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MPAA Rated R for terror and horror violence

Sex & Nudity

  • No sex or nudity of any kind.
  • One sexual innuendo, very brief.
  • Brief mention of 'French kissing' made by a pre-teen girl.

Violence & Gore

  • A ghost makes a death threat through a girl.
  • In a vision, Ed is impaled by a sharp tree trunk. Very brief and no blood is shown.
  • A demon possessed girl almost commits suicide by jumping out of a window, but she is stopped at the last second.
  • Lorraine (looking through the eyes of a serial killer) shoots 6 people in their sleep with a shotgun. Brief, but there is still blood shown.
  • People are confronted by a demonic spirit in a violent manner. Characters being violently hurled against the walls of rooms, being nearly stabbed, bitten, strangled etc. but nothing explicit.


  • Some religious uses of "hell" and "damn". Other than that, there's pretty much no foul language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A girl is accused of smoking. She says that she was just holding it for someone else.
  • A prepubescent girl is seen smoking a cigarette.
  • There is some scenes of smoking between adult characters.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A demon nun is present in the film, and looks very disturbing.
  • There are lots of jumpscares in the film. Some of them are very effective, including a ghost suddenly screaming "MY HOUSE!" behind a girl, and a demon popping out from behind a painting of a creepy nun, while still holding the painting in its hands.
  • There is not a lot of violence in the film, but it is still incredibly scary nonetheless.
  • (Deleted. Personal opinions about ratings are not appropriate for the Parents Guide.)
  • Some jumpscares can make peoples hearts jump.
  • There are frequent prolonged scenes of strong threat and horror. Almost the whole movie is intense.
  • There are some brief moments of emotional intensity/distress, but nothing too upsetting.
  • There are several prolonged scenes in which children are terrorised by a supernatural threat, often in the form of demonic or ghostly spirits, and scenes in which a girl is possessed by an evil spirit.
  • An young girl speaks in a very deep and demonic voice, implying that a demon has possessed her body, which has a very sinister laugh, which may cause discomfort to some viewers.

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