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Perfect Ice Cream Movie
fwq-310686 June 2018
My girlfriend and I took advantage of the KFC special with ice cream and entre and salad and had a great time watching Spy. Melissa is so good and talented. And Jason is a real man. Mmmmm delicious
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James Bond, Jane Bond, and Jason Statham - a lethal combo for laughter
lnvicta12 June 2015
Kingsman: The Secret Service started a beautiful new wave of James Bond satire films. It's been done before but never quite as meta as it was in Kingsman, actively referencing how similar the plot and archetypes are to James Bond while still having a refreshing novelty factor and interesting characters of its own - creating this whole new world for the over-the-top James Bond-esque adventures to take place while the real James Bond canon continues its serious, grounded story arc.

While Kingsman was about setting up this elite organization and showing off their penchant for ridiculously elaborate action sequences, Spy has little exposition and throws you right into this hysterical world where Jude Law is the super suave secret agent and Melissa McCarthy acts as his eyes and ears back at headquarters. Jason Statham comes in later as a rogue agent who is as arrogant as he is oblivious. The movie doesn't itself seriously but it never goes into parody territory. These characters, as overblown and ridiculous as they are, still have relatable personalities, and you're willing to go on this crazy adventure with them right from the start.

Spy is very much an action comedy - whether you view it more as an action movie or as a comedy is completely up to you. I found it hilarious within the first minute and was laughing heartily throughout the entire movie, but there's no denying that the action sequences are incredibly well done. Specifically, the fight between Susan Cooper (McCarthy) and a female assassin in a kitchen, the opening sequence of Cooper alerting Bradley Fine (Law) where enemies are while Fine sweeps them up in a rat maze full of baddies, and the scene with the car where Cooper mops the floor with a handful of terrorists with little to no effort. If you aren't laughing at the jokes, you can laugh at how insane and over-the-top the action is - either way, it's an incredibly fun time.

What I find most compelling about Spy is how likable each character is. It's not just McCarthy, Law, and Statham with a bunch of stoic supporting characters. No, even the supporting characters are hilarious and interesting. Miranda Hart plays Cooper's goofy friend who does dumb things with the best of intentions, Rose Byrne plays the villainous daughter of a rich terrorist and has some excellent back-and-forth bickering with McCarthy, and Peter Serafinowicz plays Aldo: a sleazy Frenchman who absolutely loves women and especially their boobs. They all have moments of hilarity; even the main antagonist played by Bobby Cannavale who is supposed to be a classy businessman has quirky one-liners and the funniest villain run I've seen in recent memory. Oh, and 50 Cent is in it playing 50 Cent. Yeah, it's as crazy as it sounds.

As far as lead performances go, this is the funniest Melissa McCarthy has ever been. This is the ideal role for her because her character has a serious job and a serious mission juxtaposed with McCarthy's snarky personality and usual shenanigans, making for some truly hysterical situations. Jason Statham, however, is the real highlight here. The man is brilliant in this role. He's a tough-guy agent that goes around bragging about how badass he is and goes on to do the stupidest things ever while still keeping a straight face and menacing persona - essentially a parody of his usual roles. His rants are comedy gold simply because it's Statham doing them. He proves here that he's not only one of the greatest action stars working today but also one of the funniest. The fact that he even agreed to this movie says a lot about Statham's attitude - he's a great sport and isn't afraid to make fun of himself, and I really hope this earns him more comedic roles in the future.

Spy was everything I wanted it to be and more. I laughed harder at this movie than I did at most comedies in the past decade. The production value was fantastic, the pacing was perfect, and director Paul Feig clearly knows how to do comedy but now can add action to his resume. Everything about this movie works. It also allows James Bond to continue its serious endeavors, Kingsman to handle the classy yet gritty side of secret agents, while Spy focuses on the campy and silly nature of the whole affair. I sincerely hope this gets a franchise because there are too many great things happening for it not to get a sequel. On it's own however, Spy is an absolutely brilliant, perfectly casted satire that should not be missed by fans of action, comedy, or fun.
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The New XXX Xander Cage
David-coverversion24 November 2018
You want lame? You got it!

Yet another one-liner laden (supposed) action (supposed) comedy. Why is it needed? Why, to fulfill release quotas of course and either deliver quarterly revenue targets or tax write off accounting line items.

Here again we have a complete nincompoop ignoramus incompetent fool who is neither funny nor action packed deployed to the film by domestic American spooks. Yes, it is XXX Xander all over again. Except where Xander was a tattooed trash; this one features a flatulence fanatic in love with herself. No wonder Russia rules and is winning and has captured the Executive and half of the Legislative branch.

Dumb movies like this result in a country where the 'president' praises the country that financed the 9/11 hijackers and gave us Bin Laden and attacks the general who lead the mission to kill Bin Laden or embargoes Iran, which fought on the ground to defeat ISIS.

I have nothing more to add.
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Another example of the destruction of creativity.
barryweir28 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Much as people want to watch their sci-fi dumbed down in the form of Michael Bay's Transformers it seems that the modern cinema going audience, at least in America anyhow, are content with Paul Feig's fecal offerings. I'm astonished to see this movie running at 7.2/10 at the time I'm typing this.

I can only assume that movie is made for twenty and thirty somethings who have failed to grow up, are generally sheltered from life and are intellectually limited. I thought Bridesmaids was bad enough. By it seems that Feig has gone full out on Seth MacFarlane's vulgarity style, but with even less subtlety than MacFarlane himself.

Watching this you think you're in for an entertaining James Bond spoof. Sure enough, the first five minutes sets that up nicely. It what follows is a disgrace. In short, this has the potential to be entertaining. But it is ruined by a constant barrage of vulgarity. The thing is that unlike movies of the past that have had vulgar elements in them (say, Blazing Saddles) the vulgarity is delivered without comic timing and without any level of subtlety. Quite simply we see things like (the normally wonderful) Alison Janney saying the F word constantly and then hear her utter words like "thunderc***" and we're told it's funny, because, hey, it's a swear word! This goes on throughout the picture, from the initial scene with Statham to a plane exchange between McCarthy and Rose Byrne, where the F word is literally uttered in every possible sentence. I'm not a prude, I swear like a trooper and potty humour is funny to me most of the time. But when it gets to the gratuitous and unsubtle extent to which the film presents it I feel that my intelligence is being insulted.

Then there are, it seems, the other requisite elements to American comedies these days, namely fart, poo, vomit and sex jokes. The whole scene with the faked, erect penis, which we needed to see not just once, but at least five times for it to be clear to us that we are meant to laugh, just made my cringe like I have never cringed before. Then you have vermin crapping on a chocolate cake.....because har har har, isn't it funny to see a background character eat a fecal laden treat! When not being vulgar, the picture goes to every length to denigrate the appearance of McCarthy and Miranda Hart, with routine jokes about how they aren't that attractive or how McCarthy's weight is a reason for her character's undesirable place on the social and professional ladder. To think that Feig has the audacity to claim he makes these films to support women and that anyone who disagrees is a sexist. Unreal.

If you could get rid of the above then there is the bones of a half decent comedy. There are still a few funny scenes, most of which don't rely on the shock and vulgarity factor. But it seems that Feig can't help himself and just can't take a measured approach. I shudder to think what he will do to a beloved property like Ghostbusters. Slimer with a rubber dick and poo jokes no doubt. Well, based on his offerings so far I won't be going to see it. But the real tragedy here is the amount of cinema-goers who now seem to think this one brain cell trite is fine entertainment. It is ultimately not the likes of Feig or Michael Bay who are the death of intelligent, creative movies. It's the morons who line up to lap it up...and frankly they should be ashamed.
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What is the problem with all these 1 star reviews?
Flaviaj199114 January 2019
You look at the reviews and they all give only 1 star. What the heck. In a movie that clearly never takes itself seriously, why are people taking it so seriously? I honestly loved this movie, and no, I'm not a teenager. It's a spy satire with great action scenes and a good rhythm. There were so many memorable moments in this movie for me, like Susan Cooper killing the guy unintentionally, Ford showing up in Cooper's hotel and bragging about all absurd things he's ever done, every scene that Ford appears, the airplane scene. And the Cooper's fight with the woman in the kitchen was totally badass.
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Absolutely dreadful
lwio196012 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched the first half of this movie on recommendation.

It is just dreadful, it's a long string of expletives, unfunny situations and terrible acting. You know when the movies has lost it when the dialogue is just insults, expletives and nothing else.

I would certainly not recommend this title to anyone and putting it in the comedy genre is doubtful to say the least. There is very little storyline, basically a copy of true lies, which was a far better movie and it fails on all scores.

The level of this movie is best summarised by one of the scenes showing pictures of an erect penis from a recovered camera. Hilarious for a sniggering teen possibly.
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Very funny movie; would highly recommend
EthanBJones_0318 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Overall: This movie is great and I would recommend it to anyone who's up for a laugh.

Good: It is consistently funny with cool and interesting heroes. The music is great and keeps in touch with the tone the movie attempts to set. All the cast do fantastic jobs acting wise and you seriously believe their character. Melissa McCarthy's rants are hysterically funny as is her unbelievable 'spy mode'! The cinematography is great and works very well. It is a well directed, edited, composed and acted movie. The actual action scenes ​were very well choreographed to feel bad ass. Jason Statham is a personal favourite character and his insane, egotistical attitude contrasts to Melissa's pre-spy mode. Miranda Hart and Jude Law do good with there performances though Jude feels like more of a plot device. Peter Serafinowicz did a good job of acting within acting; his mini-twist at the end was surprising and also funny.

Bad: The villains were not that interesting or unique or even special. They just shifted the story along. Jude Law was just a plot device over an actual character. The twist at the end felt forced and just wasn't that interesting. The slow motion action parts were just annoying and took away from the pace. A much more fast paced action with little breaks would fit better.

Best Part: Any Melissa McCarty rant

MVP: Jason Statham as Ford.

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America - Land of the ignorant Filmmakers
scooterman196716 September 2015
After fife minutes watching «Spy» it was clear to me, that this is jet another failed attempt to create something of a British action comedy. Don't get me wrong, all the necessary ingredients for a good movie where there: Great Actors, Great Music, Great Camera-work and even a decent Storyline (nothing really new, but hey - this is Hollywood - if you can't think of a new story, just recycle some old ones over and over again). American Scriptwriters never get tired telling the rest of the World how stupid we are. My greatest disappointment were not the infantile Dialogues, the ever extensive use of the F-Word (you really have that covered) and the sexual innuendos (you should really practice it more and talk less about it) - it was the Actors, namely Jude Law and Jason Statham. Dear Mr. Law and Mr. Statham, you should really stand above such bad Filmmaking. Dear Filmmakers, You had so many good starting Points to make a entertaining Film - but you did, what you always do: EVERYTHING OVER THE TOP. Take a hint and watch some European Genre-Movies, they will teach you how to do it.
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Bad Movie
amurray-5860823 August 2015
Yawn, Yawn, Yawn.

Sitting through the vulgar language and bad acting in this move made the $1.50 I paid seem like too much money.

Melissa McCarthy can be a funny, talented actor but she seems to have to resort in playing parts where she uses extremely vulgar language making her look untalented, seamy and stupid.

The inane, vapid humor in this horribly scripted movie filled with obscene vulgar language actually made me angry.

Don't waste a minute of your time or a penny of your money on this bad movie
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Another "I'm fat so I'm funny" movie
martinsosadias20 June 2015
Terrible in all it's glory. Fat jokes because it stars a fat chick, terribly degrading Melissa's persona. One would think that the movie actually adds something with that cast but it doesn't. It not only has the "last minute unexpected hero spy" recipe but the "I'm fat so I make fat jokes" ingredient. The movie was almost unbearable to watch and very "american" style of laughing at steriotypes. It's sad to see that Jude Law and Jason Statham participated in this since they have so much more potential and thinking that they wasted time filming this and not something of quality makes me sad.

This movie is what's wrong with society nowadays. Do not recommend.
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is cursing and anatomy reveals the only way to get a laugh now a days?
desireewooddixon8 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
really the frontal anatomy reveals and extreme cursing and anatomy references are over done since hangover. the shock value is non existent and it is not funny. it is rather disrespectful to the fan base to believe that the only thing the 18 and up crowd will laugh at is a crude bar joke.

aside from the obvious parental warning, i would also have to add an IQ warning as well. the underdeveloped plot left nothing to be desired. a spy film without suspense is basically a third grade writing assignment. the characters were not believable or likable. seeing another "tammy" movie where the audience gets to laugh at a fat woman for being fat is in and of itself laughable considering the American obesity rate. the fact that we never see a movie where obese characters are able to demonstrate their acting range outside of an occasional moment where said character pines over an attractive costar and maybe "despite my obvious repulsive weight, this person sees beneath the lard layers." boohoo...

pass on this trash.
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A Really Bad Movie.........
paulnbrowne26 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
My daughter told me this was a funny film, so I watched it. I will never trust a teenager again. I forgot that teenagers will laugh at a fake willy joke every time, and this film does the same. Showing a male member is faintly amusing the first time, but by the fifth time it's just boring. I made myself sit through the last hour, because I had hoped it might improve. It doesn't. The first ten minutes are by far the best. It drops off a cliff after that. Puerile, profane, badly acted, ham-fisted and just really unfunny. The dialogue is appalling, the action sequences are ludicrous and the obsessive swearing just gets old very early on. Don't watch this if you have a mental age older than six. Adam Sandler would be ashamed of this movie. Avoid........... no, seriously just don't watch this tripe.
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18 minutes is all I could take...
Harhaluulo5414 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
And with just 18 minutes, I have come to appreciate the shitness rom-coms are, to miss lame penis jokes and started to think if my 4/10 rating for the movie "The Interview (2014)" was bit overreacted, because that would mean the difference from it to this was only 3 digits from the possible 9.

Maybe it was the feeling that this was made for generic tumblr users. Or the nature that fatso and her horse-looking friend were somehow the kings (get trickered) of earth while being the worst-written comedic devices since the word objectification. Which is spectacularly noteworthy and funny since this is supposed to be a story about strong independent women. But let's not notice that due target intelligence. I take this movie as a personal insult and I do not plan on forgiving.
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Is this the worst film ever?
colin_sayers15 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is probably not the worst film ever made, but it's not far off.

Lets start with the pro's.

  • The acting is OK - It has the polish of a Hollywood film

Now for the cons.

  • The script

It's seriously unfunny. Kind of thing if you are nine or under then you might like. Anyone who is in double figures should definitely give this a miss. A big miss!

If you are a fan of Miranda Heart then this film may make you smile. Me, I find her offensively unfunny. Her involvement alone makes this film arguably one of the worst ever.

The one point that really mad me raise an eyebrow was when the over the top cockney Jason Stathem uses the term "Twot". The writers and continuity on this film are that lazy they couldn't even pick up that Englishman say, "Twat", not "Twot".

Very much one of the worst pieces of cinema I have seen in years and years.
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Some Brief Humorous bits surrounded by a surprisingly bad movie (based on the reviews)
jkeith77-129 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
My summary I think nails what Spy is. A few funny bits (e.g. Law's character accidentally shooting the guy in the head, some banter between McCarthy and Byrne) surrounded by a juvenile, predictable, unintelligent, unbelievable and overall: really bad movie.

Did I mention unbelievable? No I didn't but I will now: OBESE people simply aren't athletic, at all (which is why they're OBESE in the first place) much less "super agent" tactical operator athletic so this whole movie comes across as contrived and unbelievable. Now if Spy were actually a GOOD comedy, I could write off the unlikelihood of a fat super agent as "it's just a comedy" but it isn't and I therefore didn't.

I normally don't waste time watching movies below 70% but was lured in by the high ratings of Spy. My wife and I watched it and I completely lost interest right around the time 50cent appeared. At this point, I very clearly remember laughing at loud and asking my wife "how in the hell is this thing a 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb?!"

Spy is a 5 out of 10 at its very best but overall just awful and deserving of a single star.
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an epic fail
MattyAndAnnika7 July 2015
Spy 2015 is an over-marketed, over-rated flop. What were anyone thinking when they made this film is beyond me, it's not funny, it doesn't stay true to it's genres by any means. It's like they tried to copy the old spy films with a play mix on Police Academy, did they really think that the whole world had completely got sucked into "hey this is hot"? First off the line-up wow???!!! This film may have made Jason Statham lose the last bit of acting credibility just by being in it. Now I must say Melissa McCarthy has been in a few sort of funny films but what happen here? What is the big hype with "Spy (2015)"? It's almost as bad as the (2014) Annie movie remake.

I do feel quite mentally shot down after watching this as I was hoping to see a comedy which never got me to reached the point of a smile. Was there an actual point or story? Did everyone who watched this miss something?

Sad to say but, Spy (2015) is for sure a wasted effort to recommend to anyone. If the're were anything good about this film, maybe it got left out when it was being edited.
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The Family Guy of Spy Movies
themissingpatient18 September 2015
The Family Guy of Spy movies is here. A sneeze joke, a bat poop joke, awkward unrequited love jokes, a pink-eye joke and fart jokes all within the first 35 minutes. Also, like all of Paul Feig's films, you have Melissa McCarthy being humiliated for over 2 hours. What's new about this one? We get to see Jude Law play an infallible character while Jason Statham completely debases himself in his most embarrassing role to-date. Then there's Peter Serafinowicz as Aldo, a sexual deviant who spends every moment he has on-screen trying to molest McCarthy.

What about the action? There's isn't any shaky camera effects but it's filled with quick cuts and terrible special effects. Even worse, Feig randomly uses slow-motion during action stunts, which becomes annoyingly repetitive and is completely pointless. Unlike the The Wachowskis, Zack Snyder and Matthew Vaughn, who have mastered this effect, making it a part of their style, Paul Feig makes it clear he has no idea what he's doing. Truly, a terrible writer and director with bad taste and no style of his own.

Can Paul Feig degrade women on-screen any further? As bottom of the barrel as the jokes are through-out this atrocity, the only thing that isn't made fun of is McCarthy's weight. Yet, every other aspect about her appearance and personality is targeted for cheap laughs.

So, what can we learn from Spy? You can humiliate a woman in every way possible, even sexual assault, as long as you don't mention her weight. Also, we're all going to need to come together and boycott the new Ghostbusters because Paul Feig should never be allowed to make another film again. Ever.
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Worst movie of 2015.
barivinia8 August 2015
Spy is indeed the worst movie of 2015.

It is extremely boring.

This movie relies on vulgar words and swearing in a desperate attempt to make us laugh, but in reality is a complete failure.

Making fun of fat people and a movie which supports racism.

Bad acting and not funny at all.

Save your money and save your time from this major disappointment!.

Melissa McCarthy made a fatal mistake by accepting to act in this rubbish movie.I wonder: " Will Melissa MCCarthy Act In Adult Movies For The Sake Of Money"?.

Avoid this movie at all costs!.
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A film for pubescent teens
pgrieves17 October 2015
Watched half and gave up. Not sure who the target audience was? Seems like the plot and the script/lines were put together quickly. Why film makers seem to think that if they get some actors that get really well paid- this will be enough to carry a film, i just don't know. Its not easy to make a good comedy,i think, and its lazy to make a crap one like this. It's just another dick/vagina movie that maybe they hoped teens going through puberty might like. Life is too short to watch junk films. Please spend more on paying people to write well and funny lines. Melissa Mc is just another Adam Sandler type of character who needs to be retired after 10 minutes.
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Huge Disappointment
basdahl2 October 2015
I will be the first to say I'm a H-U-G-E fan of Melissa McCarthy; however, this movie was a STINKER! My entire family sat down to enjoy what we thought would be a really entertaining 'spy' flick but only made it to about 30 minutes in before we shut the TV off. This movie had the potential of being so much more but it was dumbed down with tasteless jokes and vulgarity. Folks, if you're thinking about renting this movie, don't waste your money. And Melissa, please...I beg you...do not agree to do another film of this ilk. You're better than this! I'm not sure what happened to you since 'Bridesmaids', but I'm beginning to lose faith! You've got another opportunity to show off your comic chops in 'Ghostbusters'. Please don't disappoint.
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How the hell can this get over 7?
snicker-814 October 2015
This is the worst piece of shite I have ever seen. The movie contains NOTHING, the story is as hollow as the characters playing it. Its not even funny, just some lame insults on each others all the time. Its not even kids humor since they show a lot of dicks in it. How can great actors like Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham go as low as to take part in a movie like this? Can someone explain to me how this movie ended up with over 7 in score? Have you all lost your mind? Have they hired thousands of people to vote this movie up so they can earn more from it? Please people, listen to me and save your time and money. Do not watch this movie, its dreadful.
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#1 winner in the new genre "Swearing Comedy Action
rafaelos-1529829 September 2015
If you up for a non-stop swearing, pointless & tasteless so-called comedy, flavoured with some stupid & inappropriate jokes, then you will enjoy this 007-parody, aka comedy action. Otherwise, do not waste your time watching it. It is in my humble opinion Jason Statham's worth movie role & it would not add any respect for him. I rated 1/10, was shocked to see such a high rating.... I guess the cultural standards & the tolerance in our society are responsible for that! Once again there are plenty of good movies, do yourself a favour & skip this one safely... you will not loose anything. P.S. Spoiler: excessively high swearing content.
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pippyskipy-019911 October 2015
Boring trash . With porno . Think they can't find a good plot for this one so they added porn. A New low for Jason . Keep away from kids might scare them.and an shocking profanities." "Spy starts to wheeze a bit as it reaches the finish line. This is not a story that needs two hours to be told. Also, I could have done without the mice and the bats, and the projectile vomiting. Gross isn't always funny. What does work, in every scene, is Melissa McCarthy's performance. She's as funny and as winning as anyone in the movies these days."including some graphic deaths by gunfire, knives, and big falls.This movie became rather tiresome with its off color humor and vulgarity. Lost interest and bit appalled, didn't finish watching it. American films have become stupider and stupider.
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A total waste of time
luis-afonso20 October 2015
The teaser is better than the movie. I fell into this spy trap because the rating this movie has (here and some other sites) is totally misleading. That's why I am writing this. Don't go to this. Is just gross. Nothing is funny and a total waste of resources like Jude Law and Statham. I did not mention McCarthy because I didn't know this woman, but I will never watch another one with her as main role.

It starts really well, but from the first scene when we were introduced to a full erected penis out of nowhere, the things started to melt. I am not an English speaker, but the level of "dialogue" this film has is the lowest I've never seen. I have to say that I like raw comedies, but it seems the train went out of tracks since "National Lampoon's Animal House" arrived. Back then you had Bluto, but not only, you have a bunch of very good acting and characters that mixed perfectly. In the end McCarthy is not John Belushi and Paul Feig is not John Landis...
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A kingswoman that fails miserably
raphaelragnotti14 July 2015
This is a story of a back up CIA agent (played by Melissa McCarthy) who volunteers to go on a mission in Europe and track an gun dealer in possession of a big bomb. Yeah why not.

Well...NO. Though the actress is playing rather well, nothing works on that movie. From the never-ending dull dialogs to the succession of flat action scenes this "spy movie satire" disrespects any viewer. Any European would be offended by so many clichés that are apparently useful for the sake of the storyline poorly written. The year 2015 started pretty well and that is the first turkey of the year. THis movie is in the same vein as just married (2003) or meet the spartans: You end up hating the director for wasting your time and 65 millions $ of somebody else's money.
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