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  • On the heels of Bobby's appointment as Railroad Commissioner, John Ross scrambles to find the funds to keep the Arctic lease deal alive, even if it means betraying those who love him most. Sensing an opportunity, Elena and Nicolas get Pamela and John Ross out of the office to divide and conquer. Meanwhile, things get complicated for Christopher and Heather, and Ryland's plot to keep Emma and John Ross apart takes an unexpected turn.

  • John Ross's Southfork drilling plan unravels now Sue Ellen has blackmailed the governor to appoint Bobby to the Railroad Commission. Nicolás Treviño is near his wit's end to ruin the Ewings and accepts a devil's pact -actually concocted with Cliff- to take over Ewing Global with John Ross by going public. Sue Ellen, whom John Ross found drinking again, fears she failed her son excessively, and holds the key vote. Christopher becomes ranch-hand hothead Bo McCabe's son's sugar daddy while dating his mother Heather. John Ross must keep playing wife Pam and mistress Emma.


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  • John Ross works the phones after getting the news that his fracking on Southfork is shut down. He confronts his mother when she returns to the office, insisting again that he was only with Emma to get the ice breaker ships. "Do you think that is going to make it hurt any less when Pamela finds out?" Sue Ellen asks. John Ross insists she won't and says she's punishing the company instead of him. She tells him he's filling his daddy's shoes nicely and is drunk on power.

    He smells bourbon on her breath. "I may be drunk on power, but you're just drunk," he says. "This wasn't the tough love of a mother, these are the irrational decisions of an alcohol."

    Later, Bobby tries to appeal to John Ross to work with them. He had to divest his shares to become Railroad Commissioner, he gave them to Christopher. He's telecommuting.

    John Ross accuses Bobby of stabbing him in the back and being a hypocrite.

    When Elena comes into the office, Christopher asks her if she's found out anything about Nicolas. Then he tells her Nicolas didn't exist before 1997 and Carlos Del Sol is looking into his background.

    Elena meets with Nicolas. He urges her to get close to Pamela while he sidles up to John Ross.

    Nicolas goes to John Ross to commiserate over the loss of the arctic leases. Over midday bourbon, they make plans to get drinks later.

    Elena asks Pamela to do the same and Pamela suggests inviting Emma.

    Back on Southfork, Emma tells her mother that John Ross was using her and things are over between them. Ann assures her daughter she loves her.

    At night in the office, Bobby approaches Nicolas about using some of his company's capital for the leases, suggesting he'll cause problems for Nicolas with the railroad commission if he doesn't.

    John Ross and Nicolas go to get drinks at a club. Candace is there and comes on to John Ross but he declines.

    John Ross notices Hunter McKay, a trust fund kid his age, living it up in the corner. His grandfather Carter used to battle with JR and he and Christopher used to play basketball with him when they were kids. McKay sees John Ross and calls him over.

    At Southfork, Sue Ellen worries to Ann that she may have gone too far with her tough love for John Ross.

    At the club, Hunter tells John Ross he struck it rich designing video games. He took his company public and bought up the controlling shares. John Ross gets an idea. Nicolas is annoyed not to have John Ross's attention to wheedle.

    At another club booth, Elena, Pamela and Emma laugh about Candace the secretary's hilariously revealing office attire. Emma assures Pamela that John Ross would never cheat on her.

    Back at Southfork, John Ross tells Pamela he has an idea.

    Elena meets with a PI to have her look into John Ross cheating with Candace.

    Christopher finds Heather on the ranch. They're in the middle of making out when her ex Bo drives up. He's leaving town for a job and ditches their son with her. Christopher volunteers to take him to work with him.

    At Ewing Global, the PI makes up an excuse to get Candace to leave her desk and sneaks into John Ross' office.

    John Ross goes to talk to his mom again. She admits she might have over-reacted, but says it was because she hurt him. He tells her he wants to vote to take Ewing Global public to get them the capital they need and to dilute Cliff's shares. He assures her it's really over with Emma. Sue Ellen points out he still won't have enough for a super majority. "Leave that to me," he says.

    John Ross meets privately with Nicolas Trevino, asking him to vote with him to go public. He offers him 3% royalty on all the arctic drilling and urges him to follow his killer business instinct.

    Christopher brings Michael back to Heather on Southfork. She mentions that Bo was a great bull rider until he fractured his spine and got addicted to pain killers, now he bounces from job to job. Christopher tries to offer her money, but she refuses. They both acknowledge they're failing at keeping things casual.

    Candace gets a pushy text from Harris Ryland, wanting to know why she hasn't gotten what he needs. She puts on the dress she's supposed to get John Ross to, uh, stain. She goes into his office and propositions him again. He tells her flat out no, even after she takes down the dress top.

    Candace leaves in a huff, but passes Sue Ellen as she's putting the dress back on. "That son of yours is something else," she says. Sue Ellen thinks John Ross was cheating.

    Later, Elena and Nicolas watch the footage. They're surprised he is faithful and wonder how they're supposed to get Pamela to turn against John Ross. Nicolas tells Elena about John Ross' plan to take the company public. He wants to double cross John Ross and steal the company for themselves and Cliff.

    The next day, John Ross presents his plan to Bobby and Christopher, telling them Pamela, Nicolas, and Sue Ellen are voting with him.

    Sue Ellen thinks about what she saw with Candace and surprises John Ross by voting against him.

    Later that night at Sue Ellen's, she's drinking openly in front of him. He can't believe she stabbed him in the back twice. She tells him she saw Candace coming out of his office and he swears nothing happened. She doesn't believe him. "Even drunk, I know the sound of a lie and you are an expert at it," she seethes.

    "I am not my father! You are so hellbent on punishing JR for his sins that you are willing to destroy your relationship ith your own son? I need you mom, and you sided with them! I'm your son, don't you remember that?" John Ross. She blames him for making her drink.

    He tells her she's seeing the ghost of JR and needs to take responsibility for her own actions.

    John Ross leaves angry and goes to Emma's for a favor. He wants a file on a judge, but she's dressed in lingerie and ready for him to meet all of her needs. (She makes her point clear by tell him to keep his clothes on as she lays back on the couch.)

    Jasper the PI texts Elena with video footage of John Ross tending to Emma's needs.

    John Ross drops in on judge with blackmail from Judith Ryland's whore house. He tells him his mother is out of control. "You're just like your father," the judge says. "You hear that enough...." John Ross says.

    Later, paramedics show up on Sue Ellen's doorstep with a court order to take her in for a mandatory psych evaluation. She's falling down drunk. John Ross is there and tells the paramedics to get her some help.

    At Southfork, John Ross tells Bobby, Christopher and Ann about his mother and blames the drinking on her "erratic" behavior. Since she's incapacitated, he gets her voting interest and he's going to take Ewing Global public.

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