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Unwanted sequel
Leofwine_draca12 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
THE COMING RACE is the unwanted sequel to the original cult movie. This one was made on a lower budget and feels more rushed with a slapdash and haphazard approach. A bunch of new characters race around trying to prevent the Nazis taking over the Earth, which leads to lots of lame dialogue, stilted jokes, unfunny humour, and random interludes with dinosaurs. The effects aren't very good but the cast are enthusiastic, including a returning Udo Kier, but it's not really enough to save what feels like an amateurish production.
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It is a Sequel
claudio_carvalho13 October 2019
My wife and I saw "Iron Sky: The Coming Race" yesterday and we found the unfunny screenplay very poor without development of the situation and characters. But now I have just read in IMDb that this film is a sequel of "Iron Sky". Therefore my advice to the viewers is do not see "Iron Sky: The Coming Race" without seeing "Iron Sky" first. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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Make Earth Great Again
nogodnomasters23 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This film is loosely related to the original film. The Nazis on the moon have a reign of nuclear terror on the Earth. A small group survives and forms a colony on the far side of the moon in a city called "Neomenia." The year is now 2047. Eventually, a small band must return to the center of the Earth and fight alien reptilian shapeshifters. Not related to "Nazi at the Center of the Earth".

The first thing you might notice is that Udo Kier is in it. He loves wild conspiracy theories and political satire. In this film, a Sara Palin looking woman is President of the US and we also see a young Putin type leader in charge of Russia. Many modern and historical people, including Hitler, are alien shapeshifters now living at the center of the Earth. The new religion worships "Steve" i.e. Steve Jobs. Don't get caught using something Steve did not provide. There is also a scene taken from the 1984 Superbowl Apple commercial. Other films are lightly spoofed.

I loved a few spoof scenes and didn't care for many more. In one scene they confused Hitler for Trump.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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Looking good
kosmasp1 January 2021
And no this is not innuendo or meant to be something about the actors - although if they take it as a compliment, they are welcome. No I'm talking about the movie itself. And while the technical aspect may not really play a role for some (or even many), because they may think it's easy to make a movie look good (I'd disagree and I have quite a few movies as evidence for that, recent ones of course), I very much acknowledge that here and salute and bow down to the makers for that.

Now the movie itself. If you have seen the first one (I'm assuming you have), you know what's what. You can't actually expect this to be something this is not! This is a silly movie to say the least. But it has upped its game from the previous effort. The acting is at least par to that .. though the silliness may even surpass that of the first one. There's digs at current politics (Quid pro Quo anyone?), that may not age well, but they are funny now at least ... and might work as just a silly side note in the years to come ... This movie does not pretend to be something it is not ... does this make it something you like to watch? That's for you to answer
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A bad case of metal fatigue.
BA_Harrison26 August 2021
Timo Vuorensola's Iron Sky had a fun premise - Nazis on the moon - plus great production design and impressive visual effects (given the budget), but the film was let down by a heavy-handed script that focused too much on political satire that simply wasn't funny. There's no shortage of creativity and imagination on display in The Coming Race either, but, like before, the humour just doesn't work, with swipes at consumerism, religion and the ruling class simply not working.

Featuring everything from shape-shifting aliens to dinosaurs to spaceships to the holy grail to a hollow earth, the film should have been a lot of crazy fun (a conspiracy theorist's wet dream!), but the poor writing and lifeless direction really let this one down. Vuorensola sees fit to throw in some potentially fun OTT action, including a chase involving chariots pulled by triceratops, and Hitler riding a T-Rex, but these scenes lack a genuine sense of excitement, partly due to poor editing, partly because the effects just aren't convincing enough, and partly because Vuorensola is clearly biting off more than he can chew.
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Every bit as enjoyable as the first movie...
paul_haakonsen28 July 2020
First and foremost, I must say that for a sequel to the whacky 2012 movie "Iron Sky", then 2019s "Iron Sky: The Coming Race" wasn't too shabby. In fact, it fared quite well for a sequel.

I happened to come across this movie in 2020, not even knowing about its existence. But I overly enjoyed the 2012 movie, so of course I managed to find the time to sit down and watch "Iron Sky: The Coming Race". And it turned out to be as enjoyable as the first movie.

The storyline in out there, far, far out there - just as it was in the 2012 movie. But it is exactly that which makes these movies so enjoyable. I love the whacky storylines and the quirky characters.

I really think that "Iron Sky: The Coming Race" was a great continuation of the 2012 movie, so I was very impressed with this movie and also very entertained by its storyline.

It is surprising that such a movie has such great special effects, both CGI and practical. It really helped to bring the movie to life and make it believable. A big thumbs up to the special effects teams for their achievement with "Iron Sky: The Coming Race".

Now, having twelve of history's familiar persons appear as aliens was just brilliant. I totally loved that, with the likes of Adolf Hitler, Margaret Thatcher, Ghengis Khan, Mark Zuckerberg, Sarah Palin, Steve Jobs, Josef Stalin and others. That was alone made it well worth to sit down and watch "Iron Sky: The Coming Race". And also having set Steve Jobs up as a god with a cult of Jobists (the worshippers) was just hilarious given Jobs technological contribution to the real world.

"Iron Sky: The Coming Race" had a great cast of actors and actresses, and it is always enjoyable to watch Udo Kier in a movie, and he was just brilliant in "Iron Sky: The Coming Race".

This is an entertaining and enjoyable movie, with a very predictable ending; but a funny ending, nonetheless. If you enjoyed the 2012 "Iron Sky" movie, then you definitely have to watch this 2019 sequel as well. I am rating it a seven out of ten stars.
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The Inspired Lunacy Continues
zardoz-1312 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
You can't enjoy some sequels unless you've seen the original film that inspired them. Finnish director Timo Vuorensola's imaginative sci-fi, fantasy farce "Iron Sky: The Coming Race," the follow-up to his earlier epic "Iron Sky" (2012), illustrates this maxim. If you've never heard of "Iron Sky," don't be surprised. Vuorensola's original film made its greatest inroads into the American market with its home video release. Coining less than $123 thousand at the box office, "Iron Sky" received a limited domestic release for a two-month period in only eight theaters. Internationally, "Iron Sky" grossed $11.5 million, surpassing but not tripling its seven million Euros production budget. The Asylum's ridiculous mockbuster parody "Nazis from the Center of the Earth," which would make Jules Verne cringe in anguish, skewered it with little success. Since the sunset of World War Two, Nazis had been fodder for European zombie sagas, such as "Dead Snow" (2009) and "Dead Snow: Red Vs Dead" (2014) as well as "Outpost" (2008), "Outpost: Black Sun" (2012), and "Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz" (2013). Not only is the $17 million budgeted "Iron Sky: The Coming Race" a sequel to "Iron Sky," but it also qualifies as a prequel, since it takes us back to the Mesozoic Era: the Age of Dinosaurs. Indeed, just as pungent with its witticisms as its predecessor, "Iron Sky 2" picks up the "Iron Sky" narrative thread and considerably expands it in different dimensions. Timo Vuorensola doesn't cover the same conflicts as he did in his hilarious original film that thumbed its nose at political correctitude. A brief recap of "Iron Sky" shows the Sarah Palin-esque U.S. President (Stephanie Paul of "Crazy love") going toe-to-toe against the madcap Moon Nazis and triggering the nuclear annihilation of the Earth This Armageddon forced the human race to abandon Earth. Ironically, these fortunate survivors end up relocating on the dark side of the Moon, the same place where the Nazis had established their base 70 years after World War II!

"Iron Sky: The Coming Race" occurs 20 years after the destruction of Earth. If you saw the original, Nazi school mistress Richter (Julia Dietze of "Iron Sky") and captured U.S. Astronaut James Washington (Christopher Kirby of "The Matrix Reloaded") started out as enemies and then became lovers. They had a daughter, Obianaju 'Obi' Washington (Lara Rossi of "Robin Hood"), and she has grown up to serve as a jack-of-all-trades at Neomenia, the former Nazi moon base station. Sadly, Götz Otto could not reprise his role as the second Führer, because he kicked the bucket in the original "Iron Sky." Nevertheless, Wolfgang Kortzfleisch (Udo Kier of "Melancholia"), who took an awful beating from Otto, returns from the dead in one of the film's several surprises. Obi's wizened mother Renate governs life on Neomenia where Nazis no longer rule. Meanwhile, Obi struggles to maintain the deteriorating moon base facilities against the ever-present threat of moon quakes. Watching her scramble about the grungy, industrial factory interiors with breathless abandon to tackle problems establishes Obi as a heroine who refuses to wait for problems to repair themselves. Basically, Neomenia has degenerated into a ghetto because of overpopulation and a shortage of supplies. Were things not complicated enough, a Russian spaceship blunders in from out of nowhere, and Renate must contend with asylum seekers. Initially, Renata had decided to obliterate the spacecraft. Obi thwarted this atrocity by shutting down Neomenia's weapons system. Later, she takes a romantic interest in the handsome but goofy Russian pilot, Sasha (Vladimir Burlakov of "Lost in Siberia"), because she argues that humanity must migrate to Mars. A cannibalized space shuttle offers their only avenue of salvation. Along the way, Vuorensola gives us time off from the doomsday prospect, so Obi and Sasha can flirt with each other. Later, Obi collides with the treacherous Kortzfleisch, and he tells her about a fantastic element at the center of the Earth that will save mankind and provide endless fuel for the space shuttle.

The lightweight humor that pervades "Iron Sky: The Coming Race" will either make you howl insanely or grin at its ingenuity. The lookalike Sarah Palin president, which was a great sight gag in "Iron Sky," is still a hoot to behold. She spent most of her time on a treadmill in "Iron Sky," but here she mutates into a monster with other infamous demagogues. Tongue-in-cheek humor lurks in every frame. Timo Vuorensola is a gifted visual storyteller with an impeccable sense of timing and pictorial composition. Like "Iron Sky," "Iron Sky 2" doesn't wear out its welcome at 90 minutes. The larger-than-life action is nimble, exciting, and sometimes absurdly violent. Hitler rides a T-Rex like a cowboy at a rodeo, and the beast snaps up the entire body of a man in its gigantic jaws. However, it is a bloodless demise. Since he has no boundaries, Vuorensola and his writers indulge themselves, adding a Hans Solo type Russian pilot as well as a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" escapade. In this instance, our heroes must evade a gigantic molten boulder that bounds after them as they struggle to evade it in chariots drawn by Triceratops dinosaurs! Unfortunately, the CGI imagery isn't entirely flawless, but it passes muster, just don't bother to freeze-frame the images. Clearly, Vuorensola dreamed up some picturesque ideas that his crowd-funded budget couldn't accommodate. The warped but inspired artistry of the "Iron Sky" epics is that Hollywood didn't forge them. The Nazi plot in the original movie isn't the kind of comic material Hollywood would have sunk multi-millions for a movie that "culminated in Armageddon. These Finnish films constitute refreshing, but audacious nonsense. Nothing in the sequel matches the politically incorrect act of turning Obi's African American father into a blond Aryan specimen of masculinity. Incredibly enough, while "Iron Sky: The Coming Race" was awaiting home video release, director Timo Vuorensola had already embarked on a third instalment in the franchise: "Iron Sky: The Ark" with a release date set for 2020!
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Still crazy, still fun, but not as good
siderite11 May 2019
They did Star Wreck, which was really fun. Then they did Iron Sky, which was not as good, but still really funny. Yet for the third try they did a sequel and, while it is very different from it, it still got hit by the sequel curse: it's not as good as Iron Sky! And I loved the references in the film, including one that was close to my heart: Hitler on a dinosaur which I really thought was a wink to Kung Fury. Yet it something was missing and I believe it is the original idea that both previous films thrived on. The production quality felt lower, too.

Bottom line: if it were standalone, it would be pretty damn funny. However, in contrast to the other two Timo Vuorensola films, it was weaker.
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Kingdom of Bore on the Moon
Tweetienator9 May 2019
The first Iron Sky was a funny surprise but far away from being a masterpiece or a new cult movie (the quality of the movie is imo not consistent - some strong but als some weak parts). The 2nd one got some nice visuals and a good production (settings, fx, costumes etc.) but the story is rather a bore filled with "messages" (p.c. of course, in the gestalt of satire) and the most important thing - the comedy/satire elements are rather bad and tiring and the story drags and drags on. Conclusion: not much suspense, not much funny moments.

As it was for me rather work to watch the whole movie thru, I can't recommend Iron Sky: The Coming Race. Who should give it a try!? Maybe the absolute die-hard fan of the first movie.
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Udo Kier and Tom Green: What Could Go Wrong?
arfdawg-115 June 2019

It's written, acted and directed like a cheap SYFY TV movie. I was waiting for sharks to show up. The CGI is video game quality.

I hated the first movie and didnt bother finishing it so I'm unsure if the ending of #1 set up the beginningof #2. There still seemed to be a lot of Nazis hanging out in the beginning.

Anyway the Russians arrive and they look like a bunch of eskimos to further confuse things.

Tom Green is one of the worst actors on earth. He should stick to middle aged pranks. His comic antics here fall absurdly flat.

Udo Kier, in dual roles, is actually pretty good. He's pushing 80 and is still fairly light on his feet He's also not a great actor but some how every role he's in is very watchable.

Even though this movie is waaayyyy better than the first, it's still only a 4.
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Stupid sequel
jamesrupert201410 February 2020
There was something appealing ludicrous (or ludicrously appealing) about the premise, that in 1945, on the eve of the collapse of the 'Thousand-year Reich' senior Nazis had taken refuge in a swastika-shaped fortress on ze dark side of ze moon, that made up for the original 'Iron Sky's (numerous) deficiencies. Sadly, the sequel ('The Coming Race') lacks the high-concept novelty of the first film and is instead yet another campy, CGI infested 'adventure' that showcases lackluster acting, a weak script and run-of-the-mill special effects. The delays in production are apparent in the now dated 'topical' humour and the whole, mostly incoherent, story seems to be simply a set-up for the money-shot of der Führer's lewd entrance on a T. rex - it's not worth the wait (plus you're then stuck watching for another 15 more minutes as the film meanders tediously to a close). There is an inter-credit scene that sets up a potential second sequel but, as 'Iron Sky' is essentially a one-joke premise, I don't expect much. Too bad, I'd love to see more WW III battles against a lunar retro-Fourth Reich.
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Not as good as the previous one! Very disappointed!
kwenchow17 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This film is about Udo Kier character disguise to help the earth's human but instead he is a villain! He also have a twin brother! He offer "Vril" to cure Obi's mother and their race! Entire film talking too much and bored! Most watchable seen is the ending, when all the human riding the dinosaur to escape! Funny enough! Not much action as well! Most intense one, is Malcom attack by a bunch of dinosaur at the end! Malcom play dead scene really not necessary! Not funny at all! Big spoiler ahead, next sequel will go to Mars! That's all! Another bad sequel! Not recommended!
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A different level of bad
dworldeater18 April 2020
I really liked the 1st movie Iron Sky. When I figured out they made another one of these I grabbed a copy on DVD. Iron Sky was a really ridiculous, but fun movie. This sequel is not only not fun, but disorienting, unfunny and had a hard time maintaining my interest at all. The 1st movie was based on a wild conspiracy theory and this one goes even further with some even wilder conspiracy theories about shape shifting lizard people that are in high positions of power that rule over us and live in the center of the Earth. So to say this movie is all over the place is a kind statement. Udo Kier does return and does not save this movie or make it any more watchable. It took 5 years to make this and had a much bigger budget than the other film. I really wanted to like this, but it was a painful, incoherent and inept mess. I would suggest to stick to the original film and skip this one.
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If the jack boots fit, wear them......
s32761698 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I have no difficulty seeing why it would be hard to create a follow up to the original Iron Sky. Whilst it wasn't a great film, it took a novel idea and did interesting things with it. The question for anyone creating a sequel is, where next?

To my mind, "if the jack boots fit, wear them". Nazi's at the center of the earth could have been a romping Jules Verne style spoof with a Flintstone-esque make over. The Nazi dinosaur named after Hitlers dog was a great place to start. Add in decent Germanic humour of the period plus some tongue in cheek, action and this film could have been a winner.

Regrettably, what you get is only a whisper of the original Nazi back story. Instead, its replaced by a confused, rather dull tale of lizard people who, in God like fashion, hastened human evolution, only to rule over humanity and conspire in its destruction.

The result is a rudderless story that heads in no particular direction. Its not helped by a over long lead in, nominal action and no real climax. Interesting characters who never go anywhere interesting. Its as if a lot of clever and not so clever ideas were brain stormed and crammed into the one film.

3/10 from me.
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Unwatchable and anyone claiming otherwise is almost certainly one of the "crowdfunding" suckers desperate to get their money back.
random-707789 May 2019
I've got plenty of tolerance for the handicaps low budget B/C films might exhibit. One can't expect them to hire name actors, have much in terms of special effects.

But come on, a low budget film has to have something going for it, at least one thing. And this idiocy does not have a single hing going for it. Not a single interesting idea, cringewothy acting (even for schlock genre), not single good joke. Skip it, even if you were entertained by the original
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Reich for the stars and hit the moon
one9eighty13 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Timo Vuerensola returns to direct "Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race", a direct follow up the 2012 "Iron Sky" film.

Twenty years have passed since the first film, the Earth was devastated by a nuclear war and the last of humanity is now surviving side by side (in an awkward truce) with moon-Nazi's in what's left of the Nazi moon base, now named "Neomenia". Famine, poverty, and pollution is already making survival difficult, add to that a growing of a cult dedicated to Apple founder Steve Jobs, and life is not easy. While Renate Richter (Julia Dietze) has been in charge of running the moon base as best as she can, her daughter (fathered by James Washington from the first film), Obianaju Washington (Lara Rossi) has been trying to maintain the life support systems. She has a chance encounter with former moon base commander Wolfgang Kortzfleisch (Udo Kier) who reveals he is actually a Vril, a shape shifting lizard person. The Vril arrived on Earth during the prehistoric era and lived alongside dinosaurs. He offers Obianaju a mission which involves travelling to the Earth's core to find an ancient Vril city that still has Vrilia (a source of the Vril's power), which could yet save the last of humanity. Only one problem, the last of the Vril want to eradicate the last of humanity.

If you are not familiar with the first "Iron Sky" film let me just get this descriptive summary out of the way. It is a B-Movie satirical comedy sci-fi thriller. It juxtaposes 1950's style films and technology, with modern concepts, thoughts and technology. It is cleverer than it seems on the surface, but it divides opinions - some people love it, some people will hate it. This follow up follows suit.

Like "Iron Sky", this film picks up on more conspiracy theories - lizard people, which was a really fun twist, I liked that a lot. Having the lizard people as the creators of human life on the planet was also a master stroke - it amused me that they claim to have injected an apple and fed it to monkeys to create life on earth as that brings religion into the films satirical outlook too, as does the use of the Holy Grail. I also liked their mode of transport - who doesn't want to see Adolf Hitler riding a T-Rex into battle? The effects in the film were good, without being continuously authentic or believable. The acting this time wasn't as strong as the first film for me, maybe that's down to the script being a little weaker. Maybe weaker isn't the right word... at times it felt like there wasn't a linear plot, like even the film itself didn't know which direction it wanted to take to get to the end. By living dangerously like that, it had an effect on the delivery of the material for me.

If you go to this expecting anything like the first film you may be disappointed. If you go to this film expecting a Hollywood-esque style film with pleasing themes, characters or even a coherent plot, again you will be disappointed. This diesel-punk/ steam-punk film is all over the place, enjoys poking fun at itself and everyone else it can possibly affect. If you like b@tsh1t crazy B-movies, then you are going to enjoy this.

I gave the first Iron Sky film 8 out of 10, it was all over the place, but it worked really well. I'm afraid this follow up didn't work as well - or not at least to my expectations after the first film. It felt a little cheaper and more bat5hit crazy - but it lacked the heart of the first film. The budget for this film was 20 million euros, nearly triple the budget of the first film - but, to me, it just lives in the shadow of the first film because of the lack of heart. It's a pity as there was so much potential. That's not to say I didn't enjoy the film - it's still a lot better than a lot of other B-movies, but in comparison to its own legacy, it isn't as strong. An hour and a half of B-Movie goodness that is still better than 99% of the B-Movies you'll find on the SyFy channel. 7 out of 10.
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so disapointing.
surfisfun6 May 2019
Barely feel like the same team wrote and directed this sequel. try to have more of a serious drama sense. why casting Tom Greene? very long. watch the star trek wannabe movie they made instead. very disappointed .not recommended but watchable.
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Been waiting for this for years
Neptune16525 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Yeah i see why it took so long!! It's like mixed movies star wars, Jurassic park,avengers....the Simpsons and maybe Mr.Bean. Tbh the first movie was better. This one terrible, but it felt much lower budget. That Lara Rossi was the wrong choice for the main role. iron sky 2: oh man it was a big let down and its hard to find what category this one exactly belongs to. It doesn't take place a couple of years later, it very explicitly takes place 30 years later. Such a disappointment. Mary Sue wrecks everything. Definitely not a comedy but the plot was a joke.The first one was so much better (and more plausible) None of the jokes work... it is a comedy movie with crap jokes. And they try to be ridiculous and serious at the same time, which doesn't work. But ultimately the movie fails for the same reason the first one failed but truly i found the 2012 version is a way better than this crab. Cgi was OK but very noticeable. Too cartoony. And the political correctness was too present
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A short skirt and heels in a blizzard?
athies29 November 2019
Break dance solo practice.

Steve? Oh Steve.

At least the "bible" has gone digital. That's a lot of saved paper.


1984 wont be like 1984 :)

The ridiculous party is assembled.

Dinosaur Conquistadors.

Horrible responsiveness on that touch screen.

If you are a shapeshifter with no one to see you don't keep your form!

Triceratops is not a gap jumper.

Nazi's and dinosaurs! Now it's a party!

There goes the shot in the stomach bros.

What an idiot running past the dinosaur.

The people I'm in the cargo have no idea what is going on. Stop cheering.
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This is not the parody of the first film.
stevelomas-6940113 February 2021
On the one hand it has a woman drop kicking a T-Rex ridden by a Nazi from beyond the dark side of the moon on the other hand it is utter rubbish. Easily the worst sequel ever made.
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Done in the spirit of the first film. Not as polished though.
frankblack-7996111 April 2021
If you didn't like the first film, you won't like this one. These movies are for a select group of people. Not everyone will get the humor of them. The first film was better for sure. When I realized Tom Green was in this, I knew the quality would be dropping. Still a decent attempt to capture the spirit of the first. I would recommend avoiding if you thought Iron Sky was dumb.
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Bad taste and terrible circus
SilverOrlov15 May 2019
If the silliness of the first film looked adequate and looked like some kind of simple sarcastic humor. Second film tries to play on the same note, but did it disgustingly. Flat silly humor on banal phrases, replaying of heroes, and some unhealthy craving for patterns about Russian behavior.
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movieman6-413-92951015 June 2019
Iron Sky: The Coming Race is the sequel to the first Iron Sky movie of 2012. This sequel is again directed and partly written and produced by Timo Vuorensola, who also directed the first part.

In the film, life on earth was lost after a nuclear war. A small group of people managed to escape the nuclear war and its consequences. They have settled in the deserted Nazi base on the dark back of the moon. When people are told that their salvation and solution can be found in the middle of the earth, they decide to send a group of people back to earth to find the solution for restoring the earth. This mission will not be as easy as they first thought, because the nuclear dangers and consequences of this after the war are mutated reptile people in the middle of the earth, riding dinosaurs and being led by Adolf Hitler.

The first Iron Sky movie had a comical and creatively conceived story where the remaining Nazis, after the loss of the Second World War, had hidden themselves on the dark back of the moon to return to Earth with a surprise attack in the future. In 2014, this sequel was first brought forward with a trailer. The filmmakers have worked on this sequel for five years. Previous release of this film was always delayed and postponed to constantly adjust or improve the film. Despite all these postponement and improvement attempts, the final film looks a bit like a cartoon about the story and the effects. At times it seems like you're watching a longer live-action version of a Family Guy episode. The first film also played nicely in current affairs and managed to ridicule this in a fun way. This is also done in this film, but when that happens in this film, it comes across as a short, detached scene.

The effects are very cheap and fake and look like effects from older films at the time that CGI was just something new to use in films. Due to the lesser effects, the dinosaurs in the film look very much like creatures from a cartoon. The make-up effects work better, but also come across as cheap. The reptile people come across as enemies from a Power Rangers TV series.

Acting also doesn't really make the movie much better, because many characters also come across as characters from a cartoon. Many make stupid choices or decisions that you would see earlier in a cartoon. Lara Rossi tries well and seriously to do her best in the lead, but all other cartoon-like characters do not make her easy. Although Udo Kier also looks a bit cartoon-like, he does it in a nice fitting way as the shock of the story. He did his role in the first film a bit nicer. In this film he does get the chance to play a double role, because in addition to his recurring role role from the first film, he also plays the role of Adolf Hitler in a dark, yet somewhat comical way.
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I honestly don't get the hate for this movie. At all
Claptrap_Reigns4 December 2020
I watched this after the first Iron Sky, and guess what? they're IDENTICAL. Both B-movies with social and political commentary concerning our times. If you dig the first movie you'll 100% dig this one, because it's the same exact thing. And when I say the same thing I mean the same thing, just with different characters and a different story. Haters or deluded fans of the original thinking that somehow the Iron Sky franchise would have magically turned into 2001: A Space Odissey or Doctor Strangelove because of a kickstarter campaign better stay away, all others can apply with no problems whatsoever. And about people complaining about the ending shot concerning Mars, again I don't see problems. Nazis from the moon, what red flagged ideology could ever come from Mars? Red Alert anyone?
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Greatest Sequel Ever? Yes
tfminfl6 December 2019
365. Iron Sky: The Coming Race. One of the greatest sequels ever made! Is it up there with Godfather II? Yes. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan? Yes. The Empire Strikes Back? Yes. Speed 2: Cruise Control? Eh? Anyways, this one picks up over two decades after the events of the original. In the first we learn that the conspiracy theory that Nazi's escaped to the Moon was true, and planned an invasion of the Earth! And tho that plan was sort of thwarted, inter fighting still left the Earth a nuclear wasteland. And the surviving humanity now lives in the former Nazi base on the Moon. Until a ship from Earth arrives with actual people on board still escaping Earth. The visitors are met by Obi, the daughter of the original Iron Sky couple Washington James Washington and Renate Richter. Obi pretty much is holding the Moon base's machine parts running. Her dad passed away, and her mom Renate is now slowly dying of, life, ya know. However, help arrives in the form of a stowaway aboard the newly arrived ship, the former Moon Fuhrer himself Wolfgang Kortzfleisch, he survived the devastation on Earth! How? Like Huey Lewis said I want a new drug and he shows it to us revealing another conspiracy theory now proven true: a long time ago, a race of reptilian aliens discovered Earth and made it their home. Of the original colonists was our Moon Fuhrer here and his bro, who will assume the identity of a Adolf Hitler later on, we learn that Wolfgang himself created humanity with their space drug my injecting it into an apple and fed it to a few monkeys and pow! People. Now reptile Adolf never liked this idea, thats why theyve always had spies within the humans at the highest levels of government and of course entertainment. The reptiles headquarters location? Inside the Hollow Earth dummy, yep that's true too! And that is run by... The Holy Grail, we all know what a sip from the Grail will do, but did you also know it can produce a small star to power the Hollow Earth? Now you do!! And with this info Obi puts a crew together to head down to Hollow Earth to steal the Holy Grail to save her dying mom and power the former Nazi Moon Base where the rest of humanity now resides. Is there any issues once they arrive in Hollow Earth? Um yea, the immortal former reptilian leaders of the world!! Its quite the challenge!! Is the plot outrageous? Absolutely. However the movie was a kickass space adventure movie with great characters, great use of practical effects, and just really fun to watch. And I'll say it, the crew Obi assembles for the mission, great chemistry between them all, it felt like we were on board the Falcon. Even had a Han/Leia love story going on. Give it a shot! Iron Sky III? Yes, please! Filmbufftim on FB.
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