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Never judge this by it's appearance
pearsonconnor9715 September 2014
I will admit when I first saw announcement pics for this show I was not happy I thought the fruit theme was stupid and I couldn't take the fact that the main character has a sword shaped like an orange slice... now it's one of my favorite kamen rider shows. it blew me away with it's deceptive beginnings and dark story the twists and turns the plot took kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting more getting mad when episodes end just to wait another week for the next episode.the story of Kouta Kazuraba is ultimately a coming of age story as he starts as kid looking for a decent job and ends a man putting his life at risk to save friends and his world. Shows like this is why I get mad at people who scoff and think it's dumb "coz its a kids show" well this kids show puts some shows meant for adults to shame. I assure you this Gaim is well worth you time and this is coming from a guy who thought it was going to be bad.
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My #1 favorite tokusatsu series of the 25 I've watched...
S_Craig_Zahler23 December 2015
Surprising turns, cool speculative concepts, and a big likable cast make this my favorite tokusatsu series to date. Despite the inherent silliness of the fruits concept, Kamen Rider Gaim is an emotional, exciting, and philosophically deep fantasy adventure. An incredibly ambitious fighting science fantasy show only hindered by some pretty nutty fruit costumes and the overacting typically found in tokusatsu, though some of the cast is very solid--Kouto and Mitsuzane in particular. It's not surprising that this show was scripted by Gen Urobuchi, who also was behind Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a truly boundary pushing, beautiful, and superb magical girl anime. Kamen Rider Gaim is wholly unpredictable and smart--this one's a great gateway into tokusatsu for those who wonder at its merits, though I've not yet seen it's equal.
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