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  • A band of rogue H-vamps crashes the vampire-human mixer at Bellefleur's, with shocking results. As Sookie seeks refuge from accusations that she's somehow to blame for the chaos in Bon Temps, the "one vampire for every human" plan moves forward. In the face of a vigilante insurrection led by redneck Vince, Bill receives aid from an unexpected source.



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  • There is a mixer at Bellefleur's Bar where Tara is trying to coax her mother into leaving. Nicole is carried off and Sam goes after her. Bill arrives and everybody clears out. Sookie surveys the damage and hears screaming. They walk over to Lettie Mae who is covered in blood. She tells them that Tara is dead.

    Jason calls Andy and tells him Holly and Arlene have been taken. Andy leaves home to help and leaves Jessica to watch Adilyn (Bailey Noble). Andy tells his daughter not to invite her in.

    Sookie listens to everybody's thoughts and it seems like everybody blames her, including Alcide. Vince sees a dog return and watches him shape-shift into Sam. Bill tells everybody that the Hep-V vampires will be looking for a nest. They split up to search and Bill warns them every human needs a vampire buddy.

    Jessica and James talk on the phone and he fills her in. He warns her that she needs to feed.

    Vince calls Sam out for being a shifter. He warns him to keep what he knows a secret for the time being so nobody panics. Bill and Sam address the crowd. The humans are to let their vampire feed in exchange for their protection. They will meet the following day at Reverend Daniel's church.

    Sookie is ignoring Alcide's calls.

    We see Pam in Morocco, involved in a game of vampire Russian roulette to get information about Eric's whereabouts.

    Adilyn speaks with Jessica, who is on her porch keeping watch. They talk about "that night" and Jessica promises not to kill her despite the fact she still smells good. Adilyn says she doesn't hate Jessica. They start to chat and seem to be getting along. Suddenly another vampire shows up and he's interested in Adilyn.

    Sookie and Alcide argue over the fact she heard his thoughts blaming her for what happened to Arlene and the town. Sookie tells him her curse is to know what everybody thinks. She wants to be alone.

    Jason and Violet encounter a group of people led by Vince who are taking matters into their own hands with regard to going after the vampires. Jason tries to talk them down but it isn't working. Violet threatens them if they don't leave and Jason doesn't like it.

    James escorts Lafayette to his place and Lafayette invites him in. They smoke weed together and Lafayette admits feeling relieved Tara is dead. He already grieved the first time she died. All of James' friends died in Vietnam, but he was a draft-dodger. The father of his best friend beat him almost to death when he learned his son had been killed and a vampire saved James.

    Jason stops the car and gets out, furious. He's upset that Violet (Karolina Wydra) told the rest of the people he belongs to her. He yells at her about the nature of their relationship and it turns into sex on the hood of his cruiser.

    Jessica yells at the vampire that Adilyn is hers. He is dying and feels he has nothing left to lose. Jessica convinces Adilyn to drink her blood so Jessica will always know where she is.

    Having drunk Willa's blood, Lettie Mae is acting strange and talking to Tara. Daniels helps her sleep and he tells Willa about Lettie Mae's "issues." Willa tells Daniels that with Eric and Pam gone she has nowhere to go. Daniels sets her up in the basement of his church.

    Pam is given information about Eric's location. She's handed a map.

    Sookie climbs in bed with Alcide. She apologizes and he tells her he loves her. She reciprocates and they being to make love.

    Andy brings Bill to a place he thinks could be a nest. They spot the vampires hanging from the ceiling. Vince's crew arrives and surrounds them. Vince is furious they were told to trust the vampires. Bill assures them Andy had nothing to do with it. Bill convinces them to let Andy talk. Andy then asks Vince if he can have the honor of killing Bill. Andy is given a gun but quickly turns it on them and tells them to disperse.

    Arlene, Holly and Nicole are being held in Shreveport. They are in a group that is being eaten one by one.

    Bill thanks Andy. Andy tells him he only did it so he could help him find Holly. Things will never be okay between the two of them, from Andy's perspective. Bill flashes back to his human family.

    With dawn approaching Adilyn invites Jessica in so she won't be killed by the sun. Jessica grabs Adilyn but is able to restrain herself. The other vampire burns in the sun.

    The next day Daniels addresses the crowd at his church. Lettie Mae blames Sookie for what happened to Tara and says she is not welcome there. Sookie can hear that the rest of them agree. Fed up, Sookie tells them she can hear their thoughts. She acknowledges playing a part in what happened but thinks with her vampire knowledge she can help them going forward.

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