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Season 1

Episode #1.18
Joseph and Azenate share some truths about their love for each other. Later Joseph gets to manage Lady Sati's garden and makes a really good job of it.
Episode #1.19
Joseph and Azenate are caught kissing in the garden by her father so he plans to have him killed somehow with the help of Hapu. Potifar encourages Joseph's learning from Mitri, his scribe.
Episode #1.20
Potifar makes Joseph (Ricky Tavares) his steward but requires him to adopt Egyptian dress. He has a hair cut and turns into Ângelo Paes Leme.
Episode #1.21
Lady Sati is attracted to Joseph and begins a fruitless campaign to seduce him. When on her way to her consecration, Joseph pulls Azenet aside and kisses her passionately then tells her about his God, sowing doubts in her mind.
Episode #1.22
Sati tries to seduce Joseph but he refuses so she accuses him of trying to rape her and he is thrown into prison. Azenate's consecration begins but she cannot go through with it because of her love for Joseph.
Episode #1.23
Joseph finds the prison dirty and the food bad. There is a prison riot and some escape but Azenet manages to enter the prison and see Joseph. The warden is wounded and they both care for him.
Episode #1.24
Joseph tells Azanet the truth about Sati and she tells him she rejected becoming a priestess because of what he told her about his God. Joseph sets about organizing the prison for which the warden is grateful.
Episode #1.25
Potiphar delivers food to Azanet. She tells him the truth about Joseph and Sati. The chief cup bearer and the chief baker have dreams and Joseph interprets them that in three days one will be restored to his job and the other executed.
Episode #1.26
Pharaoh has two terrible dreams but no-one can interpret them. The wine taster remembers Joseph and tells the Pharaoh about him.
Episode #1.27
Pharaoh has Potifar bring Joseph to him to interpret his dreams which foretell 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine. So Pharaoh makes him ruler of Egypt, renames him Zaphenath-Paneah and declares that he will marry Azanet.
Episode #1.28
Joseph travels across Egypt and take Mitri as his scribe to list all the wheat fields. They set off unaware they are being followed by the servant Hapu who shoots an arrow at Joseph but misses and kills a peasant instead.
Episode #1.29
Joseph and Azanet are married. Seven years Joseph has a son and then the drought begins.
Episode #1.30
Egypt is being hit hard by the famine so Joseph opens the solos and beings to distribute the grain. In Jacob's camp, things are also hard and when the sheep start dying, he plans for the brothers to go to Egypt to buy grain.
Episode #1.31
The brothers arrive in Egypt. Joseph is stunned at the sight of his brothers bowing before him, reminded of his dream. Declaring them to be spies, he puts them in jail until they agree to go back home and then return with the youngest son.
Episode #1.32
Joseph arrives home upset and tells Azanet his brothers have arrived. He comes back to overhear them discussing what they did to him and weeps. He permits the brothers to leave but keep Simeon as hostage until they return with Benjamin.
Episode #1.33
In prison Simeon remembers how they threw Joseph into the pit and weeps. The brothers finally get home and feast but ultimately the food is gone and they need to go buy more but Jacob resolutely refuses to allow Benjamin to go.
Episode #1.34
Jacob decides Benjamin can go to Egypt with his brothers and sends them off to Egypt. Joseph gives them a banquet in his house then gives them leave to depart but not before he has had his silver cup secreted in Benjamin's sack of wheat.
Episode #1.35
The brothers are accused of stealing the Ruler's silver cup. They are taken back to Joseph for judgment but he finally breaks down and admits that he is the brother they tried to kill. But he forgives them all and is reunited with them.
Episode #1.36
Pharaoh tells Joseph to bring his family to Egypt and gives him chariots to bring them. The 5 brothers tell Jacob that Joseph is still alive and a powerful ruler in Egypt but it's only the Egyptian chariots that convince him.
Episode #1.37
Jacob is outraged when they tell him how they intended to kill Joseph but sold him as a slave instead. Simeon talks with his father and makes peace with him. They pack up the camp and move to Egypt.
Episode #1.38
'Jacob' arrives in Egypt - it is very emotional reunion. Many years later when he dies, 'Jacob' is treated with great ceremony by Egypt. 'Joseph' leads the burial procession to Canaan and sees his country for the first time.

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