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Season 1

19 Jun. 2014
A soldier learns he is the "chosen one" who is destined to lead humanity and end the devastating war with the angels once and for all.
26 Jun. 2014
Alex rejects his new role as the Chosen One, but then a sleeper threat in Vega forces him to spring into action and protect the ones he loves. Meanwhile, Michael meets with Gabriel one last time before the war between angels and mankind reignites; and Gen. Riesen and David Whele try to tie up loose ends.
3 Jul. 2014
Broken Places
Alex attempts to escape his responsibilities as the Chosen One by leaving Vega, but an encounter with Gabriel's forces leave him and Michael fighting for their lives; Riesen goes too far in the name of security.
10 Jul. 2014
The Flood
A powerful Vega senator takes the city's leaders and food supply hostage with one demand: announce the secret identity of the Chosen One to the public, or suffer the consequences. Michael is called to a family meeting of archangels... including Gabriel. Claire goes against the Vega Senate.
17 Jul. 2014
Something Borrowed
Alex begins his training with Michael, but soon after has a vision that causes him to go rogue.
24 Jul. 2014
Black Eyes Blue
Alex enlists the help of Michael and Claire as he attempts to exorcise captive eight-balls of their angel possessors, but finds it's not so easy. David closes in on William's underground acolytes. Riesen overturns David's plans to usurp power with a new alliance.
31 Jul. 2014
When innocent higher angels turn up dead in Vega, Michael enlists Alex to help protect the others, but Gabriel exposes a long-hidden secret that threatens to tear them apart. William "re-educates" his father. Alex and Noma reignite an old flame.
7 Aug. 2014
Beware Those Closest to You
Nothing is what it seems when Gabriel surrenders himself to the lords of Vega.

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