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Bradford International Film Festival 2014 Review – Costa da Morte (2013)

Costa da Morte, 2013.

Directed by Lois Patino.


A documentary about Spain’s ‘Coast of Death’.

In director Lois Patino’s debut documentary feature, Spain’s infamous Costa da Morte – ‘the Coast of Death’ – comes under scrutiny. Telling of the area’s history and myth through a panoply of long shots, Patino’s method of observation manages to be both visually sumptuous and ultimately, surprisingly probing of the local characters. Fundamentally, though, Costa da Morte has more to say about man’s place in the world, with an emphasis on our relative insignificance. It’s not a thought that leaves you cold – rather, you gaze in astonishment at Patino’s film.

There are no close-ups or medium shots in Patino’s film – the director’s long shots and extreme long shots spy at a distance. Sometimes the camera seems close to a mile away from the action, the human figures
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2014 Ann Arbor Film Festival: Official Lineup

The 52nd annual Ann Arbor Film Festival will be a jam-packed experimental feature and short film screening event running for six days and nights, this time on March 25-30.

Opening Night will feature a reception and an after-party, and stuffed between those will be a block of nine short films, including new ones by Bryan Boyce, Michael Robinson, Jennifer Reeder and Martha Colburn, as well as a never-before-released work by the legendary Bruce Baillie called Little Girl in which Baillie captured scenes of natural beauty.

Special Events scattered throughout the festival include a retrospective of indie filmmaker Penelope Spheeris that will feature her rock ‘n’ roll-based work, including the original The Decline of Western Civilization, plus The Decline of Western Civilization Part III, her influential punk film Suburbia (screening twice) and a collection of short films.

There will also be several films and presentations by filmmaking scholar Thom Andersen, such
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Nyff: 'Manakamana' and 'Costa da Morte'

The New York Film Festival (Sept. 27-Oct 14) is in its last few days; here's Glenn's thoughts on Manakamana and Costa de Morte.

I admire the Nyff’s commitment to what they deem the “avant-garde”. Extensive programming in this sidebar make it a rarity amongst modern high profile festivals. Nyff features no “midnight madness” section for horror, and comedies were few and far between, but if you’re interested in movies that the general public consider “boring” and “strange” then Nyff is for you. I unfortunately did not get to catch more than a very small sampling, but what I did manage to see was enticing and illuminating.

Two of these that make a compelling double feature are Manakamana and Costa da Morte? Both are very sparingly shot examinations of a natural landscape that has likely never seen before by most western audiences. The former, isn't actually a part from the avant-garde showcase,
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Nyff 2013: ‘Costa da Morte’ is an impressive visual delight from a proven cinematographer

Costa da Morte

Directed by Lois Patino

Spain, 2013

Characterized by the titled location, Costa Da Morte is an amorous tale like no other. A love affair between its maker, Lois Patino, and its coastal surroundings, the film is a small, intimate display of compassion between cinematographer and landscape. Capturing beauty and immortalizing natural liveliness is indeed accomplished with great triumph by the young director, but unfortunately for the masses, that same director might be the film’s biggest and possibly only fan.

Set in the Costa da Morte (Coast of Death), a region of Spain, the film documents the land by exploring the people who inhabit it, while encapsulating the varying terrain throughout the year. Getting its name from historical shipwrecks along areas of stormy and rocky shores, the film oversaturates its audience with explanations of its definition. Overexposed shots of fishing boats on roaring waves and thick fog plaguing
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Locarno 2013. Awards

  • MUBI
International Competition

Golden Leopard - Story of My Death, directed by Albert Serra

Special Jury Prize - What Now? Remind Me, directed by Joaquim Pinto

Best Director - Hong Sang-soo, Our Sunhi

Best Actor - Fernando Bacilio, El Mudo

Best Actress - Brie Larson, Short Term 12

Special Jury Mentions - Short Term 12, directed by Destin Cretton; Tableau Noir, directed by Yves Yersin

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Filmmakers of the Present

Golden Leopard for Filmmakers of the Present - Manakamana, directed by Pacho Velez & Stephanie Spray

Best Emerging Filmmaker - Costa da Morte, directed by Lois Patiño

Special Jury Prize - Mouton, directed by Gilles Deroo & Marianne Pistone

Check out our Notebook coverage of Manakamana.

Opera Prima

Best First Film - Mouton, directed by Gilles Deroo & Marianne Pistone

Special Mention - Manakamana, directed by Pacho Velez & Stephanie Spray
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