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Give it 10 Stars for creepy Cleverness!
rebeccax526 July 2016
I've had to watch it twice. At first it seems very cheesy and idiotic. By the end it's BRILLIANT cheesy and idiotic! A real surprise, silly and bizarro. Meta-funny.

It don't want to give anything away, but i'll say you have to stick with it.

Yes, it is a scary movie and at first it seems VERY lame. By the end, it's BRILLIANT, very lame, a dark, funny comedy.

When I first put it on, after seeing a Netflx ad for it, I was immediately disappointed, so I started doing housework and barely paying attention. Then, I fell asleep and woke up halfway though. It was very trippy, so I restarted it and saw it actually paying attention. Very original and CLEVER,
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A bizarre, yet enjoyable experience
jtindahouse12 July 2016
'They're Watching' is a very strange viewing experience. It's almost impossible to fully understand what I mean by this without having seen the film yourself, but it's the tone that is utterly bizarre. The film shows immense patience for the first 98% of the run time and then just completely unleashes everything it has in the final 2%. The good news is that both sides of the coin are done well. The build-up is great and handled with class and then the conclusion gives the film some X-factor and memorability.

It's a found footage film, which despite copping a lot of flack, is still a very effective film-making method, allowing directors to create a very realistic feel in their films. The cast is unknown (at least to me) and yet perform well with a lot of charisma and chemistry. The story is slow-burning, but more than creepy enough to keep the audience on edge and and knowing that more is going on than meets the eye. The twist at the end is the icing on the cake and tops off a fine horror film very nicely.
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Such a gem of a movie
novoselac12 May 2016
I liked the trailer of the movie (which reminded me a little bit of Borat's misadventures in Kazakhstan), and decided to give it a chance. If you like a comedy horror with smart jokes and not just mindless killing, you will LOVE this movie. The script is cleverly written, with a funny story, that gave me so many laughs. Actors are unknown to me, but they did an amazing job portraying their characters. Even the "villagers" looked credible in their roles. The movie was shoot in Moldova so you will be able to see some authentic Eastern European scenery. Don't take the movie too seriously and you will have a great time watching it. I give it a well-deserved 9 star rating.
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Fear the Frogs!
scythertitus30 April 2016
Great found footage movie that doesn't get bogged down in over- seriousness and has a sense of fun, while at the same time being really creepy. The characters are likable enough and the dialogue works, you can really tell that a lot of thought went into the filming and that the whole thing must have been a lot of fun.

As for the story itself, it evolves at a nice pace and plays with audience expectations a bit, especially towards the end. There is something creepy going on at least every few minutes but a lot of it is in the background so you also get to know the characters quite a lot as the film progresses.

Overall this is a smart and enjoyable horror with a decent amount of comedy and character work thrown in. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't hate found footage movies and also say that for the most part the filming is actually important to the story in this case.
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A standard found-footage movie that manages to surprise
TdSmth52 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A TV reality show crew is in Moldova following up on an American pottery artist who bought run-down house out in the woods. She married some local guy and now 6 months later the crew is there to film what they did with the place.

The format of this movie is POV, who knew they will still using that awful format. So you know what that means...irrational behavior, complete jerk characters, and green nightvision! And They're Watching doesn't fail to deliver on all three.

We get 2 nasty characters, the boom operator and the lady producing the show. We follow 3 kids, the boom guy, the camera guy and some intern girl as they meet up with the producer who's waiting for them with the local real estate agent who sold the house to the artist. So we actually get to see some sights of Romania, playing Moldova, as the crew drives to the town, then to the house in the woods, then back to town.

One day the camera guy and the intern go exploring and decide to film everything...a point they make repeatedly in this movie. They run into some church ceremony and go inside. It's a funeral for 3 children. After getting in trouble they go to the local (and only) restaurant bar to eat and drink. Of course locals everywhere stare at them creepily. They learn that the town burned a witch alive 100 years ago.

The next day the crew returns to the artist's house to film. Her husband is out of the country. And they've done a great job turning a wreck of a house into something nice. But then the creepy locals start surrounding the house. The dog ends up dead of course, as all dogs do in movies. The crew's car is destroyed, there's no cell phone reception, someone ends up dead, they discover some secrets and...let's just say that the town isn't quite done with the witch story.

I dislike found footage movies. I hate those that feature nasty characters; and green nightvision just infuriates me. I'm not a fan of movies that don't do much of anything for most of the time and wait for the very end to give us story and action. Despite They're Watching being predictable in doing everything I dislike about POV movies, I'm going to give it a generous score. First, it features Romania and we do get to see some uncommon sights. The orthodox church ceremony scene, while short, was interesting. Unlike most of these movies that manage to cast only unattractive folks, They're Watching has the gorgeous and angelical Mia Faith...but it puts her most of the time...behind the camera!?! Dimitri Diatchenko does a great job as the colorful and likable local. 30 minutes before the end, things become deadly. 20 before the end we start getting some horror and gore. And for the last 10 minutes the movie goes completely bonkers. There are some real cool deaths and also some cheapo CGI gore and blood. Aside from the enthusiastic and strong ending, this movie also surprisingly has a musical score and more visual effects than any other POV horror movie I've seen.

Overall, a strong entry in this dreadful genre, that could have been even better had they set aside all the dumb stuff that these POV movie directors are apparently obliged to maintain. Of course had they ditched the format altogether they would have had a much better movie.
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they fooled me, it was a whole other reason that they were watching
trashgang14 June 2016
Horror that will have mixed emotions amongst the fans. Why, because it really is a slow burner. It almost takes until the end before the real horror comes in. But once it does, it's one to look forward to.

It do has a few of funny situations but it wasn't made to make you laugh. But you can see it coming, Americans going to Eastern Europe (Moldavia) to visit a woman who made it over there. But there's more going on. Slowly the people from the town are watching the Americans. So want to know what is going on and I admit, the frogs tricked me. I can't say what did happen, otherwise I spoil it all but it's easy to spot that the ending is the moment all the money was used. It's over the top that's true but it do works.

They're Watching is a mockumentary go wrong as we have seen so many times but it worked out fine for me. But again, its a love or hate thing.

Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 4/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
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Great stuff
livlovabi2 April 2016
I can't believe how many viewers don't seem to grasp that this is primarily a comedy, there are too many bad reviews based on the tremendously incorrect assumption that it was intended to be a flat out horror.

As a person who's watched many of the types of shows depicted in this movie and even gone house hunting in a similar country, this film is gold.

The only thing I didn't like were some of the characters choices near the end, you know, the typical bad horror movie choices that have you screaming at the screen "no! don't go into that room alone!". But given this is a horror spoof, this could have been intentional, as a spoof of your typical horror movie.

I don't want to ruin the movie so I'll keep it vague. There were some nice surprises, I was thoroughly entertained throughout, the cast were fantastic, found footage made much more sense than in most serious horror movies, and it had plenty of laughs for those of us familiar with the type of show/experience they're parodying.

It's not a block buster type movie, not made for pleasing the masses but it had that very unusual, unexpected gem quality about it. The kind of unheard of, under rated movie that comes along and happily surprises you.
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Bizarre and surprisingly awesome
druidyss28 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked it. The thing is, even though it seemed very slow to actually develop and nothing seems to happen really until the very end, I was engrossed in every bit of it. I just really wanted to watch their story. I didn't mind that it seemed to go on for a while, and it was necessary for the viewer to get the full story and see it come together in the end. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and it was oddly enjoyable.

This is where I feel the spoiler part comes in to my review, because I detail a little more than I would like if talking to someone who hasn't seen the movie. It made me rofl because the first major part of the movie was just watching their process, some stumbles in their travels and watching a vague tension develop between the film crew and the locals. When something climactic does happen it is brief and quickly de-escalates. Even at 50 minutes in, with 43 minutes to go, you are still waiting for something big, and you think it is about to happen but then it de-escalates again. But finally an hour in and just 30 minutes to go, things start to ramp up. But even then, tension is only a little elevated, but things go a bit faster and at 18 minutes left things are building for the big show. With 11 minutes left, this is what I found hilarious and maybe a little abrupt, it turns into a boss fight in a dungeon in World of Warcraft. Figuratively, of course. If you watch you will see what I mean. After watching all but 11 minutes of the movie up to that point I just was not expecting that. I was amused. I enjoyed the story that leads up to the climax I had long awaited, and it made me chuckle, which is a bonus. Definitely not a waste of time, in my opinion. Show everyone ;)
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Takes it's time but it's worth it
tamishawatt23 September 2019
Deffinitely takes slightly longer than your average "horror" move to show you the goods but it is well worth the wait. I love a good horror comedy and it blended it with a "found footage mtv cribs" style vibes that I loved, it actually made me forget for a while what I was actually watching. The ending is with 8 stars on it's own, anything else is a bonus.
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Not what I expected
robdot196414 July 2018
Took awhile for this to get moving, when it did, it totally surprised me. I can usually guess where a movie is leading me, not at his time. Hang in there, it's worth it
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Found Footage Original
rapid_randy25 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
After a wave of horrific "Found Footage" movies over the last year, here comes another one worthy of adding to the favorites list. It's not perfect by any means and goes over the top near the end but still very watchable and left me wearing a smile. What's made all of the "classic" movies of this genre work is taking the formula and adding your own personal touch to it. It's much like writing music in that respect. It's all been done before but just putting a few different things here and there is what keeps us coming back for more. Making a found footage movie just to make one, using the same tired story of a paranormal incident in the woods, only changing the cast members and title, is what gives this genre a bad name. "They're Watching" won't break the top ten but it's definitely worth your time if this is your sort of thing.
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Fun ride!
saphira_dragon-8027014 January 2019
It's spooky, it's funny. It's a fun little ride with a good twist!
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Smart, Funny, and a Little Bit Scary
wallacs29 March 2016
If you read a review of this movie calling it terrible, then rest assured, that reviewer didn't get what these filmmakers were going for.

They're watching isn't a horror film. It's a funny, campy statement on American reality show culture.

It's well done, truly. The special effects weren't supposed to be hyper- realistic, because nothing about "reality shows" is real.

I liked it. I thought it was a really cool effort. The script is tight, original, and funny. The film manages to make a cultural statement without being heavy-handed or preachy.

"Found footage" horror films aren't a groundbreaking idea, but the explanation for the footage is very cleverly done in this instance. The footage allows the tension to rise naturally for the audience while the cast stays blithely, willfully ignorant. The movie's climax is not unpredictable, but there's a respectable twist that I won't reveal here.

I thought the young cast was outstanding, especially the actress who played the homeowner.

Ultimately, I think this is an achievement in independent film making.
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Entertainingly daft fun.
jackstupidjack1 June 2019
This was a pleasant surprise all round, the standard of acting is pretty good, the dialogue all round is well-paced as well as no too corny. The narrative plods along nicely with some reasonable, if hackneyed creepy moments until the entertaining, unexpected climax, The characters allow the film to flow along while being annoying, you don't care about their fate, apart from the incredibly beautiful Mia Faith, who shines as Sarah. All in all, a good fun film.
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Reading reviews as funny as the movie
bloopville29 July 2016
A large portion of the reviews of this film explain why this is a very good film. To read that "nothing happened" and it "wasn't scary until the end" means that the film fooled some percentage of it's watchers. Of course, it is no more a horror film than a Simpsons or Family Guy episode with ghosts and witches would be a scary cartoon. It's just absurdist humor with purposely bad special effects. And, it's mostly hilarious. I rarely laugh at movie comedies. This was a total gag fest, and I had many hearty guffaws.

The only problem with it is the typical contrived "must keep filming even when all my friends are dying horrible deaths around me" conundrum of all found footage films. Other than that, it's a very enjoyable comedy.
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The ending is the cherry on top
rinsyn22 October 2018
It was no jewel, I mean your typical terrible movie, wannabe spooky creepy stuff,but as everything was revealed, boy oh boy did it become sooo bad that it's good. I was blown away with the terrible but awesome effects. So if you're into the so bad it's good type, then the ending will not disappoint. That ending alone deserved the 3 stars
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It's really bad, but I still enjoined it.
subxerogravity31 March 2016
When I saw the poster for this horror movie at a local theater I felt I give it a shot.

I was already not on the films side when I saw that it was a found footage film. It has to be really good to win me over now. It wasn't.

As...Interesting as it was to watch a reality TV show crew film an episode about some artist who has fixed up a crappy house she brought, located outside of an Eastern European village, and they were an interesting set of horror Archetypes, I'll give them that much, the whole thing ate far too much time and did hardly nothing to built up a movie that's suppose to be in the horror genre.

It's not like the horror movie, The Which that creeps you out for an hour than hits you with the strange, it's more like from Dust till Dawn where it starts as one movie and becomes another. Although comparing this movie to From Dust Till Dawn is an insult to From Dust till Dawn.

Once the horror begins, the cheese is layered on far too think on this Ham sandwich. I saw this at a movie theater. I'm wondering how a film with the type of special effects I've seen done far better by kids on You Tube videos gets any sort of theatrical run. It's embarrassing for everyone involved.

But I have to give the movie some credit. After the smoke cleared and everything was all over, I could not help but to laugh out loud by how God awful this picture was. I sure hope that it was the filmmaker's intention to make the movie this campy, because all this "horror" film is worth is a good laugh.

I think I can put this in the so bad it's good category. I totally recommend you see it, cause in the end it was an enjoyable bad.
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A comedy with a twist!!!
Priest619 April 2016
Just finished watching this film and I have to say... it's decent.

I started my rating at a 6/10 and would tick off or add on .5 points every time I saw something I disliked/liked. There were many details that this film failed with that kept it from being higher than a 7. Small details such as the film experts complaining about how expensive the equipment is, then laying it in the middle of the ground and leaving it shortly after. Small details such as a woman standing outside of a window for twenty straight minutes and no one thinking that something might be up.

To keep things short, this movie is a Comedy. Dark Comedy? Maybe. Horror? Definitely not. The only thing horror about this is the creepy glances that the natives give the visitors every once in a while, and even those aren't scary.

Should you watch this movie? Yes! I found a lot of the humor, well, humorous. Which is rare in most "comedies" nowadays. Even in the last quarter I found myself laughing (when a certain someone dies and Alex runs back into the house, that was absolutely brilliant). A lot of people are saying "nothing happens until the last twenty minutes" but they're wrong. A lot happens, it's just not what they wanted to happen.

Also, kudos to the actors for giving life to what would've have been a complete failure of a movie! Even Mia Faith brought character to a stereotypical Spoiled, Rich Blonde character.
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Totally Badass Ending
eventlaunch1 August 2020
Yeah this movie has problems as it's supposed to be a found footage film and yet has quality camera work a good score and usual found footage not found footage tropes however don't let that from making you miss out on a other wise supringly great movie, good acting great script and fab direction with a wow ending makes this a gem not to be missed, loved it.
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A quite good horror movie that falls in the last 15 minutes
bachemar3 December 2018
What a shame. I shrugged when I saw the rating on here and figured I'd be in for a pretty terrible movie. However, up until the last 15 minutes or so I thought this was a really fun and entertaining movie. The acting is good, the script is decent and I was enjoying the movie quite a bit. Unfortunately at the end the filmmakers decide to pull out all the stops and throw in quite a lot of cgi/special effects that, due to the budget, are quite terrible. It turns a quite enjoyable movie into a bunch of schlock. . The actual ending itself isn't necessarily bad either, it's just the effects that will make you cringe. 7 rating for the whole film. 2 rating for the cgi.
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Precious jewel
rinsyn22 October 2018
So bad it's good content,enjoy the sheer terribleness that makes it so awesome. Your mind will be blown.
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Just terrible
erika_pattison26 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is awful. Just awful. The special effects at the end are so bad they are bordering on offensive. By the end of this film I was wishing the witch would jump out of the screen and just kill me so I didn't have to watch it anymore. How did this complete pointless nonsense even get the funding to be made? My favorite part was the credits at the end would of rather watched two hours of them. The acting was dire, the storyline was like something rejected by a true movies specials marathon. Seriously do yourself a favor and watch something else. Maybe a documentary about paint drying or how they make church steeples or just go to bed. If you like films this is not for you, this is not a film it's a pile of pants.
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Nothing Happens Until The Last Twenty Minutes
HorrorOverEverything25 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So the movie opens with a glimpse at the end of the movie, and I can understand why they did this because the end was the only good part of the whole film. What follows is an hour and twenty minutes of pointless filler.

The TV crew goes to their hotel - Nothing happens

The TV crew goes to a house in the woods - Nothing happens

The TV crew goes to a restaurant - Nothing happens

Then that repeats, the TV crew goes to those three exact places again and again nothing happens.

Finally in the last twenty minutes things pick up, and honestly it is pretty cool. The FXs are not perfect but the chaos is pretty awesome & fun to watch. However, as cool as the last twenty minutes are they really don't make up for the fact that 80% of the movie is really nothingness. There are no great characters, there is no interesting dialogue, there is a love story that goes no where, and that is really it.

In my opinion this would have worked better as a segment in the "VHS" movie franchise, there just wasn't enough content here to make a full length film. The ending is cool, but the rest of the movie is very boring.

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Another Awful Found Footage Horror Film
claudio_carvalho17 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The American artist Becky Westlake (Brigid Brannagh) buys a derelict house in the countryside of the remote Moldova in the Eastern Europe to work with ceramics and to live with her boyfriend, the football player Goran Potsnik (Cristian Balint). Six months later, the American producer Kate Banks (Carrie Genzel) and her crew consisting of the cameraman Alex Torini (Kris Lemche), the audio operator Greg Abernathy (David Alpay) and newly hired assistant Sarah Ellroy (Mia Faith) arrive in Moldova. The local real estate agent Vladimir Filat (Dimitri Diatchenko) guides the group to Becky's house and they schedule the shooting. Meanwhile, Greg, Alex and Sarah do not respect the residents and they film everywhere, including a funeral, irritating the locals. On the night before the final shooting, they go to a bar to drink with the locals to make peace. However, Sarah is drunk and shouts "witch" to Kate and they need to flee to the hotel. On the next morning, they go to Becky's house and their van is completely destroyed and they are stranded in her house. Further, Vladimir was killed while seeking for help and during the night, they discover that they are under siege of the villagers. What will happen to them?

"They're Watching" is another awful horror film in this dreadful and lame found footage genre. The story, screenplay and edition are also terrible, with stereotyped characters and senseless plot point. Americans are arrogant, disrespectful and stupid; locals are underdeveloped and superstitious; and the lead character is a powerful witch without any explanation. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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iamtherobotman8 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I've given this a 4 out of 10 mainly due to the ending of the film. Up until that point the story was OK, obvious, but OK. A Witch legend in darkest, deepest Eastern Europe. It was generally handled quite well, never scary or overly suspenseful but pleasant enough to watch. We had the standard characters - The bitchy boss woman, the arrogant stoner, the woman's man and slightly ditsy blonde as the film crew, all played their parts well enough. Outwith that we had the lovable local the Artistic woman deciding to leave the big City for country life and the Footballer Boyfriend who came across more of a cocksure Boyscout than a Professional Footballer.

As i say all was going along as expected until the last five minutes and for some reason it decided to go all Disney on us. It just didn't fit with the rest of the film and had the feel of a Script writers child had got their hands on the final draft and rewrote it as a five year old would have a film end. It was never a great piece of film making but the ending just completely ripped it apart and ruined it totally.
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