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Interesting movie about absinthe.
brianbobbing3 June 2016
I had the pleasure of watching this movie last month. I did not know anything about Absinthe before watching this movie, so I did not know what to expect. The movie had a pretty good cast with some of my favorite actors of all time. I tried watching other movies about absinthe before, but I thought this was the best with the most research behind it. I wonder how long it took them to make it. It was really interesting how the movie went from documentary to narrative, and then back to narrative. I don't think I have ever watched a movie like this at all. It was definitely a lot of information to take in at once. I can not wait to see the movie again. I am sure I will learn even more about absinthe after I watch it again.
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Tasteful, educational doc.
araknidz-15 June 2016
I had the opportunity view this film back in February, and it was quite a pleasant surprise. The movie documents actual facts about Absinthe and does not play on the myths we have all been lead to believe are true. It is very well made and very entertaining. Surprisingly it is appropriate for the whole family. A little violence, nudity and language are implied, but nothing is said or shown. The little mini movies within the documentary were very clever and it was fun to see big stars playing historical characters. Roddy Piper's portrayal of Oscar Wilde was brilliant and very memorable. Two thumbs up! Highly recommended for anyone who is an enthusiast, history buff or looking for a good new documentary to watch. I was constantly engaged, and now i am eager to learn more (and drink more!)
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Dan Frank makes horrible documentary.
matthewcrew-7702627 May 2016
This is the worst documentary out there. There is so much cheesy about it, where do I start. All I know is that if you watch this you will be puking green absinthe's afterwards. The acting was utterly horrible. He uses a lot of washed up actors that can't get worked mixed with complete newbies that have never taken an acting class from what I saw. I felt it took away from me taking it seriously the way he dressed the women, who wore barely anything and it did not go with the them of the period. There was so much wrong in this film, that there can be no right. Sorry but I give it four thumbs down. I do feel that it could have been very special if only it had been done with a little more class and less ass. I am totally serious.
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