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Season 6

7 Dec. 2019
Little Homeschool
Welcome to Little Homeschool, a place on earth where Gems from all over the universe can come learn how to live together peacefully! But there's one Gem who refuses to attend.
7 Dec. 2019
Amethyst has started a new program wherein Gems choose jobs in Beach City. While happy with the effort, Steven is unhappy that they have chosen jobs that resemble what they did on Homeworld. He attempts to mix it up by having the Gems pick different occupations, but this results in panic and destruction as the Gems work at jobs they are unsuited for.
7 Dec. 2019
Rose Buds
Steven gets a surprise visit from some old friends, and an even more surprising introduction to some new ones.
7 Dec. 2019
Steven is determined to help Pink Diamond's original Pearl heal the scar on her face.
14 Dec. 2019
Steven questions the motives of a mysterious fusion that suddenly shows up at his house.
14 Dec. 2019
A Very Special Episode
Rainbow Quartz 2.0 promised to hang out with Onion the same day Sunstone scheduled a home safety Geminar! How can Steven be in two places, and two fusions, at once?
21 Dec. 2019
Snow Day
Steven and the Crystal Gems get a chance to catch up when they're all snowed in together.
21 Dec. 2019
Why So Blue?
Steven has heard rumors of a pair of Gems that are still destroying worlds. If he can't stop them, maybe Lapis can.
28 Dec. 2019
Little Graduation
Steven and the Gems celebrate Little Homeschool's first graduating class.
28 Dec. 2019
Prickly Pair
After leaving Little Homeschool, Steven has found a new hobby, plants.
6 Mar. 2020
In Dreams
Steven's dreams start broadcasting onto his bedroom TV.
6 Mar. 2020
Bismuth Casual
Pearl invites Bismuth to the skating rink for a lesson on how to build human relationships.
13 Mar. 2020
Together Forever
Steven seeks advice from Ruby and Sapphire about Connie moving far away for college.
13 Mar. 2020
Growing Pains
Steven visits the doctor for the first time because of his concerning magic swelling.
20 Mar. 2020
Mr. Universe
Greg takes Steven on the road to find the origins of the Universe name.
20 Mar. 2020
After a confrontation from the Crystal Gems, Steven heads back into the woods to find Jasper.
27 Mar. 2020
Homeworld Bound
Steven heads back to Homeworld to seek help from the Diamonds.
27 Mar. 2020
Everything's Fine
Steven insists that everything is fine.
27 Mar. 2020
I Am My Monster
When Steven becomes corrupted and terrorises Beach City, the Gems must figure out how to save him.
27 Mar. 2020
The Future
Steven is finally ready to move on.

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