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The best out of all of the CA shorts.
eddie05201019 August 2013
So far the Uncanny Valley has been of a mixed bag for me, with Dragonbored being a major disappointment, and Dragged In being being goofy, harmless fun. However, this short is not only good, but it may well be the best of the lot, with good characters, good humor and a decently paced plot.

The plot is that two guys want to start becoming internet reviewers, due to how others are making money off doing it, but find that it is a bumpy road doing so. The plot may be the least action packed of the shorts so far, but it is also the best because of how down to Earth it is, and asks a lot of interesting questions about internet reviewing. Do you have to be really unique in order to get people's attention? Should you leave your job to become an internet reviewer, even if the job is crummy? What happens if you don't become popular enough to achieve that dream? Does popularity of something equal good quality? Does it matter if haters are gonna hate? All these questions are left for the viewer to decide.

The characters are also great as we understand them. We understand why Andy wants to become an internet reviewer as his job is crummy. We understand Jeff's girlfriend because she believes that Andy shouldn't throw his life away just in case his dream doesn't come true and can't pay rent because of it. We understand Jeff believing that any publicity is good and if anything will help you to become successful you should accept it. All of this makes these characters seem very likable and relate able to anyone who wants to be big on the web. The humor is great too, as it is a clever satire of the internet as we know it.

The best of what the Uncanny Valley has to offer: it works as an internet satire, a character piece and a touching story of internet fame.
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