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Silent_Gaurdian_11 June 2020
I guarantee that if the title were, "How to Build a Better Girl", there'd be an outrage. As a guy, I find the very title and concept of the movie offensive. There are a lot of guys who try our best to make the women in our life happy, who actually care. A movie basically outlining an ideology of how men "should" be to make them "better", could really hurt the self esteem of some young men who try their best. Wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone.
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Nothing good about this movie
rockyroseling10 June 2015
This movie is just awful in every way.

The main characters are nerds. You can tell because, you see, in Disney Channel Land glasses automatically means that they must be nerdy. And in the 2 beginning scenes the girls are getting picked on RIGHT IN FRONT OF TEACHERS! Someone would've said something to a teacher and most would've sided with the 2 girls. And of courses there's a obnoxious "hot" athletic dude that one nerd likes.

Yeah, this movie is incredibly cliché.

Not to mention, when Albert is taken away, the first girl is extremely conceited. She tells the other girl that he'll come back for her instead of, I don't know, fighting for your lives.

Also, Disney released another movie talking about "making boys better". (That movie was Zapped.) Disney, why do you care so much about how bad boys apparently are? Personally, and this a coming from a girl, at this age, boys are a lot less annoying than girls. But of course, girls are their main audience and those 11-year-old girls need something to watch when their boyfriend that they only had for a month breaks up with them. Or the girls who always post "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best." Facebook quotes.

Overall, really cliché and guy bashing movie.
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"Super cute candy sugar in my eye holes... Sir!"
khunkrumark4 March 2018
So what's an old man doing, reviewing a so-called 'DCOM'? Well, I'm an English language teacher in Asia, so I skim all these movies to see if there are any that are good enough for me to use in a classroom... that won't make me throw up!

Finally, Disney TV made a movie for teachers like me!

(I'll edit this down to an hour, add hardcoded subtitles and rename it 'My Robot Boyfriend!' and my young students will be gurgling all over this!)

So, here I am reviewing a Disney TV movie!

This movie is great fun. It's silly, of course and the idea of it is preposterous, but it's great fun for the audience it's aimed at. No hidden morality propoganda - other than it's good to have a best friend who's got your back!

It gets the 8 stars, NOT for being an 8-star movie out of all the movies ever made, but for being an 8-star movie in its class.

Kelli and all the young players are great and did their jobs well, but the real star of the show (for me) was Ieva Lucs who plays the seemingly uptight- but inwardly emotional, Major Jenks.

She delivers the best line of the movie. When asked to read off a witness statement about the handsome missing robot she says...

"Yes... she said he was 'super cute candy sugar in my eye holes and the honorary mayor of Hunky Town,' Sir!"


I would love to have seen the honorary mayor of Hunky Town have more fun with his super powers, but that's the little boy in me and this one is for the little girls!

Anyway, my point is that even grown ups won't have to have a bucket on stand-by when they sit down to watch this. It's fast moving, great fun and a super little modern fairytale.
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How To Build A Better Boy Is Better Than Most
marymarcusfiction21 August 2014
"How To Build A Better Boy" is a charming, beautifully written farce that is unlike most of these anodyne TV movies with teenage girls. First, the girls are the scientists, not the boys, and they are convincing scientists at that. I was laughing from the first five minutes in and I was touched at the end. Characters exceedingly well drawn, plot taut as a tightrope and within the confines of this genre, it shined with wit and humor. Girls will love this movie, and guess what boys will too. Everyone will. The robot they build was smooth, convincing and reminded me of a lighthearted "Terminator." This romp is a winner in every way!
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youyuzhen-0732321 April 2020
Ha, I don't know why I saw this movie. AHA. Can be regarded as history, the ugliest Disney film, in addition to the male master can watch a little bit, everyone else is ugly. Is that mean girI sure it's not from Thailand? And I speak French all day. Is it true that her brother, the lady, is not here to be a guest? Ha, like. If you don't like me, that's your problem. Right
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Weird science if Disney was involved.
bloomchanning26 September 2018
This movie just had me in shock and awe. Disney says this is original but I literally stood there in shock realizing that this movie is weird science in every possible way just with different characters genders. Weird science is actually funny with a good message. How to build a better boy is not funny and somewhat of an OK message. I honestly do not recommend this movie because the comedy does not stick. I didn't give a single crap about the characters the boy actually gave me a couple laughs but just to that only a couple of laughs. If you're a Disney fan boy then see It but for anyone who is not, don't watch this movie. Watch weird science, that movie is actually very funny.
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Perfect in every way
bkoganbing15 August 2014
A couple of veterans from the Disney Channel, Chyna Anne McLain and Kelli Berglund are best friends and science geeks. That does not guarantee popularity in those frustrating high school years and after being put down by the high school trend setting teen queen Ashley Argota these two decide to create a boyfriend in Berglund's father's laboratory.

What they don't know is that the father Roger Bart is considerably more than a video game designer. He works for Uncle Sam and is developing a new weapon. Instead of a virtual boyfriend to holograph every now and then, the girls trigger a prototype of a new robot whom they program to be the dream boyfriend that anyone would want. When the program is complete, tall, blond, athletic and sensitive Marshall Williams comes into their lives. The perfect boyfriend for every girl and gay man around. Definitely these girls have learned How To Build A Better Boy.

But it's not just Argota who's upset. The government has discovered someone has hacked into Bart's laboratory and has put the program in motion. National Security is imperiled.

Watching this film a whole lot of possibilities occurred to me. For instance if one got an army of these one could take over the world unless someone put a worm in the program. And the race to make bigger and better robot soldiers, an interesting possibility for this country and other budding economic giants.

Still this is a Disney teen film and the first order is to get Berglund a love life. Williams does this for her, but not the way Berglund and McClain thought it would happen.

Not a great film, but a pleasant enough comedy with teen angst in it from the Magic Kingdom.
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Two genius high school girls build a dream boat
jgoodman-la22 August 2014
Terrific movie by Disney standards and any standards. The cast was excellent, it was very well written and funny. I liked the scientists being girls (girls so badly need good geek role models!) I also thought the boy they created was great: a dream boy but he was so smooth and charming and funny in a completely easy way. Girls will relate to this one and boys will too. The old Disney Family Movie model is alive and well and really enjoyable. The ending was fast paced, action packed and full of sentiment though oddly not that sentimental. In short, this is a real winner. I would watch it again. And probably laugh in all the same places. If you are looking for family entertainment, this is the right pick.
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Classic Kids' Movie
chubbydave31 January 2015
This is a typical movie for kids. The movie is built on the like-ability of China Anne McClain. If you like CAMc, then you'll like the movie, and who doesn't like CAMc.

The movie starts with a conflict between China's BFF and a character played by Ashley Argota. The "bad girl" character is not something I'd expect see Ashley Argota play; plus, isn't she like 21 years old now? A little old to be playing a contemporary of China. Anyway, China's best friend said she had a boyfriend, and Ashley Argota doubted it so China, who plays a computer geek, decides to manufacture a fake online boyfriend.

She hacked into her dad's computer network to make up what she thought was a fake online boyfriend profile for her friend, but China didn't know that her dad was a defense contractor in the process of designing a super human robot soldier. China's hack activated this robot soldier who was programed to be China's BFF's boyfriend. It's a crazy story. And it's fun.

China thought she was just creating a fake online boyfriend who lives in a far away place, but imagine the surprise they got when the guy actually showed up at school. That's when the fun really started.

It's a fun movie. It's got a lot of laughs. It has a lot of adolescent hi jinx. But if you like China Anne, then you'll like this movie. And she is great in this movie.
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Bad Disney channel film, at least its not Zapped
ghostfiendghost21 January 2019
Another Disney channel flop another basic high school story with 1 thing different so they can market it This one isn't as bad as stuff like zombies or the 2018 Freaky Friday but its not unique or enjoyable enough to stand out.
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