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Season 3

24 Oct. 2014
Howie Mandel & Nick Cannon, Again
Hosted by Theo Von and executive produced by Howie Mandel, the second season of Deal With It features a jam-packed roster of guest celebrities and comedians helping pull over-the-top pranks on the unsuspecting public.
31 Oct. 2014
Happy Howie-ween with Ross Mathews & Bobby Lee
FOOTBALL: A contestant has football on the brain and decides to kick off the new season while her friend watches from the sideline. Co-host: Bobby Lee.CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS: After faking a foot injury, our contestant enlists the help of their friend, and then offers a thank you with a face full of foot. Co-host: Ross Mathews.
7 Nov. 2014
Jerry O'Connell and Jeannie Mai
WINE TASTING: After our contestant hijacks a wine tasting seminar, and chugs from a $3,000 bottle of wine, her friend might just want a drink of her own. Co-host: Jeannie Mai. THE WILL: A contestant's daughter is having the worst day of her life, after her father informs her she's out of his will. The icing on the cake? He's letting his sexy new attorney handle the money. Co-host: Jerry O'Connell.
14 Nov. 2014
Kym Whitley & Josh Wolf
STAKEOUT: After witnessing our contestant confiscate a stranger's personal belongings, this friend is doing all he can to prevent the paranoia from resulting in someone wearing handcuffs.
21 Nov. 2014
King Bach & Alex Mandel
DOCTOR'S WAITING ROOM: After irritating several patients in a doctor's waiting room, a contestant has to deal with her husband's rising blood pressure. Co-host: Alex Mandel. HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART: A contestant takes the concept of mid-life crisis to a whole new level, as she is tasked with introducing her friend to Kevin, her high school sweetheart. Co-host: Andrew Bachelor "King Bach".
28 Nov. 2014
Howie Mandel & Jack Osbourne
TURKEY DANCE: After demanding some turkey, then stealing two of the raw birds from a nearby counter, a contestant has his hands full trying to explain himself to his irritated wife. Co-host: Howie Mandel. THANKSGIVING: A contestant gets a little too caught up in the Thanksgiving spirit by drinking straight from a gravy boat, leaving her sister anything but thankful for her bizarre behavior. Co-host: Jack Osbourne.
5 Dec. 2014
Penn Jillette & Jessimae Peulo
SPEED DATING (HALLMARK): After stumbling into a speed dating session, a contestant's girlfriend is in for the worst date of her life when an attractive woman wants to "lock-in" with her man. Co-host: Jessimae Peluso. CUPCAKE: Our contestant is unhappy with a cupcake focus group, and after being told not to eat any of the cupcakes, he decides to bite off more than he can chew, literally. Co-host: Penn Jillette.
12 Dec. 2014
Chuey Martinez & Josh Meyers
NARCOLEPTIC: A contestant can't stay awake, and when slapping herself and splashing water on her face doesn't work, she has to get her friend to give her a rude awakening. Co-host: Chuey Martinez. YOGA CLASS (PRINGLES): A contestant is tasked with disrupting a yoga class by demonstrating his own obnoxious custom stretches. Co-host: Josh Meyers.
19 Dec. 2014
Melissa Peterman & Sarah Colonna
NAWARDS LUNCH (REDD'S APPLE ALE): When her lunch is interrupted by a substitute teacher's appreciation ceremony, our contestant decides to show her support with a rousing cheer. Cohost: Melissa Peterman. BAD BOYFRIEND: After playing the part of the gentleman by helping a cute waitress clear a nearby table, this contestant's good deeds are not appreciated by his girlfriend, especially after he asks for the waitress' number. Co-host: Sarah Colonna.
19 Dec. 2014
Marlon Wayans & Mo Mandel
INHERITANCE: As if revealing he's a gigolo for elderly women isn't difficult enough, this contestant has his hands full when his favorite client shows up and proposes an item to cross of her bucket list. Co-host: Mo Mandel. LIFESTYLE CHANGE: After introducing his wife to some people he met on an alternative lifestyle website that specializes in cuddling parties, the last thing this contestant's wife wants is a hug. Co-host: Marlon Wayans.

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