik Eriksen) and Holden (Michael Eklund) with the body. To Amy's surprise, her friends show up unexpectedly to celebrate her birthday. The group features the feisty Tamara (Katharine Isabelle), her whipped boyfriend Carter (Lee Majdoub), the bubbly Kayla (Chelan Simmons), and Amy's brother Will (Greyston Holt). It's not too long before Jacob Goodnight rises from his slab and is out to crash the party and the group must find a way out of the enclosed morgue to survive.

While I was a fan of the original film, I didn't find it anything great, but still fairly fun. I was shocked that it actually snagged a sequel. And it was ultimately an enjoyable one. It wasn't miles better than the first, but still entertaining and slightly better. The film takes place in an excellent setting, many places to run, but plenty of places to get lost. Especially in the dark. Kane is badder than ever in his return as Jacob Goodnight. Showing no mercy for our characters. Scream Queen Danielle Harris is solid as always as our leading lady. She's a friendly girl with edge who will do whatever it takes to get her friends and herself out alive. Also notable is other Scream Queen Katharine Isabelle. She plays the rule of Tamara with a perfect amount of feistiness and provides laughs with her over-the-top character moments. The rest of the cast does a decent job with their roles. As opposed the first film, the characters themselves range from tolerable to likable, and it helps that they are diverse and have their own personalities. The kills, while sometimes brutal, aren't nearly as fun or creative as the ones in the original film, but it doesn't bring the film down. What also scores the film points is the shock factor for a certain moment that occurs towards the end of the movie.

Overall, See No Evil 2 isn't a perfect slasher film, but it is a fun sequel that features a nice cast with likable enough characters, and a decent body count. But what really stands out the most is the setting and following the characters throughout it. Keeping the audience on edge, not knowing what lies around every corner or in any room they find themselves.

My Rating: 7/10
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Better then the First One
horrorfan0223 October 2014
OK I liked the first movie for what it was but it wasn't something that I'd watch very often.This sequel though I enjoyed quite a bit more then the first one and in the few days that I've had it,I've already watched it almost as many times as I've watched the original movie.

I loved seeing Danielle Harris and Katherine Isabelle in the movie being a fan of both of them.I thought Glen "Kane" Jacobs did a very good job as Jacob Goodnight and I found him more menacing in this movie and thought some of the kills in this movie were pretty cool.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Soska Sisters will return with a 3rd installment.If they do,I'll be watching.
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Everyone's got to eat...
Kolobos5123 October 2014
...even alternative lifestyle, fetish obsessed identical twins, apparently. The Soska Twins return for their first feature since their cult rape/revenge film American Mary. Why they were tapped to do a sequel to the WWE's franchise non-starter See No Evil, why they accepted, and why the movie is even being made 8 years after the original is anybody's guess. But it exists and I was actually psyched to see it, considering American Mary was interesting and unusual enough to be memorable, I actually kind of liked the first movie, and this one stars two of the great Scream Queens of our time, Danielle Harris (Halloween franchise, Hatchet franchise) and Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps franchise, Freddy vs. Jason, Hannibal the series), Suffice to say, I was sorely disappointed.

This is a lousy, slapped together sequel with nothing distinguishable about it. It occurs the night after the original movie's massacre as a pretty, young morgue attendant (Danielle Harris) is forced to work through her birthday to clean up all the bodies fanatically religious serial killer Jacob Goodnight (Kane) left in his wake before apparently being killed himself. She has his body, too. And when her friends decide to bring the party her to her, sneaking into the morgue after hours, one party goer (Katharine Isabelle), a drunken slut with a death fetish, sneaks off to check out Jacob's body.

Unfortunately, Jacob is apparently just as hard to kill as Jason Voorhees and equally good at playing possum. He wakes up, and he kills people. And that's it.

There's nothing much to See No Evil 2, the characters are poorly written, the acting is just okay, and the kills are generic, and not all that gory, nowhere near the level of the original. Danielle Harris has a fair amount of screen time, a nice switch from the glorified cameos she's been getting lately. Katharine Isabelle, on the other hand, only has a supporting role after playing the lead in American Mary and she does the sort of cheesy overacting she usually does when she knows the material she's been given is terrible.

See No Evil 2 makes a lot of mistakes. One of the more interesting part the first movie was that Kane looked like a troll made flesh, a towering, monster of a man killing people, usually by turning their own sins against them. Not so here. He wears a mask now, poor move that makes the movie more clichéd, and the kills are interchangeable and unimaginative. It's difficult predicting who will die and when, but that hardly matters because none of the characters are remotely interesting.

See No Evil 2 is so bad it not only kills the hopes for a See No Evil franchise but also seriously hurts anyone's hope that the Soska Twins will be horror's next big thing. This cheap looking, weak horror sequel is bad and was made by people that either didn't care or didn't know how to make a good movie.
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The Twisted Twins Deliver Again
MadMike7723 October 2014
See No Evil 2 follows directly on from the first film, which, by WWE Studios standards was an average film. The story sees the seemingly dead Jocab Goodnight and his victims being taken to the morgue where the birthday girl Amy is about to finish work and spend her birthday with friends, but she decides to stay and help out with the amount of bodies about to arrive. Instead, her friends bring the party to Amy and her co-workers.

Long story short, alcohol is consumed, sex is had and Goodnight returns from the dead to wreak havoc on the hapless morgue workers and the party people.

The real strong point is the direction by Jen and Sylvia Soska. If you're familiar with their work and a genre buff then you know what they are capable of. Their first film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, had flashes of genius and the body horror film American Mary was one of the most original and important movies to hit the horror genre for a good 10 years.

Although the script was written by Nathan Brookes and Bobby Lee Darby and the only real weak point, it was the Soska's vision that brought to life the entire film. Danielle Harris, who has had a very up and down career performance wise, produced her best acting to date under the twins' guidance. As modern day scream queens, casting both Danielle Harris and Katharine Isabelle in the same film was a stroke of genius. Isabelle very nearly steals the whole show. Even Glenn Jacobs as the killing machine upped his game and gave a better performance.

WWE Studios made the best possible move in hiring Jen and Sylvia to direct. The film provides a lot of fun, some cool kill scenes and solid SFX with only a touch of CGI which makes this a great addition to the slasher sub-genre and a sequel that outweighs it's predecessor in every way.

To read my full review, head over to my blog - Maven's Movie Vault of Horror.
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Can't you see the sin......again?
FlashCallahan21 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A group of friends pays a visit to the city morgue to surprise their friend Amy on her birthday.

But the party turns into a nightmare, when the one-eyed corpse of psychopath Jacob Goodnight unexpectedly rises from a cold sub-basement slab.

Their party quickly turns into a terrifying ordeal as the killer resumes his spree....

The first movie wasn't that great. In fact, it was a very poor slasher movie. But fair dues, a lot can be achieved in eight years, and they had lots of time to improve on the story and the character of Goodnight.

and with the inclusion of Danielle Harris, this had to be a no brainer in the horror department.

But, unfortunately, its more of the same stalk n' slash material that graces our DVD shelves every single week of the year, and knowing that this will make a killing in the rental and retail market, you can be sure that there will be more.

It's as if the film is situated on one floor, and for the majority of the film, just one corridor, and apart from Harris, who can do this sort of film in her sleep, the characters are very unlikable, and the acting is just as bad.

Goodnight spends the film in his Phantom Of The Opera mask, maundering slowly toward his next victim, as they go and hide in the most silliest places one can imagine.

Devoid of any scares, or genuine thrills, See No Evil 2 is just a cash in on a mildly successful film. And no doubt, it's not the last we will see of Goodnight.

Nevermind, the next one should be better?
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See No Evil, but many faults
mmsoberg8 February 2015
After the first movie came out in 2006, I took a liking to it. It was a great source of mindless violence to get lost in for 2 hours or so, which is OK, sometimes you feel like watching something mindless. Thus, I was expecting great things from this movie, or at the very least, of it to live up to it's predecessor.

However, this movie flat out disappoints in every way possible.

The predictability is crushing, the facepalm moments are plenty, and I found myself shaking my head for the majority of the movie. It is the typical 'killer knows where everybody is, all the time- and manages to beat everybody to every destination- meanwhile the characters make stupid and convenient decisions for him" scenario.

But wasn't it the same for the first movie in 06? Yes, and no. This one is orders of magnitude worse.

This movie was on my top "to watch" list, and I am sad that it did not do better than anticipated, and by the looks of the other reviews, and the rating, it didn't live up to anybody else's expectations.
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Great, Fun, Old School Slasher Movie.
jrenglund198123 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I grew up with the originals. Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees. See No Evil 2 is a nice throwback to the old school slasher flick. The first See No Evil had it's up and downs. Directors Jen and Sylvia Soska pick up those pieces and have given slasher fans something they can really enjoy. The cast is great. Halloween alumni Danielle Harris is always a great strong addition to any movie. Katharine Isabelle plays great over sexualized lunatic with an odd fascination for murder and Jacob Goodnight. Jacob is of course played by the devils favorite demon, WWE Superstar Kane. Kane plays a deranged psychopath perfectly, a little to perfect, haha. Michael,Jason, and Freddy have a new buddy in Jacob Goodnight. I really hope See No Evil 3 happens.
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Entertaining nightmare
tholzhausen24 October 2014
When the DVD hit my mailbox, I had mixed feelings about what to expect from SNE2. On the one hand, you have the Soska Sisters - I enjoyed "Dead Hooker" and "American Mary" a lot and I like their style. Although at the beginning of their career, they already developed a very unique way of telling their stories. On the other hand you have a movie from a genre that's been declared dead a couple of times, produced by WWE - known for light family entertainment, but not for gut-wrenching horror (as far as I know). Plus, I didn't watch part 1. So I joined this party not knowing what to expect.

And I must say, SNE2 was worth every minute of my time. It's not "the" perfect slasher and for my taste it could have been a little more explicit in the blood 'n guts department. But here's what you get: You have a weird setting coming straight out of a nightmare; corridor after corridor, locked doors everywhere, dim light and a pretty illogical architecture. You have a killer that is simply everywhere, like the boogeyman or the thing under your bed (it will get you one day, be assured!). You have characters that seem totally cliché at first, but they develop and when it's their time to die, you really feel for them. Not only because you were getting used to them, but also because in these extreme situations they don't act like rational super-humans or like "the good girl" or "weelchair guy" but like real, ordinary people in deadly panic. And people in panic sometimes follow the same irrational nightmare logic the architect used when planning the morgue in which their dying takes place. And finally: You have a death scene that in my eyes ranks amongst the most aesthetic and beautiful deaths in movie history. What first came to my mind was the legendary chopped-off-arm-in-front-of-white-canvas in "Tenebre". And there's more scenes like this, not as gory, but equally well arranged. Just plain beautiful shots you wouldn't expect in a simple slasher. I love the Soskas for creating scenes like this.

So, all in all, the Twisted Twins didn't re-invent the Slasher genre. You won't hide behind the couch. You don't have to repeat "It's only a movie!". But hey: Last time I had to do this was when I was 12 years old watching Nightmare on Elmstreet on my little black and white TV alone. Jacob Goodnight is a great new face for the good old business of slaying teenagers (or young adults) that are into premarital sex, drugs and alcohol. And the Soskas actually made this a really entertaining and in parts even aesthetic experience.
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I remember enjoying the first film.
Hellmant31 October 2014
'SEE NO EVIL 2': Three Stars (Out of Five)

'SEE NO EVIL 2' is the sequel to the 2006 cult classic slasher flick 'SEE NO EVIL', which starred professional wrestler Glenn Jacobs (also known by his popular character name 'Kane') as a maniacal psychopath named Jacob Goodnight. This time Goodnight is loose, on a killing spree, at a city morgue. It costars Danielle Harris, Katharine Isabelle, Chelan Simmons, Kaj-Erik Erikson, Greyston Holt and Michael Eklund. The movie was written by first time film writers Nathan Brookes and Bobby Lee Darby and directed by the Soska sisters (twin sister film writers, producers, directors and actors that specialize in twisted slasher flicks). I think it's good to see Jacob Goodnight in a movie again, and it's beautifully shot, but it's also extremely slow- paced, in places.

The movie takes place immediately following the events of the first film, with the dead victims of that story being transported to a morgue; including Jacob Goodnight (Jacobs). One of the graveyard shift workers there (Harris) is celebrating her birthday with her friends, who surprised her at work. When it turns out that Goodnight isn't really dead, their party is quickly interrupted. Another killing spree follows.

I remember enjoying the first film; although not thinking it was a great horror flick, by any means. I did really like the killer though, Jacob Goodnight, and thought it would be cool to see him in future installments. I'm surprised it took eight years but I'd say this movie mostly met my expectations. I don't think it's better or worse than the original and I do think it's nicely directed, by the Soska sisters. It would have been nice if they had a better script to work with though; this film is so slow-paced, at times, it does feel like it's a 60 minute movie stretched to 90 minutes. It is a treat to see 'scream queen' Danielle Harris starring in the movie, as well though, and there are some nice twists, at the end.

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Kane this guy make a good movie ?
movieman_kev31 December 2014
The only possible 'good' thing that I can attribute to this train-wreck of a film is that it almost makes me want to retroactively change my rating for the similarly atrocious first movie in this franchise and give it another star just so I can rate this one lower.

Anyways, Jacob Goodnight (WWE's Kane),comes back to life to kill incredibly dumb teenagers in a morgue, while contending with flashbacks to his overbearing religious nut of a mom The film's haphazard, illogical and doesn't have a scary bone in it's body. Not recommended except for perhaps the most lenient of slasher fans.

My Grade: D-
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Evil Again
view_and_review23 February 2016
What's not to like about frolicking, fornicating, partying young adults being brutally murdered one by one? "See No Evil 2" liberally borrows from "Friday the 13th". If you've watched "See No Evil" and you're reading this review then you know that Jacob (Kane) wasn't killed. I know, absurd huh? Well, there's your "Friday the 13th" mimic. A giant of a man that's nearly impossible to kill--slaughtering young adults. Oh yeah, and he wears a mask.

This movie was a kick back light weight slasher. There was blood, of course, but it was fairly tame. They gave us the obvious favorites to live and the clear favorites to die. Just like all slasher films; dumb decisions will be made, the laws of physics don't always apply and the killer is omnipresent. If you're not bothered by these oft-repeated truisms then you'll enjoy.
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The Soska Sisters ROCK this sequel!!
lourusconi23 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First off, let me get the spoilers out of the way: PEOPLE FUC*ING DIE IN THIS FILM!! OK? This is a very cool film that is PROUD to be one in the SLASHER GENRE. I would rather see SEE NO EVIL 2 in the theaters than the long list of crappy 'horror' films that clutter the malls now. SEE NO EVIL 2 is a simple, fun return to Slasher films like Friday The 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc. I miss films like this! The writing, pacing, character developments, special fx, everything are very well put together. Everything that the Soskas have done so far has been gold: Dead Hooker In A Trunk was fun and offbeat and American Mary was exceptionally unique! See No Evil 2 picks up where the first one ends and has WWE Wrestler KANE whooping butt on the screen and as menacing a character has not been seen in a while. Danielle Harris is incredible once again (if you don't know her, you are not a horror fan!), and American Mary star Katherine Isabell is fabulous, sexy and funny! Kaj-Erik Eriksen was great too! Everyone in the film performed well and the great part is the focus on the female characters and how the Soska's take them to different territory and not just used so much as 'Final Girls'. I salute the Soska's and I believe that anything they are involved in will have a great deal of integrity and awesomeness. I highly recommend SEE NO EVIL 2 to any Horror Fan who pines for the old 1980's heydays of stalk and slash and GRUE. IF YOU LOVE HORROR FILMS YOU WILL ENJOY THIS!!!
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"Uber self-aware 1980's slasher love letter"
rockintvo23 October 2014
That quote is directly from the Soska sisters who directed this sequel which encompasses everything the movie is. It doesn't try to be groundbreaking or "unique" because it follows an age-old formula that carries the film without seeming gratuitous or redundant. It's a nod to the slasher sub-genre while still containing the Twisted Twins' patented style.

Featuring original and gory kills, this film is simply a fun ride. A fun ride with a phenomenally talented cast. Being a long time fan of Katharine Isabelle and her recent involvement with the Soska's in "American Mary" I knew this film was gonna be a treat and I was not disappointed. The involvement of renowned "Scream Queen" Danielle Harris cements the performances as something to watch. While the storyline is not original the obvious heart and talent behind the movie doesn't allow that to get in the way, boasting likable characters you find yourself rooting for.

This film is a breath of fresh air in the horror genre and yet another success from the Twisted Twins who are definitely filmmakers to keep your eye on. Basically, if you like to have fun you will like this movie.
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Well done
teresarparker23 October 2014
I sat there at Screamfest not knowing what to expect having been the only one alive to not see, See No Evil. Not only was the acting top notch the story had me guessing. As someone who loves to unravel the mystery before the plot I could not. Well done all the way around. I gave it 8 out of 10 because I reserve 9, or 10 for no film. So first you have a film to live up to and as I said I didn't see the first. But the fact that this film didn't require seeing the first one, I felt in luck. Then as the story unfolds you start to realize you're not only in for a foreboding ride but you're going to be treated to some damn fine acting. Those who might criticize this aspect might want to try acting before doing so. It had subtlety and nuance with an understanding of character study. Lastly the directing tag team (couldn't help myself there) was brilliant, really top notch. Well done!
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A trashy and redundant sequel to an already trashy and barely-tolerable horror film
StevePulaski22 October 2014
WWE Studios is on a roll with creating and following up franchises with films nobody wants to see. Not even a month ago, I wrote a scathing review of the abysmal Leprechaun: Origins, a film which served as the origins story for the Leprechaun killer, who can now put on his resume that he has lasted over three decades in films. Did we really need another film about the famous killer leprechaun, much less an origins story that strips the series right down to about the blandest reworking possible? Now we have See No Evil 2, a sequel to the 2006 film, which became the first feature-film by WWE Studios not to feature Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in any way, shape, or form. Instead, they took the beefy, hulking wrestler Glenn "Kane" Jacobs as a serial killer hunting a plethora of delinquents assigned to clean up an abandoned hotel as part of their community service. The film did middling numbers at the box office and I assumed that was the last I was ever going to see of Kane's character Jacob Goodnight.

On the contrary, in fact, as See No Evil 2 now exists, serving as a trashy and redundant follow-up to an already-trashy and barely tolerable horror film. See No Evil's novelty, at the time, was the creation of a new character played by a physically intimidating professional wrestler, making for a mildly intriguing combination. The flaw with the film was its blatant indifference and its routine line of mutilation and scare tactics that held little ground for the film's runtime. Those who condemn the original Saw film for its graphic depictions of torture and mutilation often never acknowledge the film's twisty storytelling ability or use of audience-deception in order to provide an outcome, but See No Evil almost felt like Saw without the artistry to it, as if it had all been robbed in order for cheap shock value.

This sequel concerns a trio of employees working the graveyard shift at a morgue, Amy (Danielle Harris), Seth (Kaj-Erik Eriksen), and their handicapped boss Holden (Michael Eklund). We get innocuous but mildly-entertaining character development as we see Seth clearly wants to date Amy, but can't muster the courage to ask her out. Amy plans on going out with friends to celebrate her birthday, but her plans are put on hold when a call comes in about nine bodies coming in from the local abandoned hotel after a murderer went on a bloody killing spree a few hours prior. The bodies, along with the body of the presumed-dead killer, Jacob Goodnight (Kane), are in the mix of being trafficked over when Amy's friends decide to bring the party to the morgue.

After two intelligent friends of Amy's decide to fondle and have sex near the corpse of Goodnight, Goodnight proves to still be alive and well (in an anomaly of a coincidence being that we heard the paramedics pronounce him dead just a few minutes prior) and ready to unleash hell by killing every last living thing in the morgue he was brought to. We watch an endless array of vicious brutality captured in the dingy, lowlit halls of the morgue that makes an already indistinguishable slasher in story and approach further indistinguishable with its poor visual scheme.

One of the worst things that can happen to a horror film, worse than predictability, monotony, jump scares, an incoherent storyline, or poor acting, is when the visual scheme becomes too dark and indecipherable. When this happens, it is the most miserable experience because the most important aspect of a film, being able to watch it, has been lost and comes and goes against your will. While See No Evil 2 isn't the most indistinguishable horror film I have yet to see, it does have a frustrating lack of clarity at times, and because the hallways of its setting are so poorly lit, being the film takes place at night, make an already disorienting environment even more-so disorienting in the dark.

On top of that, for all the killing and running around taking place, See No Evil 2 just never becomes very interesting, relentlessly relying on convention and foreseeable torture to the point where both it and its predecessor could become viable examples for the bare basics of slasher filmmaking. Even Jacob Goodnight has desperately little personality, as we see his neglectful and abusive childhood through disjointed flashbacks, which feel like nothing but narrative reiterations in case we forgot the original See No Evil (which, in that regard, the more I think about it, the more that inclusion seems like a good choice).

Nonetheless, after an opening that admirably relies on slowburn techniques, allowing the characters to converse casually before things take a lethal turn, See No Evil 2 becomes derivative and repetitive, and merits a watch only if you haven't properly got into the season through decorating or watching better horror films.

Starring: Glenn "Kane" Jacobs, Danielle Harris, Katharine Isabelle, Chelan Simmons, Kaj-Erik Erikson, and Greyston Holt. Directed by: Jen and Sylvia Soska.
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Fantastic sequel that receives unfair amounts of hate.
chrisbarker18723 October 2014
I find this film to be a very solid sequel. The first was an okay film (which I enjoy) as rated by critics, it gave what could be a new iconic horror movie villain in Jacob Goodnight. So, after 8 years they made See No Evil 2, which in my opinion, is a very, very solid sequel and is far superior to the first. It stars Danielle Harris who is one of my favourite actresses and who starred in some of the Halloween films (which is my favourite franchise) and I think she is the main reason why this film is good. Her acting is top class and she succeeds as a very strong heroine for the film. As for Kane, his act was much stronger and creepier than the first. The plot is basic, decent. The setting and the score are both creepy and effective. The acting was good, the main character's were very likable and there was definitely some good character development. One thing I love about this film is that it gave nods to many other great slashers such as Halloween, Friday The 13th etc, and I think that's where it's main inspiration came from. All in all the film had a really solid script. It was very creepy, fast paced and a very worthy sequel which I don't understand why it is getting so much hate.
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A Terrific Movie
robricciuti23 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't think the original was bad but I loved the sequel. Maybe I was predisposed to give this a thumbs up because I like the twins, directors Jen and Sylvia Soska. I loved American Mary and Dead Hookers in a Trunk. And American Mary herself, Katherine Isabelle, does an amazing job in this. I'm not going to go into details about this movie because I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it but I will say SPOILER ALERT for the little details I do give and for those that may be able to read between the lines. Glenn Jacobs aka Kane from the WWE does a good job as Jacob Goodnight who is brutal in a Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers way but unlike them not the strong silent type. He is just plain strong. If you get in his way bad things will happen to you. I really came to care about the people in this movie, some more than others, particularly Amy and Seth, coworkers at the morgue, played by Danielle Harris and Kaj-Erik Eriksen who are both fantastic. The bodies of Jacob Goodnight and his victims arrive at the last minute before Amy is to go out with friends to celebrate her birthday so now they have to bring the party to her. For this party, Drowning Pool's Let the Bodies Hit the Floor might be a more appropriate song choice than Happy Birthday to Me. It seems a lot of the hate for this movie is the dislike for the ending. Either because of something they saw coming or more so didn't see coming and didn't like. Maybe because it didn't adhere to slasher formula and give them the ending they expected and or wanted. I think the ending was different. But different isn't bad. Predictable isn't bad. Unless you like to use the old standby,"it was OK," a movie is either good or bad and this one in my opinion is good from beginning to end. But you will just have to watch and judge for yourself. But do watch. This movie kicks butt. Like a psychopath on a murderous rampage in a morgue ;)
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overacting by the hyped Katherine Isabelle
trashgang19 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Even as the original See No Evil (2006) wasn't a big hit still there were rumours of making a second one. And must I say that this one was hyped all over the community. The reason for that was simple, the Soska sisters were directing it. After their hit American Mary (2012) they even brought back in Katharine Isabelle. Also called the next big thing I must say that I liked her in American Mary but here she did overacted a bit. Still, the cast was made of all famous thespians of the horror genre, Danielle Harris for example and Michale Eklund.

So I thought that this one was going to deliver the stuff I was expecting from the Soska sisters and the thespians but I was left with a bitter feeling. Story is again a straight slasher but this time and by saying this many wont agree it's in fact Katherine Isabelle who tears down the level of this flick. Her overacting makes it sometimes a bit annoying and I was even glad when she finally got killed. Harris on the other hand is again great, she never let me down so far.

If you haven't seen the original don't worry it's easy to pick up this one because there are a lot of flashbacks involved explaining what happened in part 1 and what happened to Jacob, the killer.

The editing and the way it was shot is again sublime but it's the acting, sigh, by you know who this time that makes it a bit of a mediocre flick. But the way she's killed I did like.

Worth picking up, yes for all the great names in it, but overall a mediocre slasher.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5
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Fun slasher with some surprisingly strong character moments
jaguiar31326 October 2014
The story opens the same night as the massacre at The Blackwell Hotel, with pretty morgue attendant Amy (Danielle Harris) about to leave her shift and head out to celebrate her birthday. But, with bodies from the massacre heading in, Amy decides to stay and help her co-worker Seth (Kaj-Erik Eriksen) with the added workload… and thus her friends, including vixen with a morbid side, Tamara (Katharine Isabelle) decide to surprise her at the morgue with an impromptu birthday party. But, there is still some life in the prone corpse of vicious serial killer Jacob Goodnight (Glenn "Kane" Jacobs) and soon he rises from his slab, with an assortment of postmortem surgical tools at his disposal, to continue his work by slaughtering the "sinners" who are partying in the morgue. Will any of them escape alive as Goodnight seals them in and begins adding to the bodies already stored there?

With the Twisted Twins taking over from ex-porn director Gregory Dark, the film is an improvement over the first one and for some very surprising reasons. The Soskas are working from a script by Nathan Brookes and Bobby Lee Darby and thus it doesn't quite have the delightfully eccentric tone of Mary, that they wrote themselves but, it does have their style and does have a bit more fun with this slasher sequel than the deadpan and too-serious-for- it's-own-good first flick. And at first I was a little disappointed as the film started out and seemed to be a bit routine coming from directors whose work is anything but, until the second half suddenly cranks things up considerably and that's where the film surprised me a little bit. And it's not with the kills, which are cool, that the Soskas really got my attention with, but, with some surprisingly poignant moments between the characters, mostly involving Harris' Amy, that really resonated and really added something to the proceedings. It's been a while since I've seen a slasher/horror that took the time to have such nice character moments between the carnage and it really added to the endearment of those characters and the suspense of wanting them to get out of there moderately intact. The film also deviated at times from the slasher formula and that added some freshness to it and the Soskas, as with American Mary, give us some disturbingly gruesome moments but, without going overboard or being gross for gross sake like SNE #1. A little restraint makes the violent moments all the more effective when they do come… and there are a couple that elicited an out loud "whoa" from me as I watched. Add in some nice moody cinematography by Mahlon Todd Williams that takes good advantage of the city morgue setting and a nice score from The Newton Brothers and you have an entertaining little slasher that does have the usual slasher plot holes… such as, are there so few exits in such a large public building that Goodnight could seal them all on all floors and without anyone knowing, and why are the guests' cellphones locked in a safe?… but, it still entertains like it's supposed to.

As for the cast… "Kane" is as imposing as ever as Goodnight. Harris does really strong work here. Not only in creating a little depth for Amy, who has chosen a career that is obviously not popular with her family, but, really shines in some of those character moments I mentioned before. Amy is a strong, though slightly cynical, heroine with guts and a heart. She also has a nice chemistry with Eriksen, who is good as Seth. Seth is crushing on her big time and she knows it and the scene when they reveal their mutual feelings for each other works really well and the actors' chemistry makes it work despite there being a 7 foot madman stalking them at the moment. Isabelle is a hoot as the promiscuous babe with a dark side, Tamara. It's not a deep role as her Mary Mason and it seems like, this time, she's having some fun with a more ditzy part and letting Harris do the more serious emoting. Her postmortem lap dance for Jacob Goodnight's corpse is a fun number, to say the least. The rest of the cast are solid and despite Amy's brother Will (Greyston Holt) being a bit of a self-centered jerk, we have a fairly likable cast of supporting characters with Chelan Simmons as pretty blonde Kayla, Lee Majdoub as Tamara's boyfriend Carter and Michael Eklund as the chief morgue attendant Holden. A much more endearing bunch than the angry delinquents that populated the first flick.

So, See No Evil 2 may not be a classic but, it is a solid and entertaining slasher that has some surprisingly effective quieter moments in-between the well-orchestrated carnage. The Soska's bring the action and suspense, especially in the second half and even with it's barely 90 minute running time, give us some nice resonating character scenes bolstered by it's lead actors especially, Harris, who does some of her best work. And that's what impresses about the Twisted Twins the most… they can deliver some very sick and twisted moments but, can also deliver some poignant quiet moments in between, just like the little conversations between Mary and Lance in American Mary. Another intriguing film from two of the more original filmmakers out there.
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He's Back!
Rockandcolt23 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
No spoilers other than I loved the movie!

Jacob Goodnight (Kane) was back in in full effect (or affect). Too late to look for a definition. Making a return and adding bodies to his already hefty count. Big, scary and just as crazy as ever. The somewhat cult cast were incredible. I'm always drawn to movies with actors that I love. Danielle Harris and Katherine Isabelle were definitely one of the main reasons the film interested me! Added to the fact that The Soska Twins were directing was evident enough that I would have high hopes for this movie going in to it! Movie after movie I am completely amazed at how much I love their work and how much they have grown in the film industry.

From beginning to the end, it has a down right good feel to the whole thing! Just more proof that a good old slasher film will never get old.
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