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Sex & Nudity

  • A video implies three young men performing necrophilia, we see a brief clip of the boys removing the head of the body and talking about performing indecent acts on it. It's then implied they begin having sex with the head which is confirmed later when Jimmy says to a woman "they had sex with a head". We don't see this however we see the reactions of the audience witnessing the tape. We can still hear it very slightly in the background. Despite the semi darkly comedic tone of the scene, this scene almost rivals some of the odd, weird and graphic content in Breaking Bad.
  • There is a short scene in a strip club, scantily clad women in a suggestive clothes are briefly seen on the scene but are not focused on.
  • It's briefly mentioned a drunk man tried to grab a woman and possibly assault her. However it's not shown.
  • We see background women implied to be prostitutes.
  • A woman is seen walking around in short shorts with bottom of butt shown.
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  • Saul/Jimmy shows an old man a picture of another man having sex with a horse. The picture is never shown however the man responds with "a man fucking a horse" when Saul asks what he sees in the photograph.
  • Two prostitutes are seen and ask Saul if he'd like to receive a quick "rub n tug" and how they won't mess up his suit and clean him up with a warm towel before they go. Saul turns them down and asks them to do him a favour and humiliate Howard, which is what they do by asking him for their money in public in front of other lawyers and the word "tugboat" is said.
  • Jimmy and Kim make out and Jimmy lifts her to the bed as they undress eachother down to their underwear. They're about to have sex but Jimmy stops to tell Kim something, after he does they continue to kiss and fall onto the bed. Sex is implied.
  • Jimmy is shown taking a shower his bare buttocks can be seen briefly as the scene cuts in a few seconds.
  • Season 5. Fairly tame sexual content.
  • Scenes of mild sensuality and kissing however no on screen sex. A few implied sex scenes with characters laying in bed under covers.
  • The necrophilia scene is heavily censored, but it is still implied.
  • Crude humour mainly in the first 2 seasons.
  • A man calls a woman in the middle of the night, she tells him that she's not going to make sex noises, and neither is he.
  • Two men discuss howling at a woman after sex.
  • A man creates an attachment for toilets aimed at children to make them poop easier, the attachment makes unintentionally sexual remarks when the child poops. A woman and a man discuss it later.
  • Two men again say they how howling after sex is great.
  • A man wakes up to a woman in just underwear. It is implied they just had sex. She then calls to her friend wearing the same, again, implying sex has just happened. The women leave, nothing else happens.
  • To exonerate a client, a man fabricates a strange, fetish video called "Squat Cobbler." He goes into comical detail about how a man wears a costume and wiggles his butt for the pleasure of another man. It is then implied that they actually make this video for evidence.
  • A boy reads a Playboy magazine. Some nudity can be seen on magazine's cover (very very briefly)

Violence & Gore

  • The first 3 seasons contain infrequent violence, mostly just people getting punched, shot bloodlessly, offscreen or with little blood shown and one off screen decapitation (we hear it and see two teenages holding the head in a video tape, go to the Sex & Nudity category to find out more). Season 4 and 5 ramp up the violence where people getting shot results in blood spray, most notably someone getting shot in the stomach with blood splattering all over the camera and someone getting shot in the neck with a stream of blood spraying out onto another person.
  • Episode-specific details have been deleted. Only provide series or season details. Episode specific items should be added to the episode.
  • A man is shot through a window after being used as a human shield. Some blood is seen.
  • This isn't a very violent show. It features infrequent severe violence.
  • The violence in this show ramps up with season 4 and 5.
  • In seasons 1, 2 and part of 3 There is very little violence and deaths. Guns and knifes are shown and fired, but it isn't consistent nor very graphically depicted.
  • Bloody violence in season 4 and 5.
  • The violence is sometimes graphic and brutal, but mostly comical compared to Breaking Bad with the exception of a few instances in later seasons.
  • Season 1
  • A young man gets hit by a car twice, without any injuries.


  • 17 uses of "fuck" in the show so far.
  • There are 3 f bombs in Season 1, 4 in Season 2, 4 in Season 3, Season 4 contains 3 uses of the word and 3 uses in Season 5. Fuck is occasionally heard more than once in some episodes such as 'Gloves Off' contains 2 uses, 'Klick' contains 2 uses in the same scene and 'Fall' contains 3 in a row spoken in Spanish with uncensored subtitles.
  • All uses of fuck are uncensored on season 3, 4 and 5's TV and streaming edits and now with season 1 and 2's TV reruns.
  • Frequent uses of "damn", "ass", "asshole", "shit" etc. Occasional uses of "bitch", "prick", "pussy" and "dick". "Fuck" is said usually 3 or 4 times per season.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • As the show goes on the drug dealing plot becomes more apparent, so drug use and dealing is more common in seasons 4 and 5 but not throughout.
  • Occasional meth and cocaine use.
  • Season 5 is considerably a lot more severe than the first 4 seasons.
  • A few mild instances of joints being smoked and one scene of men doing bong hits.
  • Several characters are drug dealers/pushers, multiple packages and packets implied to be methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine are seen occasionally throughout the series.
  • A side character occasionally sells stollen pills in the first 2 seasons.
  • Some drug use but it's very infrequent.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A heavily implied but censored necrophilia scene may disturb some viewers.
  • The show is mostly funny even dramatic. However, there are some intense & emotional scenes scattered across the show with season 4 and 5 ramping up the tension with the last 3 episodes of season 5 being pretty violent and intense.
  • There is a jump scare involving a car wreck. Very shocking and intense scene.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Chuck commits suicide in season 3.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Mike's plotline in season 4 is to help with the construction on the meth lab Gus allows Walt and Jesse to use in Breaking Bad.

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