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Weakest Link in the Chain
popcorninhell24 September 2017
It's amazing how far this franchise has gone on the power of post-modern yuck-yucks and an overall chipper attitude towards the cynicism of its central premise. The first film burst onto the scene with so much frenetic energy and easygoing glee that the kid in all of us rightfully celebrated. When the long awaited LEGO Batman Movie (2017) followed earlier this year, we all got a little older and a little wiser but nonetheless enjoyed it largely for its nostalgic qualities.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie on the other hand feels like a funny joke that you've heard three times on the same night. It's still funny but lacks the surprise from the first time and the sense of being in the in-group the second time around. Now it's just forced laughter jumbled into the same chock-a-block world and lovingly wrapped around the same old themes of daddy issues and struggling to work as a team. Are LEGOs a generational symbol for latchkey kids and I just didn't know it?

Ninjago however seems geared towards the younger set. It takes the same setup as the TV show (I guess), pitting a group of color-coded ninjas with building-sized mech suits against an evil four-armed warlord named Garmadon (Theroux). The kicker is one of Ninjago's heroes; the enigmatic Green ninja (Franco) is secretly Garmadon son Lloyd. A fact that makes Lloyd a social pariah at his high school and morphs the plot from the expected mech v monster setup to one with more personal stakes.

The personal stakes vis a vis resentments and eventual reconciliation are arguably the best parts of the movie. The antagonizing father/son relationship provides the plot with much needed complexity and impetus while also landing some of the most unexpected jokes. One reoccurring gag involves Lloyd's inability to catch and throw because (sob) he never had a father to teach him. It's a gag approached with the franchise's trademark absurdist glee guaranteeing that the kids will be none the wiser, but the characterizations still hint at unspoken sadness that adults are likely to connect with.

The franchise further bolsters its "something-for-everyone" style by parodying Japanese tokusatsu tropes and characters that most will knowingly catch. The sextet of ninjas is of course color-coded and, of course is given elemental themes that fit their personalities. Much of their quest is informed by a wise master (Chan) who speaks vaguely about this and that and of course at some point there's a monster that rampages through the city. Instead of being sincere about these predictable tropes, in true LEGO fashion, the film undermines and lampoons them to variant levels of success.

But despite a few good setups, Ninjago can't help but feel like déjà vu. Stripped of its genre trappings, its specialty bricks and its unnecessary framing device with a live-action Jackie Chan, Ninjago is left with many of the same things that worked the last two times. i.e. a self-effacing heroes journey where the story's twists and turns boils down to a secret f**k you to absent fathers. Add to that the sneaking suspicion that I'm not just being sold LEGOs but Ninjago brand LEGOs and it becomes clear the glibness of the franchise as a whole is starting to show its shortcomings. As far as kids movies released this year, Ninjago is pretty much on par. But as far as Lego movies go, Ninjago is definitely the weakest link in the chain.
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Everything The Lego Movie isn't
machinepieman20 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I think The Lego Movie is not only a masterpiece, but probably the greatest animated movie ever made. The movie is filled to the brim with fun characters, hilarious jokes, a surprising amount of sociopolitical commentary, and to top it all off it makes fun of all the tropes you see in Hollywood blockbusters and children's movies today by USING THOSE TROPES WITHIN THE FILM TO MAKE FUN OF IT. It's a genius film that kids enjoy because they don't realize what it's doing and see it as a regular kids movie, and adults can enjoy it because they can see what they're ACTUALLY doing.

The Lego Ninjago Movie is none of those things.

The Lego Ninjago Movie is, in fact, everything that the original Lego Movie was making fun of. The characters here are exactly what you'd expect: loner high school students that are made fun of constantly that are also actually heroes and no one knows it. They're fighting the bad guy who is actually the dad of the main hero and if you've seen any family movie ever made, you know the rest of the plot. It's the most cookie cutter kids movie you could make, unfortunately, and it seems as if the directors here never even watched The Lego Movie or understood the actual complexity of the film.

Even comparing it to The Lego Batman Movie, which also drops a lot of the complexity of The Lego Movie and just tries for a hilarious and fun movie for adults and kids, The Lego Ninjago Movie still can't compare. The jokes within here will make kids laugh for days, but for adults will fall flat on their ears, save one or two good lines. The emotional moments feel completely forced and don't carry the weight you expect from the previous Lego movies. Even the action scenes are boring, existing only to fill the 90 minute run time.

Compared to other kids movies, The Lego Ninjago Movie is fine. There are times where it doesn't take itself seriously, and those moments are actually great and will remind you of the previous Lego movies. The environment is also very well done, and I'll go so far as to say they did a better job designing Ninjago City than Gotham from The Lego Batman Movie. It's an average movie that kids will definitely enjoy, but when you've made two great Lego movies so far that shows how you can create unique animated and children's movies, it's disappointing to see them turn their backs on those lessons and create something so mediocre.
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a seven... point... arm ripped off..
merelyaninnuendo12 December 2017
The LEGO Ninjago Movie

It's strength lies within the earthiness and a sense of amusement towards the outer reality; that a regular LEGO movie consists, along with the runtime which helps the movie flow but it still doesn't make it a smart movie with anything new to offer except for some relationship drama; which frankly the audience is familiar with.

Justin Theroux shines all over the movie as Garmadon; the evil lord whose son i.e. Dave Franco as Lloyd, apparently battles against him. But the Jackie Chan here plays as a masterful trump card as Dave Franco's mentor Master Wu who is also the creator of the LEGO world and has a perfect comic timing with some good one-liners. The LEGO Ninjago Movie is barely standing on the script and more on the mockery which leads to the disappointment if taken the previous LEGO movies in account but still it's amusing screenplay and fast pacing won't let you regret any of it. It had a smart idea and a great cast but a disappointing climax.
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Good, not as bad as people say from my point of view
ericmagana21 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I think it was great, yes it had a more or less good story, but that isn't the writers' fault because there is so much that's taken from the other Lego movies, feeling so cliché, but the animation is the best of all three so far, mixing Lego and real elements was the coolest thing the last two didn't have, it doesn't have as many jokes as the last two movies, it's not supposed to, and it's really hard to keep both fans of the TV show and new fans because they had to change a lot from it, and also keep some things from it, maybe if people watched the TV show before watching the movie would understand what I'm talking about, that's why I understand why people doesn't like it as much as the other 2, having to deal with keeping us fans of the show happy and also everyone else is a hard job, so I'm thankful for their work, and also there is some great music in the soundtrack and the voice actors are amazing, some great highlights would be Jackie Chan as sensei Wu , Dave Franco as Lloyd,Zach woods, Michael Peña as Kai and the best is Justin Theroux as Lord Garmadon, he did it great, and his lines really are the best, and the action is unbelievable, it's great that a stunt team recorded all those moves, something that the last 2 movies didn't have, so there are all my reasons to like this movie, and I hope if someone reads this can understand why I really enjoyed the movie and maybe learn to appreciate it a little bit more and change your opinion if possible.
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Not Up To Predecessors
Carl Schultz24 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
While the folks as Disney/Pixar don't have anything to worry about quite yet, the creative minds behind the Lego Movie franchise have created a nifty little enterprise for themselves.

After "The Lego Movie" in 2014 became a surprise hit, earning $469 million on a budget of $60 million, and "The Lego Batman Movie" this year did nearly as well, the folks at Denmark's The Lego Group found themselves with a solid foothold in the animated movie business.

The Lego Group's signature product, of course, is their line of toys, the colorful and seemingly-indestructible plastic bricks children can use to design and build virtually anything. Lego bricks have since their introduction in 1949 become a worldwide phenomenon, actually replacing Ferrari in 2015 as the world's most powerful brand name.

The creative minds behind the Lego movies so far are navigating with remarkable grace the razor-thin line which separates silliness from camp, and archness from innocence. And they're doing it by somehow channeling the undiluted wonder of a child's infinite imagination and combining it with the elbow-in-the-ribs, wiseguy brand humor of the animators at the Warner Bros. studios, the creators of Bugs Bunny, the Road Runner, and dozens of other beloved characters.

"The Lego Ninjago Movie" is the first Lego production to be based on a specific Lego product instead of a genre or a character, and therefore bears the faint scent of commercialism. Such an enterprise has worked quite well, however, for the Walt Disney organization, which has built entire film franchises around individual attractions at their theme parks—the "Pirates of the Caribbean" film series after five installments has earned a worldwide total of nearly $4.5 trillion.

Opening in 4047 theaters across the country, "The Lego Ninjago Movie" was expected to earn over $27 million during its opening weekend, but due to lackluster ticket sales the picture actually finished with a little over $21 million in gross earnings.

The picture has received a 53% average approval rating from 64 reviews included on the Rotten Tomatoes website, and an average audience rating of B-plus from CinemaScore—fairly undistinguished by Lego Movie standards, but still eminently respectable for an animated motion picture.

"The Lego Ninjago Movie," with a PG rating from the MPAA, is suitable for all audiences...and recommended for most.
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Fun to watch, not groundbreaking, but entertaining nonetheless
bementar1 October 2017
First off, this wasn't THE LEGO Movie (And few movies likely will live up to that accolade). The Ninjago Movie was just a movie made with LEGO. If you've ever touched a brick you'll likely enjoy this movie. If not, you're less likely to.

This isn't a groundbreaking film. I doubt it's cannon for those who are familiar with the Ninjago story line, this is a big rewrite of events. But it fits that cozy realm of watchable and entertaining.

You don't have to be a LEGO fanatic to get every inside joke, but having the childhood experience of play helps. It'll make you laugh a few times, and there are indeed lots of colors. Why professional critics think that's a bad thing is beyond me.

This movie likely isn't for everyone. And I doubt it was intended to be. It's a kids film and stays comfortably in that realm while not boring adults to death - which is more than can be said about a number of other films for 'grown ups' in 2017.
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It'll please the little tykes and meet with their approval
Dan Franzen (dfranzen70)30 September 2017
Fresh off the success of The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie comes The LEGO Ninjago Movie, about an elite ninja force fighting an evil warlord by night and existing as unpopular high schoolers by day. The kids are sort of like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, in that each of them has a distinct color scheme and elemental theme going for them, like fire, water, ice(?), earth, and lightning(?).

The de facto leader of this young crew is Lloyd (Dave Franco), whose color is green and whose theme is…also green. (It's explained later.) Together, the team fights the ever-invading forces of Garmadon (Justin Theroux). The name of the city Garmadon wants to conquer is Ninjago, which looks like it should be pronounced like "Ninja Go!" but really is pronounced with the emphasis on the middle syllable: "NinJAgo." Anyway, the big secret that Lloyd and the gang hide, aside from their real-life identities as high school students, is that Green Ninja is – dun dun DUN – the son of Garmadon. Lloyd the teenager, on the other hand, is well known as the warlord's kid, and man does he bear the brunt of their ire. Kids sit on the opposite side of the bus from him. People boo him. He just has to deal, because it's what being a kid is all about, right? Now Lloyd, being a teenager, is just slightly resentful that he has had an absentee dad, so after one of the many battles with Garmadon, he takes things personal and unleashes holy heck on his nemesis. Oh, I should mention that although each of them calls himself a ninja, they're just kids in mech suits. Totally not ninja like at all. This leads to Garmadon coming back with a vengeance, and…well, I think you get the idea. Someone is going to learn a Very Important Lesson here.

And if that were all that was to this movie, I'd say let's leave it to the kids and never watch it, fellow grownups! But the movie does inherit a bit of the sly humor from its predecessors. Remember how, when guns were fired in The LEGO Movie, the characters would make "pew pew pew" sounds? During one long battle scene, Garmadon actually fires sharks from (presumably) a shark cannon, and each time a shark is shot one hears "dun dun dun" aka the theme from Jaws. Later on, a bigger enemy is revealed, one that dwarfs Garmadon in destructiveness – a tabby. As in a real cat. If you've ever wanted to see a cat demolish LEGOs that you didn't have to pick up, now's your chance.

I found a lot of The LEGO Ninjago Movie to be entertaining. What it lacks in creativity it makes up for in sincerity, as it never gets terribly maudlin. The characters are fun, and both Franco and Theroux really sell them well. Movie's good for kids. Rest of us can wait for home video, if at all.
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Not the best Lego Movie But Cute
ShelbyTMItchell29 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It may not be the best Lego movie but it is cute and go and see it as really it should had been released possibly in the late spring there

Lloyd is the protagonist and is the outcast due to being the son of the main antagonist Garmadon and how that just because one person is bad does not mean the other person is not as he and the only friends that are ninjas like him.

And how that he struggles to defeat as well as not to really be the son of the villain. But when they fail to save the town, the wise teacher and mentor played by Jackie Chan is not just teaching them martial arts but the way of life and how Lloyd needs to get through being the son of a villain. Must task them in saving the town and Lloyd getting respect.

As throughout the film it is not just about fighting. But about looking at two sides to every story. And even though the main villain really is not bad. Just really lonely. But as he follows the team to find out how to save the city and world, he and Lloyd connect in a strange but reliable way

As you do not need weapons or martial arts, but need to find who you are as a person and with heart.

Will Lloyd and his estranged father be able to reunite and put aside their differences and the young boy gaining respect from the town. As the town regardless must rely upon him and his friends.

Not the best Lego movie but it is cute.
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A great film, yet filled with a few noticeable flaws. Still a MUST SEE...
farzan-1980821 September 2017
I'm 15 years old, and I can honestly say that this was a good movie. Although some sections of the movie were definitely a bit dry, the fight sequences and voice talent surely made up for it. I've been a Lego Ninjago fan for a long time and this was a good refresher to the brand. Compared to the previous Lego movies, this might not have been the best, however when you compare to other kids movies- this is a pretty nice film. I do feel however that the other ninjas should have been given more of a story and much more character development.
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Great Humor, Kids stayed focused Start to End
jasand-0931023 September 2017
My kids really wanted to see this movie badly. Usually I then hope the movie doesn't have a long dull spot in the middle where they tune out. Lego Ninjago Movie is a bit different than the regular cartoons but the kids really enjoyed it. They laughed a lot and were glued to it all the way through. As an adult there was enough fun humor along the way and it's Lego; who can't like it :). I'd recommend this for a fun light enjoyable movie that is kid friendly. My kids already want to see it again.
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Still enjoyable with some uncomfortable caveats
datautisticgamer-7485322 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As soon as I completed my viewing of The LEGO Batman Movie back in February, I had some expectations that this film would continue the tradition of using a "style" for more than a plug for LEGOs themselves. I have to say that after viewing this, I was half correct. It seemed from the start that the odds against this film were high given how Ninjago is less recognizable than Batman, however it managed to in its own right be enjoyable. The morals rehash those in The LEGO Batman Movie, though it does add its own messages that I don't feel like spoiling as to not give away this film's identity. One of the main complaints I have here is that while the story does offer with its writing some good jokes, the execution of some things such as the timing was significantly downgraded from The LEGO Batman Movie. The animation offered some necessary changes to make it closer to a believable Ninjago movie, such as the integration of live-action and the use of more realistic special effects like water and smoke, but I would prefer The LEGO Batman Movie since it knew more when to use only LEGOs and when to throw in real effects; it made the action scenes more engaging. The characters are more obscure than in its "predecessor", again owing to the simple fact that Batman is more popular than Ninjago, and thus would not be easily identifiable unless you watched the Ninjago series (like Masters of Spinjitzu as I did). One thing I do appreciate is that they gave Garmadon more personality than just some evil villain as I remember, though it could also owe to the fact that I have not seen any Ninjago material for years. To sum up, this is essentially an inferior version of The LEGO Batman Movie with less successful humor and a more specific appeal: to Ninjago fans. If you are one of the latter, you will enjoy this film with the twists it placed on the franchise's core characters, but for anyone else (even LEGO fans) I would advise a reasonable amount of caution in case you possess intrigue.
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Great movie for father-son cinema trip
gramyotron25 September 2017
Walking to cinema with my 5yo I had big doubts if this will not turn on like Lego Batman. An overly dynamic film with nothing but gags. To tell the truth I was physically tired after watching Batman, due to all this chaos that was happening there. Ninjago is totally different movie and as a family movie it works better than previous two Lego movies, maitaining dynamic action sequences. What one NEEDS to know is that this is a complete restart of Ninjago universe (like with Spiderman movie series). Although characters are the same, whole story, origin, background is different. Can you imagine Ninjago without Spinjitzu? You'd better, because only time we will hear about it will be in a joke scene.

This is a new generation's dawn of Ninjago. It can easily turn into a series. What I regret is that movie does not relate to TV series. Basically you can be totally fresh in Ninjago universe and go watch this movie. My 5y did not complain though :)
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not the best but fun
bigfatman-0588413 October 2017
OK after seeing the lego batman movie earlier this year I expected nothing but the best from this too and I will say that I was disappointed it had its moments of genies and funny parts but not what I expected or wanted I really had high hopes with the trailer and all but I don't believe its the best of the year though fun
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If this is the worst the Lego franchise has to offer, than it should be in good shape for a lot longer.
Hellmant5 October 2017
'THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Another computer-animated spin-off (like 'THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE', from earlier this year) of the blockbuster animated hit 'THE LEGO MOVIE'. It's based on the Lego Ninjago toy line, and it tells the story of six teenagers living in the land of Ninjago, that must defend their home from an evil warlord, by battling his monsters with robots and dragons. The leader of the group also has to struggle with the fact that he's the son of the evil conquering warlord. The film was written by a team of nine different screenwriters, and it was directed by Charlie Bean, Paul Fisher and Bob Logan (Fisher and Logan also served as two of the writers). The movie stars the voice talents of Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Jackie Chan, Kumail Nanjiani, Fred Armisen, Abbi Jacobson, Michael Pena, Zach Woods and Olivia Munn. It's received mixed (to negative) reviews from critics, and it's also disappointed at the Box Office as well (it's done much worse, financially and critically, than the first two installments in the franchise too). I found parts of it to be pretty funny, but given how good the other Lego movies are, it's a pretty disappointing movie.

Six young teenagers have been trained by a powerful ninja, named Master Wu (Chan), to defend their island home of Ninjago, from an evil warlord named Lord Garmadon (Theroux). They have normal high school lives, but whenever Garmadon attacks, they must take on their secret ninja identities, and do battle with him using the help of robots and dragons. The leader of the group, Lloyd Garmadon (Franco), also must deal with the fact that he's the son of the villain their fighting. When Lord Garmadon learns that his greatest enemy is also his son, things take a drastic turn. The ninjas also must defend Ninjago from a giant destructive conquering cat.

The movie is definitely funny, in multiple places, and the animation is fun to watch too (like the other Lego films). It's also well cast, and I'm sure kids will still enjoy it too. The film also drags a lot though, in the middle of the movie at least, and some scenes just aren't very funny (or interesting at all). Unlike the other two franchise installments, the drama of the film didn't work for me at all either. Still, if this is the worst the Lego franchise has to offer, than it should be in good shape for a lot longer.

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Everything is Not-So-Awesome
Matt Greene2 October 2017
When the ill-advised-yet-shockingly-awesome Lego Movie came out in 2014, it was expected to be an insipid toy-commercial with little actual filmic value. Thankfully, we were wrong, and even got a Batman follow-up that was nearly as fun and smart. Now, with Ninjago, we've finally gotten the needlessly obnoxious Lego outing we always expected. Neither as clever nor as fun as its predecessors, the childlike innovation of the franchise, and its commitment to authentic Lego brick usage, has largely taken a backseat to mediocre parody and generic morality. In it, a Power-Rangers-esque group of secret-teenage-ninjas-in-giant-mech-suits regularly has to fight off Batman / President Awesome rip-off Garmodon from conquering their city. As a disaster-heavy, giant robot film with cool effects, it's slightly better than Transformers because it doesn't take itself so seriously. Otherwise, it's fairly similar: indecipherable kaiju action, needlessly elaborate lore, and top-to-bottom weak characters. With 13 different credited writers and 3 directors, as a whole, Ninjago contains no interesting point-of-view, made with the uniqueness and clarity of a money-focused committee. However, it certainly has individual moments that work: the cat attack, the amputated arm, the list of fake ninja movies, the teen-robot, Kumail Najiani. Ninjago is essentially a spoof film, and its positives are largely humor-based. However, where the best spoofs are satirical, somewhat purposeful and reverent to their sources, the worst ones just come off as cynical and lazy. Unfortunately, Ninjago leans much more towards the latter, removing a Lego-brick from the quality instead of adding to it. It's not the worst kids movie of 2017, but in this absurd reality in which we live, I can firmly say it's the worst Lego movie of 2017.
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True to formula
Mr-Fusion5 October 2017
I'd never seen an episode of Ninjago and had no idea what to expect, but this installment in the LEGO movie franchise had a killer trailer. Even with a fatuous Taylor Swift song attached, it was entertaining, mostly because it was about an orphaned superhero dealing with his jerk dad. It was genuinely funny, which is good, because I'm pretty sure I've seen that trailer in the theater four times this year.

And it's that bitter father-son relationship that makes this movie. Dave Franco nails the exasperated kid, and Justin Theroux does the same for his tone-deaf supervillain dad. I'd go so far as to say Theroux is right up there with Will Arnett's Batman, which is no mean feat. When you throw in the eye candy and creativity of past LEGO movies, this is a lot of fun.

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If I had 4 hands like Lord Garmadon I'd give this 4 claws down.
markthirkill15 October 2017
Absolute rubbish ! My 6year old wanted to leave before end of the film, story line was ridiculous. 4 decent gags in the whole of the movie. Which doughnut thought that Cat was a good idea. They have taken the great Ninjago episodes and done them a huge injustice. Just because the first Lego movie format worked, it doesn't mean you can just thrash out this Lego City utopia style nonsense. I was really looking forward to Ninjago episode style follow on work. V V poor guys.
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Ninjago: An eight year old might like this?
brankovranjkovic9 October 2017
This is a children's animated comedy. I watched this on the strength of the first two Lego films being so good. However, this new film is a very bad mash-up between Power Ranger, Transformers and Star Wars.

But this cannot be compared with the previous two films that were both 'awesome' with some hilarious antics to entertain a young audience and innuendoes for their parents.

This new film was simply borrrrriiinnng.

I walked out after 40 minutes, this is something I haven't done in several years, but I figured that I'd given it enough of a chance!
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Best movie I see
noahraddogxd25 September 2017
The movie was pretty very perfect and the movie has good animation. Especially the end credits 3 frame animation. Watch only one good fight scene and no story elements or any story to follow at all. TBH not a good reboot. No spinjitzu or anything that made the series first 2 seasons great. Me Lloyds only personality?
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Utterly disappointing
Assa7in King22 September 2017
I loved The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman so I went to see this instead of Kingsman but boy I made the wrong choice, this is a pathetic excuse to milk the so called franchise and make a quick buck on the success of other two. It's unfunny, unoriginal,a boring story filled with clichés and it's really not funny, there was only one joke that made me laugh and I'm an easily amused kinda person. I had high hopes for it based on the trailers but I don't know what happened? Characters were bland with same old background story which has been used a thousand times already. I'm utterly disappointed with this movie.
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Like it, but not news anymore
Ole Sandbaek Joergensen23 October 2017
The Lego Movie was very enjoyable, so was the "side" story about Batman, but this one is kind of not news anymore, yes it is a different Lego universe and yes it is fun for both kids and adults, but something is missing to make it really good.

Location, seating & time: Palads, København, Denmark - Bio 1, row 8 seat 1, 3 & 5 - 29.09.2017 at 16.40
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Truly Awful Movie
smithtom-747816 October 2017
This movie does not follow the plot of the TV show at all. My son was bored out of his mind. There was very little humor and very little plot. They should have spent the money they wasted on all the overpriced Hollywood voice talent to use the original voices and actually come up with a decent script.
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Terrible for Lego and for Ninjago
jamisongbj5 October 2017
If you like a whole lot of boring and depressive material, then this is your movie. It's nothing like the children's cartoon and is horrible compared to all the other Lego movies. It's very slow, poorly voiced, and the story is a drag! Even my son was bored by this movie. The show is all about spinjitsu....not one spin in this movie. It's Ninjago in names only.
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Funny enough family flick.
Troy_Campbell27 September 2017
Thanks to Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directors of 2014's extremely popular The Lego Movie, the Lego Cinematic Universe is in full swing. Earlier this year there was Lego Batman, now they're moving into kung fu territory (for the uninitiated: Ninjago = ninja lego). Resetting / expanding the story told through eight seasons of TV show Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, six heroic teenage ninjas must defend their city against fire-crying, shark-shooting and egocentric-manchild Garmadon (Justin Theroux). Twist: lead ninja, Lloyd (Dave Franco), is actually Garmadon's son, and he carries plenty of emotional baggage on his missions to defeat his absentee father. Luckily Master Wu (Jackie Chan), Lloyd's uncle, pops in to help in amusingly random and cryptic ways. Although boasting some playful martial arts sequences and larger-scale action set pieces, both highlighting the cleverness of these lego flicks, this film is a comedy first and foremost. Going with the quantity over quality approach, everything but the lego sink is thrown at the screen in the pursuit of laughs. Puntastic one-liners, metaphorical gags, cheeky film references, and broad visual jokes are all present. For every hit there's a miss, which is a decent ratio considering the rapid-fire method of comedy and the relatively quick runtime. Meeting expectations without exceeding them, The Lego Ninjago Movie doesn't light the world on fire, however it does offer a solid big-screen option for the school holidays.
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The first Lego movie I didn't like
samyoung-826481 October 2017
** This movie is politically correct and contains gender politics *** The first Lego movie was different from the other movies around at the time. It contained a stream of quick witted jokes and it wasn't afraid to laugh at its characters. The Lego batman movie followed in a similar vein, even down to similar flaws in the characters across both movies.

Then came the ninjago movie. The trailers were excellent, but the movie used the same basic formula. There's a significant male character who is out of touch with his emotional side who continues to skirt the line between being conscious and an ignorant jerk all the way through the movie. Add a lead female character who tells you men are all sexist (like every other Hollywood movie says today - you know, where the writers/directors should actually hold a mirror to themselves as to who is really sexist because they play identity politics constantly).

For the first three quarters of this movie, you won't give two hoots about any character. There's no emotion, there's no soul. It's like watching a video game (or the Matrix Part 2, "Reloaded"). In the last quarter, the story comes together and you start to feel for the characters, too little, too late.

Don't let the trailer fool you. You've also been warned of the usual Hollywood identity politics (all men are sexist). We really don't need such propaganda in our children's movies. Spare your kids from the sexist propaganda and save your money and avoid wasting your 1.5 hours.

And Hollywood, stop making me have to screen movies before i'll let my children watch them. It's getting tiring. Keep your sexism to yourself.
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