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Worth watching...It's not a remake, not a reboot and not based on existing material.
markdinatale14 January 2017
I want to commend the filmmakers on this film. There was a lot of bad press about it even coming from the studio as writing it off as a loss before it was even released.

My kids (11 and 8) have been wanting to see it since we saw a trailer ages ago. I thought the concept was a bit crazy, but it did seem like fun.

After reading that Paramount was already writing it down as a loss, pretty much told me the movie must not be that good. I didn't want to not take my kids just because of that.

Cut to today. We saw the fist showing this morning. I have to say the movie was a lot of fun. It called back to films from the 80's when I was a little film-goer. Director Chris Wedge really made a fun film that has monsters and trucks, it truly lived up to it's title. I feel like he (the director) was really pulling from films like the Explorers, Flight of the Navigator, and a bit of Gremlins. Funny, action packed and not long for the sake of being long like so many movies today. It told a cute story and let us on our way.

About halfway through the movie, I realized why I was enjoying it. It was not something from another property, no comic book characters, it wasn't a sequel. It was something to get wrapped up in and enjoy.

I just wanted to say that we really enjoyed it and I hope more people give it a chance. It's not going to solve the world's problems, but it's certainly going to entertain you. First thing my 11- year-old said after it was over was, "Can we see this again tomorrow?" Not sure if there is a better admission of how fun it was.

Very fun!
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Good, fun flick for all ages
davepond16 January 2017
Not sure why so many are hating on this one, or basing reviews on what happened before it got to screen.

Took my 4-, 8-, 12-year-olds to see it on Saturday. All three of them enjoyed it, and I did, too. Simple enough story for the kids to understand, with little in the way of violence, profanity, sex to battle through.

Acting was good, as was the CGI. don't go in expecting The Godfather or anything -- but for a family-friendly flick with a good message, this serves its purpose extremely well. The "monsters" are cute enough for the most part and, when they bare their teeth, it's Star Wars-level "scary", if that makes sense.

Overall, check it out.
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Well directed movie and action scenes
Jon_Snow_2122 January 2017
When I saw the trailer for this movie, I thought it was going to be bad but fun. I was surprised at how good it was but it had a few flaws.

First of all, this movie is extremely well made. Recently, I noticed kids movies were going down in quality. What I mean is that they are more badly filmed these days. This movie is extremely well directed. There's no shaky cam or badly filmed scenes.When you go see a movie that got 4.2/10, you expect the scenes to be badly filmed but no. It's very solidly filmed, even the action scenes. This makes for an entertaining movie.

The action scenes are pretty good in this movie. There are two main scenes and they are extremely well filmed. When I saw the reviews from this movie, I knew right away not to believe them because I know Chris Wedge is a good director and he did well with these action sequences. This is the guy that made Epic and Ice Age. He's very good.

The story is alright but you couldn't really expect it to be super complex. It's a movie about driving monster trucks. Enough said. That being said, it may be simple but it holds up well with the good directing. The critics will say what they will but no one could expect a complex movie from this. It's nothing new but it works well.

The acting wasn't that good. I thought that Lucas Till would be better. Jane Levy was not bad and the bad guy was menacing enough. Something that I found weird in this movie is that they accidentally murder people and it's okay. There's a scene where Tripp's truck jumps onto another one and it gets crushed and goes sliding 20 feet and everyone just goes off as if nothing happened even though that guy is clearly dead.

While not groundbreaking, Monster Trucks holds up quite well. It's very well directed and has good action scenes. This makes for an entertaining movie.
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Great fun for kids
ross-988-4366103 January 2017
I took my youngest child, six years old (nearly seven), to see this yesterday. He bounced around like Tigger the whole way through, and only paused to turn around once in a while to tell me "This is the best movie ever!" This coming from a boy who loves everything from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Top Gear (and Grand Tour), to Tractor Ted and Octonauts.

As an adult, it was a perfectly acceptable way to spend a couple of hours enjoying the company of my child. There's not a lot to the story, so if you've seen the trailer you won't be surprised. The monsters straddle the line well between being "monstrous" and cute (my boy acted suitably scared until it became clear that the monsters were on the good side, after which he loved them).

He came out of the cinema asking when it would be available on DVD, so on balance a glowing recommendation from a 6 year old and a warm fuzzy one from me.
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Good fun.
Greenzombidog8 January 2017
A young loner discovers a monster in a junkyard and finds he can use it to power his car. Soon he befriends the monster and sets out to help it find it's way home.

Great special effects and some good performances from some likable lead actors makes this an enjoyable movie to watch. Don't expect the plot to hold up to well under strict scrutiny but it is a kids film after all. There are some good positive messages about family and friends with a little bit of a green message too but nothing heavy handed.

The monster is very likable and the film has some funny moments too. Definitely recommended. I know I would have loved this as a kid and would have certainly enjoyed the action scenes in the second half of the movie. I can imagine younger kids of today having fond memories of this movie in the future. I just hope people give the movie a chance.
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Great Family film
Chris Stimpy Trickett8 January 2017
Starts off by giving little information about some of the core characters. Slowly building up to the first meeting with "creech".

My Kids absolutely loved it, they don't care about CGI, does it look like another, or how hammy some of the acting may be. They wanted to see an fun, entertaining film, and they certainly got that!

In some ways the creature reminded me of "Toothless" from How to Train a Dragon, but that would be down to it being a child.

Overall, the plot was great for a family movie, few minor plot holes, but the kids didn't notice that (nor should they tbh)

Overall, I took the kids knowing what the film was about and what to expect, and it was delivered.
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Great film to watch with your sons.
regencyroofing-94-7679938 January 2017
Watched Monster trucks today with my five year old son and we both loved it. He was pretty much glued to the screen the entire time and he got a bit teary at the end! The film centres on a lad who spends all his spare time building a truck at a junkyard he helps out around, three undiscovered squid like creatures escape from a nearby oil drilling project. One of these finds his way into the truck and ends up powering it and of course the usual bad guys want it back story line evolves. Nothing new in terms of originality or plot, in fact it had so many plot holes it was ridiculous but it's a kids film. Actors did a good job and the monsters were likable. Quite a lot of action and humour too, it's never dull. Definitely a boys/male film I think in my opinion. a kind of a cross between "the legend of the waterhorse", "ET" and "Herbie" Recommended.
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Quirky but brilliant family film
gerry barnaby Film Reviewer26 December 2016
From the creator of ice age bring you a great little quirk film Monster trucks that will touch you heart & bring you to tears & laughter , this film truly is one of the guilty pleasure film that a across ET meet Herbie that you sure will love.

I went in to this film not knowing what to expect other than what was shown in the trailer, i was presently surprised on how good this film is for what it was , i loved the concept of this film as it not just one of the creatures from out of space type of film which is refreshing.

It's some much different which gives this film is edge , you really can help but fall in love with this creature he called screech , as it got this lovable adorable funny sense of humor for a creature that give it a personality which is great for the film.

Lucas Till is brilliant giving us the type of person that from a broken family , the step dads a bit of a jerk but he's brilliant playing this role who befriends screech together they make this film's adventure just that special brilliant chemistry between the characters as well really sell the film.

Jane Levy co-star playing the young girl who has a crush on Tripp playing the quirk girl reminds me of Lindsey Lohan character from Herbie in a way just as a side character as she unwittingly gets involved in trying to get screech home.

The the visual effect on the C.G.I is brilliant done , special when the design of the creature is brilliant done. One thing that stop this film from being one of those boring flopped film's IMO is the melt your heart moment in the film seriously touches you heart put a tear in your eye's.

It's beautifully done moments along with the action make this a worth while film to watch with your family , special ending the film was a beautiful way to end this type of film which i think a sequel could be done.

Dislikes : There is one moment in the film that a little unrealistic but this is a PG so you cant really have to much violence in this film.
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What the world needed
MonsterTrucker31 December 2016
Monster Truck is one of the greatest movies ever made, move over godfather, Monster Trucks is king. With a very deep narrative, beautiful animation (Seriously sometimes I can't even tell if something is cgi or not) and comedy that rivals the greats such as Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart and the greatest of them all, Adam Sandler, Monster Trucks will leave you on your knees begging for more.

I'm afraid that people are not ready for monster trucks. It has some fierce competition this January with movies like xXx and Resident Evil. Monster Trucks really should have been a summer movie or a Christmas movie, But unfortunately is has to compete with Heck Yeah! Its January! Where companies put out their better (but more experimental) films (Which I think is an insult to Monster Trucks because that movie is way out of those other movies leagues)

Monster Trucks will save us, but it needs your help. If you want Monster Trucks to save us from Trump, Kathleen Wynne, War, World Hunger and will even be there for you to save you, buy your tickets for Monster Trucks, because when Monster Truck succeeds, everyone does.
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ET meets Transformers meets the Disney Channel
Paul Wilcock30 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A post Christmas treat with my 8 year old daughter. We'd seen a trailer of this when watching Moana and my little one was eager to see this at the cinema on a Daddy/Daughter day.

The films ancient creature effects were generally very good, and convincing enough for the young target audience. A mix of ET and an octopus!

The acting, from a few old hands and some youngsters, was well targeted, nothing too deep or hard to follow.

The plot was easy to follow, with clear differences between the good and bad characters, and strong family values. Both human and not.

The driving stunts were good. Allowing the target audience comfort that their favourite characters would be safe.

While the film is likely aimed at a male grouping, it has enough content for each gender.

I'm scoring this 8/10. It was a brilliant film for its youthful audience.
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Fun, adventurous, quirky comedy. Perfect for the whole family
rannynm12 January 2017
This is the fun, adventuresome comedy that is perfect for the whole family. In this stupendous movie, there is a fun story line, quirky characters and terrific graphics. The way they incorporate each and every person's unique talents and personality traits is incredible. On top of that, there is an adorable comedic monster that is not scary but cute, silly and goodhearted.

This movie is about a teenager named Tripp (Lucas Till) and his tutor Meredith (Jane Levy). One day, Tripp finds a remarkable creature that has never been heard of before. He decides to keep the creature and names him Creech. Tripp makes a huge truck where he can keep Creech inside and use Creech as the engine. He then has to get Creech back home with the help of Meredith. The oil people, which only loves money, want him dead. If people find out about him they will want to study him and protect him. This would cause the company to shut down.

My favorite scene is when Creech Meredith and Tripp are hiding and doing a speed chase with the evil people who want to take Creech away from them to experiment on him. I love this because Creech is climbing walls, jumping on top of buildings and driving on top of the roofs. The graphics in this scene are spectacular and had me staring in awe at how well are executed. The characters have some hilarious jokes that had me laughing until my stomach hurt.

My favorite characters are Creech and Meredith. I love him because he is funny, adorable, sweet and silly. I usually do not like creepy squids but this one is adorable. He provides comic relief that will have you smiling and laughing all the way. Meredith is the smart, quirky kind one who just wants to do what's right and help everyone that she can. Tripp is also very humorous and goodhearted and I love that about him. He brings the film to life and has you cheering for him throughout the movie.

I recommend this to kids ages 7 to 18. Kids will love the characters that they can relate to, the adorable monster Creech and the story. Adults will love the graphics and the well written jokes. It is perfect for the whole family as a silly, feel good movie. I give this 5 out of 5 Monster Truck Stars.

Reviewed by Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.
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Super fun!
www.ramascreen.com8 January 2017
"Monster Trucks" is one of those movies where you may not start out having much expectation about it but boy it proves you wrong. It's just a good old fashioned super fun action adventure that the entire family can enjoy. The concept may be a bit quirky, I admit, but if the kids laugh and they smile and their parents giggle, I think it's fair to say that "Monster Trucks" does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Directed by the guy who gave us "Ice Age," "Robots," and "Epic," "Monster Trucks" is about a high school senior named Tripp (Lucas Till) who builds his own truck from bits and pieces of scrapped cars. A nearby oil-drilling site's accident causes subterranean creatures to surface, two get caught by the greedy corporation while one escapes to the junkyard where Tripp works. Tripp encounters the new friend, names him Creech and turns out, Creech has the need for speed.

I think "Monster Trucks" is the most exciting and hilarious feel-good family movie since Disney's "Alexander And The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," a few years ago. In fact I think those two are quite alike in a lot of ways. Sure "Alexander" didn't have the melding cutting edge VFX and state of the art CGI that "Monster Trucks" has but in terms of the humor and tone, both movies aim to entertain and bring up good topics for the younger viewers.

Granted, it always cracks me up whenever I see people in their late 20s playing high-schoolers, such is the case with Lucas Till and Jane Levy with their respective characters, but that's not anything new in this business, and the actual star here is really the creature Creech who drinks oil and loves to ride fast. The car chases are also surprisingly inventive for a family movie, they're no "French Connection" or "Ronin" obviously but they certainly capitalize on Creech's abilities to make Tripp's truck do the impossible. The movie even frequently plays with heights which gives you that roller coaster thrill. All in all, "Monster Trucks" is an excellent way to start this new year for your family at the movies.

-- Rama's Screen --
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litmaster-4224923 January 2017
Nothing wrong with a fun cute family movie-- haters gonna hate but I loved it. It was good. What is not to like-- creatures, monster trucks, action, adventure, family love. Home Phillip Phillips Hold on, to me as we go As we roll down this unfamiliar road And although this wave is stringing us along Just know you're not alone 'Cause I'm going to make this place your home Settle down, it'll all be clear Don't pay no mind to the demons They fill you with fear The trouble it might drag you down If you get lost, you can always be found

Just know you're not alone 'Cause I'm going to make this place your home
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I really don't understand the negative reviews!
Hellmant20 January 2017
'MONSTER TRUCKS': Four Stars (Out of Five)

The new live-action/computer-animated action comedy, directed by Chris Wedge; who's also directed (or co-directed) such hit computer- animated kids movies as 'ICE AGE', 'ROBOTS' and 'EPIC'. The film is about a high school senior, who befriends an unknown subterranean creature; and then uses it to power his monster truck (which he built himself, from old cars). The two also team up, to save the creature (and others like it), from ruthless businessmen. It was written by Derek Connolly, Mathew Robinson, Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. The movie stars ​Lucas Till (of 'X-MEN' fame), Jane Levy (of 'DON'T BREATHE' and 'EVIL DEAD' fame), Thomas Lennon, Barry Pepper, Rob Lowe, Holt McCallany, Amy Ryan, Frank Whaley and Danny Glover. It was made on a budget of $125 million, and it's only expected to make a fraction of that back (in theaters). It's also gotten mostly negative reviews from critics, but I really enjoyed it!

Tripp Coley (Till) lives in a small North Dakota town, which is ran by big business (a ruthless oil company). He hates his mom's boyfriend, who's also the town's sheriff (Pepper), and he really wants to leave town. Tripp is also fascinated by automobiles, and he builds himself a monster truck (out of old scrapped car parts) to leave town in. The truck still needs an engine though. One night, while he's working on his truck, Tripp finds an undiscovered subterranean creature resting nearby. He then befriends it, and names it Creech. He also learns that the creature loves speed, and it can power his truck just like an engine could. Tripp also later learns that the ruthless oil businessmen want to catch Creech, and kill him, as well as other subterranean critters like it (which the oil company accidentally let loose). Tripp teams up with Creech, and a friendly girl from school (Levy), to save this new species.

The movie is a lot of fun; the visuals are great, the critters are cool, and the action scenes are entertaining. It's also kind of an animal rights movie, so I love it automatically for that, but it's also reminiscent of other classic 'boy befriends alien' (or animal) kids movies. It's definitely the type of film I would have loved as a kid, and the cast is all great in it. I also think Wedge is a pretty talented director, at making awesome animated (or partially animated) kids movies. I really don't understand the negative reviews!

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Good for kids up to 11-13
Alexey Abraham29 July 2017
The story is simple, not a smart one, not a funny one (ok, a bit). Just a simple story for an evening entertainment. Not a great story to be taught. Several months passed since we watched this, only 3 years old boy somehow remembers the monster truck, the rest of kids never discussed it, what I see is quite bad for such a budget.
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Kid movie
blazedounal10 April 2017
Watched Monster trucks today with my five year old son and we both loved it. He was pretty much glued to the screen the entire time and he got a bit teary at the end! From the creator of ice age bring you a great little quirk film Monster trucks that will touch you heart & bring you to tears & laughter , this film truly is one of the guilty pleasure film that a across ET meet Herbie that you sure will love.

At the start of the film, Terravex Oil is in the midst of a fracking operation near a lake in North Dakota. The operation releases three subterranean creatures and destroys the drilling rig. Two are captured by Terravex, but one of them escapes the site. One night, Tripp encounters the escaped creature in the junkyard and captures it but the creature escapes before he calls the police.

The next day Tripp finds that the creature has a diet of oil and it takes shelter within the hood of his truck, quickly befriending him naming him Creech and promising to help him get home. Tripp modifies the truck to give Creech more control over the truck as a makeshift engine and Meredith becomes quite impressed and surprised at the Creech's speed and talent. They decide that to protect the company's image the right thing by sending hired mercenary Burke to kill the creatures, to the objection of Jim Dowd, as he finds the monsters have human intelligence. When Creech gets the sense that something bad will become of the other creatures, who are actually his parents, he breaks into Terravex where the other creatures are being held captive and is also captured.

Sympathetic to the creatures plight, Jim decides to help Tripp and Meredith rescue the creatures. They get the help of two friends of theirs to get two more trucks, one being a repossession from a friend of Tripp's and another being the birthday present of a second friend whose dad owns a local car dealership, so they can modify them for Creech's parents to take control in the same way. Jim helps the group by stealing the Terravex truck the monsters were loaded on. At the dealership, the creatures take control of the modified trucks and the group make their escape up the mountain.

Terravex give chase up the mountain and the group escapes by using the trucks to jump over the edge of the mountain. Tripp gets into a head-on battle with Burke who attempts to push him into the drilling hole the creatures crawled out of and Tripp overturns Burke's truck. He and his parents depart back home and Terravex is exposed by the group for the experimentation that was harming the creature's habitat. Reece is arrested and Tripp and Meredith begin a relationship.
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Great fun, far fetched but so what!
rhaobs29 January 2017
My son in-law and I took my 6 yr old grandson (his son) and we had a fun time. He loved the movie, we loved the movie. There were a few times when most of the audience cheered and laughed, something you don't often hear these days. The monster is ugly but lovable, the plot is typical and impossible. The special effects are good and have you believing in this weird creature. There are no real terrifying part to this movie and it is not all about the hero gets his girl or too grown up for the little ones. There is just plain fun for all who go if you let the kid in you watch more than the adult. If your grandchild is going, go with them and just enjoy them as much as the movie.
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At Least It's Got a Good Message (Shrug)
popcorninhell15 January 2017
I am not going to lie; I was sold on this film before I even walked into the theater. Why…well why the hell not? While most denizens of this year's January Graveyard crop have been ludicrously dour and pitifully boring, Monster Trucks looked like it was going to lean into its silly high-concept and provide enough stupid fun for all. Plus a handful of such obvious marketing ploys have been sold to the public in the past and have still managed to be good even if they were armed with preposterous story elements.

Turns out I was partially right (though mostly wrong) about Monster Trucks. In this film's defense at least it has the presence of mind to steal from the best. Just switch the adorable alien from E.T. (1982) with an oil guzzling tentacled stress ball from beneath the surface of the earth, and Amblin Entertainment might just have cause to sue. But I suppose you could also replace Elliott with a characteristically blasé Lucas Till as our nominal human lead. Suddenly the whimsy has been halved, so I guess suing would just be kicking them while they're down. Am I supposed to be brooding or smoldering here?

Monster Trucks also has the presence of mind to include a rollicking hook to its second rate story. Our monster, Creech makes it a habit to hide in our leading man's scrap-heap pickup truck. A habit he gained while avoiding capture from a nefarious oil company looking to cover up any evidence of a looming eco-disaster. From that point forward it's a Ratatouille (2008)-type scenario where driver and monster work together, gleefully off-roading towards the film's inevitable conclusion. Along for the ride is the nerdy Meredith (Levy) whose, quite frankly, unbelievable infatuation with Tripp (Till) cajoles her to the junkyard in the middle of the night wearing knee-high bobby socks.

Yeah a lot about this movie makes no sense. Like why a geologist (Lennon) would be doing intelligence tests and experiments on captured monsters? How do our leads get out of answering for so much property damage? And why, oh why would Rob Lowe, Amy Ryan and Danny Glover agree to be in this movie?

Yet every time I ask myself these sorts of questions the movie wisely slides in some ridiculous CGI car stunt or some awkward corny joke. I'm then reminded of the spirit of this film. It's supposed to be silly, it's supposed to be goofy and while I'm not a fan of using "kids movie" in a pejorative sense, the pro-environmental message of the film is just enough for the film to squeak by on its merits.

Monster Trucks is not a great movie. It's not even a good movie and certainly not the movie it could or should have been. But it's still the movie we got, and what we ended up getting was a movie about a monster that lives inside a monster truck. No bull, it's as advertised just as it is on the box.
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Very exciting film with all the perks...
Bulldog17216 March 2017
This movie by the king of children's television really deserves a new regal stamp of approval from me. This movie's was filled of fun, action, romance, and subtlety. The storyline was pretty easy for a kid to understand and the fact that it was about monster trucks and aliens, it is E.T meeting Blaze and the Monster Machines. It is a fun family film for everyone to enjoy and really has a really vivid way of telling story through the eyes of Tripp and Creech trying to save their families!

An awesome movie for everyone to enjoy and really Nickeledon deserves a round of applause for bringing us this original tale of love, faith, trust, friendship and above all, MONSTER JAM ACTION!
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Most fun I've had in a theatre in a long time
fishdef30 January 2017
If you've seen the trailers for this you know exactly what this movie is about. It is a fun, action-packed, fun, hilarious, FUN MOVIE. The creatures are the perfect mix of cute and intimidating. The characters that you think are just going to be one-dimensional stereotypes are actually given depth that makes them believable. This movie sets up a lot of cliché situations and then surprises you by doing the opposite. It was such a breath of fresh air from the usually cookie cutter sequels/remakes that have been dominating the box office lately and I can't rate it highly enough.

This is a film that knows exactly how ridiculous its concept is going in and plays it perfectly. It doesn't take the "monsters in trucks" idea too seriously and try to make a gritty action film out of it, but it never gets too over-the top either. It goes over the top all the time but not TOO over the top, if you know what I mean, and its aware of its over-the-topness and never goes far enough to be cringy, just funny and enjoyable. It's kind of like a toned-down Sharknado or something, except the script, acting, and CGI are all WAY better.

Really the only thing I can think to criticize in this film is the score. Most of the music seemed like just the most generic public- domain orchestral stuff that just seemed out of place in a lot of scenes. It wasn't bad enough to be distracting, but it was still noticeable.

Overall, i recommend this film to anyone. Kids will love it, and adults will get a good laugh out of it too. A fun time all around. I'm really glad i saw it!
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Best creature film since ET
shepherdadam26 January 2017
Awesome film, with something for everyone, lots of very funny scenes, tonnes of great stunts, good family themes and plot, and even the Monster truck fans will love the outragous actions of Creech and the trucks.

So while the world and everyone is worried about idiots, terrorists and Armageddon...along comes a great film like this to brighten the outlook of the world....should be more films like this! This film had the same feel that I got back in the 80s watching ET for the first time.

The film is fantastically rounded, and a film where every character gets exactly what they deserve, that leaves the viewer satisfied that there is still Kama and justice in the world.

You walk away from the cinema thinking I got good value for money on that film.

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Monster Truck cute and cheesy but just decent.
cruise0113 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Monster Trucks is a cheesy, cute, and yet ridiculous of a family film about a Mediterranean creature that can hide and control a truck. And consumes oil. The idea and concept is beyond ridiculous but I am sure kids will enjoy it. And adults will either find the movie cute or stupid. It is no E.T. but does try for that formula with a high school teen Tripp (Lucas Till) that is desperate to move away far from home. Dislikes his mother new boyfriend and a Sheriff Rick (Barry Pepper). Tripp works in a junkyard at night until he finds a slimy tentacle creature that loves to consume oil and can maneuver his way around a truck. After an accident, when a corporation that was drilling for oil discovers an underground pocket that unleashed this creature. Reece (Rob Lowe) in charge of this oil company sends his security to hunt the creature down. Tripp and his classmate Meredith (Jane Levy) are on a chase to get away from the bad guys and to help the creature escape them.

I will say the film is cute, to see a friendly creature that Tripp tries to help. From the moments of him trying to customize his truck for it to fit in and so he can have full control of the truck with Tripp and Meredith being the passengers in a crazy ride. Especially, when they are being in a car chase with henchmen Burke (Holt McCallany) and his team. Being in a car chase in a small town can be ridiculous with the creature able to have the truck leap onto walls and rooftops. Director Chris Wedge made this chase seem like he was playing around with toy trucks and using his imagination on some ridiculous action scenes. It is a family film that tries to be all heart and cheesy fun for the kids.

Otherwise, if you are looking into serious acting and well written script. Well you can cross that out with this film not aiming for that direction. The acting was decent. Lucas Till performance was forgettable and Jane Levy was okay as an awkward teen. Amy Ryan as Tripp's mother was almost forgotten with her small role. Rob Lowe was difficult to take seriously. Barry Pepper as an obsessed with his car Sheriff was entertaining.

The visual effects were decent as well, and moments were you could point out when characters were standing or hanging above a green screen. Director Chris Wedge has done some previous work like animation films like Epic and Ice Age. He can create some cute characters that can win the audience. He tries here with the creature that is cute and all but it does not make it a worthy film. Or a memorable one. Like I said before, kids will have a better enjoyment out of this one and parents will have a split opinion. Monster Trucks is a fair family film that has a redundant plot, cute concept, and dull acting.
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A lot of money spend on a boy and his dog that transforms into a car.
djangozelf-1235128 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie targets a very limited audience and according to me does it badly. I think this is for boys age 6 to 9 and it is strange that they spend a 125 million budget on this and dropped it in the worst month of the year.

It felt like in some ways like an old Disney feel good movie with some really odd choices in character development. A lot of the more famous actors are not convincing in their roles or just have to little to do to really add to the film. The 2 main characters played off and on dumb and that really annoyed me in the first part of the movie a specially the guy who came across like a jerk who everybody just seem to like for no reason other than he's the main character.

The creature or "monster" was to cute for it's own good and knowing it sucked up oil as "food" I found it strange it actually had sharp teeth. I guess this was an attempt to make it more look like a monster but I found it to be quite silly.

Also I felt the guy and the girl were to old for these roles and it would have been good for them if this movie got rated PG-13 and they took the high school bit out of it.

The best thing and scene is with the monster trucks and the action scene of them going down this mountain was the most fun but don't come close of saving this film and all the problems it has.

The writer for this also worked on Kong and I think he has a real problem with writing characters unless it are creatures or monsters that don't talk to much.

For half of it it was a nice feel good movie for young kids and sort of succeeded as that but it definitely bombed spending all that money on this premise.

Strangely enough this made me think of "passengers" where they also spend a lot of money on a weak story and not that exciting when it actually ends and again not nearly enough to spend 100+ million on.

Both films are also not bad but really too lame to leave an impact and appeal to a mass audience as a classic or a movie at least worthy of watching twice.

I don't recommend it or maybe some time when it's on T.V. and more as background.

On to the next review,thank you.
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Nothing Special, just your run-of-the-mill PG action film.
virtualoptician31 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this at the Cinema today. Nothing particularly special, just your run- of-the-mill action film really.

The film starts at an oil-drilling place. Some guys in the control room notice something is wrong, then suddenly the alarms are ringing and water is gushing out of pipes and everything explodes. Something mysterious is to blame....

A young guy meets attractive girl. Guy discovers weird creature. Creature tries to kill him. Guy calls cops. Of course, when the cops come, the creature (surprise, surprise) is nowhere to be seen. "Honestly, it was right there, I swear!". "Oh really? I suppose this is funny to you huh"? All been done before.

At first, creature seems like nasty monster, but then later of course we realize that the creature was just playing and wasn't really trying to strangle him to death with his huge blue testicles. He then has a bit of fun with this creature and it plays with him by picking him up and growling in his face.

This lad also happens to like big grizzly vehicles (another big surprise) and the creature happens to take a liking to this old knackered pickup truck he's got.

Then, suddenly all these guys appear at the door from this mysterious organization and say that they've heard you've seen something in the garage and they want to capture it so "it doesn't cause any harm to anyone". However, this lad now of course loves this creature and wants to protect it, so, fearing the worst, he then makes up some lame excuses like "it was nothing, just a cougar i think" and "oh, i actually think i spotted it over there" (while trying to hide his testicles with his foot).

Then, his girlfriend appears, and asks him to drive her home. Knowing what's under his truck he then makes up yet another lame excuse about why he can't drive her home, but not wanting her to dump him, he agrees anyway.

After a nerve-racking drive down a hill, the woman realizes somethings not right so they stop and she gets out. When she realizes there is something underneath the truck, she does a girly scream and is of course, terrified.

He then keeps him under his dirt truck and uses him as "an engine", presumably to save on gas money. The girl has some concern about "animal welfare" but the guy dismisses it "oh he's fine, he doesn't mind".

Then we are made to feel sorry and love for the creatures as we cut to a secret laboratory where these creatures are being kept. This scientist does some tests and becomes rather fond of these creatures, and when this guy says he's going to kill them, he responds "but they're intelligent creatures, it's immoral to kill them" but being a mean hear ted guy and the "big nasty boss" he basically says "i know it's immoral but i don't give a s*it because all i care about is hurting other things for my own satisfaction".

The dude and the chick then manage to track down the location of the beasts and try to rescue them, before of course being captured by the evil "big boss" and his troops. He then hands them over to the nice scientist, who tells them he doesn't really "want to hurt them" but help so tells them his secret plan.

We then cut to a car dealership where this young chubby boy who looks like he hasn't gone through puberty yet offers to help and magically manages to build them three huge monster trucks. The creatures then magically appear under the trucks and instead of using the big grizzly engines they use the creatures to power them and off they go sounding like big grizzly engines anyway.

We then get a typical James Bond Hollywood Style chase scene including the leaping over buildings without crashing, jumping over trains and ruining peoples things by crashing through stuff etc. The "baddies" then lose them but of course soon catch up with them later.

They then all crash or die etc in one way or another and then when the lad falls down a big hole the creature saves him and he goes back to live in the sea. The guy then forms a strong relationship with his girlfriend and his "new truck" and they all live happily ever after.

The end.

So to sum up there is nothing new here, just your typical "goodies" and "baddies" film with an animal taking the center role with the "baddies" trying to kill the animal for reasons of greed, money, satisfaction etc and the "goodies" trying to stop them and of course the two main characters fall in love at the end as well.

I think this kind of film has been done many times before, somehow I don't think Daniel Craig, Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford have anything to worry about but a decent performance non the less.

But it is still a good way to while away a couple of hours on a boring January afternoon.
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Sloppy writing, sloppy directing, and GAPING plot holes
jacobhunt64 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Monster Trucks" epitomized Nickelodeon's downfall over recent years, simply by being a sloppy, poorly written film with a ridiculously shallow premise. While the acting was up-to-scratch for a children's movie of this caliber, the young cast was let down by a cringe-worthy script, ludicrous plot and poor directorial vision. The entire film seemed determined to prove the worth of a ridiculous premise and resorted to sloppy CGI, cliché and desperate gags to salvage integrity in what was always too shallow for a full feature film. The gags were poorly executed, there were plot points that would send any critic into a frenzy, and generally, the film tried to be a cacophony of "jokes" and "emotional moments" - all of which brought nothing but cringes. I'm disappointed that the group I visited with didn't make a better decision on our cinema night. Overall, Nickelodeon have wasted my time with another of their desperate attempts to return to the glory days of SpongeBob.
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