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Sex & Nudity

  • A video implies three young men performing necrophilia; we see a brief clip of the boys removing the head of the body and talking about performing indecent acts on it. It's then implied they begin having sex with the head, which is confirmed later when Jimmy says to a woman, "They had sex with a head." We don't see this; however, we see the reactions of the audience witnessing the tape. We can still hear it very slightly in the background.
  • There is a short scene in a strip club; scantily clad women in a suggestive clothes are briefly seen but not focused on. No nudity.
  • A woman is seen walking around in short shorts with bottom of butt shown.
  • Two sex workers are seen and ask Saul if he'd like to receive a quick "rub n tug" and how they won't mess up his suit and clean him up with a warm towel before they go. Saul turns them down and asks them to do him a favour and humiliate Howard, which is what they do by asking him for their money in public in front of other lawyers and the word "tugboat" is said.
  • Jimmy and Kim make out and Jimmy lifts her to the bed as they undress eachother down to their underwear. They're about to have sex but Jimmy stops to tell Kim something, after he does they continue to kiss and fall onto the bed. Sex is implied.
  • Scenes of mild sensuality and kissing. A few implied sex scenes with characters laying in bed under covers. One brief on screen sex scene though not explicit.
  • Saul's bare buttocks is seen 4 times the first 2 are very brief and easy to miss the other two are in more recent episodes and are lingered on a lot longer.
  • One on-screen sex scene. No nudity, but lots of movement. Lasts a few seconds.
  • We hear a man moan "yep" and a woman lightly moaning accompanied by heavy bed springs. It then pans over to a man and woman having sex we see heavy thrusting and the man and woman's head and shoulders rocking back and forth. No nudity is shown as they're both mostly hidden by covers. This is the only on screen sex shown in the series.
  • Kim grinds and humps Jimmy as they make out. This is hard to see as it is out of focus. Sex is implied.
  • The second last episode has the only on screen sex scene in the series. It isn't graphic in anyway.

Violence & Gore

  • The first three seasons contain infrequent violence, mostly just people getting punched, shot bloodlessly, offscreen or with little blood shown and one off screen decapitation (we hear it and see two teenages holding the head in a video tape, go to the Sex & Nudity category to find out more). Season 4, 5 and 6 ramp up the violence where violence and shootouts result in blood spray, most notably someone getting shot in the stomach with blood splattering all over the camera, someone getting their throat slit from a far, someone getting shot in the neck with a stream of blood spraying out onto another person and a man getting his foot chopped off with an axe.
  • In Seasons 1, 2 and part of 3 There is very little violence and deaths. Guns and knifes are shown and fired, but it isn't consistent
  • Bloody violence in Season 4, 5 and 6. Especially season 6 having the most frequent and grisly violence of the whole series.
  • Season 6 has almost reaches the same levels of violence as Breaking Bad.
  • Season 6 is very violent and bloody. The violence is incredibly frequent in comparison to previous seasons.
  • The first 9 episodes of season 6 contain lots of bloody imagery, violence and even some gore. Severe violence in comparison to the previous seasons.
  • The violence picks up drastically with the last few episodes of season 5 continuing into season 6.
  • The last 3 seasons have pretty bloody shootouts


  • 26 uses of "fuck"
  • 3 uses of fuck in Season One, 4 in Season Two, 4 in Season Three, Season Four contains 3 uses of the word, 4 uses in Season Five and 8 uses in season 6.
  • All uses of fuck are uncensored on Season 3, 4 and 5's TV and streaming edits and now with Season 1 and 2's TV reruns.
  • Frequent uses of "damn", "ass", "asshole", "shit" etc. Occasional uses of "bitch", "prick", "pussy" and "dick". "Fuck" is said usually 3 or 4 times per season.
  • Some strong language used sparingly.
  • "Chingar" the Spanish word for "fuck" is used specifically in one scene 3 times subtitled with "fuck" however the word is used many other times unsubtitled.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • As the show goes on the drug dealing plot becomes more apparent, so drug use and dealing is more common in Seasons 4 and 5 but not throughout.
  • Occasional meth and cocaine use.
  • Season 5 is considerably a lot more severe than the first 4 seasons.
  • One scene of men doing bong hits.
  • Several characters are drug dealers/pushers, multiple packages and packets implied to be methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine are seen occasionally throughout the series.
  • A side character occasionally sells stollen pills in the first 2 seasons.
  • Some drug use but it's very infrequent. Some of it is strong but most of it is brief.
  • Hard drugs are referenced frequently throughout season 6 but never shown apart from fake bags of cocaine to frame someone. People are show high in one scene and a montage of drunk men drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A heavily implied but censored necrophilia scene may disturb some viewers.
  • Many scenes of tension through the series and present in almost every episode after season 3. While the danger isn't always shown on screen, many situations play out with the same sense of dread and suspense that Breaking Bad perfected. Even seemingly normal encounters have the sense that everyone could snap at any moment.
  • It is just as emotionally upsetting. Loss of life and loss of human moral is often discussed.
  • Season 4, 5 and 6 ramping up the stakes, violence and tension.
  • There is a jump scare involving a car wreck. Very shocking and intense scene.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Saul wakes up in bed unclothed with an unclothed prostitute. Saul's buttocks are seen a few times

Violence & Gore

  • A character shoots himself in the head. Extremely graphic.
  • A man gets his face sliced with a razor then his left foot chopped by an axe. Blood and the severed foot are visible. Fairly graphic.
  • A shootout in the desert shows a man getting shot through the eye, another in the head and another through the back of the chest all with blood splatter. Even before the shoot out we see a man with a bullet hole through his neck with blood spurting out onto another man and then hear the delayed sniper shot.
  • In the mid season finale (episode 7 season 6) someone gets shot in the head. Extremely graphic and shocking, the wall is painted in blood and we see his head hitting the table as he falls, you can see parts of brain. There is a fair amount of blood pooling around his corpse.
  • A character is killed off in a shootout in season 6. Graphic closeup on the character bleeding out from the mouth and neck.
  • An intense shootout between Nacho and the cartel. A man is shot with blood splatter.
  • Season 6 episode 8 has a bloodied corpse shown throughout it. As well as a few bloody shoot outs.
  • Nacho and the cousins have a shootout with a rival gang. Some blood spray during the shootings. One of the cousins slices a man's throat and stabs another man through the jaw killing both, this is seen from through binoculars blood splatter is still included. The cousin is seen with a large amount of blood on his suit from slicing the man's neck throughout the shootout. We also see many dead bodies laying down in pools of blood and bullet holes in them.
  • Mike kills two crooked cops. Only mild blood is shown and one blood spray when Mike is shot near his shoulder. This is the most violent scene in the first 3 seasons.
  • Tuco beats up Mike we see lots of blood and Mikes swollen face but it isn't all that graphic.
  • A man watches the cartel through a sniper scope and witnesses a man being shot. No blood.
  • Mike shoots Werner in the head. Whilst the shot that shows his death is from an extremely long distance, we can still see the gunshot and Werners body falling on the ground.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Finger's plot line in Season 4 is to help with the construction on the meth lab Gus allows Walt and Jesse to use in Breaking Bad.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A character commits suicide by setting his house on fire. We only see the fire through windows, nothing is seen
  • Werner's death in S4E10 is very emotional and heartbreaking.
  • Nachos suicide is highly upsetting and disturbing.
  • An innocent character is shot in the head at point blank range, with blood and brain matter spilling all over the wall and floor. It's one of the most disturbing scenes in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.
  • The lengths Gene goes to in the final few episodes may shock and upset viewers.
  • Howard's death is very shocking and is arguably one of the most disturbing and devastating deaths in tv

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