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Never cried so much in my Life for a simple TV-episode
faithrandon12 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was so perfect and so sad at the same time that I have a problem to describe it. I cried almost the full episode and I'm not a 15- year old sentimental Gleek, I'm an adult woman and often very cynical, a little bit like Coach Sylvester. The episode wasn't too soft it was just simple, but packed with great songs. For the cast it was probably the hardest episode they have ever filmed and I congratulate them for their perfect job. And I thank the production team for the one funny woman with the tree, Coach Beiste and Puck, that actually let me stop crying :-D

We will miss you Cory, It's a shame!
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The Quarterback
js152215 October 2013
First of all, I personally love glee, and it is such an exciting show. This episode was very sad, and paid tribute to Cory Monteith's character, Finn, extremely well. The songs were perfect, especially Rachel's, and you could really feel everyones emotions coming through. The acting is amazing, and everyone had to be strong. It is astonishing how Lea Michele could pull such a hard song off, and actually make it perfect. The directors delt with this episode very well, and it will be hard for Glee to top this. Hopefully the rest of Glee's season is amazing, and I am excited to see what will happen next. Overall, this episode is very well done, and it deserves a 10/10!
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An excellent episode
justair11 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This entire episode was/is Glee at it's finest. You still have the little bits and pieces that many of us have come to expect and others have grown to dislike but at it's core it was touching, tasteful, and done with a respect that's not always seen in some of their more controversial episodes.

Having new cast members make up the backbone as the chorus (visible but not front and centre)and having Kurt as the comforting supportive observer was a smart move that feels right and should play well with most fans. Rachel's entrance near the end helps to underscore that this episode is not about her but all of them and their connection to the one they have lost. My only criticism is the absence of Quinn, although they did try to smooth that over somewhat with references to her.

Many of us have been to events that pay tribute to loved ones lost thru performances that touch the soul. The quality transcends what we see/listen to on a day to day basis and lives on in memory. There were moments during "The Quarterback" where we were watching the tribute play out in that special way. A rare thing to capture so precisely on film.
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Words Can't Describe
Christopher Gillespie16 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is absolutely THE best episode of any show that has been aired. The fact of the matter is that this episode in its entirety is raw emotion and as close to reality as anything on television can get. And in order to understand the level of emotion encapsulated in this episode, one must realize that this isn't just a character having to be disposed of due to poor audience ratings. No. These people lost someone close to them, someone they spent years with. The emotions the show aren't feelings they're trying to channel in order to get into character. This is what they feel whenever they think about Cory Monteith. And that right there is what makes this episode beautiful. Raw emotion and truth.

In addition, I would highly recommend this episode to anyone with suicidal tendencies. I, myself, have been in such places thinking of how easy it would be. But after watching how the actors respond to Monteith's passing, it's hard to imagine being the catalyst for all that pain.

This is definitely an episode I will watch over and over. Thank you, cast of Glee.
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Wonderful Tribute
rmatousek3213 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This tribute show was the best I have ever watched. You can see the emotion that each cast member is feeling as well as hearing it in the songs as they recorded them. Almost all of us can relate to how each are feeling because we have lost someone close to us so this brings it to the surface for us all, especially if it is a fresh wound. I understand the reasoning for the 2 from the original cast not being there but I don't understand why Vanessa Lengies wasn't there. She hasn't been there long but it was a noticeable exclusion, for me anyway. Lea's performance was wonderful and I am sure it was one of the hardest things for her to do. I know they did most of the filming in one take because they couldn't take doing them more. My heart goes out to all who knew Cory or felt a connection to him through the show. Thank you for making such a wonderful tribute and having proceeds of the song purchases going to one of his charities. Becca

RIP Cory! We love and miss you!
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Excellent - But Feels Wrong
Mike Abrams30 August 2016
If you read all sorts of things online about this episode, you will know that this was filmed "as is". Everyone in this episode is sad. This isn't acting sad but just sad... and you can tell from the opening number how much trouble everyone was having trying to get through each sequence.

I agree with everyone here...this was a great episode. Maybe too good.. which if you watch it closely sort of feels "wrong" to be watching it. Sort of like you are infringing on people in grief that should be left alone. It is obvious the sad faces and tears are everyone trying to get through the filming of this episode is all real.

Watch it again and you will see what I mean if you really look at the actors. I felt this the first time it aired, and if you watch online you can see it also... Great episode... It is so good it feels weird to be there.
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