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11 Aug. 2014
Outside Outside
The Shallots want to explore beyond the front garden, so Sarah comes up with a plan...
13 Aug. 2014
Cloud Tower
A search for shade on a hot day leads Sarah and Duck to discover a fascinating tower in the park.
14 Aug. 2014
Sound Jumble
When Sarah hears some interesting music on the radio, she and Duck try to recreate it.
15 Aug. 2014
The Mouse's Birthday
Sarah is hoping for a nice, quiet birthday, but does not get her wish once her friends arrive.
14 Oct. 2014
Tortoise Snooze
Sarah and Duck help Tortoise prepare to hibernate.
21 Oct. 2014
Fast Slow Bungalow
Flamingo and John give Sarah and Duck a tour of their house and invite them to play their favorite game...
28 Oct. 2014
Bags of Bags
Scarf Lady has misplaced Bag in the Big Shop, so Sarah and Duck help with the search.
4 Nov. 2014
Ribbon Fall
The Ribbon Sisters invite Sarah & Duck to their favourite seasonal event in the park.
11 Nov. 2014
Garden Gaming
Duck is getting frustrated with his new computer game, so Sarah builds a version he can play.
16 Dec. 2014
Seacow Snow Trail
Sarah and Duck have received some Christmas Presents and are keen to find out who delivered them.

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