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before the events of "Breaking Bad", the legal profession was a gritty field in Albuquerque
lee_eisenberg31 March 2022
"Breaking Bad" was undeniably one of the greatest shows of the 21st century. If you then hear that one of the characters got a spinoff show, you could be forgiven for doubting the quality. Well, doubt no more. "Better Call Saul" is an equally fine piece of work.

The protagonist is lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), who it turns out is actually named Jimmy McGill. He engages in all manner of shady activity, while other characters from the previous show have their own things to deal with. As with the previous show, it's a serial, with episodes ending in cliffhangers. And make no mistake, you'll want to keep watching.

Basically, it's the type of series that you have to see to believe. There have been lawyer shows and crime dramas, but never have they gotten combined so splendidly. It's the perfect mix of comedy, tragedy and thriller. Definitely see it.
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It just keeps getting better and thats unheard of!!
brenden3325 April 2020
Someone is responsible for making this such an outstanding show, year after year. The intelligence in dialogue, empathy for characters, twists and expectations are genius. Breaking bad, The X Files are 2 other badges of brilliance. We are privileged to be living in this time as we might have been if living during Shakespeare. This may seem over the top but the scores are on the board, Vince Gilligan. Please correct or remove if I am wrong!
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Easily one of the greatest shows of all time
warriorytx7 March 2021
People who are fans of Breaking Bad should definitely watch this it expands the Albuquerque criminal underworld to unparalleled heights. It's easily one of the most tragic, beautifully written and directed shows of all time and for me at least is at the top of the list of my favourite shows it's tied with Breaking Bad. I'm not really someone who's into the crime genre but this show as well as Breaking Bad are two all time great crime dramas that I actually LOVE. It's a master class of writing and direction. This show is the fastest show I've binged I finished the first 4 seasons in a matter of 3 days. Season 5 isn't out in Canada on Netflix yet.
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As darkly comic and multilayered as Breaking Bad, yet very much its own thing
gogoschka-19 February 2015
So here it is at last: one of the most highly anticipated new TV-shows of the year, the spin-off from probably THE most highly praised TV-show in the history of Television. Naturally, expectations were over the roof - and it was a forgone conclusion that meeting those expectations would be next to impossible. Well, here's the good news. Judging from the first couple of episodes, 'Better Call Saul' will be good. Just how good remains to be seen, but as far as promises go, those first episodes made a big one.

For those who haven't seen it yet: relax - I won't spoil a thing about the storyline. Instead, I'll concentrate on all other aspects of the show. The first thing you notice (as was the case with Breaking Bad) is the camera. The photography is simply gorgeous. All the visual trademarks I've grown to love so much in BB are there: the playful camera angles; the creative ways to establish even a simple scene with unusual, interesting shots (yet without ever distracting from the storytelling) - it's just beautiful to look at.

Then there's the music. From the wonderful introductions (before the opening credits) to the last scene of an episode, music is not just used as background "noise": carefully picked songs are there to give clues and are as much an integral part of the story as they help establish the tone of certain scenes. And the original music by Dave Porter feels as organic to 'Better Call Saul' as it did in 'Breaking Bad'.

The writing, directing and acting (so far) are on par with BB; anyone afraid this would be a rushed production trying to surf on BB's success can relax; not for a second did I get the feeling this was somehow not well thought through or cheaply constructed by a committee of writers - and although we do of course get some of our favorite characters back, new ones are introduced that promise to be just as original and interesting as the ones that helped turn BB into a cultural phenomenon. And adding high calibre actors such as Michael McKean ('This Is Spinal Tap') to the cast is probably an indication that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould will not content themselves - or us - by mainly exploring the characters we already know.

And then, finally, there's the magnificent Bob Odenkirk. Starting off as a slightly one-dimensional character and comic relief in BB, the character we've come to love as the sleazy, slick Saul Goodman has already shown more layers in the first half of the first season of 'Better Call Saul' than over his entire run on BB. And that's as much thanks to Odenkirk as the fantastic writing: the actor obviously relished the opportunity to show what he's capable of as his character charms, squirms and threatens his way through his scenes, but - somewhat unexpectedly - he also manages to move you during the more quiet moments.

To sum up my overall impressions: 'Better Call Saul' is a darkly comic, multilayered story that could end up being just as unusual and exciting as we all dared to hope. The tone may be consistent with 'Breaking Bad', but make no mistake: this is very much its own thing. The writing, directing and acting - as well as the production values - are top notch, and if what we've seen so far is anything to go by, we're in for a great first season of a very promising new show. My (provisional) rating: 9 stars out of 10

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Everything is great about Better Call Saul
UniqueParticle18 March 2021
Exceptional cast just as good as Breaking Bad, writing is superb, soundtrack is so good, cinematography shots are very nice, and entertainment value is bomb! I'm surprised Bob Odenkirk hasn't won any of the Emmy nominations he's been up for. I'm a few seasons in when I started the series I wasn't reviewing then, glad I'm watching the show again I forgot how good it is. I love that the same crew from Breaking Bad is involved!
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An impressive 'Breaking Bad' Prequel
Tweekums4 July 2020
These comments are based on watching the first five seasons of the show.

This series is set before the events shown in the series 'Breaking Bad'. It shows us how Jimmy McGill, conman turned lawyer goes from being a defender of the desperate to knowing players in New Mexico's drug dealing underworld. Jimmy isn't the only 'Breaking Bad' characters to feature; plenty of others show up, some as main characters others as important cameos. There are also plenty of new characters; I won't say which characters belong to which group so as not to spoil anything for those yet to watch 'Breaking Bad'.

As the story opens Jimmy is taking on a series minor cases as a public defender. He is also looking after his brother, Chuck. Chuck is a partner at a prestigious law firm but hasn't worked for some time as he believes he is allergic to electronic devices. Other key characters include Jimmy's friend Kim Wexler, a lawyer at Chuck's firm and Mike Ehrmantraut, a former Philadelphia police officer who when we first meet him is working at a parking attendant.

Over the course of the series we see Jimmy get into a number of scrapes and dodgy plans as he tries to advance his legal career; these inevitably lead to him meeting some dangerous characters. Meanwhile Mike is looking for other work which leads to him meeting even more dangerous people; most notably Gustavo Fring and various members of the Salamanca crime family.

I must admit I was a little unsure about this series; I really enjoyed 'Breaking Bad' and thought Saul Goodman was a great character but was unsure if he'd be able to carry a series... I needn't have been concerned. This series is really good. Importantly it doesn't matter whether you've seen 'Breaking Bad' or not. The characters are great and the story interesting. It might not move as fast as some would like but I'd rather a story takes its time being told than have it feel rushed. The cast is great; most notably Bob Odenkirk, Johnathon Banks and Rhea Seehorn as Jimmy, Mike. The rest of the cast, be they returning from 'Breaking Bad', new recurring characters or just minor roles also impress. Overall I'd definitely recommend this whether you are a fan of 'Breaking Bad' or not... it provides great drama, a good amount of tension and a fair few unforced laughs. I can't wait for season six.
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One of the best!
Supermanfan-131 September 2020
Better Call Saul has a 8.7 rating for a reason and that's because it's fantastic! It's not only one of the best shows currently on tv but it's also one of the best shows ever created! The acting, writing, storytelling, etc. are all so good that it becomes addictive to watch. There's a reason why this show is always nominated for so many awards and that's because it's fantastic! People always want to compare it to Breaking Bad because it's a spin-off but don't. It's not quite as good but it's pretty darn close! If you are a fan of Breaking Bad then this is an absolute must watch!
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Thank god I decided to give this a chance
grahamvandyke10 December 2018
Let's face facts: Spin-off TV shows tend to fare poorly to the original content. I was furious when I heard about the spin-off to the amazing Break Bad. Nonetheless centering around the buffoonish clown of a character Saul Goodman?! I was livid and heartbroken. I wanted Breaking bad to end on a high note and not let this potential disaster ruin it's legacy.

Breaking Bad was an absolute masterpiece of a show, with an amazing story, script, cinematography; you name it, it's there. But the one thing that made Breaking Bad shine, and in my option, be one of the greatest series ever made was it's deep, deep burial into the characters that made us either absolutely love or loath them. It didn't rely on special effects and had no fat to it whatsoever. No other show encapsulated a slow unfurling of characters so well that it was as if we were getting to know them in our real lives.

I finally decided to give Better Call Saul a shot after hating it's first episode on release. I figured, maybe I could eventually forget about the fact that it was attached to my favorite TV show, and when everybody who watches it is telling you it's amazing, there must be something there.. right?

Boy, were they right. Better Call Saul is just as good as it's predecessor. It maintains it's very high standard to every aspect of the production, and most of all, character development, motivation and relationships are centerfold once more. It is easy to find Better Call Saul even better than Breaking Bad, although I would chalk this up to it being more current and therefore more in the forefront of our minds in the Breaking Bad universe. If you, like me, have hesitated to give this show a shot for the same reasons, stop it. Let yourself feel uncomfortable for the 1st half of the first season, and then let it get it's clutches into you.

I'm so, so very happy I finally decided to give Better Call Saul a shot again 4 years later. With no hesitation, 10/10.
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Hear me out it is important!!!
blndbahaden5 March 2021
If you have seen breaking bad and haven't seen this masterpiece of a show and you're hesitating don't just watch the first episode of the show and it will hook you but if you haven't seen breaking bad i suggest that you should watch breaking bad first forget the timeline and forget that breaking bad is after better call saul there are some things in breaking bad that are presentend as mysteries and if you watch this they are no more mysterious and no more exciting.
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Saul definitely deserves love too from Breaking Bad fans.
rainerraff-875196 May 2020
One thing that stopped me from watching this movie is because I knew this show has nothing to do with Walter White, the man that makes Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad. I believe most people also think the same.

Personally, after rewatching Breaking Bad few times, I have come to the conclusion that there is nobody in the show that I love from the beginning until the last second. What I like the most is the character development for all the important characters.

Then? What does it have to do with Better Call Saul? I believe I love this show as much as Breaking Bad because of the exact reason. I REALLY love how every character behaves and develops in this show. What more fascinating is, this show has everything you like from Breaking Bad. Tension, emotions, atmosphere, character flaws, good antagonists, you name it. One other similarity this show has, this show gets better when it is closer to the end. (I know, it has not ended yet) You really don't want to miss every second of it.

I can assure you, all Breaking Bad fans, your love to this show will be AT LEAST as big as your love to Breaking Bad. Easiest 10/10 after Breaking Bad.
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Kim Wexler: the Perfect Woman and the Antithesis of Skylar White
Her-Excellency14 April 2020
Not only is Rhea Seehorn, who plays Kim, extremely pretty, but the character is rich and deep in ways every person should aspire to be. In short, Kim Wexler is the polar opposite and the very antithesis of Skylar White.

Kim, alone, is enough to not only watch Better Call Saul, but to rate it a 10.

The thing is, that BEYOND the 'perfect woman' that is Kim, it isn't only she who makes up the wonderful tapestry of interwoven majesty that is this series. As if her character were not enough to convince you of this series' greatness, on top of it, you have a myriad of characters almost as fabulous and just as engaging. To not list them all would be an insult; and yet to list them all would be an exercise in futility. Not only is every major character written and directed as only the geniuses who brought us Breaking Bad could write and direct them, but they are portrayed fabulously by everyone onscreen. EVEN the extras and lesser-used characters are standouts.

Now, Better call Saul moves at a pace that is not for everyone. The story progresses somewhat more slowly than other series/shows. The plus side is that it gives you time to enjoy each moment of this subtle (not slap-you-in-the-face, willy-nilly), but delightfully presented jewel of a look into the time before the monumentally amazing story of Breaking Bad took place.

I can't say it enough: watch it. If you watched some and thought it was not for you, watch it again. You'll thank me.
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Season 6 couldn't be more late
samsepiol695 September 2020
Yet another masterpiece delivered by the amazing Vince Gilligan. Everything about this show is almost perfect. The writing, acting, cinematography are just beautiful. Also one of my favourite aspects about this show is the character development, and how well it covers two different parts of it's whole timeline (Jimmy/Saul's life at first and then getting into Gus Fring and the Cartel), something that hasn't been done as well in Breaking Bad. I truly think this show is one of the most underrated around and would definitely recommend watching it
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Better Call Saul
jack_o_hasanov_imdb9 August 2021
Of course I should have started this series after the BB , I'm glad I did, it's an excellent TV show.
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A very clever show
imdb-ikysmoviedatabase6 January 2021
It is a brilliant show. Breaking bad audiences should tune into it. Alot of fans might find it slow at the start but each season does get better and better. I would recommend this show to everyone specially to breaking bad fans.
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"Look, I am a lawyer, not a criminal!" - Episode #1.2 - Jimmy McGill
classicsoncall1 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
You don't necessarily have to have seen "Breaking Bad" to enjoy this series, but if you did, you'll have a greater appreciation for the story line and the characters. I pretty much binge watched the shows back to back, so with events from BB fresh in memory, it's a neat exercise to try and figure out how the events of both intertwine with each other. What you have to keep in mind is that "Better Call Saul" came out after "Breaking Bad" completed it's run in 2013, yet Saul's, actually JImmy McGill's, adventures begin before Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) ended. This all creates a sometimes confusing timeline in the mind of the viewer, but it's worth the frustration to unravel the details.

Actor Bob Odenkirk portrays Jimmy McGill, and though it's not until the end of Season #4 that he officially begins to do business as Saul Goodman, that idea is planted early in the first season when during one of his con job schemes, he utters to a buddy, "'S all good, man". The phrase pops up again a couple of times to reinforce the premise, but if you've seen BB, you're probably thinking Saul Goodman most of the time anyway.

Rhea Seehorn is a romantic interest and sometimes willing co-conspirator of Jimmy's, though to my mind, I can't really see them as a couple. The seed for their dissolution seems to have been planted in the final episode of Season #4, when Jimmy persuades a conference of judges to grant him back his law license which had been suspended for a year. Calling one of the judges on the panel an 'a__hole' for crying, Jimmy missed the fact that Kim Wexler (Seehorn) was shedding tears as well during Jimmy's recollection of brother Chuck (Michael McKean). Jimmy's con-man days were really about to get under way in large fashion.

With exceptional writing and a fantastic cast, "Better Call Saul" is one of the more entertaining series on cable TV. Not quite as intense as "Breaking Bad", but still a cleverly written program with memorable characters. As the series continues, I'll be speculating and anxiously awaiting the further adventures of Jimmy McGill, because you know, 's all good man."
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Join the Breaking Bad universe
st_scott-6492012 May 2020
There's a nice touch shared by both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, the realness. I can't exactly put my finger on it, maybe it's the story itself, or the shooting technique, the performance, the light and post-production, maybe it's all above or something else. It just gives me a feeling that I'm not watch a show through a screen, but actually there with all the characters and observing them up close. It's the little details, trivial or not, that makes this show great. Apart from that, the magic of the show is that we all know exactly where the story is going, and it's not ideal. We all enjoy the ride so much, but we feel so frustrated thinking about the destination. Part of the charm comes from that very frustration.
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There is no Breaking Bad without Saul Goodman
ClapperProject16 August 2022
There are so many good things to say about this show, I am struggling to organize my thoughts and build a proper review, but I will give it a try.

What a journey it has been... I was highly skeptical when Vince Gilligan announced he was going to make a spin-off series from his previous masterpiece Breaking Bad, the best show on television, since there's quite the history of failed prequels and spin-offs - but Vince did something else entirely.. he didn't just create the best spin off series ever made, he went big, he actually matched the genius of his former creation and gave to us yet another master class on story telling and character study.

It's so insane how they managed at first to create a world that seemed that it would be specific to just Saul / Jimmy with many new characters that had no connection to Breaking Bad and slowly throughout the seasons they make the most insane references and connect the dots so smoothly and beautifully that the two shows blend in just perfectly.

I dare to say that Saul's entire story might be even more tragic than Walter's, all the hard times he has been through, all the constant internal struggle, the thin line between right and wrong, we keep seeing his humanity being put to the test, a charismatic individual that we keep rooting for despite his addiction to outsmart and come out on top of everyone else, even if that means hurting people in the process.

All this journey was possible not only because of its insanely good writing but all the stunning performances, specially Bob Odenkirk. There were a few episodes so tense and unpredictable that I actually felt my heart rate spiking, something no other show has ever made me feel in a long time.

And Saul Goodman is right, there wouldn't exist a Walter White without him at the end of the day...

The finale is slow paced but it's perfectly crafted, while you are watching it it might not seem that it was the perfect way to end, but once you reflect on it, you see that it was meticulously planned out and no other outcome fits it best.

Vince, I don't know what you will be up to next, I know I will for sure see it and you already have a place in TV history.
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Season 6 starts filming in September 2020!
joachimokeefe17 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Season 5 continues to do at least two things brilliantly:

1/. BCS depicts several characters who all appear to have an inner life, fears, guilt, desires, things that really annoy them and which make them do what they do. And the characters change over time, misunderstand one another, and resent one another. As BCS continues, the illusion that you are witnessing the lives of people you know becomes even stronger. The very opposite of a melodrama, where the 'characters' behave predictably to type.

2/. It's a prequel to 'Breaking Bad', considered one of the best mainstream TV series ever made; at least up there with 'The Wire' and 'The Sopranos'. What Peter Gould has managed to do is absolutely explain the backstory to tragedies we already know will happen in a thrilling and suspenseful way.

Hey, it isn't perfect all the time (how does Lalo know where Gus's dead drops are so as to tell Krazy8?), but I continue to give it 10s because unlike so many shows (and movies) in this, the Age Of Streaming, BCS doesn't ever insult my intelligence.

There will have been 63 episodes at the end of season 6. One day I'll binge them and the 62 Breaking Bads AND El Camino in sequence. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Just watched S04e01. Mike Ehrmentraut as the Health and Safety Officer from Hell is utterly hilarious, counterpoint to the morbidity and solemnity going on elsewhere with Chuck's suicide. And who doesn't want one of those buggies? B-rilliant.

BCS is doing something that NOBODY else in TV is doing. Inventing real characters in a horrible - but plausible - situation, and being completely faithful to their natures, wherever it leads. That's why you might watch the credits and recognise all the actors as their names come up, instead of thinking they sound like US accountancy firms. This is the complete opposite of melodrama, which is what 96% of the other stuff does. Buy, beg, steal or borrow Better Call Saul because your grandchildren will want to know why you missed it, and will want your copy.

Original review:

Jimmy McGill tries to do the right thing but it always goes wrong.

Heard of Emile Zola and Honoré de Balzac? 19th century French novelists who each wrote a series of novels that used the same characters from one novel to the next; in one they would be lead character, in another a support. Am I comparing BCS and Breaking Bad to classic French novels? Well yes; even the delivery format of modern 'cable' series is similar to the monthly publications of novels in the 1800s. Vince Gilligan and his team are certainly the front runners by far in the modern quality pop culture stakes. And in both BB and BCS, as with those writers, we have an uncompromising background of modern urban life.

It helps to have watched 'Breaking Bad' - in that series, the suspense was perfect; no-one knew what would happen, and no character apart from Walter White seemed indispensable - Jesse was to have been written out in series 1, after all. In 'Better Call Saul', you again have the teaser at the beginning, where Saul is flipping burgers in a shopping mall eaterie in Nebraska, paranoid about being recognised. If you've seen BB, you might suspect that this is only a partial teaser, Vince Gilligan setting you a trap. If you haven't, BCS looks like a flashback of 'how Jimmy McGill got to middle-aged mall misery', which probably doesn't provide the dramatic suspense that Walter White's cancer diagnosis did. But then, Breaking Bad started with a crazy Winniebago chase as well. Better Call Saul is more in the 'Chinatown' groove than Breaking Bad's surreality - so far.

That qualification aside, BCS is written, produced and performed to the same excellent standard of Breaking Bad, and Bob Odenkirk has no complaints from me on the acting chops. His is a sad, solitary character, his only foils being his sick brother Chuck, and Jonathan Banks as the parking attendant from Middle Earth, so you don't get the crackling dynamic that Walter and Jesse had.

But it's early days, I'm on Ep03 and if there's one thing you can count on, it's that Vince Gilligan will play with and exceed your expectations. It's not whether it's 'as good' or 'better' than BB. It's just as good. It's just that the lead character is less sympathetic, and doesn't have as far to go. Or does he?

°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°° °°°°°°° °°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°° °°°°°

And so, a year or so later, we're into season II. I feel sorry for those who have not learned to trust Vince G. and Peter G.'s storytelling, and are therefore bored by the mental work involved in enjoying BCS.

Don't you see, people? Slippin' Jimmy's 'proper' lawyer brother styles himself as the supremely professional, ethical one, but he stitches up his (caring, earnest) brother with the callousness of a Roman emperor - JUST LIKE REAL PEOPLE DO.

Jimmy's girlfriend depends on him to make life interesting, but expects him to remain in control of the chaos he creates - JUST LIKE REAL PEOPLE DO.

Mike the enforcer wants to be a genial grandpa, but gets his beloved granddaughter to help him make a 'stinger' to stop a drug truck that directly results in the death of a good Samaritan, while telling his dead son's wife that it's a soaker for the rhododendrons - JUST LIKE - you get it.

Oh, the nuances. If you're missing them, you would benefit from an introductory course in scriptwriting. Better Call Saul is streets ahead of anything else and will be savoured and appreciated long into the future. It's so good, it makes the awesome, revolutionary, phenomenal 'Breaking Bad' look like a soap opera.

The TV equivalent of Shakespeare + Tolstoy + Dostoyevsky at their best. "Your review contains a very long word which is not allowed". I take that as a compliment. Oh, I see, it was the divider.
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Saul Goodman + Ehrmantraut > Walter White + Pinkman Warning: Spoilers
This show is special. I thought about a hundred times to discontinue it after the first few episodes of Season 1. They were slow, dark, felt meaningless at times and weren't able to grab my attention. However, I didn't quit. I kept it running while working from home. Little did I expect season 5 would end making Better Call Saul one of my most lovable and top 3 TV shows of all time. God, where did this all come from? Jimmy McGill, Michael, the lady, Los Pollos Hermanos, Nacho Varga, Salamanca were absolutely best. You cannot expect your cast to deliver any better they did in Better Call Saul. Vince, again, created an epic show, in fact better than Br Ba. Howard Hamlin, man that guy did a remarkable job, exceptional. Every character coming from Br Ba made sense. The plot is set so perfectly for Br Ba it can't get any better. Despite a slow season one although a good ending, the show picks up so well from Season 3 that there's no damn looking back. Jimmy McGill's character Arc was so wonderfully crafted however I'm sure there's more left in it. I loved the show would will to watch again, only it keeps a slow pace quite often although has more twists than Breaking Bad.
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It's like water pot on low flame....
amoghjadhav-366293 May 2021
With every episode it gets heated a bit...... and you won't even realise when the water stars boiling......
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extremely underrated
onnodewettinck14 December 2019
This show deserves more recognition. Better Call Saul is the most clever show I have ever watched. The acting, cinematography, the story, the writing, it's amazing. Some times even better than Breaking Bad.
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A good start and gets better and better
grantss25 May 2016
(Review updated after Season 6).

Introducing Jimmy McGill. You may know him better as Saul Goodman, Walter White's slippery, resourceful lawyer in Breaking Bad. When first we meet him it is a few years before he meets Walter White. He is a struggling lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He mostly defends small-time crooks and represents people in civil liability claims (much of which amounts to nothing more than ambulance chasing). His brother, Charles "Chuck" McGill, is a senior partner at a prestigious Albuquerque law firm but hasn't left his house for several months due to a strange affliction. Jimmy is supporting him through bringing him groceries and the like. Jimmy has a dark, pre-lawyer past, being a small-time fraudster in Chicago before moving to Albuquerque to start over and work with at his brother's firm. We also meet Mike Ehrmantraut, ex-cop now working as a toll booth attendant at the courthouse parking lot. We see how Jimmy and Mike's stories converge and how Jimmy slowly becomes the Saul Goodman we know from Breaking Bad.

Good drama series: engaging with some interesting episode-specific stories and solid season/series-wide stories. Great character depth - we see how Jimmy got to where he is and what makes him tick. Decent depth to secondary characters too.

Not as compelling a watch as Breaking Bad though, especially during Season 1. Part of the problem is you know how Jimmy/Saul is going to end up, and you want him to get there as soon as possible. Saul Goodman was a wonderfully colourful character in Breaking Bad - funny, very resourceful and not above underhanded means to achieve ends. Jimmy McGill (in Season 1, at least) isn't even a shadow of Saul Goodman. So the longer the Jimmy part is drawn out and the Saul part delayed, the more impatient you get.

In Season 2 this is far less of an issue, as the sub-plots are good enough to stand on their own, without even knowing that Breaking Bad even exists.

Only other negative is that I find the character of Chuck quite irritating and always tend to feel anything involving him is a sideshow and a distraction from the main events. This is not the case in Season 3 though...

Season 3 is where it all starts to come together. Jimmy uses the name Saul Goodman for the first time and things with Chuck reach a breaking point, the fall-out from which pushes the series in a different, more interesting direction. On Mike's front, a face familiar to Breaking Bad viewers appears and makes a profound impact. This additional link with Breaking Bad helps to make you think the two stories are at last converging.

Season 4 is brilliant and is only surpassed by the final season. The Breaking Bad storyline is definitely in view, with more characters from that series appearing...and a memorable structure. More a crime drama than a domestic drama, at last.

Season 5 builds on Season 4 and introduces more characters from the Breaking Bad universe. Had the potential to be the best season to date but one or two sub-plots let it down. (For example, I could have done without the saga of the guy refusing to leave his house. It seemed more farce than drama.)

Season 6 closes out the series in superb style. All the loose ends get tied up, the story merges with Breaking Bad and ultimately concentrates on Saul's future. This was bubbling away in all the seasons with little teasers of Saul's post-Walter White life but there was never any plot to it, it was just there to show what Saul is doing now. In the final season this becomes much more crucial.

Season 1 - 8/10, S2 - 9, S3 - 9, S4 - 10, S5 - 9.5, S6 10.
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Better Call Saul challenges 'spin-off' title
lars_9 February 2015
Let's retire Better Call Saul's 'spin-off' label. Sure, in it's nature, that's what the show is. But unlike other TV spin-off's that are just 'extra' episodes that degrade the original show, Better Call Saul has significant promise as a standalone series that could come to rival it's predecessor.

From the very beginning, the show returned me to the universe of Breaking Bad. Not in the obvious ways of reviving characters and settings, but through the subtle cinematography and script writing of Vince Gilligan. The camera focus changes and the interesting angled shots are quite unique to Gilligan's shows. This artistic and cinematic experience that begun with Breaking Bad is now continuing with Better Call Saul, once again proving that television can be as good, if not better than films.

The acting in the series is incredible. I don't think anyone will be able to top Cranston's portrayal of Walter White, but Odenkirk forms far more depth in the character of Saul Goodman than we ever see in Breaking Bad. Moving away from just comic relief, Saul is now a darker version of his false identity, and Odenkirk finds the balance between these two personas very well. Hopefully he will continue this standard to give Jimmy McGill a Walter White-like descent into the criminal world.

The humor in Better Call Saul is really well done. The show isn't a comedy, but the occasional funny moments are quite akin to what was done in Breaking Bad. The dark, witty wordplay made me laugh quite a few times at Saul's... sorry, Jimmy's lines, with the subtlety of the script writing shining through.

The music by Dave Porter once again really adds to the engrossing cinematic experience of the show. The musical choices are reminiscent of Breaking Bad, but are moulded in a very different way to form a lighter tone in some of the more comical moments. The weird and wonderful musical montage songs are back (starting in the first scene), which brings us back to Walt and Jesse's cooking (Crystal Blue Persuasion, anyone?).

Gilligan and Gould start the story with quite a lot of missing context surrounding Jimmy's brother Chuck and his law firm. Although this may be confusing in the beginning, I later realized this was intentional. Instead of just spitting out the back story in unnatural ways, the writers make you think about the situations, and gradually piece together what happened before the events of the show. This widens the whole show's time-frame, instead of just being self-contained. The brief flash forward to the fragmented Saul Goodman after Breaking Bad was amazing. I really hope that the writers continue to play around with time, shifting between past and future guises of Saul Goodman.

Better Call Saul has a lot of promise to extend itself beyond its Breaking Bad spin-off status. The show feels individual, but also leaves enough Breaking Bad in there to keep us from leaving the world of Albuquerque that we have grown to love.
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Always takes it Times, Never gets Boring,
lesleyharris305 July 2017
Better Call Saul is a fantastic television series with masterfully written episodes and an undeniably talented cast. It is a spin off from the iconic series Breaking Bad, and it made the perfect choice of putting Saul Goodman in the lead role. While he was always a pleasure to watch in the show, we never learned too much about Sau. So far the last three seasons have developed this character to a great the degree, showing his origins as a lawyer and how he went on to become Saul. The series is quite slow, to a degree that it could be boring for some, but if you are invested in to these characters and their arch, then you will appreciate the time it takes to develop them to an immense, detailed degree. It is very different from Breaking Bad, it is far more comedic and a lot more grounded, I like that it did not try to do the same thing and stick with what worked in that show, it takes risks.

The only problem I would have with the show is its tediousness for us, as an audience, to want something to happen all the time, and there are entire episodes where, often, nothing really does. As I said, I have no issue with the time it takes to develop its characters, but every episode should have something truly significant happen, something that really grabs us, otherwise we do feel a bit cheated after sitting through fifty minutes of television.

The cast is absolutely outstanding, and I have high hopes that they will receive Emmy praise in the future. Bob Odenkirk has been absolutely spellbinding as Jimmy McGill, we have gotten to see him add so much scope and humanity to this character, making him truly three dimensional. He is a complicated man, he does not always say what he's really thinking, and that's what makes him human. Also returning is the great Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut, who has brought so much subtlety to his part, Rhea Seehorn has a great, natural presence as Jimmy's love interest Kim Wexler, and Michael McKean has been overwhelmingly gripping as Chuck McGill. A very difficult, somewhat unlikeable character who we will at times feel remorse for, other times hatred, his arch so far has been truly incredible, adding so much to the show and to Jimmy's story. Every cast member in this show is perfectly placed in every part, and I could spend another two paragraphs talking about the dazzling performances over the past three seasons.

At times hilarious, other times truly gripping. Dramatic, funny, beautifully acted, written and directed, Better Call Saul is one of the best shows on television at the moment, it's layered and each episode is fresh, I would recommend it to absolutely anyone looking for a good drama.

Follows the life of Jimmy McGill as he struggles to make it as a lawyer, leading up to him establishing his own law office in Albuquerque, Nex Mexico.

Best Performance: Bob Odenkirk

Best Episode: Chicanery / Worst Episode: Mabel
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Supposed to be boring but surprisingly never boring
tekobey11 March 2021
Normally this kind of attached serials are getting bored easily however this serie is getting more and more original on each season by little details.
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