Alone in Berlin (2016) Poster

Emma Thompson: Anna Quangel


  • Anna Quangel : I ought to blame you and your damn war and your damn Führer!

  • Anna Quangel : Otto...

    Otto Quangel : I'm writing.

    Anna Quangel : To who?

    Otto Quangel : I don't know. I'm writing cards. Cards that tell the truth. People will read these cards. Will pass them on.

    Anna Quangel : Cards? You're scribbling cards? What is that supposed to do?

  • Anna Quangel : Thank God! No more Women's League.

  • Anna Quangel : Otto, what are we doing? We've lost our son. Other people have lost, but, they - they don't...

    Otto Quangel : With this system - this regime, now, I feel that - we're free. I mean, freed - from all of it. This is how I feel.

  • Otto Quangel : What do you think happens to our cards?

    Anna Quangel : Why do you want to know?

    Otto Quangel : I want to know how people react.

    Anna Quangel : Some people will be afraid, probably. Afraid that someone may have watched them pick up the card. Some will, maybe, put them back. Some people will turn them in to a policeman... but, our cards will also be read by them too.

    Otto Quangel : Its like with a machine. A little sand in the gears will not stop the machine. But, if a person throws a little more sand and then more, the motor begins to stutter. The assembly line stops. In my mind, I see lots of people throwing sand into the gears.

    Anna Quangel : You are a romantic, Otto Quangel.

    Otto Quangel : I'm a mechanic.

    Anna Quangel : Ya, that too.

  • Otto Quangel : Sometimes I feel the danger - as if it was so physical. I actually feel it.

    Anna Quangel : Please, don't frighten me.

  • Otto Quangel : You know what will happen?

    Anna Quangel : Yes.

    Otto Quangel : It can't be changed.

    Anna Quangel : I know. Otto, it doesn't matter.

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